Dell :: XPS 16: Any Solution Towards Cracking Speakers?

Nov 3, 2009

yesterday I received my XPS 16. Nice machine, BUT: the cracking speakers / subwoofer is hard to accept.

I mainly listen to trance / techno music and the cracking noise is just there. Is there any patch or whatsoever? It's horrible ;/

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Dell :: Speakers Cracking? Xps 1340

Sep 2, 2009

I bought an xps 1340 and just received it. I was streaming some music off youtube today and my left speaker was cracking when playing the song Roses by outkast.

I played the exact same video on my desktop and it played without any problems.

I called dell and they had me play a cd (don't have an outkast cd) and the speakers seemed to play fine. Once i played the CD, the dell representative just told me it is a software issue. But how could a software issue only affect 1 speaker(the left one)?

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Acer :: Aspire 9300 Speakers Cracking

Apr 22, 2008

Today my speakers on my laptop started cracking so I plugged in the headphones to see if it made the same noises with them and it did so I figured it was just a driver problem.

I reinstalled the Realtek HD driver twice but I still have the same problem. The speakers worked fine this morning but after moving home from university this afternoon they've started cracking.

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Dell :: Solution To The Crackling Noise From The Speakers. SXPS 1645

Mar 7, 2010

Solution to the crackling noise from the speakers.

Right click on the ‘speaker / headphones tab (located in your tray)
Select sound

Box Opens.

Click on playback tab
Right click on the speaker / headphones

Box Opens.


Default format needs to be changed to 24bit 192000hz studio quality.

Done problem solved blast your tunes all day long without that annoying sound.

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HP Pavilion Dv6-6119tx Audio :: Sparking / Cracking Noise Coming From Speakers And Headphones

Aug 21, 2013

I have a HP Pavilion dv6-6119tx Entertainment Notebook PC. There is a sparking/cracking type of Noise during Startup & sometimes during usage,which makes it too irritating to listen to songs or other things. My Audio drivers are upto date,tried installing & uninstalling them but of no luck....

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Dell :: Cracking Sound With Skype?

May 5, 2010

the speakers are amazing, but... on skype they do crack quite a bit especially when talking to woman,

no seriously... is that because of the low quality sound? can i do anything about that?

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Dell :: Cracking Display Bezels

Dec 6, 2009

I've cracked my bloody display bezel twice now and noticed it. I first thought it was my laptop bag and got a new one but now the screen bezel is cracked again too!

This happens on the screen bezel that is made out of plastic and right in the lower corners.

Does anyone have this problem besides me?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1640 Sound Cracking/popping

May 17, 2010

I don't remember when it started but my sound cracks and pops when I play games (NBA 2K10, WoW...) and sometimes when I'm watching youtube videos. However, it's fine when I just play a song on iTunes. Well actually, it pops a bit when I first start the song, but then the popping disappears, which leads me to think that the problem is somehow related to CPU/GPU usage.

So I've been on the web for quite a while now trying to find solutions...and here's what I've tried:

1) Using headphones (sound pops in headphones as well)

2) Turning off the wireless adapter (sound still pops with wireless off)

3) Disabling all enhancements under "playback devices" (still pops)

4) Checking IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers for Ultra DMA mode (got 4 ATA Channels, ATA Channel 0 is in Ultra DMA Mode 6, ATA Channel 1 is in Ultra DMA Mode 5, ATA Channels 4 and 5 are not in any mode)

5) Updating IDT High Definition Audio driver (updated, still pops; read somewhere that rolling back the driver would solve the problem, but at that point I've already reinstalled a newer IDT HD audio driver, which means I can't roll back to the desired date...)

6) Tried using a different HD audio driver (tried downloading a realtek HD audio driver, but I guess realtek = IDT?? same problem occurred)

6a) Eventually found some HD audio driver for some HP laptop (driver is now called High Definition Audio Device (under device manager => sound, video and game controllers))(sound still pops)

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600)
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40Ghz (2 CPUs), ~2.4Ghz
Memory: 4096RAM
Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670
Bought: Around July/August 2009

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Dell :: Studio 15 Screen Clicking/cracking Noises.

Apr 22, 2009

My screen makes a lot of noise and it is driving me absolutely NUTS. Whenever I move or the screen wiggles it makes this clicking sound near the hinges.

