Dell :: Studio 15 7200rpm Seagate HDD Vibration Issue

Apr 28, 2010

I am trying to find out if you guys have the same issue.

I have ST9500420AS Momentous Seagate 7200rpm 500GB HDD. Since day one I am feeling a light vibration in the laptop next to the touchpad. This is not too bad but is very annoying since it is constantly there.

For those who have a 7200 rpm Seegate drive please see if you have this issue. It is noticeable when fan is off.

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Dell :: Studio 15 With 500GB Seagate HD Clicking

Nov 8, 2009

So I detailed my experience with the hard drive clicking in my blog post here, and I recorded a video to demonstrate the sounds here. Has anyone else experienced hard drive clicking in their

Dell Studios? This isn't so loud that it's clearly a sign of HD failure, but it's not so quiet that I feel that I can blow it off and not worry about it.

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Dell :: Seagate Momentus 7200 Rpm HD In Studio 1557 Vibrates Laptopproven

Nov 21, 2009

I purchased a Dell Studio 15 (1557) about a month ago and as soon as I turned it on I noticed the entire bottom portion of the laptop (where the kybd and mousepad are) 'vibrated' - enough so that I called Tech Support for help. At first I thought it must be a bad fan, but after we ran through the Diagnostics and tried different fan settings, the vibration stayed. it wasnt until we put the HD to sleep temporarily that the vibration went away..

Tech Support said it was a bad drive so I had to send my laptop away for 2+ weeks (wow!). I eventually got my laptop back with a new HD installed - the exact same model - a Seagate Momentus 7200 rpm. Im not sure how the repair depot determined the laptop was fixed, because the vibration was still there.They also gave me my old HD back so I could grab any data - so I tried my old HD again to make sure there wasnt a mixup. Sure enough, both the Seagatedrives Vibrated.........................

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Dell :: Vibration On Led 1555

Dec 8, 2009

feel my led has very low vibration (720p)

how to work?

How do I solve this problem?

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Dell :: XPS M1710 DVD-RW Drive Vibration

Sep 9, 2007

Whenever my DVD-drive does any form of reading, it vibrates very... very... hard creating this really irritating sound along with it. The drive vibrates so hard that my entire desk shakes and I can feel it even when I work from the other end of my table.

It's especially annoying when I'm actually using my laptop keyboard and not my external as the vibrations are so strong, my hands get numb after a few minutes.

It's actually barely noticeable when I'm playing games because the drive usually only reads the CD for the initial load-up. But when I'm playing a music CD and the drive is reading constantly, it'll be like 2 hours of constant vibration -_-.

I've already gotten this DVD-drive replaced twice, and every single time, it does the same thing. Also, if it matters, I've had to get my motherboard replaced once XD. So even though the mobo + DVD-drive is brand-spanking new, I still get the same problem.

So if anyone could help me fix this problem, that would be great. And another question just to help me to stop worrying . Will the extremely strong vibrations damage any inner components of the laptop over time? I'm not exaggerating about the strength of the vibrations, they actually are that strong , so if its a possibility that it will cause any damage, I think I'll refrain from playing music CD's on my laptop -_-.

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Sony :: Vibration In My FW285

Jan 1, 2009

i get this slight vibration sound in the bottom right of my Sony FW285?

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Dell :: Fellow 1558 Owners, How Is Your Hard Drive Vibration?

Feb 21, 2010

So I got my dell 1558 a week back and I love everything about it. Except for the annoying hard drive vibration I can feel to the left of the touchpad, a bit on the touchpad and the left side of the keyboard.

Initially, my research said it was an issue with the Seagate 7200s, so I got a WD Scorpio Blue 5400RPM, Cloned my existing hard drive and used that. After re-seating it again, the vibration had become less but still noticible.

I also found out that if I applied pressure/weight to the left of the touchpad, the vibration would be gone.

Anyway, I want to know if other Studi 1558 owners are noticing the same issue or not?

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Apple :: 7200 Rpm Laptop Drive Vibration

Jan 31, 2009

I was wondering if any apple owners could post if they are using a 7200 rpm drive in their macbook. Does the new aluminum unibody experience vibration from this drive or is it ok. I suppose the macbook pro would also fall under this since its also aluminum.

Im looking for a faster drive but im afraid the whole macbook will shake like crazy spinning up and down.

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HP/Compaq :: Vibration In Wristpad Area OfMini 1030NR

Apr 16, 2009

Just received my HP Mini 1030NR and love the way it looks, size, everything..EXCEPT....that I have noticed a distinct vibration in the wristpad area on both sides.

As I was adding anti-virus and tweaking as I usually do, I noticed this vibration and wonder if this is an issue with SSD-based laptops.

