Dell XPS 15 L521x :: Multi-finger Scroll Jumps?

Feb 9, 2013

I love the hardware design of the XPS 15, except that the touchpad is unusable for scrolling.  My old Latitude 6520 at least could use the scroll zones well, but with the buttons on the L521x being part of the touchpad, the horizontal scroll zone impacts button usage and isn't worth it.The big issue is the multi-finger scrolling jumps significantly when lifting fingers.  I've tried every version of the driver I could find, and they all have this issue.  If you make sure you completely stop scrolling before lifting fingers, then lift one at a time, I can usually avoid the jump, but that take more time than just using the keys to scroll.

Is there a way to either disable horizontal scrolling using scroll zones or fix the 2 finger scrolling to not jump?  Except for that issue (and some sporadic wifi issues that my be fixed with newest driver), this laptop would be perfect for me.

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Dell Latitude E7240 :: Touchpad Multi Finger Gestures

Nov 15, 2014

Latitude E7240 has Touchpad Alps. All works fine except settings "Flick" (Gestures -> Multi Finger Gestures).

This setting works, but after some time (random period) stops working. To fix this I need restart Apoint.exe or go to settings, deselect Flick and select it again.

My laptop's BIOS has latest version A11 and all drivers installed from web site Dell.

Also, I tried to install Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 with touchpad drivers only, but this did not solve problem.

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Sony :: Multi-finger Touchpad On Vaio

Jan 28, 2010


I knew nothing of it until I made my icons big by mistake, then I slid my fingers back together and they went back small and I was like .

Pretty cool feature! is this new to the Vaio Laptops?

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HP G6 2225TU :: Single Finger Scroll Not Working?

Jun 13, 2014

 m using HP G6, 2225TU, Win7 64x. Its singal finger scroll not working after system restore, any how two finger scroll is fine. I changed touch pad settings many time.

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Dell XPS L321X :: Trackpad Is Laggy - Two Finger Scroll Has Delay Of Half A Second

Apr 2, 2013

I'm having a Dell XPS L321X and the trackpad is totally laggy compared to a macbook. I'm using Win8 and installed the win8 driver and the two finger scroll has a delay of half a second.

I tried the newer Win7 Cypress Touchpad Drivers... the same laggy problem.

Any new drivers available?

Beside of that, i still have my fan problem: [URL] ....

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HP 2000 OS/Software :: Lost Two Finger Scroll Feature After 8.1 Update

Oct 29, 2014

On my computer (an hp laptop 2000, no touch screen or anything) the two finger scroll is already enabled. I have checked the driver and it says I have the most recent one. I even found out a way to get my two finger right click back (which works fine now), but still no luck with the two finger scrolling which I had really come to love on my hp.

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Acer Aspire E1-572P-6 :: Touchpad Has No Scroll Function With A Finger Or Two?

Oct 6, 2014

I bought a E1-572P-6_BR629 and the touchpad has no scroll function with a finger or two. Is it normal?

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Dell Inspiron 15 5000 :: Two Finger Scroll Functionality Breaks At Irregular But Very Frequent Intervals?

Jan 4, 2015

My new inspiron 15 has an issue with the touchpad - the two finger scroll functionality breaks at irregular but very frequent intervals.

I'd spend 15 minutes on the computer and I'd suddenly not be able to use any multi-finger gestures on the touchpad, specifically the two-finger scroll. I've noticed that at that point, pinch zoom doesn't work either which leads me to believe it's a general issue with multi-finger gestures.

Restarting the computer always fixes it.

I can't tell if this is a hardware defect or a software issue.I've reinstalled the latest touchpad drivers from dell but it has made no difference.

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HP/Compaq :: Two Finger Scrolling And Three Finger Gestures (Should Work On ALL HPs With Synaptics Touchpads)

Mar 28, 2010

Two finger scrolling now works on the synaptics touchpad of my dv7
I had previously attempted to use modded drivers and other apps (none of which worked), but surprisingly, synaptics seems to have enabled it all by themselves in the latest driver, which is part of scrybe.

