Dell :: OC'd 7800 GTX Performing Worse Than Ati X300 On Wow

Sep 3, 2007

I installed a Go 7800 GTX in my I9300 laptop and OC'd it to 450/1250.

I tried the 3 xp drivers on tweaksmobile and experienced slow loading of npcs, textures in wow, speckles (artifacts), and sound crackles in wow, even lag whens soloing in nobodies land.

My x300 used to perform better.

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Dell :: Bought Refurb Studio XPS 13 With CCFL. How Much Worse Is It Compared To LED?

Dec 6, 2009

I have an M1330 with LED and love the display. I came across such a good deal for a refurb Studio XPS 13 that i could not pass it up - (P8800, 4GB, 500GB 7200rpm, 512MB N10M-GS,

Wireless 1510, Bluetooth 370 for $875 shipped). Only problem is that it has a CCFL screen instead of LED.

Will the difference be really noticeable? Am i going to regret it?

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Dell :: Is The Heating Issue On XPS Studio M1340 Worse Than Other Laptops?

Nov 9, 2009

I am about to purchase the XPS Studio m1340 with the following features. Can the current owners please help me out with some info? Does your laptop get very hot only when you run high end games or does it get hot even when browsing as well?

* 13.3 inch Widescreen Display
* Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P8600 (2.40GHz, 3MB cache, 1066MHz FSB)
* 320GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
* Vista Home Premium 64-Bit Operating System SP1
* 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 9500M Graphics Card

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Just Not Performing

Dec 23, 2008

I've been running my m1530 for about six months now, and frankly I am just not impressed with performance. The only current game it seems to be able to run at a decent rate is Civilization 4, or the orange box (and I realize the half life 2 engine is not a "current" engine, at all). When it comes to Warhammer Online, Company of Heroes, Age of Conan, or World in conflict it really can't handle any of them, and it doesn't matter what the settings are, almost all of these games are just as sluggish at medium-high settings as they are at low settings with every last feature shut off. The only setting that seems to have any apparently effect on performance in the games is the resolution. The screen I got with it is a 1680x1050 screen, and when playing at the reduce 1440x900 and 1280x800 it does play better (still sluggish, ) and it looks like absolute a$$!

The important specs on it are as follows
T8300 CPU
8600gt GPU
4gb RAM
1680x1050 Screen

I've tried installing Windows XP to see if performance would get any better, but after battling with sound drivers for a day, gave up on that fight. I've tried beta drivers, I've tried different drivers from with modified .inf files. I'm running out of areas to look, is the GPU just a pos, should I sent it in for replacement?

I can understand Warhammer and World in Conflict not running at their best, their both resource hogs of games, and on a mobile chipset it could get a bit sluggish. But Company of Heroes, a game released....two years ago, should at least run slug free at low to medium settings. The biggest performance gain I got from Company of Heroes settings was changing the Shader Quality from Direct3D 10 to High, I assume that means it would be rendering in directx 9 instead of 10, that increased my framerate by about 125%..............

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Dell :: NVidia Go 7800 Gtx

Feb 12, 2008

I'm looking to buy a Go 7800 GTX to go into my Dell XPS gen 2 notebook. I can't find them anywhere. The only one is some guy on ebay who wants $360 +shipping. I know I can get a better price than that, but where?

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HP/Compaq :: Battery Life Worse After Format

Apr 29, 2009

Got a new laptop a few days back (6730b), which is alot nicer than the nx7400 i had. When i got it, it came with vista business and a whole load of 'bloatware' i didnt need. so i did as i normally do and formatted the pc and re-installed vista (although XP was very tempting). I finally got round to getting everything how i want it but i've realised since formatting the battery life seems to be less than it used to be....

before the format, when the battery was full it would say i had 4hrs+ of battery life (i even remember seeing it say 5hrs once). Now it says 2hr 30 mins on 'HP optimized', 2hr 45 on power save!

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Dell :: 8600M GT Performing Poorly

May 29, 2009

I recently had Vista installed and attempted to play some games I bought that I heard ran well on the m1530. Unfortunately when trying them out for myself I found that they did not run very well at all.

The most recent game I've tested this with is The Sims 3. I've read on my different forums that people are running this game easily maxed out with the 8600M GT, 2.0+GHz Processor,

and a few gigs of RAM. Unfortunately when I ran the game I found it to be quite choppy at even Medium settings.

