Dell :: Vista 32bit Windows 7 64bit; Where To Find Drivers For Xps M1530?

Feb 19, 2010

I'm currently thinking about installing windows 7 64bit instead of vista 32bit, which I am running atm.

Partly to get use of all 4gb and partly cause I've heard good stuff about windows 7, at least compared to vista, which is utter *beeep*.

My questions is now - where do I find compatible drivers for windows 7 64 bit.
My laptop is as the thread name reveals a Dell xps m1530.

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Sony :: Installing Windows 7 64bit On The Z-590UBB (Costco Deal) Having Windows Vista 32bit

Nov 6, 2009

This took me a long time to find out... Read my post here to save yourself the time and just "make it work"!


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HP Elitebook 2530p Networking :: Cannot Find Correct WiFi Drivers For Windows 7 Professional 32Bit

Dec 24, 2014

After doing a fresh install of windows 7 Professional 32Bit, my wifi drivers did not install, i have tried numerous drivers of the website for my laptop and they don't work, ive tried many things but cant seem to find the right drivers, my laptop is a HP Elitebook 2530p, can find the correct drivers for my wifi Card? 

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HP OS/Software :: Cannot Find Drivers For Pavilion 17 - F034NG For Windows 7 64bit

Jun 14, 2014

finding the correct drivers for my notebook ( HP Pavilion 17 F034ng) for Windows 7 64 BIT .

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Dell :: Going From Vista 32bit To 64bit On My XPS M1330

Sep 27, 2008

I just upgraded the memory in my XPS M1330 to 4GB, so if I choose to I can now go from 32bit to 64bit Vista. It came with 32bit Vista Home Premium, but I have a 64 bit Vista Ultimate upgrade disc. Is it possible to upgrade from 32 bit Vista Home Premium to 64bit Vista Ultimate, or do I have to have a full 64 bit Vista Ultimate disc? And one last thing, is there really a big difference in performance going from 32bit to 64bit? I don't do anything very intensive with it, but if it makes everything seen snappier than.......

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HP OS/Software :: Unable To Find Bluetooth Drivers For 15g009ax For Windows 7 64bit

Jul 24, 2014

i cant find Bluetooth drivers of hp 15-g009ax for windows 7 64 bit

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HP/Compaq :: Vista 32bit -> 64bit

Apr 24, 2009

I have a hp with 32bit vista ult. Can I upgrade to 64bit with an hp oem disk with no problem? I work for dell and we upgrade people everyday. But I never upgraded anyone to 64 from 32bit.

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Dell :: Upgrade From Vista Business 32bit To A 64bit OS?

Feb 17, 2009

I want to upgrade from vista business 32bit to vista business 64bit or ultimate 64bit...can i use the key i get from business 32 bit on either of these?

and should i upgrade, or uninstall and then install? using a latitude e6400 btw..

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Sony :: Vista Key's/32bit/64bit/buisness

Jan 29, 2009

I plan to order my FW390 very soon, and would like to do a clean install of Vista onto it. My only problem is that the Vista I own is 32bit Business. I plan on having much more then 3Gigs on my FW requiring me to have 64bit. Is there anyway I can download a 64bit version of business and use my 32bit key?

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Vists 32bit Or Vista 64 Bit

Jan 31, 2009

I have always ran 32bit operating systems and i am having some blue screen issues with the win7 beta so i was thinking of going back to vista but thinking of the 64 bit version. What will happen with programs that are 32bit? I use photoshop cs4 daily as well as some other cs4 suite apps (illustrator, indesign, dreamweaver) as well as programs like VLC, winamp, firefox, MS office, and some games as old as quake 3 and new games.

My question is will they work and what advantages and disadvantages do i gain from vista64 over vista32? and do i need to get a whole new set of drivers as well for my M1530?

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HP Compaq Nc8430 OS/Software :: Switched From Vista To Windows 7 - Cannot Find Drivers

Aug 17, 2014

I recently switched my Compaq nc8430 from Vista to Windows 7 and wanted to update drivers but cannot find Windows 7 drivers.  Will updated Vista drivers work for Windows 7?

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Dell :: XPS M1530 With 32bit Vista And 4gb RAMWill It Work ?

Jan 2, 2009

Last week I ordered a XPS laptop from Dell with 4gb Ram. I had read that the full 4gb would not be available as the sipplied Vista would only be 32bit ?

When I was on the Dell site configuring my purchase it wouldn't allow me to upgrade to the 64bit Vista although the option was there.

When I selected the 64bit option I just kept getting a box saying there were compatibility issues with the Resource DVD .....

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Dell :: Windows 7 32bit Vs 64bit Question With 8gb Ram

Dec 3, 2009

Now heres just the question my sister's comp was recently replace with a studio xps 13 that was loaded with 8gb of ram now the question is whether i should format and install 32bit into the system or 64bit?

i understand 32bit windows can only use up to 4gb while 64bit windows can utilize over 4gb. It seems that the clear advantage would be using windows 64bit since it has 8gb of ram.

Wondering if anyone has any opinion to this? In using 32bit instead?

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Dell :: Windows 7 Beta 32bit Or 64bit??

Jan 9, 2009

want to install windows 7 beta 1 but i dont know with one will be better 32 bit or 64 bit i have notebook like in my sig

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Dell :: Chipset Drivers For XPS Gen 2 For Vista 32bit

May 24, 2008

Anybody have the chipset drivers for vista 32 bit? I am running it without the chipset drivers for the mobile cpu, maybe installing them if I find them will speed it up?

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Acer :: Can 32bit Vista Home Premium Be Installed Side By Side With 64bit

Dec 23, 2008

I have recently bought acer aspire 6920 with vista home premium (OEM) preinstalled 64bit version. I have made recovery dvd discs from erecovery option for factory defaults.