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Dell :: New Seagate Firmware DE 17

Feb 24, 2009

I have installed new Seagate firmware DE 17 for HDD with 7200.3 RPM and WEI drop down from 5,9 to 5.8

But HD tune reports still the same tests results.

Do u think that this firmware could cause performance digression.

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Dell :: Replacing HDD For M1530, WD Or Seagate?

Mar 17, 2009

So I've decided to upgrade from the 5400RPM WD HDD that came with my M1530 to either of the two:

Seagate Momentus 7200RPM 320GB 16MB Cache

WD Black Scorpio 7200RPM 320GB 16MB Cache

From what I've researched, the Seagate HDD is faster and consumes less power, but I've always been a WD fan and have had multiple reliable products from them. I was wondering if anyone had their own perspective on the HDDs that they upgraded on their M1530.

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Dell :: Clicking Noise, Seagate ST9250410ASG

Nov 21, 2009

I've bought E6400 equipped with Seagate hard drive 250GB 7200rpm, model ST9250410ASG (free fall sensor). Unfortunetly this hdd has a "clicking noise" problem.

I've seen new firmware update on dell's support page, but it's not for this model. Is there any way to get rid of clicking?

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Dell :: R206231 Seagate HD Firmware: DEA2

Dec 19, 2008

I tried installing the R206231 Firmware update from Dell for the Seagate drives listed on the support site and it would not complete. I get an error. I noticed that my firmware is DEA2. Is this a newer firmware than the fix is trying to update to? I noticed that the software is trying to upgrade to DE16.

I own a ST9250421ASG in a E6400.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1545 And Seagate Constellation

Mar 8, 2010

I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 and I want to upgrade my hard disk. I am thinking to buy a Seagate Constellation 500gb but I am not sure if it is compatible with my laptop.

I read somewhere that it is a SAS drive and that you need a compatible motherboard in order to use it, but I couldn't find anything else. Here is a link to the drives webpage.

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Dell :: Inspiron 6400 Does Not Recognize New Seagate Momentus 250 GB

Apr 16, 2009

As this HD was often recommended in Internet forums as a replacement for the built-in Fujitsu 60GB, I bought it and tried to make it run today.
Unfortunately, the HD is not recognized.

I used Acronis True Image to copy the contents of the old HD onto the new one, but in Bios only the value for the old HD appears (58GB).

I removed the battery, I tried all kinds of boot-ups to no avail.

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Lenovo T400 / T500 :: GSA-U20N Drive / Humming Noise With Vibration While Playing DVDs

Jan 3, 2011

I've this GSA-U20N DVD drive on my T400 running Win 7.  It create an irritating humming  noise with vibration while playing DVDs. It doesn't happen all the time but every other time.  The DVDs are in good condition and play well otherwise well with or without the drive noise.
I tried another new drive UJ8B2 and does create the similar noise. 

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Dell :: How Does The 7200rpm HDD Perform?

Apr 2, 2009

Definitely it has faster reading and writing speed, but what about the heat and noise? Besides,

I also heard that with a 7200rpm HDD the body of e6400 may even vibrate when in use.

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Dell :: Trouble Installing Seagate 250 Gig Hard Drive On My D600

Feb 8, 2009

So i bought a Seagate 250gig hard drive for my d600 and i cant seem to make it work.

It reads after the dell symbol comes up and then it says that there is no primary drives found and no bootable devices found.

And when i try to run the diagnostic it says the same thing. What am i doing wrong?

I bought the hard drive from Office Depot and the guy didnt tell me about any drivers that i needed to buy or anything.

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Dell :: Hard Drive Choices: Hitachi Vs Fujitsu, Vs Seagate

Sep 23, 2008

I have a 160GB 7200RPM with Free Fall Sensor harddrive and the unstoppable clicking of my Seagate hard drive is driving me nuts. so I have three choices:

I have my 160GB Hitachi 7200 RPM Hardderive from my old system that i can strip off before is end back to dell. This hd does not have free fall sensor.

They are sending me a Fujitsu 160GB 7200 RPM one that has FFS.

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Dell :: Vostro 1500 Seagate Momentus 5400.3 In Bad Shape

Jan 10, 2010

My HDD is performing badly and according to SpinRite I'm looking at 900+ hours of scanning/repairing.

Thus, I'm thinking of buying a new one. However, having one of the earliest Vostros that isn't SATA II, I'm wondering if I buy a SATA II drive, will it still be functional?

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Dell :: Upgrading From A 5400rpm Hdd To A 7200rpm Hdd

Jul 10, 2009

I skimped a little on the hard drive when I ordered my xps1640. Since then I have set up raid on my desk top & notice a huge improvement. Since doing that my xps has started to seem very sluggish. Would there be much of a noticeable speed increase taking out my xps 5400rpm hdd & replacing with a 7200rpm hdd?