More about scrybe: [url]


1. Download the ScrybeSetup.exe file from here (you can enter a junk email): [url]

2. Install the software (Make sure it installs both scrybe and the new driver)

2.1 Restart

3. Go to Control Panel>Mouse>Device Settings (Tab)>Highlight Synaptics Touchpad Vx.x> then click settings

4. Once you have the Touchpad settings windows open, you can change all kinds of settings:

Multifinger Gestures>Two Finger Scrolling (Click the gears next to the name)

Multifinger Gestures>Rotating (Click the gears next to the name)......

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Dell XPS 15 :: (L521x) - How To Eject A DVD

Aug 23, 2012

but I dont see any eject button for the DVD.

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Dell :: Random Temperature Jumps?

Aug 7, 2009

My temperature at webbrowsing and idling is usually 36 degrees with my Zalman2000 at Balanced battery seeting.

However, sometimes, sporadically, the cpu temps go up to 63 for a real quick moment (a second or less) and comes back to the late 30's. Normal?

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Dell XPS 15z :: Pointer Jumps When Tap Using Trackpad

Mar 4, 2013

Suddenly, after a year of use, the Cypress trackpad has become inaccurate. The pointer judders when I move it across the screen and when I tap to open or close something or anywhere on the screen, the pointer move slightly (usually up and to right by a small amount) when I tap. This is frustrating when trying to do simple tasks. This is not caused by a change in senstivity on the trackpad. I have checked all the defaults settings in case something changed. I am running Windows 7 on a XPS 15z.

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Dell XPS L521x :: MSATA Not Getting 6gb/s Speed

Sep 16, 2014

I have installed a 6gb/s ssd into my l521x; however, I am getting 3gb/s speeds (~250mb/s read and write)

Is there a setting to enable 6gb/s speeds on the l521x?

It appears the l521x has the HM77 chipset which does support 6gb/s throughput ?

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Dell Inspiron 15R SE :: Cursor Jumps Around When Typing?

Apr 7, 2013

I have an Inspiron 15R SE 7520 and while typing, the cursor frequently jumps around and will begin typing in a previously typed line.  This is extremely frustrating.  I am running Windows 8 and have looked to find where I can adjust the sensitivity of my touchpad but can't find it anywhere.  I've seen other posts for other computers that suggest uninstalling the touchpad driver and reinstalling it. What I should do for my specific laptop to stop this from happening? Do I need to uninstall and reinstall the touchpad driver.  If so, how do I do that for the Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520 running Windows 8?   I'm also keeping my hands off the touchpad while typing but the cursor still moves.

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Dell XPS M1530 :: Cursor Jumps Around When Typing?

Jun 18, 2009

This has been happening when typing emails in Outlook. It will be interesting to see if it happens while typing this. So far it's been OK. I have a Dell XPS M1530. There it did it just then, the 1530 jumped into the subject field. It always jumps into somewhere I have already typed. So it doesn't just happen in Outlook. It is very annoying. I am using a Bluetooth mouse, but also there is a touchpad just under my hands. Could it be that I bump it by mistake?

I don't know it that's the problem as the touchpad cursor is different to the typing cursor. I'm watching the touchpad cursor and it's not moving. The typing cursor is behaving itself now. I have just moved the touchpad cursor up the screen a bit and the typing cursor is still behaving itself.

While I am typing my hands are well clear of the touchpad. It just jumped again, and it did not jump to where the touchpad cursor was, so it's not related to that.

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Dell XPS L521X :: Keeps Shutting Down Running A16 BIOS

Jun 10, 2014

I have an out of warranty 15" XPS that will just shut down at random intervals, doesn't seem to be heat related as it will sometimes do it immediately after turning on, doesn't seem to make any difference if its plugged into the mains or on battery either.

