Dell :: Website Error 500-Server Processing Error?

Apr 7, 2009

Is anyone else getting this?

I've been trying to access various pages under "My account" and am getting this error for the last week.

The phone support has no idea and is not helpful with this.

Is it just me or a general error?

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Dell :: Inspiron 14 Norton Partition Magic Pro Server Error

May 7, 2010

I wanted to view the actual contents of the drive. Using hiren boot cd I have opened Norton Partition Magic Pro Server. An error message popped up.
"Norton Magic Pro Server has detected an error110 on the partition starting at sector 258048 on disk 1.

The length of the partition in the partition table is incorrect.
The CHS length is 19148472, the LBA length is 19132416, and the file system lenght is 19132415.

Norton Magic Pro Server has determined that the length can be changed to the correct value of 19148472

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Lenovo 11e E/Edge :: E530 - Error 2102 - Detection Error In HDD2 - Press Escape To Continue

Jun 28, 2012

Since the past couple of days I am receiving this Error 2102: Detection error in HDD2 during every cold/warm boot. It pops up even after a complete powerdown for overnight and boot up the next day. Further, the boot itself has become very slow - shows blank screen until the Thinkpad logo is displayed, followed by which the error message pops up.
Thinkpad Edge E530 - i5-3210M -upgraded 8GB RAM - 750 GB, 16GB mSATA HDD Performance Booster

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Lenovo T400 / T500 :: Error 2101 Detection Error On HDD2 (mini Sata) In T430s

Sep 21, 2012

I got my 430s, and it's with a 16Gb mSATA SSD cache inside. Now everytime when I open my PC, it shows Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) and I need to press ESC to continue. Is there any software or driver's problem, or it just phsically got wrong?

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Dell :: Nmi Error. Non-memory Parity Error

Sep 9, 2008

i have a 1705 with 7900gs. ive been getting alot of nmi errors nonparity memory errors. so i replace my old mem stick with two brand new ones. well this did not solve the issues. so i reflash my 7900 back to default and still getting this error. i reformat my machine often so im pretty sure the os is affecting it.

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HP Dv7-3065dx Recovery :: Error 601 Battery And Error 502 CMOS

Jan 25, 2015

HP dv7-3065dx Entertainment Notebook.  Win 7.
HP battery alert system detected battery capacity to be very low error 601 (internal battery).  So I changed the cell to a new CR 2032 battery.  Showed the same error. I changed to another new CR2032 battery.  The second time I did this I had a new 502 CMOS error along with the 601 error.  My clock reverted back to 2009, I lost some of the icons on the lower right, and my wireless internet disappeared.
Now I have two things that need to be fixed.
I turned on, immediately hti ESC, hit system diag. F2, Battery Test:
Battery Test Primary FAILED (on the first battery I put in, didn't check on the second)
Control - Device Mgr. - HP - Batteries - Microsoft AC Adapter, Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery, and Microsoft Composit Battery all show that they work.
System CMOS/realtime clock says its working.
Microsoft System Mgmt. - BIOS Driver v. 6.1.7601.17514 from 6/21/2006 says it's the latest version.
I've manually updated my clock. I'll figure out the wireless and icons later I guess.  Just need to know what to do about the errors.

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Sony :: Is It Possible To Successfully Install Windows Server 2003 Server On Vaio

Mar 11, 2009

Is it possible to successfully install windows server 2003 server on sony vaio VGN-CS22GH laptop ?

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Dell :: Runtime Error

May 21, 2009

i will once in a while get these runtime errors. it seems like it pops up whenever i am in windows explorer. it then has to close it. i can not get a screenshot of it.

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Dell :: Atikmdag Error

Feb 16, 2009

I'm a Dell Studio 1535 user. I have been getting a lot of "atikmdag" error since I got my laptop. It often happens especially when I'm playing video files. I have tried installing many versions of ATI Mobility Radeon drivers but to no avail. Is it possible that my graphic card is faulty? Should I contact Dell regarding this matter?

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Dell :: Stop Error With Studio XPS 16

Apr 14, 2009

I'm getting a stop error very frequently with my new sxps 16(running vista 64-bit).

I think it has something to do with the audio b/c it only happens when I'm playing an audio file in windows media player ......

