Dell :: Administrative Status Gone And Folder Options Gone!

Apr 29, 2009

ok so heres the deal, all the sudden, I cant access anything that an administrator can (Im the only person who uses this computer)

I was trying to access my folder options but its not there under tools, and when I try to access it with the run command, I get a message that basically says access has been disabled,

how do I restore administrative rights so I can bring the option back? thanks!

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Dell :: Unable To See Folder Options In The Menu Bar

May 17, 2009

I'm using Vostro with Windows XP SP3 since 2 days I'm unable to see the "Folder Options(like hiding the folders)" Under Tools Menu Bar.

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Dell Latitude D630 :: Resetting Unknown Administrative Password?

Mar 1, 2013

I've just acquired a Dell Latitude D630 that needed a new hard disk. I get the blue screen of death when I try to re-install WinXP and a search on this problem revealed that I might need to change the disk type in BIOS. However the previous owner set an administrative password that I need to use to change the hard disk setting. I've tried a number of things and nothing has worked. I even disconnected the CMOS battery but that just lost the date and time, it didn't reset the password.

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HP 2000-2c20dx OS/Software :: BIOS Administrative Password

Oct 6, 2014

I have a laptop with a BIOS password that the user can't remember. It is a HP 2000-2c20dx. The BIOS error after two failed attempts is System Disabled 59537946.

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Dell :: No Minidump Or Memorydump Folder In Windows

Nov 24, 2009

Pls explain me this error code.

STOP: 0X0000004E (0X0000008D, 0X0005837F, 0X05560001, 0XC04CBBD8)

And i was trying to figure out the BSOD crash report in minidump or memorydump folder, but there is none.

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Dell :: Creating Shared Folder On Secure Server

Mar 26, 2009

we have server at work and we trying to have a folder on ut that anyone can access. the problem is everytime you clic on the short cut it will ask you to log on to the server,

can I creat a shared folder hat doesn't require loging on every single time.

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Apple :: How To Folder UP With Finder

Aug 18, 2009

I have been trying for days to figure out how Finder works in OS X. Where on earth is the UP button to see the folder containing the current folder?

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Apple :: Folder Thumbnails

May 18, 2010

I just migrated from W7 to OS X and love it so far but was wondering if there was a way to have the folders show thumbnails instead of just the plain blue folder. Maybe I'm just spoiled because later versions of Windows had that. [url]

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Apple :: Folder File Management

May 13, 2010

how to organize files in folders by date modified by when i modified it. I know that you can right click and use "arrange by date modified" but that sometimes arranges the files when they were modified online and not by me. I know on windows when i use Arrange by last modified it arranges it according to the date when i last downloaded it or opened it, not by when it was modified online. I would like to be arrange by date last opened or used by me.

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Dell Inspiron N5010 :: No Devices Were Found When Click On Mouse Folder

Feb 2, 2013

I am having problems with the touchpad on my laptop. When I am in the middle of typing I have to watch because it will begin typing where my cursor was laft on the screen. I have to be very careful because I barely touch my touchpad and the mouse will click. I have tried to figure out how to turn the sensitivity down but I cannot find it in the devices. It tells me no devices were found when I click on the mouse folder. I have tried and tried but I cannot find anywhere to change the settings for the touchpad. when I am trying to type a paper and I look up and half my paper is in the middle of a different section or it just hasn't been typing because I have clicked out of the screen.

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Acer :: C:SWSetup Folder- Not In 5100-5674

Dec 29, 2008

I am creating a clean install disc for vista home premium to eventually use in a dual boot with XP 32 or 64,

I am following some guides that were recommended to me by Ops on NBR. (Stallen/Orev) and I am going step by step. I have found that the SWSetup is for HP laptops only.? I have located the DRV file which has all drivers for the Acer 5100-5674 (or most)

Is there a folder similar to SWSetup that has the "crapware" . I would like to make sure I backup everything that I may want now or in the future.

has anyone been successful in clean installing vista home premium on a 5100-5674?

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Apple :: ITunes 9 Auto Import Folder

Sep 10, 2009

Saw this tip on another site and figured others may find it useful and wanted to pass it along.


Tip: Using The New Automatic Import Folder In iTunes 9

10:26 am, September 10th, 2009, Giles Turnbull

iTunes 9 has neat little new feature: it will automatically import any music or videos you throw into a specific folder.

That folder is called ďAutomatically Add to iTunesĒ, and after installing iTunes 9 youíll find it tucked away inside your ď~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Ē folder.

Anything you drag into it will be imported into iTunes immediately Ė and itís worth noting that the original file (the one you put into the Automatic folder) promptly disappears afterwards. It doesnít get trashed, but moved to the appropriate place inside the iTunes Music folder.

