Dell XPS 13 9333 :: Keyboard Lag When AC Adapter Not Plugged In

Oct 26, 2014

I'm on my second XPS13 (9333) because of a keyboard latency (lag) issue.  I've found that if the AC adapter is plugged in there is no lag.  When the AC adapter is NOT plugged then the problem occures.

The keyboard has no problems in Safe Mode.  Dell sent a USB to reload the OS but that did not fix the problem.  I've heard from another poster (different site) that Dell replaced the MB, SSD, CPU and that did not solve the problem.

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Dell :: Plugged Power Adapter Into Wrong Laptop, Now Adapter Doesn't Work?

Nov 9, 2009

I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 and my friend has a Latitude D820.

Tonight she accidentally plugged my power adapter into her laptop. A few hours later, she noticed that her laptop indicated that it wasn't plugged in, and that's when we realized that she had accidentally used my adapter instead of hers.

Now my adapter doesn't work at all. We've tried the adapter with both our laptops with different outlets with the same problem, so we know it's the adapter. The green light also doesn't come on when it's plugged in anymore.

Did plugging my adapter into her laptop somehow screw up my adapter, or could this just be a coincidence? Is there any way to fix the adapter or at least figure out what the problem is? And if I have to purchase a new adapter, do the universal ones they sell at retail electronics stores work OK? I would order one from Dell but I'm working on a project now and I don't have time to wait for it to ship.

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Dell :: Plugged AC Adapter In And My Laptop Shut Down

Jun 25, 2009

i was watching family guy in the kitchen today and when i plugged the laptop back into the AC adapter it just shut down,

i attempted to restart but it will not boot up at all ive attempted to take the battery out and then try with that however nothing happens at all any ideas on what ive done and how to fix it?

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Dell :: My 1530 Is Louder When AC Adapter Is Plugged In

Mar 31, 2009

Is this normal that when the machine has no cable attached is very silent - the fan runs occasionally for a short period o time unlike when the laptop is plugged in, makes much more noise -

the fan only stops for about 3-4 min and starts cooling again for another 5-6min or sometimes longer depends on work..?

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Dell XPS 15z :: AC Adapter Plugged In And Battery Is Not Charging

Apr 13, 2013

I just had a battery replacement for my Dell XPS 15z.. Prior to the installation of the new battery, the machine could only work with the AC adapter plugged in, raising the suspicion that the battery was defective. However, now that a new battery has been installed, the battery does not charge even whiles the AC adapter is stilled plugged in.

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Dell XPS 13 :: Trackpad Not Working When Plugged Into AC Adapter

Mar 21, 2012

I just bought this so called Ultrabook a few days ago and already encountering trackpad issues. It only started happening since yesterday, but figured out then when you plug in the AC Adapter to charge the battery, The trackpad begins to lag or stop working all together.

Yesterday, the trackpad fixed itself somehow so I ignored it, but tonight as I was working on some uni assignments, my laptop battery was low so I plugged it in. The trackpad immediately stopped working and I could no longer work. I "Googled" to no avail, I downloaded the new driver for Cypress, but that too did not work.

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Dell Latitude D600 :: It Is Charging When AC Adapter Is Plugged In

Apr 5, 2013

I just bought a dell latitude d600 and I have never had a laptop before. Is there a way to tell if it is charging when the ac adapter is plugged in? I bought it for parts or not working and I,m trying to put it back together. I also have been looking for an ide hard drive for the caddy. I didn't know if you could change that to s sata drive or not.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1200 :: AC Adapter Plugged In. Battery Will Not Charge

Jan 3, 2009

This 1200 was working several weeks ago, now it will not turn on even with AC adapter plugged in. Battery will not charge.

No green LED lit on laptop front. Unit will not boot with AC adapter attached and battery removed.

Checked AC adapter with multimeter and it appears working OK, get 19.5 volts dc output.

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Dell Alienware M14x :: Won't Start With Power Adapter Plugged In

Dec 30, 2014

I bought one Alienware M14 x last month. However, I found it won't boot when the power adapter is plugged in. If I unplugged the power cord, then press the power button, it will start normally.

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Dell Inspiron N5010 :: AC Adapter Unknown Plugged In (not Charging)

Jan 19, 2014

So, I've had a dead battery on my Inspiron N5010 that would not hold a charge. I also noticed that when i plug in the Dell 65W AC adapter that came with my computer without the battery (as a temporary power source) and the light on the AC Adapter shut off. I've used other dell AC adapters and the same thing happens (AC adapter light cut off). Identifying these problems, I purchased a new battery and the battery worked perfectly fine but when i plug in the AC Adapter, the AC Adapter light would cut off and would not charge the battery. I figured it was a Mobo issue but discovered that the I/O ports for the AC Adapter are on the daughterboard. I purchased and replaced the daughterboard. I plugged in the AC Adapter and now the light on the Adapter stays on. The adapter can now be used with or without the battery but it will not charger the battery. Every time I turn on my Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop, I get the following message:

"The AC adapter wattage and type cannot be determined. The battery may not charge. The system will adjust the performance to match the power available. Please connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or greater for the best system performance."