Run dell diagnostics at start-up and no problems were found.

Machine will usually turn back on fine, sometimes the battery needs to be disconnected first though...

Other notes:

Currently running Windows 7 64 x and tried with fresh Windows 8 install too (feels more like hardware really)

Currently running the A16 Bios

Fan works correctly...

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Dell XPS 15 L521X :: Windows 8 Recovery Media

Mar 3, 2013

I rebuilt my new XPS 15 with Windows 7.   I didn't build any recovery media before I wiped the hard drive.  Where can I download the recovery tools to restore to factory build ?

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Dell XPS 15 L521x :: GPU Too Hot When Gaming - Decreased Performance

Apr 28, 2013

I have a Dell XPS 15 (L521x) laptop. While gaming my GPU heats up to temperatures ranging from 73 to 77 degrees Celsius (NOTE: This is with a CM Storm SF-19 cooling pad). 

My question is how else can I reduce this heat because I know as it gets hotter it throttles back to avoid crashing, thus decreasing performance.

Here are specs of everything:Model - Dell XPS 15 (L521x)OS- Windows 7 64-bitCPU - Intel Core i7-3632QMBIOS - A13 (Up to date)SSD - 128GB (OS is on this, 30GB free)HDD - 1TB (300GB free)RAM - 16GBGPU - Nvidia GT 640MDrivers for EVERYTHING (including my graphics card) are up to date.CM Storm SF-19 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with two 140mm Turbine Fans (1200-2600 RPM's, I always keep it at max blast)

Using software program, Open Hardware Monitor (and having my cooling pad on max blast), I have retrieved the following data:~ My CPU idles around 60 degrees Celsius and can max around 70 degrees Celsius~ My GPU idles around 44 degrees Celsius and can max around 77 degrees CelsiusMy room temperature varies from 10-20 degrees Celsius (50-65 degrees Fahrenheit)I had this laptop since July of 2012 and I had just had my motherboard swapped (GPU was integrated), heat sink re-seated, and cleaned of dust (wasn't really any in there). It was under warranty (and still is).

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Dell XPS L521X :: Laptop Resuming From Standby Automatically

Jan 10, 2015

I have a DELL XPS L521X running Windows 10 technical preview.

I have been having an issue for a while that the computer automatically resumes from standby at seemingly random times. As of late, it is also staying on indefinitely (or until a low battery event at least), despite my settings in Power Options that specify standby after a given amount of time.

This happens when it is plugged in or not, and is (of course) particularly annoying when it is unplugged and in a case that isn't ventilated.

I have checked the system and application event logs, and don't see the kernel-power event when the system resumed, but I don't see any information on why it did so.

Also worth noting: I checked my LAN and WIFI adapter power management settings, and the "allow this device to wake the computer" box is greyed out.

specifically what hardware or software is causing a resume event? Do you know how to ensure that the computer sleeps after a specified period of time when on battery? 

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Dell XPS 15 L521x :: Windows 8 Crashing On Fresh Install

Apr 8, 2013

I've got a XPS 15 L521x that was running Windows 7 for weeks with out incident. I decided I'd like to try Windows 8. I installed (after changing Sata to AHCI) without incident. After the install completes I reboot and it crashes. The OS goes to "attempting repairs". I can run a "refresh" of the OS and it will fix the issue and then crash again after a reboot.

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Dell XPS 15 L521X :: Graphics Chip Is No Longer Recognized

Sep 19, 2012

So I updated to Bios A09 hoping it would improve either my Wifi issues, my throttling issues, or my battery life issues.After the A09 update, my nVidia Graphics chip is no longer recognized, and therefore have lost my dual external monitor support.  That may improve battery life I guess since the nVidia chip is now worthless and I'm forced to the Intel 4000.  Not the change I was hoping for.

