Dell :: Studio Xps 16 4670 FPS Dips And Slow Downs In Games

Aug 7, 2009

I am experiencing some FPS dips and slowdowns and I would like to know if anyone else is having the same problem and if they know how to fix it............................................

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Apple :: MBP13 On Win7 - RAM - Causing Major Slow Downs

Feb 3, 2010

I have Firefox, VLC and Digsby running, my RAM is 90% used. What's going on?

My other PCs don't have this problem and it's causing major slow downs on my computer!

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Dell :: M1730 Running Very Slow+hot When Playing Games?

Apr 17, 2009

I've taken apart from 1730 and made sure there was no dust and its quite clean, its sitting up at the back so air is flowing through under it but when playing games all on low settings (playing demigod)

it still slows down when a lot is happening on screen, and the laptop gets extremely hot - even some parts are too hot to touch.

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Apple :: Games And Videos Are Running Real Slow On XP

May 8, 2009

Recently my games and videos are running real slow on XP.

Especially noticeable while sounds are going, for example on youtube, sounds like its on slow motion.

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Acer :: (Aspire AS5755g) Games Load Very Slow

Feb 7, 2015

So I reinstalled my windows on my laptop, a few months ago and after that I noticed that my games load very slow.(All games).
One example is Dota 2, it takes about 4 mins to load to the main menu and then I have to start an offline bot match in order to load the map which also takes ~5 minutes. I didn't had this problem before reinstalling the windows and I really don't know what can be the problem...sure I installed all my drivers but not sure if they were good since you get tons of drivers for things your laptop doesn't even have
Acer Asipre AS5755G
Inter Core i5 -2430M 2.4gHZ
Nvidia GeForceGT 540m 2gb
8 gb ram
750 HDD 

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Dell :: Studio 17 With 5650 Or 4670?

May 4, 2010

I've decided to replace my dinosaur of a desktop with a laptop and after some searching, the Dell Studio 17 seems to be the best bang for buck.

So the question is which of the two to buy.

$2000 (NZD)
CPU: Intel i5 2.5ghz
GPU: Radeon 5650 1gb

$2500 (NZD)
CPU: Intel i7 1.6ghz
GPU: Radeon 4670 1gb

Option 1 has the better GFX but worse CPU and option 2 vice versa.

Which one would end up with better game performance?

The main games I would expect to play are Bioshock 1 + 2, Mass effect 1 + 2, Starcraft 2.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 With HD 4670 Coming

May 28, 2009

I just noticed on the most recent bios update page for the Studio XPS 16 under the the Fixes and Enhancements tab it says "support new configuration with Gfx ATI Mobility Radeon?HD 4670".

This is probably an indication that the HD 3670 is going to be replaced with the newer HD 4670 sometime soon. If you are thinking about buying a Studio XPS 16 anytime soon you might want to wait.

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Acer Aspire V3 571G :: Slow Performance In Video Games After 10 Minutes Of Playing

Nov 23, 2014

I have a v3 571G laptop core i7 with a geforce 640m video card. Is not the faster video card but can handle advance video games in medium to high. Every time I play any video games, with settings from medium to high, at the beginning the fps are around 34 to 40 but after 10 to 20 min of playing, the fps gets down to 12 to 20 specially when there is explosions and such. Is my laptop video card dying or is something else?

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Dell :: Studio Xps 4670 Vs Hp Envy 4850

Oct 7, 2009

which one would be better for gaming. i want to play the new call of duty when it comes out. both with the icore7 2.8ghz and 4 gigs of ram

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1645 ATI 4670 Mac OSX Driver?

Apr 12, 2010

just wondering if a driver exists, and if so, where to get it? I am a bit of a newb to mac and have looked around and found nothing related to my problem (resolution stuck at 1024 X768

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Dell :: Frame Rate Dips?

Oct 15, 2009

I intend to get the Studio XPS 16 laptop ASAP (at least as soon as Dell Hong Kong decides to restock the SXPS 16). However after reading a few posts here am slightly concerned about the dips in frame rate ppl are experiencing while gaming.

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Dell :: New Studio XPS 16 (4670) External Monitor Problems

Sep 16, 2009

I'm a fairly advanced computer user (CS degree, etc), but I've had a horrible time trying to find a reasonably priced laptop that will run a 30" external monitor at 2560x1600.
I finally decided if a an output other than DVI-D would work. I found the XPS 16 which looked like a really sexy laptop, and I checked to see that the the 4670 supports 2560x1600 in theory, and that the DisplayPort to DVI-D would work in theory. I found two other posters on a non-computer forum who said they ran 2560x1600 off an XPS 16.