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Dell Inspiron 1545 :: E Folder Is Almost Full - Change Drive Letter Not Working

Nov 20, 2014

My Recovery E: Folder is full -- 31.9MB free of 14.6GB - Windows Vista. I keep getting pop ups/messages saying that my E: folder is almost full, and occasionally that I should close my internet browser so I don't lose information. 

Some of them discussions said to go into the E: folder and delete files which should be there (can't access it the folder -- there's only a warning message) or to change the Drive Letter (get a message that says it cannot remove "the letter drive of your volume", and now I'm not sure what I should do next.

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Acer :: Deleted A Folder Containing 180 GB Of Data From My 8920 (with 640gb Hdd)

Nov 6, 2008

I accidentally (don't ask how) deleted a folder containing 180 GB of data from my 8920 (with 640gb hdd), and foolishly emptied the recycle bin after that. The data was in drive d: please give me some help guys..i have no idea how to recover my life which is my-180gb folder. Honestly, this is the most f-up error that ever happened to me

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HP/Compaq :: Picture Folder Disappeared From Admin Documents

Feb 2, 2009

I am a technical support executive for HP Notebooks.

Customer is saying that he has transfered some photos to the "Jacob (adminstrator )" folder yester day. And he identified that the Jacob folder has disappeared.

I think recovering the folder using any recovery software will be the option.

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Apple :: Snow Leapard And Windows Network Folder

Sep 24, 2009

I just bought a macbook! Yah, but I've already hit a snag... a notebook is only good if it contains my music library! so seeing as I have everything on my PC and I already have the network folders set up... I tried ot copy my music (3.71GB) onto my mac, but my mac can only see 945MB of it and that's all it will copy. it can see and copy my video's folder(195GB). but only a fraction of the music!

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HP OS/Software :: Pavilion 15 Notebook / Unwanted Folder Auto Created

Sep 22, 2014

i am using HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC  of windows 8.1, i used a pendrive today after that in my all drive, (as C,D,E & F)  two folder( $RECYCLE.BIN & System Volume Information) auto created, as it not be deleted.Also using authentic antivirus,

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Dell :: Trying To Get Status On My Exchange

Apr 8, 2010

The guy would only say system exchanges take 3-4 weeks and yours will be processed as soon as possible- I tell him that my case has been escalted to mamagement and that emails were sent to the dispatch team to queue it higher since Dell mistakingly sent me a 17inch alienware which i would not accept- His reply was I choose to wait longer my refusing the AW - So I will have to wait back through the exchange queue- ...WHAT>>>> Dell sent the AW without asking me if i would accept- also manager i have spoke to never said such non-sense.

So i ask for a manger to call me back - he says it will be 2 hours- Fine- Also please have the 130w power brick sent out to me so i can atleast have some fuctionality- Hes Ok- it will be 4-5 buisness days =- WHAT- I say this machine carrys next business day warranty - He says its "Up to next business day" but in most cases longer- ....I say BS- that is not the terms of the warranty-

This was 30 min ago- never got an email of the chat log or a do i see the dispatch record for the power brick in my history...

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HP Envy 17 Display :: Notebook Screen Flickering When Click Something Or Open A Folder

Jul 9, 2014

It flickers when i click something or open a folder. It also goes crazy when i put on a video.
Things i've done: 
Updated drivers.
''Hold power button'' method.
Clues i have:
1. I remember back when i just got the laptop, it would always flicker in the exact same way when a charger was plugged in that was too weak (power out let too low message) and changing the charger always fixed it.
Now i still have the same charger (i have 3 hp and 1 dell chargers at home that fit my laptop) and none of them seems to be ''enough'' (60w x2 65w x1 and 120w x1).
 2. Another funny thing is that when i uninstalled my Ati Radeon HD5850 drivers completely, there was no flickering, but obviously, i need to have that as i use this laptop strictly for games) 
3. The screen refresh rate is 60hz and not possible to change,.
4. There is NO flickering on an external screen (tried two tvs, both didn't clicker a bit)
5. You might say it's a hardware problem, but i actually somehow got it to work without the flickering earlier tonight and stayed up all night playing and it didn't cause me any issues. It was working great.
6. Occasionally the PC will freeze (could that be a battery problem? since i currently am not using one as both mine are broken and i'm waiting for a new one to ship)
7. I have had 2 blue screens of death recently. One while installing ATI drivers and other i don't remember.

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Dell :: M1330 Replacement Status

Feb 7, 2009

Had some build quality issues with my original M1330 that I finally decided to take care of last month (plastic is warped/not glued down in places).

Now when I log into the Dell Support page with said dispatch # all I see is as follows

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Dell :: Checking The Status Of An Order?