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Dell :: XPS Studio 13 :: Nvidia GPU Error

May 18, 2009

I have a few questions to ask those who have this laptop.

I currently have a 1330, and I am experiencing the dreaded nvidia GPU error and I have an engineer visiting me on Friday to replace the motherboard. I do not think this will fix it, as I have seen others who have had to have multiple replacements.

Therefore, I am thinking of getting a new laptop, and love the look of the Studio 13.

Can you confirm the following:

1) The Studio XPS 13 is not affected by the nvidia faulty chips?
2) I experiencing "popping" during audio playback which is not resolveable, something again to do to with hardware. Does this laptop suffer the same?
3) To your knowledge, are there any design flaws or problems with this model? I don't want go to through the same again

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Dell :: Inspiron 1520 Keeps On Having Error

Mar 28, 2009

I reformat my Dell inspiron 1520..first i installed the dell media direct and install the OS..

then i installed the driver...then after that my laptop keeps on having says an error has occured..

windows will automatically shut down to prevent damage..keeps on having error..i dont know what to do ( help pls...i must use the safe mode to prevent this error

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Dell :: Latitude ON Reader Error 15?

May 2, 2009

I get an error, just says Error 15 when I try to boot using Latitude ON. Anyone else have this problem?

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Dell :: Disk Read Error

Jul 8, 2008

I was reformatting my iPod the other day and I left the house to go run some errands and when I got back I was greeted with the BSOD. So I just restarted my computer like always when suddenly I was greeted with this:

PBR 2... done

A disk read error has occurred
Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart

So I pressed Ctrl + Alt + Del and got the same message. About 5 times later I was able to run some sort of diagnostics and it was showing something with my HDD. So I tore my computer apart and put everything back in just to see if that would work and I'm still getting the same.

Am I just screwed out of my 20GB of music and all those programs that I had on my computer or is there some sort of fix to be able to recover the data? And will I just have to cave and get a new HDD?

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Dell :: E1505 Bios Error

Dec 12, 2009

I have a Dell Inspiron E1505, XP OS.
My computer has been working fine until recently. Suddenly, my touchpad started to lag. It starts to jump everywhere whenever I move it.

My keyboard is very unresponsive, I can't even hold down a button for it to read it would read only once and sometimes it doesn't read the letter I type. It took me about 10 minutes just to type this whole thing up.
To sum it all up .....

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Dell :: RAS Async Adaptor - Error

Sep 20, 2009

I'm using xps with vista home premium, suddenly, I was not able to connect to the internet via Huawei e220, I googled out and find some thing called rarepair.exe and I run it then in device manager see the picture.

Also the error 720 appear when I try to connect

I don't want to re install windows

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Dell XPS 15z :: Error Messages On Boot Up

Apr 1, 2013

Having issue with my XPS 15z.. When the machine is turned on, it takes longer than usual to boot, and when it finally does, it throws up two error messages in tandem, each bearing the title: "RAVBg64.exe - Application error," followed by a warning message bearing the code 0xc0000185.What might be wrong with my computer and what can be done to resolve the problem?

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Dell :: Wireless WLAN Error On Boot

Dec 4, 2009

A friend of mines Inspiron 1521 keeps getting a Dell Wireless WLAN error when windows vista home premium loads. No matter how I try to get into widows (normal or safemode) all I get is a black screen.

No taskbar, start menu, nothing, nada, zip. I found this thread that tells me what the issue is but I can't get to device manager to either uninstall the driver or update it .....

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Dell :: Uninstalling Game Error Message

Mar 9, 2010

when i go to unintstall microsoft's age of empires II game, it gives me this weird error message.

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Dell :: Display Error Won't Allow Me To Adjust My Resolution

Jan 3, 2010

When I click on display settings, I get the following error message and it won't allow me to adjust my resolution, which right now is at a very bad setting.

I haven't installed any new drivers recently, this just occurred after playing a game that caused my resolution to lower ....

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Dell :: Error Code 2000-0142

Aug 17, 2009

Basically the hard drive (of my XPS m1530) has been going a bit slower than usual recently.

I figured it was just Vista been more sluggish than usual.
So I decided I'd back it up, wipe it and install my new copy of Windows 7 RTM.

After booting from the DVD, setup stopped halfway through giving me this '0x00000e9' error code.