After reading around, I thought that maybe a reformat and a new OS might help. I took off Vista last night and threw on Windows 7. Even without any programs installed, The Sims 3 still preforms pretty badly.

I have my laptop set to "High Performance" mode. Here are my specs:

2.4GHz Processor
3gigs of RAM
32-bit Windows 7
8600M GT Video Card (I recently installed the 185.85 Windows 7 beta Drivers from NVIDIA)

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Dell :: Put A 7800 Go GTX In A 9400/E1705?

Jun 21, 2009

A friend of mine has a Inspiron E1705 with a now-dead 7900M GTX. I was wondering if it is possible to put a 7800 Go GTX in it?

I could do a little upgrade for myself by buying his video-card-less notebook and putting my 9300's 7800Go GTX in

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Dell :: 6800 Ultra To 7800 GTX Upgrad

Feb 19, 2009

I have an XPS Gen 2 that I bought back in 2005.

What, if anything, is needed to be done in order to upgrade my system from having a 6800 Ultra card to a 7800 GTX card? Do I need to purchase any additional parts?

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Dell :: XPS GEN 2 Nvidia 6800/7800 + Any Tips

Oct 13, 2009

Laptop started with verticle lines. Did some research, seems common video card problems - scoured the net for cheapest replacement (dell wanted crazy money!)

Found ebay seller who links to this forum (did not purchase).
Seems the link is for 9300' about flashing BIOS to make laptop think its an XPS...

But, MINE is.

DO i need both the battery and power supply? battery died a year ago and i just took it out. Laptop is desktop. Prefer not to buy Battery .....

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Dell :: Updated My Inspiron 9300 With A 7800

Oct 25, 2007

I updated the graphics card for my Inspiron 9300.. Lots of money, and lots of time wasted, and now I'm having huge issues with my laptop. First off, I ended up buying two Dell AC adapters (both rev02) and with both I get an incompatibility error when I start my laptop.. Now, I get around this by unplugging the AC and pluging it back when I'm inside windows... good enough

Well, now I have another problem. In windows, if I were to even drag a window and pan it around, I would lose my display .. I would get these diagonal patterns covering my screen. and then after a few seconds the screen turns pitch black.. I've tried different things and everytime I seem to get the same result.

The drivers that I'm using for the 7800 is the ones recommended here for the initial installation of the card.. I've also tried others but to no avail.

I've flashed my bios more than twice but the same result.

I've even bought a new 9 cell battery even though I already had one to begin with(but it was functionally weird)

7800 card: [url]

My spec:

inspiron 9300

pentium 2.13(something like that)
2gigs of ram
initial graphics card was geforce 6800

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Dell XPS L502x :: Getting Struck For Every 5 Seconds - Performing Very Slowly

Mar 20, 2013

I dont know wat happened to my Dell XPS L502x. Since a month, It is getting struck when i m working with my laptop. Start Up and Shutting Down times are okay, But after starting up, if i open any window, it is getting struuck. Some says "There is a problem with ur hard disk" and some says processor is problem....

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Acer :: Tried Performing A System Recovery On My Laptop

May 24, 2010

I tried performing a system recovery on my laptop. After it was finished, I received an error stating "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error.

Windows installation cannot proceed.To install windows, click ok to restart the computer, and then restart the installation." Then, after restarting, the computer begins to boot, but brings me to a screen "/noexecute=optin" "edit boot options for microsoft windows vista. Path: windowssystem32winload.exe". Alt+F10 then brings me to a Change boot device screen, giving me the option between my hard drive and CD/DVD ROM drive. My laptop is not under warranty any more, and I do not have recovery discs, nor can I afford them. What can I do to either boot my laptop, or properly recover it?

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Dell :: Latitude X300: How Can I Install An OS Via. USB?

Apr 20, 2009

Our non-profit recently acquired a Latitude X300 laptop without any support manuals, software, etc. the machine does not have an operating system installed on the hard drive.

It does not have a optical drive and I cannot see how I can install Windows on the machine.

To test the machine, I attempted to boot and install Linux via a USB thumb drive but the system refuses to boot several versions of that operating system.

the machine correctly is aware of the USB drive and it attempts to boot from it but I received a message that either the food record information is missing or the laptop cannot locate the operating system. (I verified that the USB drive is working and it will boot from my laptop .....

