Dell :: Locked Xps M1330

Feb 1, 2009

lost/forgot all passwords(embarassing event) now notebook locked in boot menu F2-F12 with screen that says please type in admin oradmin password.also disc stuck in drive as it will not eject in boot up system.

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Dell :: CPU Locked At 800mhz

Feb 21, 2008

I have an XPS Gen 2 Laptop. I know its like ancient now but after 3 years its still running pretty well. The problem is I'm getting severe fps drops in games and I realized something strange happened to my cpu.

The cpu load is going crazy because the cpu clock speed is locked at 800mhz.

I thought it was something wrong with SpeedStep but I turned that off and nothing changed. My cpu will not go past 800mhz.

Why is my cpu downclocked and what can I do to make it normal again. Dell BIOS doesn't really let u manipulate anything.'

CPU-Z shows

Core Speed: 798 MHz
Multiplier: x 6
Bus Speed: 133 Mhz
Rated FSB: 532

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Dell :: BIOS Password Locked

Sep 9, 2009

My friend was given an E1705 (electronics pallet) that has BIOS p/w locked. It has an MX25L8005 bios chip. Can the password be read using an eeprom reader?

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Dell :: M1210 Windows Start-up Locked Up

Jul 17, 2007

i've been aware of the bluetooth widcomm and the logitech software causes the moment where you'll get a black screen after the windows loading screen then you just need to restart the laptop to enter into windows.

i really think that this is the cause in my case because whenever i disabled the logitech webcam, i don't get any locked up, although when i enable it, then restart the machine, i don't usually get the locked up.

The weird part is that when i leaved the laptop at least for some few hours (note that i enabled the logitech webcam here), the issue arises, so i need to restart the laptop using the power button once to get inside windows.

My solution here is to disable the logitech webcam which i don't like because whenever i need the camera the laptop will ask me to restart the computer.

I would like to ask if there is any other solution for this? any new software?
i don't like to uninstall any software unless its really the solution.

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Dell XPS 12 :: Locked Or Disable For Password On BIOS

Mar 22, 2013

My dell xps 12 ultrabook has been disabled after three failed attempts the password on boot. But now that I put the correct password continuously telling me the password is incorrect.

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Dell Latitude E7240 :: Device Is Locked

Apr 4, 2014

We have bought a bunch of Latitudes E7240 and deployed them with the new Dell Data Protection | Security Tools (DDP|ST).Now we have discovered that if you attempt to login with the wrong credentials the device (HDD) will be locked.This is expected as it is one of the purpose of having Disk encryption enabled BUT if a user accidentally lock the HDD by typing wrong credentials you would expect to be able to UNLOCK it with the admin password. (You create one when first enabling DDP|ST)

So, the user forgot he's credentials and the screen only shows "The device is locked, contact your administrator" and with NO OPTIONS what so ever! How do I, as the administrator unlock the HDD? Where do I type the admin password?

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Dell Inspiron 1440 :: Laptop Is Locked - Will Not Allow To Log In

Nov 9, 2014

My laptop, DELL Inspiron 1440 Model number (42L) will not let me log in.  My hint is 'mtw dog' but I can't figure out the correct password and I can't find it anywhere.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1000 Bios Password Locked....

Aug 4, 2009

Everytime I boot up the laptop, I get halted with the blue box asking me for the bios password.

I know this laptop is quite different and that even removing the cmos battery for like a day is not going to help. There is no 24xxx chip that I can short on the mobo.

Then I found SST39VF040 bios chip on the back of the mobo and also found a 93lc86 bios chip too .....

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: Mouse Locked And Freeze?

Mar 18, 2013

My mouse is locked and or frozen.  I do not have a password so I can hit enter to get to my main screen. I have tried doing what the dell site said to do and does not work.  Told  the unlock button is the key to the right of the f12 key.

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Dell Latitude E6420 :: Admin BIOS Locked

Jan 5, 2015

My company recently purchased a E6420 from eBay, and upon turning it on we were admin locked out of the whole system.How to get into the system?