I subsequently ran the dell diagnostics.
Which gave me this :

Hard Drive - DST
Test Results : Fail
Error code 2000-0142
Msg : hard drive 1 - Self test unsuccessful.
Status : 70

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Dell :: D620 Ethernet Controller Error

Jun 27, 2009

XP has the controller flag in device manager (red) When I try to install the drivers I get setup.rul 380 it a bad card?

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Dell :: Studio DVD Burning Error On Disk

Apr 10, 2009

I have been trying to burn some dvd's and I am having so/so luck. I get a burn on the dvd itself and it will play on my laptop, but for some reason when I put it in a normal DVD Player it does not read. In fact the player will say error on disk.

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Dell :: 2 Beep Error Code Installing 4Gb Ram

Nov 5, 2008

OS: Windows XP SP3

I had two 512MB 2Rx16 PC2-5300S-55-12 sticks of ram in my laptop.

I purchased 2 x 2GB 200PIN DDR2 SODIMM 256MX64 sticks to install.

When i put in the new sticks I get 2 short beeps and it doesn't finish booting the the OS.

Am I doing something wrong? I know that the OS will only recognize 3Gb but it should at least boot right?

Also after the post check this pops up:

The amount of system memory has changed.
If you did not change your memory...
To resolve this issue, try to reseat the memory

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Dell Inspiron 15R :: Display Adapter Error?

Apr 16, 2013

I have a Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520 , it has a AMD 7730M display card and an intel built in card , the laptop is running with the intel card and when it comes to enabling the AMD display card from the Device Manager , i get the following message : " Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) "

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Dell XPS L702X :: Random BSOD But No Error

Feb 5, 2013

We got our laptop April of 2012 and started using it daily in August of the same year. As soon as we started using it the random BSOD started popping up then the computer shuts down. Upon startup after BSOD the computer seems perfectly fine except for a message that pops up saying two things didn't load (I'm not sure of those right this second but can post them in a few hours) and I'm not even sure if that's related to anything because it mentions something about Apple..

Anyways. Yesterday I started running diagnostic tests as recommended in another post on this forum, everything passed. After that I decided to run the tests given on the symptom tree and it's almost done with a majority of those that I noticed were issues. Everything is passing so far, even the Windows Blue Screen test (I think it's called).

We have two different forms of virus protection so I don't think it's that but then again I'm not a computer wiz. We also noticed the touch screen has started being erratic - while you're doing something the cursor/mouse will randomly move to the right side of the screen without moving. I hope this all makes sense. We're still under warranty so we can send it in but I wanted to make sure it wasn't anything we couldn't fix easily.

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Sony :: Error 320 And 330

Oct 9, 2009

I am trying to recover my C drive but it stops at 32% restoring and then gives me these error messages.

What is the reason for this?

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Dell :: 8800 GTX M1730 Malfunction Error In Vista

Aug 24, 2009

problem with my 8800 GTX in my XPS 1730...

Within Vista, both cards show up with a yellow exclamaton and a error code 43

I tried installing drivers off the dell website and then using Nvidia Reference drivers. No luck...

Re-Installed vista fresh- same problem...

Installed Windows 7 w/ Refernce Nvidia drivers - Same problem.

THEN..I installed Windows XP Pro SP3 with Dell website drivers and everything is working fine. Ran 3dmark, no crashes...

is this a software problem or hardware? Why would my 8800 work in XP but not Vista or Win 7? Has anyone heard of this problem? My 1730 is out of warranty so calling dell isnt an option.

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Dell :: Error Message While Ejecting The Dvd Drive From My Computer

May 11, 2009

Getting the following Error Message while ejecting the dvd drive from my computer..

"save any open files on this disc, and then close the files or programs using the files before ejecting the disc"

The eject works fine when performed manually.

My Nero also does not detect the Drive as a result I am unable to burn anything

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Dell :: Wrong Processer Ordered -a Significant Error?

Oct 27, 2009

Late in the evening I ordered a Studio 15 from the Dell Outlet. I meant to order one with a core 2 t6500 processor, but actually ordered a system with a duo core t4200 processor.

Before I could contact anyone to cancel the order, it shows as shipped. Would I see a significant enough difference in internet .....

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