I tried to verify with Dell that DisplayPort would support 2560x1600 with a DisplayPort to DVI-D adapter. I finally found a sales person that sounded reasonably intelligent, and had him contact tech support to verify that it would do so.

So, I started my XPS 16 a little over 24 hours ago, and the the reported resolution from the monitor is 1280x800, and I haven't found a way to override that in Catalyst. (and no, I wouldn't be happy with using a 1080p 12xx by xxxx resolution)

I've spent over an hour on the phone with tech support and can't get anyone that even seems to comprehend the issue (Are you sure your monitor supports that resolution? Is it turned on? Has it worked before at that resolution? etc.)

I THINK an issue is that the monitor is seeing the connection as single link DVI and so only reporting 1280x800, but I don't know....

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Dell :: Studio 15 To Run Games

Dec 17, 2008

Im looking to get Tomb raider Underworld for my wife to play on our Studio 15. Anyone running that game or know if it will be ok to run reasonable settings?. Its a core2 2.oghz 3gb ram setup.

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Dell :: Tested Games That Run On STUDIO 15 .

Oct 7, 2009

welcome to the new thread tat deals with the games that can be run on the dell studio 15 with the ati radeon 512 mb video card.. i have tested a few and you people add to this thread...

2.please specify the maximum resolution of the game that can be played.

1. farcry --- can be run on maximum resolution 1920x1080 with maximum settings.
2. need for speed underground 2--- 800x600 resolution with max settings and above resolution makes frame rates go down .....

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Dell :: Studio 1735 And Games?

Mar 24, 2009

how much FPS has half-life 2, unreal tournament 2004 and CS: source onto max settings(and 1440*900), but without AA?

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Acer :: Fan- Shut Downs On TravelMate 2423WXMI

Jul 6, 2007

Well for about 3-4 months my acer has been playing up. I'l admit its not the greatest of the acers but that doesn't mean it shouldn't work. The problems im getting:

-When im playing Java games, or i leave my P.C on or I have the power cable plugged in(whilst on p.c) it gets hot..

-The laptop then beggeins to lagg...

-And then it just switches off without a warning.

- Also theres a terrible noise in my fan(atleast i think its my fan). I would send it to acer but my warrenty is out. I brought this P.C about 1 year and a bit ago.

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Dell :: Tested Games On Studio's And Inspirons

Jun 14, 2009

I would like to maybe make this a sticky thread to see what games run on the Studios and Inspirons. This indeed can help out a person that wants to buy these laptops....................................

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Acer :: Aspire V3-771g Random Shut Downs?

Jan 31, 2015

I bought the Acer Aspire v3-771G. I've had no problems with it, but lately it shuts down randomly without any warning, like a power cut. I've checked the CPU Temps and overheating is not the problem. The computer sits on a Targus cooling pad and it doesn't get that hot around the fans. The problem occur when the pc is running games or processes (computer scans) that require more memory than when I'm just surfing. The problem happens all from 15 mins to 2 hours into a game or so (depends on how much memory that's used). I've been doing some research myself and it seems like a graphic problem.
The computer always fits the minimum requirements for games I play and I play on rather low graphics on every game (to delay the shutdown).
The second problem is whenever I'm streaming or watching a movie the screen randomly turns into a "snow storm". Tried to move the screen up and down thinking it was something wrong with the cable from the hardware to screen but it didn't react to that. What has made this to happen due to the careful handling of the computer. But the only thing that comes to mind is something wrong with that cable... This problem happens randomly and started last week.
I've done some basic problem solving, with no success. I've tried restoring the computer to facotry setup, updating the bios and all the relevant drivers. 
I've been looking for a hardware diagnostic program on the computer itself (like other good brands have) with no luck, even looked on the web. But nothing I've tried seems to find the problem. 
The specs for the computer:
Acer Aspire v3-771G
Windows 8.1 (Came with Windows 8.0)
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3110M CPU @ 2.40GHz  2.40
8.00 GB (RAM)
64-bit operating system
Nvidia GeForce GT 630M

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Dell :: Studio Xps 16 Users , What Games Can You Play On High?

May 20, 2009

as it says up there a list of games you guys can play well on high settings and what resolutions you use as i cant find an actual list via the search field so thought i would get one starte....

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Dell :: Studio 1735, Keyboard Lag/stuck In WoW/Games

Oct 5, 2008

I've been trying to play WoW on my new Studio 1735, but I'm having issues with the Keyboard. If I, for example, press the "S" key, hold it and hit the "A" key next (do this very fast a couple of times) the keys will get stuck and I see my character going left all the time until I hit the "A" key once more.