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Dell :: 5400rom To 7200rpm HDD Worth It

Dec 20, 2008

I am about to receive my brand new XPS 1530 and it was ordered with the 320gig 5400RPM drive. I will mainly be using the system as a light weight gaming/entertainment laptop as i travel.

I am considering buying a new 500gig 7200rpm HDD but i want to know first if it will make that big of a performance different?

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Dell :: NO 7200RPM On I1720 = On Crack

Sep 19, 2007

I'm trying to grasp this one... but my mind can not wrap around it, so here goes. I just got off the phone with Dell University sales and talked to the rep. Since the i1720 came out in July I have spec'ed and spec'ed and seen that IT DOES NOT COME WITH OR HAVE OFFERED A 7200RPM HD.

I have a e1705, my dad has one, my girlfriend has one, and my uncle has one... all on my recommendation. I have dabbled/worked in the IT industry since I was 10 and I can't believe that this speed RPM is not offered.

5400RPM existed clear back in 1994.

I just bought my GF a 7200RPM 7k200 200GB Hitachi HD with 16mb of cache for her e1705 from NewEgg.

When we ordered all of our e1705's we intentionally ordered them with the cheapest HD's cause we ordered 7k100 7200RPM 100GB Hitachi's from Froogle searches.

Am I the only one that can't wrap his/her mind around this one....

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Dell :: Segate 250G 7200RPM -- Gets Too Hot

Jun 20, 2009

I am hating this drive big time.. performance is good, but the heat on left side of the palm rest is unberable. After few mins of placing the palm on left hand rest it is burning my veins... I still feel the burn sensation for long time even after taking the hand out.

All the guys w/ Segate 250G 7200rpm experience the same? I have 2 E6400s, both have same HD, same heat problem. Seems like a bad designed drive... probably have to start looking at SSDs, but damn those too expensive!

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Dell :: 's 128gb (samsung) SSD Vs 7200rpm Drives

Jun 29, 2009

how does the dells (samsung right?) 128gb ssd which they put in the studio xps 13/16 compare to 7200rpm drives like the WD ones. is a little/lot quicker?

the drive dell use is the old 90mb read/70mb write ones i think,

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Dell :: 320GB 5400RPM Vs. 200GB 7200RPM ...

Feb 23, 2008

I'm looking to spend a little tax money on a HDD upgrade, but I'm just a little curious what everyone else on here thinks about my options and what you would do if it were you?

I can either go with the 320GB Western Digitial SATA300 or a 200GB 7200RPM alternative.

Tom's Hardware has a review of some of the recent additions to the 320 5400RPM Drives and they say the performance is at or above any 7200RPM drives out there.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 -Upgraded To 7200rpm Difference..

May 29, 2009

I just upgraded from a WD 5400rpm HDD to a WD scorpio black 7200rpm HDD. Despite reading people saying it makes a noticeable difference...

I have yet to notice any difference in terms of access times and system performance.

Transfer times with my external HDD have decreased but apart from that, it all feels the same.

Maybe I expected too much but I'm kind of disappointed. Is it just me or has anyone else experienced the same

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HP/Compaq :: 7200rpm

Feb 7, 2009

I upgraded the hdds in my DV9543 to 7200rpm's. I didn't copy anything onto the new drives I simply installed Vista onto them, after trying several times unsuccessfully to install XP.

The problem is windows doesnt see the 2nd drive when I go to my computer it only shows one of the drives. Has anyone ever experienced this? Anyone know how to fix it?

I tried to do a search but couldn't find anything, I thought I would try here before HP customer service I have asked them a few questions before and it seems to me that they are reading from a script or something and wouldn't be able to help if they didn't have a manual.

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Dell :: Precision M65, FX350M GPU, 7200RPM HDD, Vista 64 = BLOODY HOT!

Nov 27, 2008

Have a Precision M65, 2ghz Centrino Duo, Nvidia Quadro FX350M GPU, 7200RPM HDD, 4GB RAM, and Vista 64 Ultimate.
I play WoW on this laptop, and find that the entire lower chassis gets VERY hot. Have installed RivaTuner which monitors GPU temperature, and the GPU seems to run at up to 83C...! This seems to be pretty hot.
Has anyone got any similar experience with this or a similar laptop?

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Dell :: Releases Firmware Update To Rectify Clicking Noise On Seagate Hard Drives (12/02)

Dec 2, 2009

Hadn't seen this posted yet:

Dell releases firmware update to fix "clicking noise" on Seagate hard drives

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