I have completely removed the bezel and looked for anything that might be the culprit

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Loud Cracking Noise

Dec 1, 2008

Bought a latitude E6400 a few weeks ago. Every now and again a loud cracking noise can be heard somewhere around the left side of the keyboard. This happens very infrrequently, about 10 times since I have had it.

Before I ring Dell has anyone come across this before?

The noise is like a crack and then a smaller click Sounds like a small peice of plastic just broke or something.

The laptop could be sitting there doing nothing for 20 mins and then the noise happens.

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Apple :: Plastic Cracking On Mac

Aug 13, 2009

a piece of plastic broke off the edge of my mac keyboard a couple of months ago and now there is like a small hole(?) on the left side...I am way past my this a common defect or something?

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Dell :: S-XPS 1640 And 1645 Audio Buzzing/cracking/distortion 60-80%+ Volume (to Bill For Engineers)

Feb 19, 2010

You can hear this effect around 60%-80%+ volume(varies by system) usually from the right speaker(more noticeable). It sounds like a speaker when its damaged from high volume or a bad amp you hear a buzzing/cracking/distortion sound on the right speaker usually(you can also verify it with the dell audio diagnostic, test my Dell technician even realized it). Ive had 3 xps's replaced(due to other issues) all of them had the same problem (additionally I had 2 speaker replacements and they had the same problem). sxps 1640 and 1645. I remember when a technician came and opened my motherboard I took a look at the side speakers. It seems that the right speakers are loose compared to the left ones. You can press on it and it goes a bit in and out.

I just wanted to start a new thread for Bill to bring this issue also to the attention of the engineers. I think I know what the problem is, I will be putting rubber pads in my laptop to enforce the speakers from vibrating. Someone brought this solution to my attention a long time ago.


Post number 10(Metroline solution):

Does anyone else have this problem? Verify so Bill can bring it to the attention of the engineers. Bills going to have big meeting with big players soon so post up if you do have this issue so he can bring it to the table. I didn't want to use the throttling thread for this issue.

My temporary solution is not to go about 60% volume... since it's load already but it would be nice to blast the volume and listen to music while doing other chores in the house or hang with friends but the audio quality is terrible.

Note: I can not verify this for sxps 1647 because I do not have one.

I will give you guys an update on my results, when I dampen the system with pads and reinforce it.

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Dell :: Monitoring Solution For The 1737 X64?

Apr 16, 2009

someone asked if they had a temp monitoring solution for the studio 1737 as i8kfan doesnt work...

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Dell :: A Solution To The Fingerprint Magnet Surfaces

Aug 13, 2009

I am currently using a HP dv2000t notebook and the entire lid is glossy and very prone to fingerprints. I am awaiting for my XPS 16 to arrive but I've read many reviews about this laptop being a "fingerprint magnet" as well.

So just in case you guys didn't know, there is a way to help treat the fingerprints on the laptop's surface / lid.

NOTE: This is by no means permanently guaranteeing no future fingerprints.

..but for those that are interested, what I do is I take car wax and I wax the glossy surface like I would wax a car's clear coat.

Personally I use Meguires NXT car wax (paste kind, not liquid wax) but any other car wax works as well .....

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Dell :: M1530 &plugged In. Not Charging Solution

Oct 31, 2008

i was having this wierd behavior of my laptop where battery woudnt charge above 6%, ive tried most of the "solutions" on the web, but none of them worked.

-Desinstalling Microsoft's ACPI-Compliant control method battery

-Doing a vista clean install

-Restarting/Removing/Plugging the battery from the laptop with the system running and shut down, and all sorts of combinations between.

-Trying different AC (from dell, some of my friends have got some dell systems, i tried a m1330 AC)

-Tried to find a battery calibrator, but was unsuccesful, and even tried to downgrade my BIOS, but couldnt because my battery wasnt charged above 10% (thats a requisite to flash the BIOS)


So i called dell, they told me to go to the BIOS, tech guys told me that the problem could be figured out there by 2 ways, it'd either:

-Recognize the AC adapter (in due case, it was a battery problem)
-Or it wouldnt recognize it (in which case, it would be a MoBo or a AC adapter problem.