- I replaced the I/O circuit board (daughter board)

- I Flashed the BIOS

- I Installed Dell QuickSet

- I am using the 65W Dell AC adapter that came with the laptop

- The AC adapter that came with my N5010 works on other Dell laptops

- I've used a different 65W Dell AC Adapter. 

- The adapter is not charging the battery (Plugged in but not charging)

- The green light on the adapter stays on all the time when in use

Inside of the BIOS the AC Adapter Type is "Unknown". what else do you recommend I do?

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Dell XPS 13 :: (9333) Constant Noise As Soon As Powered On

Dec 27, 2013

I have just recently received a new XPS 13 with the new haswell i7 processor, 8gb RAM, 256gb ssd, and windows 8.1.

I really like this laptop, but it makes a really bizarre noise. It happens constantly as soon as its powered on, like a high pitched whirring sound from somewhere beneath the keyboard. It also seems pretty inconsistent, like it flickers in frequency, and when you use programs (e.g scroll through webpages) it gets louder.

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Dell Precision M4500 :: AC Adapter And Battery Must Be Plugged In Before System Bios Can Be Flashed

Feb 16, 2013

The charger is plugged in and the battery is at 100%. This is a M4500 Precision laptop with Windows 7. I tried flashing bios from safemode, also from Windows PE.

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Lenovo X Series ThinkPad :: X200 Turns On Only With AC Adapter Charger Plugged In

Nov 13, 2012

Month ago x200 works well. I leave it on table for a mont and do not use it at all. But now, x200 turns on only with inserted AC adapter charger. It does not turn on with only inserted battery (without AC adapter charger), just nothing happend when I press power button.

But battery charges and program "Thinkpad Power Manager" detects battery and it's charge. Battery is ok (tested on another X200 and works well).

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Dell Studio 1749 :: Power Adapter Is Plugged Into power Board Along Side Of Laptop

Jan 27, 2013

Our Studio 1749 will retain a solid connection when the power adapter is plugged into the power board along the side of my laptop. I am unsure if the pins residing in the power board are pushed toward each other so as to not retain connection when the adpater in plugged into the laptop.

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Dell Latitude E6530 :: Monitor And Keyboard Not Recognized When Plugged Into The Dell E-Port Plus 11

Apr 26, 2013

I have a Dell Latitude E6530 and when I plugged in my monitor and keyboard into the docking station, they were not recognized.  But I can plug them into the laptop while docked and they are recognized. 

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HP Envy M6 1184ca OS/Software :: Wifi Adapter Is Working But Backlit Keyboard No Longer Turns On

Oct 19, 2013

I recently had my computer wiped and reloaded, due to a wifi connectivity problem. Now the wifi adapter is working, but my backlit keyboard no longer turns on. 

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HP Pavilion A10-5750M Display :: Graphics Adapter Changed From AMD Radeon 8650G To Standard VGA Adapter

Jun 28, 2014

I have a HP pavillion A10-5750M
Model- 15-e084ca(windows 7 ultimate)
I recently changed my window from 8 to 7 ultimate and i noticed my grahics adapter has changed from AMD radeon 8650G to standard VGA graphics adapter. Why is that and how do i change it?

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Dell :: Looking To Install BLACK Keyboard In My XPS M1330. Who Makes This Non-OEM Keyboard?

Aug 23, 2009

From what I've read around here the black keyboard on the Dell Vostro 1400 (PN JM629) fits on the XPS m1330 and now I'm looking to buy it.

The problem is, this keyboard costs $49.99 on Dell. I have found it on ebay for $16 shipped on ebay, but the thing is, the ebay listing says:

"New high quality keyboard
100% manufacturer compatible
Equivalent Replacement Part"

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Apple :: Interchange 16.5V, 3.65A Power Adapter With 18.5V, 4.6A Power Adapter

Apr 25, 2010

so just what the title says,

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Apple :: Late 2008 MBP Keyboard - Left Side Of The Keyboard Feels Mushy

Mar 11, 2009

I've had my MBP for about 4 month now and have been having problems with its keyboard since I bought it. First, the "Z" key sank in (I think there was a problem with the spring). I took it to the Apple Store, and they "fixed" on the spot (it's much harder to press and only registered a key press 70% of the time). The lower right corner of the "E" has noticeably sunk in, and I need to resort to pressing the upper left corner. Also, the left side of the keyboard feels "mushy", not hugely so, but definitely noticeable after typing a few sentences. Can I request that Apple just replace the entire keyboard instead of just individual keys?