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Dell Inspiron N5010 :: Has Locked Up Continually From Literally Day One

Aug 27, 2012

I bought my Inspiron over the telephone direct from Dell about two years back on the strength of my satisfaction with a Dell PC some five years earlier.  However I have been so disappointed with it and wish I'd bought a cheapy somewhere.  It continually locks up with the hard drive working away on goodness knows what - this can last from a few minutes to leaving it running all night and it will still be locked in the morning - the cursor actually still moves and you can move between open pages but that's it.  I wrote three recorded delivery letters to Dell which were ignored. 

On line they run through a test and declare it is all operating fine, 'that's it', no problem!  I paid £50 for a professional to look at it and he suggested we reload the software.  This was supposed to be held in a seperate protected part of the hard drive (as it did not come with software discs) which, after talking to his contact at Dell, he confirmed didn't exist!  To cut my losses he arranged for me to buy, more money, a software disc from Dell that he later re-installed for me.  The result was absolutely no improvement.  I know a few computer 'fans' who have all said 'I'll have a look at it' but all have been baffled.  So I have continued to suffer this appauling performance that can lock up sometimes every couple of hours, sometimes every couple of minutes, it can even be locked when I first start it and it then merrily plays with itself for as long as it fancies. 

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Dell Inspiron Duo :: Hard Disk Locked Up And Asking For Password

Mar 18, 2013

One day I came home and opened my laptop to see a black screen with a blue bar and white font saying Harddisk Security SAT Port 0 Hitachi HTS723232A7ALock. I don't know what to do, nobody put a password on it, and the manual doesn't give a password.

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Dell :: Vista- Acronis Stopped Working, Itunes Locked It Up

Jun 18, 2008

my acronis stopped working, itunes locked it up, and several other programs were just not working the way they should. i went out and bought a new hard drive, installed, and put xp pro back on! i'm in heaven again! i couldnt beleive how much i used to enjoy xp until i got it on. no more lock ups, programs work,

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Dell Latitude E6500 :: Laptop Is Locked By Administrator Password

Nov 2, 2014

My laptop is locked by administrator password, how to unlock my laptop. My laptop Service tag is <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> -1F5A.

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Dell Inspiron N5010 :: HDD Locked - System Password Recovery

Jan 13, 2015

My friend laptop got locked with HDD password , I cleared cmos battery then tried once it went in to bios but in next boot it started asking system password in blue BOX.

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Dell Mini 910 :: Locked - Restoring Back To Factory Settings

Mar 12, 2013

I bought a dell mini 910 used and its locked. How do i restore it back to factory settings?

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Dell Inspiron 15 :: System Is Locked After Entering Wrong Password

Dec 5, 2014

the wrong password was entered to many times, now i am locked out of my laptop. it's a inspiron 15. 

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Dell Latitude E6320 :: Locked Out - Shuts Down After 3 Password Attempts

May 14, 2013

I have a dell lattitude e6320 that i just got and im totally locked out of the laptop after one use and a screen comes up saying something about dell sercure manger and asks for a palssword and after u get it wrong 3 times tje laptop shuts down ....

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Dell Inspiron 5110 :: BIOS Locked - Password Reset

Sep 2, 2012

I am having a little problem in my inspiron 5110 laptop.I had set master password on my BIOS but now i did'nt remember password and Setup is locked, what should i do to unlock that setup. I tried every combination of password i set?

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HP Envy M6-k010dx :: Fn Key Locked

Sep 9, 2014

I have a HP Envy m6-k010dx and it seems like the fn button is locked. Every time I hit the volume or brightness buttons it is like I was holding down the fn key as well.

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Dell Latitude E6400 :: Hard Disk Locked By BIOS After Installing OS

Jan 27, 2015

Back before Xmas, I had to reinstall the os so at the same time I changed the password for the hard disk that is set in the bios, before installing the os.

Problem is after the OS had installed and said it was shutting down to reboot, it never shut down properly so after 5-10mins I pushed the power button to force it to shut down.