Turned out it recognized the AC adapter, so next step was to send me a new battery, since i had a 6 cell battery (which the dell guy confirmed after i gave him the serial number of the battery) i expected to receive a 6 cell battery replacement, but no, lucky me i received a 9 CELL BATTERY INSTEAD, free within warranty period (system is only 7 months old) so yeah, im happy, and my battery is charging again.

Everything is fine, so i thought i would share this info for you guys.

One thing to get in consideration: The embedded battery health indicator might not indicate that the battery is healthy, since my faulty battery had 5/5 green lights when i tried to check the health but was still faulty (my new one has 5/5 health lights and works wonderful)

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Dell :: Possible Solution To Faulty Thermal Sensor

Dec 30, 2008

my problem specifically was that beer got spilled on the keyboard. after a while the machine shorted and shut off. I have a Dell Inspiron 9300, with a 1.73 ghz Sonoma CPU. i left the laptop off for two days so some of the liquid would dry out. after some problems and a dozen reboots i got into the bios, then finally through to windows.
everything was fine except that the CPU was working at a very low frequency. also the fans were continually at highest speed. the CPU was being reported between 101 mhz to 503 mhz, depending on the software. it was being recognized correctly but showing to operate at 202 mhz in the system properties panel. what was really striking is that the notebook harware software i had installed was reporting the CPU temperature as 85 C. I tried various software to manipulate the CPU frequency to no avail. The temp was a constant 85 C, although i could tell that it was not even close to this temperature since i my laptop was partly disassembled and i could feel the surface of the heatsink with my hand; it was cool.

I finally surmised that the problem was with the thermal sensor on the motherboard. it had probably shorted or got soaked and was reporting the highest temperature it could as a safety measure, thereby limiting the CPU to a very low frequency and not allowing it to throttle above 503 mhz.

My last option, save for replacing the motherboard, was to find the sensor chip, clean it, dry it and hope that it would work again.

But this is not what solved the problem. somewhere on the net i came accross a code, that when entered on an Inspiron 9100 (an older laptop, with a different chipset) would bring up the Thermal Management screen or something like that, which is certainly not accessible via the BIOS. I was playing around with the settings on a program called Hardware sensors monitor, again to no avail, when i finally decided to enter this code:

FN key + zxcvasdqwer. almost the second i pressed z, or maybe after x, the high speed fans shut off! after a short while they kicked back into operation but at a low speed, just like they were supposed to. the program hmonitor began reporting a more realistic CPU temp. i tried to play a high-def movie file and finally it played normal, without any lag or stuttering! as i played it, the fans kicked into higher mode, and the temp which had been steadily rising, began to drop. the program, and most other programs were still reporting the cpu at 202 mhz, windows system properties as well. but since it was playing a 720p video file normally, it had to be much higher than that. i did a reboot and voila!

all monitoring software are now reporting the CPU at 1.73 ghz. the system temperatures are perfectly normal, and at idle the CPU goes as low as 20 degrees C. The software Speedfan, however, is still giving an error regarding the sensor chip on the motherboard.

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Dell Inspiron 1564 :: Playing Game For Longer - Sounds Begins Cracking And Frame Rates Dropping

Feb 12, 2013

When I play a game for atleast a couple of hours or sometimes longer my sounds begins cracking and my framerates are dropping.

My operating system is: Windows 8 Pro with Media Center.

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Dell :: RGBLED 1080p Settings Solution Found!

Jan 24, 2010

I finally found where the hue and saturation setting are in the ATI ccc which nobody has been able to discover, including Dell who had already agreed to replace my screen because of the reds... gotta call them tomorrow to cancel. Am so happy with my screen now!

Anyway, I installed the latest ATI drivers from the AMD website and used the mobility modder to mod them so that they can be used correctly with the laptop vga card (although I'm sure that this option is in every version).

1) In the ccc switch to "Advanced" mode
2) At the top left where there's a menu titled "Graphics" with a small arrow next to it, choose "Desktops & Displays"
3) On the bottom left there should be a small picture of a laptop with the number "1" next to it. Right click on the picture of the laptop and choose "Configure"
4) It should now open a new screen. Just go to the middle tab "Avivo Color" and play around with the Hue and Saturation.