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Dell :: ATI X300 Issue (i9300)

May 9, 2009

A little while ago I purchased a second hand X300 graphics card as the NVidia 6800 in mine went boom.

Now, the issue I have is is that I feel like this card is not being used to it's full potential.

By that I mean that when I am surfing the net or working in a database, even things like scrolling do not go 'smoothly' but rather 'jump'. I can only go up to 1600 x 1200 (32 bit) as well.

DVD's (or video in general) can no longer be played in full screen as they are too choppy .....

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Dell :: I9300 With ATI X300 Vga/dvi Output

Jan 15, 2008

I was wondering whether there was anyway to plug two external monitors into the i9300 so that one was the 2nd display and the other replaced the main display on the i9300. I'd quite like to use my laptop as a desktop pc (have the lid closed and hidden away somewhere) but I suspect that the two outputs are mirror/cloned versions of each other - can anyone clarify? And if this is the case, are there any compatible nvidia cards that I can use that will allow me to use two separate external monitors at the same time?

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Dell :: Inspiron 9300: 6800Go To X300

Mar 6, 2009

the nVidia 6800Go (Dell part 0W5373, I guess) video card on my Inspiron 9300 has stopped working properly.
I've ran Dell Diagnostics and it reported an error code "5300: 0119", which suggests that the video memory is damaged.

Now I'm wondering whether I can put an ATI X300 (Dell part 0W5379) found on ebay in place of my fried video card.
The X300 is much cheaper than the 6800Go and I'm not interested in performance at the moment, I just want to fix my laptop.

Would that be compatible?
In the end that ATI card has been extracted from another Inspiron 9300...

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Dell :: 9300: X300 Or LCD? Stripes On Screen

Jun 5, 2009

our Dell 9300 has these stripes since 6 month. I guess it is the Ram on the X300

but i although have read this could be an issue of the LCD.
Who has experiences and can tell me?

Hope you can recognize it on the pics.
Btw, i mean the vertical thin coloured stripes on the right side of screen. Others are reflexions from cam.

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Lenovo Y580 P/Y/Z Series :: Cannot Detect AC Adapter After Performing Battery Gauge Reset

Jul 16, 2014

This is not "battery pluged-in not charging" issue. That issue is software related and can be easily changed the option whether Life or Health of battery you concerned by LEM. I'm one of Y580 owner that facing that issue that the laptop cannot detect the AC adaptor anymore after performing the Battery Guage Reset".

For example: URL...I was tring to search for the solution, but as you know there is nothing without send it back to service center.The tempolary solution I was using is,

1. Remove the battery (if laptop is powering on, then shutdown it first).
2. Remove the AC adaptor from wall ac receptacle.
3. Once the laptop is completely powered down, plug AC adaptor to your laptop and wall AC receptacle.
4. After a few second, insert battery back into the Laptop. And then, the battery will be chaged as usaul.
5. You need to repeat step 1-4 above every time you unpluged the AC adaptor.

By the way, I have been living with that issue for almost 2 years, until it was already out of waranty in June 2014. So rightnow, I can do whatever I want without worrying the waranty. I was trying to teardown my Y580 to find the dead components. I gusted that the issue may be from charging circuit. Afetr opened the chassis, I found that the Y580 uses BQ24737 from TI to be the charging controller.

I cannot found the BQ24737's datasheet, but I was using BQ24735 instead, since, they have the same pinout with difference in optional functions. I found it. The dead one is the input MOSFET. It's shorted between Drain and Source!. That lets the voltage from AC adapter directly connected to Battery. And then, the AC adapter will be tripped with over current protection and the voltage is held to near zero. That's why we cannot plug the ac adapter with battery inserted for this case.

So far, after I replaced it with the similar rating MOSFET from old laptop, it works!. So, I can plug to charge my laptop as it should be without problem.the actual circuit shound not be exactly the same with datasheet. For the Y580, the input MOSFET (Q1 in datasheet and PQ302 in Y580) is P-Channel (AO4423), and it has the external circuitry to dive that MOSFET instead of U1. send it to service center to replace the new motherboard. If not, and you have electronic/soldring skill, you can do it by your self.