Switched it back on, typed in the new hard disk password and it wouldnt accept it. Tried again but no success so tried the old hard disk password but even that didnt work. Anyway I've locked the hard disk now, not updated the bios or anything but wondered if there is anything I can do or Dell can do to unlock it?

Its an E6400 with the finger print scanner (can post the tag number) , I know its old laptop but still got all the receipts and everything to prove its not nicked and owned by the original owner.

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Dell Latitude D830 :: Can Enter BIOS But Settings Are Locked With Password

Dec 9, 2013

Recently I purchased a Dell Latitude D830 motherboard as a replacement for the damaged one in my own system.

The seller didn't tell me that the system has a customized bios and a password, instead he announced it as 'password free'. The board is working and I can enter the BIOS but all settings are locked with a password.

As the seller refuses to take it back, I need to reset the system. The first owner of the board is known and I have the service tag ready. Is there any chance to reflash an original DELL BIOS and to reset the password(s)?

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Dell Latitude D505 :: BIOS Version A11 - Setup Is Locked By Password

Apr 20, 2013

I purchased a Latitude D505 from a police auction and the BIOS setup is locked by password. It will not allow me change setups, such as system time.

Under system security it shows Primary Password unabled, Admin Password Enabled, Configure Setup Disabled and Configure Password enabled.

I need to clear these in order to setup new HDD and operating system.

If needed the present sys number is #6M81L51-595B

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Acer :: 4937G - Locked After Some Time

Dec 17, 2009

after using for sometime(one is i locked my laptop, go out for few hours. the 2nd time is when i watching movies for around 15mins), the keyboard will somehow "off" or "disable", means u still can use the mouse, clicking everything n its fine, but the keyboard just cannot type anything.

i than decided to restart the laptop. but than after the os shut down, the laptop unable to restart. its just black screen. so i press the power button to off it. switch on, n it never boot up, not even bios appear. tried a few times unable to on.

i than plug out the power, which than able to boot up successfully on batt.

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Acer :: Frequency Locked To 1ghz

Apr 20, 2009

the cpu of my pc acer aspire 9423 xp media center is blocked at a frequency of 1Ghz, while an Intel T5500 CPU is expected to operate at 1.66 GHz. I changed my HDD, the ram and cpu for intel T7200 and always my cpu to 1ghz.

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HP Pavilion G6 Recovery :: Locked Out Of BIOS

Sep 24, 2014

How to get into the Bios of a Pavillion G6 laptop that has got a password protecting it. After 3 attempts I get the system disabled, it gave me a code 71690505 ....

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Acer Aspire E15 :: Numlock Key Locked And Cannot Be Used

Oct 31, 2014

The number keys on the right are locked and I cant use them.  When I press the numlock key it just beeps and a pad lock open and shut on the screen. I bought this laptop especially for these number keys.

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HP Envy Dv6 :: Touchpad Locked On Linux

Oct 14, 2014

However, I'm using Linux. The button is completely not working - LED diode that's next to it isn't working too. I know it's driver issue, since touchpad requires driver with this feature. Is there such driver for this touchpad for Linux?

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: BIOS Locked - How To Turn Off RAID And Activate AHCI

Jan 25, 2015

I am trying to install a hybrid HDD with solid state and a mechanical back-up. The SSD portion works but I can't run the HDD utilities to turn on the mechanical drive portion. I need to turn off RAID and activate AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) for HDD's in the Bios settings. It would also be nice to update my bios as the revisions come out. I need to override the Password...

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Acer :: Ferrari 3200 Locked In Bios

Aug 29, 2007

My old Acer Ferrari was protected with a bios password that i personally used. However I was giving away my old laptop and tried to clear out my bios password for its new user.

What happened was i simply put nothing when it asks to enter the new password in the bios..i just hit enter. Now the system keeps asking for a password when i have none to give. Even the old password doesn't work, as does just hitting enter. I don't know if anyone still knows tricks of the trade for this old system but anything could be helpful.

I've been trying to find a backdoor password but I can't find any that works and Acer won't help me cause I don't have warranty anymore since the laptop is old.

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