Here are my current settings:
Avivo Color:
Hue: -4
Saturation: 83

Desktop Properties (Also under the top left menu):
Set color correction for: All Channels
Gamma: 1.00
Brightness: -50
Contrast: 90

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Dell :: Nvidia's Solution To Defective GPUsBuy Our New Chips

Dec 25, 2008

Nvidia apparently has a solution to the problems faced by many in their notebooks powered by GeForce 8M series, that is, to encourage the OEM/ODMs to buy their new problem free chips. Of course, this doesn't solve the issues faced by current users and there won't be any replacement for them.

Nvidia has come out with a new GPU called NB8E-SET which is essentially NB8E-SE with the new underfill. NB8E-SE is used on many notebooks most commonly advertised as GeForce 8700M GT, GeForce 8800M GS or GeForce 9650M GS. NB8E-SET (G84-751) uses the new Hitachi underfill and is clocked at 625MHz core and 128-bit 800MHz GDDR2/3 memories similar to the current NB8E-SE.

Here's a note from Nvidia to their partners :

NVIDIA is committed to providing our customers with quality products that push the edge of technology and also continuously improve product quality and reliability. To help improve the product quality and ensure smooth and uninterrupted product supply during the current “end stage” of life cycle, NVIDIA strongly recommends that customers transition to this latest revision of the NB8E-SET GPUs as soon as possible. These latest revision units utilize “Hitachi” underfill packaging material that improves product quality and enhances operating life by improved thermal cycling reliability.

Source: [url]

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Dell :: M6400 Color Issues 2700 ... Was There Ever A Solution?

Nov 12, 2009

Some suggested using spyder3
Some said it was a result of the ccfl
Some said that the ATI card didn't have that issue

So after updating all the nvidia drivers and bios I still had the grainy...and blotchy picture. It wasn't as bad on animated movies but regular films still had the blotchiness.

The replacement 6400 had 4 gigs of ram . XP 32 bit. The ccfl screen. We've contacted Dell about this issue, but the tech I talked to said that unless there was a "technical" issue he couldn't help and for me to call customer care if I didn't like it.

I realize a lot of you use the 6400 and I didn't know whether to send this back or if there was an answer/solution to the off color (yellow/green).

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Dell :: Least Expensive Solution For A Dead Video Card In E1705?

Feb 7, 2009

I'm getting the same thing -- artifacts during bootup, drivers won't initialize properly, safe mode works in VGA mode but there are patterns throughout.

I also went into Dell diagnostics and in the second diagnostic program (not the initial one that comes up, but the second one you actually interact with after exiting the first one) it will actually check the memory of the video card, contrary to what I've read around here ......

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Dell :: FINAL SOLUTION: Studio 15 Media Sensitive Button

Oct 20, 2009

Like you from the first day I had my hands on my Dell Studio 1535 I have the problem with sensitive buttons, eject the cd light stays lit,

the light stays lit lower volume and not permitted me to walk up or down the volume or when the team suspended him again and I fastened to light one of those lights, etc etc.

I changed the panel of sensitive buttons 2 times, thinking the problem was that but never fix the problem .....

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Sony :: Z11 Replace DVD With HDD Working Solution

Mar 20, 2010

I've seen many posts from people who want to use a traditional 2.5" HDD in their new Z11 laptops instead of the DVD/BR drive. I have a working solution.

I picked up a Lenovo Ultrabay III adapter for a W510 I had on order and subsequently canceled after 2 months of delays in shipping.

The DVD drive is attached via a micro-SATA connector. If you haven't seen one before, here's a comparison to a regular SATA connector .....

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Acer :: 5930G Cooling Solution

Nov 3, 2008

I got myself 5930G a week ago.

I removed all of the unnecessary programs that Acer put in (they do make decent laptops but really overbload the OS with stupidities) and optimized Vista as much as I could (which is working nicely if i do say so myself ... but I'm still considering on going back to XP SP3 until Windows 7 comes out.).

Right ... I also played Mass Effect for a while on the laptop (maxed out at native res of 1280x800 works without a problem).

Now the only thing is, I'd like to reduce the temperatures of the laptop.
The idle CPU temp is at about 52 degrees, while under load reaches about 72 degrees Celsius (which is pretty good considering the casing).

I will buy myself the ZALMAN ZM-NC2000B cooler ... but what I would also love to do is to undervolt both the CPU and the GPU.