Tools needed,

1. Soldering iron (it will be easier for removing part from PCB, if you have 2 of them).

2. Equivalent electrical rating MOSFET.

3. Multimeter.

The different model, different location. Anyway, you can check whether it is the right MOSFET that need to be replace by,

1. Disconnect battrey from labtop

2. Using multumeter (ohm function) to measure the resistance between pin Drain and Source of the MOSFETs. The dead one must has very low D to S resistance (near 0Ohm) for both direction (D(+)<-->S(-) and D(-)<-->S(+)).

3. Search for the dead MOSFET's datasheet and then find/cross the new one from local supplier.

4. Just replace with the good one.

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Lenovo X Series ThinkPad :: X300 Wireless Stopped Working

May 8, 2014

Sometimes the machine does not show any wireless networks and I have been able to solve it by turning on and off the hardware switch for wireless on the back of the machine.  This time I can not get the machine to find any wireless networks.  I am running XP.  The only think different that I noticed is that MS Security Essesntials has ended support for XP.

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Lenovo X300 Series ThinkPad :: Battery Charging Stuck At 99%

Dec 2, 2013

I have a problem with my Lenovo ThinkPad X300 computer. The battery charging stuck at 99% (remaining capacity about 69% and 300 cycles). The Power Manager displays, the battery is at 100% but "status" periodically changes - both Power Manager and Windows battery indicator - between "No activity" and "Charging".

Every time stuck at the same "Remaining capacity". As i noticed during battery user windows and the Power Manager displays different information about the remaining battery level and time.

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Lenovo X Series ThinkPad :: Wireless WAN (HSDPA) Driver For Vista 64-bit For X300

Jan 12, 2015

I installed Vista 64 to my machine and I have tried to find driver for my Mini Card (Wireless WAN sim-free). I tried to load driver from Lenovo support site without any succes
Machine model is 64771RG.

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Dell :: Radeon X300 Vs Radeon 9700

Aug 18, 2009

Is there a huge difference between the mobile cards, Radeon X300 and Radeon 9700? Which is the better performer for games and graphics heavy apps?

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Dell :: Fewer Screen Choices Vs

Jan 18, 2009

Is it normal that would have fewer choices of screens than I'm looking at the studio 15, and lists Hi Resolution/Bright,

glossy widescreen 15.4 WLED display (1440x900) as a choice, which is what I want, but doesn't. When I view the system specs though, that choice is listed as on option.

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Dell Latitude E6530 :: Monitor And Keyboard Not Recognized When Plugged Into The Dell E-Port Plus 11

Apr 26, 2013

I have a Dell Latitude E6530 and when I plugged in my monitor and keyboard into the docking station, they were not recognized.  But I can plug them into the laptop while docked and they are recognized. 

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Dell Inspiron N5010 :: Deleted Dell DataSafe Local Backup - How To Reinstall

Mar 16, 2013

I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 purchased about 2 and a half years ago. I was just deleting some random programs which I don't ever use, and accidentally clicked on uninstall Dell Data Safe Local Back up. 

How to reinstall it? I tried to do so by clicking this link [URL] .... but it just came up with an error message. 

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Dell Vostro 3460 :: Not Boot Only Loads The Dell Logo And Then Shows A Black Page

Feb 9, 2013

my laptop vostro 3460 won't boot any more. When I turn it on it loads the Dell logo (I suppose it passes the POST) but then it just shows a black page. It could be anything, but I guess that it may have something to do with Windows 8 and the UEFI system. I also would be quite happy to install linux mint and get rid of Windows, but I don't know how to change the boot priority order.

So my questions are:

1 is it a hardware issue ? if not, can I solve my problem easily ?

2 how can I change the boot priority order, to install mint ?

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Dell Inspiron 1440 :: XP Driver For Dell Wireless WLAN 1397 Half MiniCard (4312bg)?

Mar 3, 2013

I am looking for xp driver for Dell Wireless WLAN 1397 Half MiniCard (4312bg) (boradcom).

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Dell :: Slow Keyboard, Dell Inspiron 1545 With Vista

Jul 8, 2009

Dell Inspiron 1545 with Vista

Slow keyboard response, letters don't keep up with my typing.

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Dell :: Lcd Screen Work In Non-dell Laptops, Or Do They Use A Non-standard Connection?

Oct 16, 2009

Can a dell lcd screen work in non-dell laptops, or do they use a non-standard connection?

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