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Acer :: Is It Possible To Change 1810/1410 Keyboard For A Thinkpad Keyboard

May 22, 2010

Had a search on the forums and couldn't really find this.

Is it possible to change the Acer 1810T keyboard to a thinkpad one?

Are they the same size? Could it work?

I love the Acer, just not its keyboard and miss the thinkpad keyboard - which really encourages typing. The acer really doesn't.

If the thinkpad keyboard isn't possible, what else might be?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Mini Keyboard Versus Acer Aspire One Keyboard

Feb 24, 2009

I currently have an AA1 and am curious to those who tried typing on both the HP Mini and the AA1 keyboards and noticed a difference. I believe the HP's keyboard is 92% and the AA1's is 89% I believe. It feels "okay" to type on, obviously not the best due to its size compared to a normal keyboard, but am wondering if the HP's is worth the price jump (paid 300 for mine).

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Dell :: Plugged In Not Charging

Oct 4, 2009

I recently got the dreaded "Plugged in, not charging" message in vista of my Dell XPS 1530.My laptop is out of warranty .I tried all the methods suggested and flashed the bios to A09 from A12.I also checked the BIOS and it says

Battery Charge = 6%
Charger = 90W

Also when I connect the charger the charging light would flash for 5 sec. and then go off.Due to this the battery charge has moved from 6% to 7%.

I cannot buy a new mbd worth $500 . Any other cure for this ????

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Dell XPS 13 :: Not Charging But Plugged In

May 23, 2014

My Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook is plugged in but will not charge.  The battery is completely drained and the power will immediately shut off when the power cable is unplugged.  The battery meter indicates "O% Available (plugged in, not charging)".  Every time I restart it I am told to plug in a Dell charger with 45 watts or greater.  Thinking my charger might have been the issue, I just purchased a Dell replacement charger, and it is still not recognizing it.  I have seen on other posts that indicate a possible solution is to update the BIOS; however, when I download and try to run the latest BIOS, I am told that the battery needs to be at least 10% charged in order to update.

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Dell XPS 15 :: Not Charging But Is Plugged In?

Jun 26, 2012

my  Dell XPS 15z is only ten months old while on my computer last night something popped up saying:

'The AC power adapter type cannot be determined.

Your system will operate slower and battery will not charge. 

This problem might be solved by:

Ensure the plug is inserted completely for best system operation. Connect a Dell 130W adapter or higher'

i've always taken really good care of my laptop never dropped it or anything i hope that its not broke...

if it is broken and i have my year warranty do i still pay for whatever new part i need?

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Dell :: Xps M1530 Plugged In, Not Charging

Sep 20, 2008

I have a dell xps m1530. Yesterday, suddenly a problem developed. The laptop charges for a few secs and then the battery icon says plugged in, not charging. I have tested the power supply and the adapter pin on the laptop motherboard its working fine. I purchased the laptop 4 months ago. i am using windows vista Ultimate with sp1.

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Dell :: Noise From Laptop When Plugged In?

Mar 27, 2009

I just recently purchased a Dell Studio 17. I am very happy with my purchase, however, I have started to notice a high pitched whining noise sometimes when I have it plugged in for charging.

If I disconnect the charger from the laptop, the noise goes away and sometimes it goes away on its own..

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Dell :: Plugged In But Not Charging E6500

Apr 13, 2009

my battery aint been charging for a few days iv noticed i just done fresh install yesterday still no joy any ideas what could fix this

im sure im on the latest bios could i try flashing it again ?

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Dell :: Laptop Plugged In ... Do You Take Your Battery Out

Nov 29, 2007

Do you leave your battery in while the laptop is being used with the AC adatper? Does this affect the battery life in any way? Definitely makes it lighter if its on your lap!

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Dell Inspiron 15R :: Plugged In But Not Charging

Nov 26, 2014

i am using dell inspiron 15R 5521.. its warranty has just expired on november 3,2014. And now i am facing this charging problem as whenever i connect my charging adapter(charger) to my laptop, it says 'PLUGGED IN BUT NOT CHARGING'. whether i just keep my laptop on charging for an hour or two, it still remains the same and not even a single percent of battery is charged.!! Whether there is some problem with my battery or charger!! i should buy a new battery or not??

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