I'm aware the RMClock is not exactly effective when it comes to P7350 cpu.
I tried to undervolt it last night, and as much as I reduced the current going to the multipliers, the temperatures remained the same under stress for prolonged periods of time.

So ... until I find a way to undervolt the cpu and get myself the forementioned cooler, I'd like to undervolt the gpu (9600m GT GDDR3)
If it's possible (and I know it is), I need to know of programs that can be used to acomplish this.

As much as I like my new laptop, it would be nice to further extend it's lifespan (even though it's brand new) and reduce the heat output.

I was also thinking on getting the thermal paste and applying it to cpu/gpu.
Although I'm not sure I want to go ahead with it as I don't want to void the warranty.

how to overclock the cpu/gpu in question without significant gains in temps.

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Dell :: Any Alternative Solution To Handle The Power Management With Charging Threshold?

Apr 17, 2009

i hate dell's dcp. not very useful, security is pain in the butt. pre-requsite microsoft framework, and etc.

I am wondering if there is a program that can handle dell's battery management, with charge threshold setting.

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Sony :: Solution For All Vaio Battery Drain

Jul 26, 2009

I was running an FW and noticing huge percentage drop when I would hibernate and leave it unplugged overnight, sometimes it would be about 30%. However the percentage would always remain 30% lower then when I powered it down for a while so I figured my battery life was not affected overall and that the battery indicator was wrong. Well it turns out that I was wrong, I can usually squeeze out 2 min per percentage if I leave my computer idle and allow the screen saver to popup while on battery. However after the 30% drain overnight I noticed my overall battery life was affected severely, with 1 overnight on hibernate session my battery life went from on average 2 min per percentage to 1.33 min per percentage.

Possible Solution:
Turn on battery care function on the Vaio Control Center and set the custom setting at 100%. Having done this my battery during hibernate (and shutdown) overnight drops only 1-2%.

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Sony :: Cheap Solution For Expensive Blu-Ray Drive

May 27, 2010

I was looking on ebay for accessories for my new Z and came across these drives. Would these work as direct replacements for our DVD drives?

NEW Blu-Ray Drive for HP laptops - eBay (item 170491173520 end time Jun-24-10 18:54:19 PDT)

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HP/Compaq :: DigitalPersona-Firefox 3.5 Solution FromSupport

Oct 6, 2009

After trying for months to make my DigitalPersona to work with Firefox 3.5, I read on their website that the solution for HP users is "HP Personal" 4.1. I asked HP Support about it and here it is the solution...for now:
HP Customer Care [url]

I understand that you would like to know whether Digital Persona 4.1 is released for your HP HDX X18-1103EA Premium Notebook PC which supports Firefox 3.5.
I understand your concern in this regards and assure you of my best effort in resolving this issue to your satisfaction.
*****, to use the Digital Persona Software with Firefox 3.5, please download and install the latest Digital Persona Fingerprint Reader software, version (SP4883 for 64-bit notebooks). The download link is give below.
Digital Persona Fingerprint Reader Software (Version: A)....

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HP/Compaq :: Best Graphix Solution Available In DV2000 Series Laptop With AMD

May 26, 2009

I bought a DV2000 with a failed motherboard. I tried reflowing it once and it didnt work. I will more than likely be replacing the mobo after I try reflowing once more.

It currently has a gforce 6150 igp with an athlon tk53. I am wanting to get a mobo with the best graphix solution possible. So far, the best I have found is a gforce 7150 board. I know there are intel setups with gforce 8200 but I would prefer to stick with amd, although an intel board is not completely out of the question.

So, if you know what the best graphix solution is, let me know! Post up the exact model number so that I can get a mobo part number. Or, just post what you got if its better than a 7150 gforce!

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Dell :: Solution To Linux Load_cycle_count Issue Over Studio 14 Laptop With Western Digital WD3200BEVT HDD

Jan 5, 2009

I have recently purchased a Dell Studio 14 laptop with Western Digital WD3200BEVT 320 GB 5400 rpm HDD. I installed Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10 immediately after purchasing it.

I am aware of the Load_cycle_count issue and would like to fix it. But with so many threads on the topic available on the net, I am a bit confused.

Has anyone applied the fix on the Studio Laptop with the above HDD yet? If yes, can anyone please share their experiences/caveats etc. so that I can confidently go ahead and apply the fix .....

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