This also happens with any of the directonial keys.

Is anyone else having this problem here? I've been browing the Dell Comunity forums and I'm not alone with this one. I've seen this "bug" reported on Windows XP/Vista and even Linux systems, so I'm guessing it's a BIOS issue.

I haven't found a solution yet, so if anyone has one, I'm allready running the latest A04 Bios.

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Dell :: Studio 15 Slow

May 23, 2010

i just recived my dell studio 15 and noticed when i log in it takes a long time, in msconfig startup i have only the dell dock, audio and video.

when i put my password it says welcome for about 1 minute and takes another 3 minutes until everything is smooth.

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Lenovo P/Y/Z Series :: Z510 Random Shut Downs (hard) When Plugged In

Jun 8, 2014

My Z510 has been randomly shutting down when plugged in, but doesn't have this issue when running on battery. I contacted Lenovo and they sent my a new power supply but the issue continues. I called again and they instructed me to repair-install the Lenovo power manager and do a disk check. The issue still continues.

It used to happen when running something intensive like photoshop or a game and only if charging over 75%, but now it'll happen randomly. I can be sitting staring at the laptop with no programs running and it'll shut down.
HD 4600
8 gb mem
1 tb hard drive
Win 8.1

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Dell :: 10.2 Supports Most Mobility Radeon HD Display Adapters (Studio XPS 16 Mobility Radeon HD 4670)

Feb 20, 2010

So at first I was confused but now I understand. First official, completely top to bottom support for all mobility cards (in the specified range of course) will come out with 10.3. What they didn't say that SOME mobility cards will be already supported with 10.2 and our " Dell (Studio XPS 16 Mobility Radeon HD 4670)" is on that list.

This was posted in another thread, but this wasn't the focus. They also have beta 10.3s...but I thought it was neat that official 10.2 WHQL certified drivers supported our card ....

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Dell :: Slow ESATA Speeds? (Studio XPS 13)

Feb 3, 2010

Hey, I have a SXPS 1340 and I'm using a Fantom Drives GreenDrive 1TB. I have it hooked up with eSATA and I'm running Win7 x64 Professional.

When transferring files, it starts out at a healthy 90MB/s but quickly falls to 20MB/s .....

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Dell :: New Refurb Studio 15, Running Slow, Locking Up, Etc

Apr 6, 2009

I myself have an old celeron powered inspiron 1300, 2 gig ram-upgraded myself and an old onboard Intel 900 series gfx, yada, running windows xp...

it runs on the web very quickly- but its on its last legs, powers on and off, screen flutters, it overheats ,etc .....

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Dell :: Studio 1555- Why Is Startup Time So Slow

Jun 10, 2009

From power button press to everything being loaded it takes quite a while.

I installed a bunch of stuff but everything seems clean and organized.

Is it the objectdock I installed?

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Apple :: Difference Between Games Run In OSX Vs Games Run In Windows

May 1, 2010

I noticed that alot more games are available for mac now than there used to be so I was wondering if I play the same game in windows vs OSX will there be a difference?

I mainly install bootcamp and win 7 for games only on my macbook pro but maybe I wont do that this time if the games run just as good in OSX.

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Dell :: Slow Wireless Connection: Studio 1555, Intel 5100 Card

Aug 31, 2009

as of 2 hours ago my high speed has been stuck at 1 Mbps, much slower then its usual 65+ that I've had over the last 6 days since I got my laptop.

I'm thinking I may have received a faulty wireless card, since when I checked my wired desktop downstairs it's still at it's usual 100Mbps, and my sisters Inspiron 1420 has its normal high speed.

Now when I restart my wireless adapter (Intel 5100) the speed fluctuates between 4-38 Mbps for about a minute before dropping- and staying at 1 Mbps once again.

I checked if there are any computers stealing my wireless connection just in case, and as I thought no one is .....

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HP CQ42-273TU Display :: After Video Becomes Slow Everything Else On Laptop Becomes Slow

Jul 1, 2014

I have Compaq Presario CQ42-273TU NBPC.  In my laptop , if i play video , it becomes very slow. After video becomes slow, everything else on the laptop becomes slow. recently i gave laptop for service also, then also i have issue with video.

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Dell :: XPS 16 Getting ATI 4670

May 19, 2009

Check it out:

A07 BIOS Update


Fixes and Enhancements
Support new PWM panel.
support new configuration with Gfx ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670.

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