Jun 29, 2009

I have read the helpful Wiki page about the different stages in the "In Production" section and have called the 800 number to find out what stage I am in since I'm in the US. But every rep I talk to just tells me the same thing. It's in production and my EDD is July 8th.

I explained how I had read that there are 5 sub categories in the "In Production" section and I asked nicely if she could tell me what stage I was in. She didn't really understand what I was asking her not because of a language barrier, because while her english was accented we understood each other perfectly throughout the conversation.

She finally did say I was not yet in the boxing stage but could tell me no more than tha

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Dell :: Order Status XPS M1530 Red

Jan 12, 2009

Has anyone else had any issues with a delayed XPS M1530 Red Shipment? When I ordered it on the website, it said ESD was 1/16. Now it's been moved back to 1/26.

I've called a zillion times and I'm stuck in build status limbo. Just wondering if anyone else had a similar issue or any positive news for me. I'm so impatient, I probably should have ordered a stock machine instead of upgrading the processor and stuff. Oh well...

Edited to add: I received my accessories last week. Nothing like sitting around the house looking at a very sexy laptop sleeve and mouse. I would like to be able to use them though...

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Dell :: Can 's Order Status Tool Be Trusted?

Dec 20, 2009

As I've previously posted, my M1730 developed a problem with it's pair of 8800M GTXs back in September. After weeks and weeks of no service call happening, Dell finally agreed to refund me the full price of the laptop. When the money was received, I turned around and handed it right back for a M17x that I received a good quote for. When I ordered in earlier this month, I was told that there was a delay on a component and the estimated delivery date given was the 13th of January. Since I'd had no gaming laptop since September, I didn't really mind. I was checked the Order Status tool every day, but there was no change in the EDD.

On Friday December 11th I receive an email from Dell/UPS stating that they planned to deliver my laptop on Friday December 18th between 09:00 and 18:00. I checked the Order Status tool and it showed my laptop status as changed to 'Shipped.' Excellent! The email contained a UPS tracking code which was recognised on their website. The status was 'Billing Information Received' which means that they know there's a package to go somewhere, but they don't have it yet. Or so I've since been told.

Can you guess where this is heading? Friday 18th comes and goes and I've not received a laptop. I stayed in all day, most hermit-like, so there's no way they missed me. No card. Finally called UPS and they say that they haven't received the laptop yet.

So I checked the Dell Order Status page again and it definitely states that it shipped on the 11th. So where did it go? I don't mind waiting. I do mind waiting indoors for something that's not coming. Dell have also changed their 'Contact Customer Care' policy and there are no longer any phone numbers listed for them. It's now email only with a 24 hour response time.

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Dell :: How Obsessively Do YOU Check Your Order Status?

Apr 26, 2010

When you're expecting a package, how many times do you check it daily?

I'll admit - I do it 5 times/per day, everyday, until the package arrives >.

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Dell :: ***XPS M1530 Order Status Thread***

Dec 3, 2007

I am officially in the testing stage! w00t Guess I might get it by the end of this week afterall!

Anyone else that ordered a 1530, please post here when you ordered and EDD...

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Dell :: Walsh Western Order Status

Nov 25, 2009

I ordered a custom Studio 15 from Dell last Friday. It reached the "Shipped" status by Monday. The order status on the Walsh Western site. It looks kinda something like this:

Date. Time. Location Activity
23/11/09. 13:30. China. DEPARTED MANU. FACILITY
23/11/09. 05:30. PENDING

Just wondering, how long does it take for the next stage / status update. I'm so impatient and want to know how long it takes on average for delivery. I'm in the UK.

Also, I've heard some negative things about Walsh Western and the quality of their service...

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Dell :: Order Status Phone Line

Apr 23, 2009

Is it my imagination or did the order status line change sometime in the past 12 hours?

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Dell Inspiron 15 :: Battery Not Detected Status?

Jan 4, 2015

I have purchased the laptop 3 months ago and suddenly from yesterday I am getting no battery detected notification on the battery status icon. My battery is charging and dischaging also but still the notification is shown there.  I cannot see the status of how much power is left or if the battery is fully charged or not.

I am using Inspiron 15 3000 Series i5 Laptop.  After sometime the battery status comes back. So its like going and coming back type problem.

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Dell Inspiron 15r SE :: No Battery Status Light

Mar 6, 2013

I just unboxed my new 15R Special Edition. I plugged in the AC adapter and have no battery status light on the laptop. Should this light come one while charging even if the laptop is not on?

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Dell Latitude E6400 :: How To Get Battery Status

Oct 7, 2008

I've recently received a Latitude E6400. The battery is fine working, but I noticed the battery has a series of LED lights on it, and a charging indicator, which presumable should show the charge remaining. The battery charges OK but I never see these indicator lights display anything.
I've read various guides I downloaded for this laptop but can't find any information on the battery lights.

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