Is it possible to revert the A09 bios back to A06?  Is this isolated to me, or was it just not QA'd at all by Dell?I worked around the wifi issue with a USB dongle, and am living with the battery life issues by getting less work done on airplane flights.Losing my multi-monitor support is killing my productivity. Also losing my patience with this machine and Dell in general.

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Dell XPS 15 L521x :: Touchpad Bounce / Skip To Top And Bottom

Mar 14, 2013

The L521x drivers clearly have  a problem when any two finger scrolling can cause the document in any program to immediately skip to the very beginning or the very end.

This issue has come up in the thread [URL] ....  but that has been incorrectly marked as answered and I'm concerned that the issue will be buried because of that.

Synaptics have released several driver versions since the driver, up to, fixing many issues including a BSOD, whereas so far for the L521x we have just had A03 and A04 variants of the same driver (, neither of which solve this problem.

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Dell XPS 15 L521X :: Keyboard Support - P Key Has Been Getting Harder To Press

Jan 29, 2015

I currently have a XPS 15 (L521X, Mid 2012) that I use at college, and it's "p" key has been getting harder and harder to press. It's at the point where hitting it does not register any action unless I press down on it. Do I have to open the laptop up/take the key out? And how do I do this?

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Dell Inspiron 15R :: Cursor Jumps To Another Line Whilst Typing

Feb 20, 2013

From time to time the cursor jumps to another line whilst I am typing. This can happen on any software, ie MS word, Hotmail. It can even happen when I am entering a user name and password into any system, for example  this forum.

It is very frustrating and some tiesm a simple email can take a long time to type...

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Dell :: XPS 15Z Keyboard - Cursor Jumps All Over The Place While Composing Emails And Letters

Jul 12, 2011

I have an issue with the keyboard on my new 15z. The cursor seems to have a mind of its own and jumps all over the place while I am composing emails and letters. This happens at random. What is causing this. I have tried disabling the mouse pad and using a USB mouse but the problem persists. I have tried being extremely careful not to touch the arrow keys located in the bottom right hand corner of the keyboard area but the problem continues

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Dell Latitude E6510 :: Text Cursor Jumps Randomly While Typing

Jan 21, 2011

I received a Dell Latitude E6510, Windows 7, Bought January 2011

Problem: My text cursor jumps randomly around when I'm typing

I take care where i put my fingers: no resultI have the last drivers DELL_MULTI-TOUCH-TOUCHPAD_A06_R281462.exeI deactivated the touchpad: no result

I have 2 other Dell (Inspiron and Precision M65): This problem never occurred....

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Dell XPS L511z :: Mouse Jumps Everywhere When Typing - Decrease Keyboard Sensitivity?

Jan 26, 2013

I have a DELL XPSL511z.  Why every time I try to type of this computer the mouse jumps everywhere? I have disabled the track pad and it doesn't work. Is there some way to decrease the key sensitivity? This is a HUGE problem with this model.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5 Jumps To French. How Do I Get English Back

Jan 17, 2009

My girlfriend has an HP dv5-1033ca.

It works fine but every now and then when she is using it the character set jumps to French and we can't figure out how to get English back. Any ideas ?

The last time it happened, she was browsing Yahoo using Explorer. She accidentally hits a key (easy thing to do on that keyboard) and wala, its in French. Then she has no option but to reboot. When she logs back in, its back in English.

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HP Pavilion Dv6 OS/Software :: Cursor Jumps While Typing

Dec 15, 2011

I have HP Pavilion dv6 notebook.My operating system is Windows 7 64bit.I am having problems with cursor jumping around while I type.  I have had the notebook over a year, but this problem started a few weeks ago.

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Dell XPS 15 L521X :: Cannot Install Windows 8 Pro - Installer Could Not Find Hard Disk

Feb 28, 2013

Recently I have purchased a DELL XPS 15 (L521X) but I am not able to install windows 8 pro on it as the installer could not find the hard disk and keep continuously ask for the driver.

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