I have two questions:

1: will Acer provide recovery discs free of cost if requested.

2: Will I be able to install vista home premium 32bit version on D drive from a retail version I have, side by side with 64bit on C drive. Shall be thankful if someone can clarify with procedure for item 2 since I am not very familiar with notebooks working.

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Sony :: Windows 7 32bit Drivers For VAIO FZ240E

Nov 18, 2009

I bought a used Sony Vaio Laptop today.

I live in the Caribbean so its usually a little more expensive but over all I think it was a fair price.

But I really really love this laptop, the guy even put in a brand new western digital 320 GB HDD in it because this laptop was giving problems before so he decided to replace the HDD.

I am just concerned about the LCD lamp life and I hope this lappie lasts me another 3 years or more. I heard SONY quality in their laptop has depreciated.

Anyways the WEB CAM is not working because it needs drivers and when I use the short cut for screen brightness isn't working. I am not sure if its a fault with the laptop itself though. Because when I use shortcut for speaker mute with the fn key they work. All except the screen brightness.

I keep getting errors every time I try to install the windows vista drivers.

Also how do I recalibrate the battery for this? I think the battery is having issues charging and keeping a steady charge the estimation it gives is very out of alignment so to speak.

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HP OS/Software :: Pavilion G6 1221et Windows 7 32bit Drivers?

Aug 28, 2014

when I bought pavilion g6 1221et notebook, it came with  win7 home basic original licence. But ı formatted my pc and couldnt find win7 32 bit drivers in hp web site.

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HP Pavilion Dv600 OS/Software :: Finding Drivers For Windows 7 32bit?

Sep 27, 2014

i formotted my hp pavilion dv600 yesterday and now i need drivers for that. when i am searching for drivers on hp website my product is not found. give link from where i can download all drivers for my laptop hp pavilion dv600. after entering the service tag it is showing that product could not be found.

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HP OS/Software :: Pavilion 15-N240SE / Missing Drivers For Windows 7 32Bit

Jun 21, 2014

I Have Bought 2 Days Ago HP Pavilion 15-N240SE - Free Dos And Instaled Win.7 32-Bit And Can't Find My Laptop Drivers On Your HP Drivers Support For 32-Bit ...
I Don't Have Win.8 !

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HP OS/Software :: Probook 440 G1 / Windows 7 Enterprise (32bit) Drivers Are Missing

May 5, 2014

I have a HP Probook 440 G1 laptop with Windows 7 Enterprise edition installed. I'm unable to find any drivers for the enterprise edition on the HP support page.

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HP G6 2230 Tx OS/Software :: Unable To Find Drivers For Bluetooth In The List Of Drivers For Windows 8.1

Aug 24, 2014

I recently installed windows 8.1. But i dont find drivers for bluetooth at in the list of drivers available at website.
This is the link of all available drivers 

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Dell :: XPS1530 32bit Vs 64bit

Jan 12, 2009

I am designer and use Photoshop more .

If i use xp 64bit the performance improve or don`t improve?

Is there xp 64bit driver for 1530 ?

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HP Compaq 15-a00tu Display :: Drivers For Windows 7 (32bit Operating System)

May 14, 2014

I need the drivers for HP COMPAQ 15-a00tu windows 7(32bit OS)  , I searched in HP offical site but there we are having drivers for 64bit OS .How to get the drivers for 32 bits .

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Acer :: 5920G 32bit Or 64bit

Sep 25, 2009

I was browsing some thread and i read about x64 and x32.

A couple of months ago i bought a 5920G
Centrino Core 2 Duo T8300 @ 2.4Ghz
256MB GeForece 8600m gs

it has Vista Home premium preloaded 32Bit.

I'm waiting win7 to come out but i need some advices and ideas about changing from x32 to x64.

Is this a good idea? Will 4GB ddr used fully by x64 systems instead of 3GB limitation in x32, and will my pc boot and work faster?

Is true about x64 instability or a lot of issues and incompatibility with devices and apps?

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Dell :: Windows 7 64bit 1730 Drivers?

Oct 31, 2009

i just clean installed 64 bit Windows 7 on my M1730. All appears to be running ok but I have a couple of yellow !?

I installed the
Nvidia drivers
touchpad driver
sigmatel drivers
intel chipset drivers
Logitech Drivers .....

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Sony :: 32bit Programs On A 64bit Z690

Apr 13, 2009

Bought the 64bit Z690... I have one program that is only able to run on a 32bit OS.. Are there any solutions?? Maybe creating a partition and installing a copy of 32bit XP... Would that work or is 64bit a hardware issue meaning nothing could be done.

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Sony :: Upgrading VGN-z591 From 32bit OS To 64bit

Mar 4, 2009

I have sony VGN-Z591U with 32bit OS

Is there any possible way to upgrade my OS from 32 bit to 64 bit on my laptop?

I have check the sony website and they have no driver for 64bit (only 32 bit).

If I take the 64bit driver from different model e.g. VGN-Z690, because they have 64-bit driver. Will it work with my laptop?

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Dell :: Windows 7 64bit Drivers For Studio XPS 1640

Oct 29, 2009

Does anyone here have a list of what drivers they are using with Windows 7 64 bit ?

I am about to rebuild my laptop and I am wanting to use the latest versions - including any from any 3rd party vendors like Intel, ATI etc.

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HP 350 G1 :: Windows 8.1 64bit - Unknown Drivers

Sep 14, 2014

I have HP 350 G1 operating system windows 8.1 (64 bit ) and can't find these drivers .
Unknown driver :
Unkown driver :
Unknown driver :
Sm bus controller :

Ralink_RT3290_Bluetooth_01 :
High Definition Audio Device :

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