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HP/Compaq :: 6720s Some Keys Not Working

My cousing bought an HP Compaq 6720s a few month back, and suddenly part of her keyboard stopped working. All keys on the right third of the keyboard stopped working.

gshould I RMA the notebook?

These keys aren't working:

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HP/Compaq :: DV6130US- Some Keys Not Working And Brightness
My laptop has gotten into deep trouble..

Since the last few days, some of the keys have stopped working .. These are mainly the z,x,c,v,b,n,m,space-bar,delete,f8 keys.

Accidentally I minimized the brightness level to lowest level using the fn+f7 key.. and now i cannot bring it up using the fn+f8 key.

I heard that this could be problem due to some malware. However, i ran spybot and antivirus checks and nothing seems to have worked so far. Also, these keys do not even work at the boot time before any OS is loaded. So should i assume that this is a hardware problem?

Currently i am alteast looking for a solution to atleast restore the brightness level.. because its really strainful to look at the dim monitor.. Isn't there any alternative to the fn+f8 key combination?

My laptop - HP Pavilion DV6130US.. Windows Xp. about 2.5 years old.

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Pavilion Keyboard- Quite A Few Of The Keys Arent Working
i've recently just repaired the jack connector for my hp pavilion dv6000. I put it all together today and my keyboards playing up. Quite a few of the keys arent working. I've checked the connection for the keyboard and its pushed in as far as possible.

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HP/Compaq :: 6720s- How Can Get Proper Look In Xp
I am using Hp compaq 6720s laptop.I used before vista trial version.Then I installed Xp today.but It's fronts look are not interested to i want to know how can improve the readability.Here i attached Screen shot of some U can see there is lot of white space and it's not like to read.

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HP/Compaq :: 6720s- Fan Noise
I've an HP Compaq 6720s and its fan has started making a weird noise. Its like a constant whirr. I am positive that its not the HDD.

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HP/Compaq Tower :: Hp 6720s And TV Tuner
I'm interested in getting a TV tuner for this Laptop. I have been looking at the following models. Anyone have experience with these or others?

Laptop has T7250 2.00 GHz CPU, 4gb ram, 500gb HD, Running Windows 7

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1950 Hybrid Video Recorder 1192

AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid NanoExpress MTVHBNOER ExpressCard / 54mm

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1500 Notebook Express Card MC Kit 1193

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Sony :: Vaio G11 Brightness Keys Not Working In XP
This is almost a classic problem. I just installed XP SP3 on a Vaio G11. I did everything according to Sony's plan. But the brightness keys don't work.

Is there a chance that Sony's drivers were written for XP SP2, and that SP3 is the cause of my problems?

Reason I'm thinking this is that SP3 recognized some devices that SP2 doesn't recognize

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Sony :: CW Series Function Keys Not Working
I did a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate version x64 on my Sony VPC-CW13.

But the function keys are not working properly. The volume one work but no OSD. Contrast, and monitor selection one since like it is not working at all.

any tips?

I install all the driver available on the website, but still no luck

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Sony :: FN Keys Windows XP For FW490 Not Working
There are so many post but none for the FW490. Has anyone downgraded and successfully been able to get their FN keys working,

particulary the ones to control the brightness

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Acer :: 1810T: Arrow Keys Not Working
I've noticed our new 1810T's arrow and PageUp/PageDown keys often don't respond to presses, specifically when pressed higher on the key (along the upper border as someone says in one of the 1810T owner threads). This ends up happening quite a lot the way I situate my hands over the keyboard and the touchpad, and is a serious issue for me since I'm using these keys a lot in the development environment I use. As referenced above I've seen a few mentions of this issue on the forum, but no clear confirmation whether it is normal for the 1810T. Can anyone with a 1810T out there verify whether their unit exhibits this issue?

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Sony :: Fn Keys Not Working After Windows 7 Install
i upgraded my hard drive and installed windows 7 this weekend. Everything is working fine except for my fn keys will not work.

I have looked high and low through the forums to try to find a fix. I have been installing Sony drivers for the past 3 hours, rebooting between each installation, and it still isn't working perfectly.

I've gotten to a point where the Volume keys work, and when I push Fn+F5 to lower the brightness, the little brightness meter pops up and the sound is made. But, the brightness won't go any lower than maximum.

The screen is really bright and it's killing my eyes, and draining my battery crazy fast!

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HP/Compaq :: 6720S- Wont Connect To Infocus Projector
Laptop: Compaq 6720S

Projector: Infocus LP600

Have used this projector for 8 months, with no prob til recently.

When I connect the VGA plug into laptop, POW! off it goes. Totally shuts down.

When I connect with with laptop off, and try to boot up, NO GO! No matter if the projector is on, or off, the lap top is just rejecting the VGA cable being connected it its port.

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Dell :: Media Keys Stopped Working... Is There A Permanent Fix?
So my media keys decided to stop working again. I know the current solution is to pull out the battery and hold down the power key to drain the power.

However, this is probably the 5th or 6th time the media keys went dead again. What is the cause of the problem

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Sony :: Windows 7 On TX2HP Fn And Volume Keys Not Working
I have here a TX2HP and try Windows 7 Beta1.

All fine with the driver but the problem are the FN Button and Volume Buttons.

I disable the UAC

I try the driver for Vista in the right order ..

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Acer :: Aspire 5920 Left Keys Not Working
I have had this laptop for only a year and the other day when plugging in my power while the laptop was on, left keys on the keyboard stopped working. A friend suggested I take the battery out for a bit and then plug it in without the battery. So I did and the keyboard worked for a couple of days like that. Then one day it stopped working again.

To be exact these are the keys that are not working:
Esc, F1, F2, F3,
~, 1, 2, 3,
Tab, Q, W, E,
Caps Lock, A, S, D,
Shift, Z, X, C,
Ctrl, Fn, windows, Alt

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Acer :: Navigation Keys On Touchpad Setopped Working
I've fot Acer Aspire 9423WSMi laptop with Vista Home premium preinstalled. Untill recently, it worked just fine, but the other day, my navigation keys on the touchpad just stopped responding (everything else on the pad works OK). I've tried to update the driver, but the response was that I'm using the latest driver and the device is working propperly. I've also tried switching the pad ON/OFF with Fn+F7 but to no avail.

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Sony :: Volume And Multimedia Keys Are Not Working CS Windows 7
I just could not get multimedia keys and volume keys to work (the ones above the F keys, next to the power button)

I have just upgraded my VGN-CS11S/Q to Windows 7 - 64 Bit. I have updated the FEPD driver via windows update, and installed the utilities in following order:

Sony Shared Library
Vaio Event Service
Setting Utility Series

but no luck. Than, I have reformatted the system (actually, I have restored the image file, but is was a clean installation without any utils / drivers anyway) and installed the utilities in another order as follows:

Vaio Event Service
Sony Shared Library
Setting Utilitiy Series

still no luck. FN keys does work, and little OSD screen comes up as well when I use FN + volume up - volume down keys. But multimedia keys and volume keys (which is the one with lights) insisting on not working.

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Sony :: Vaio VGN Z690 Function Keys Stoped Working
Vaio VGN Z690 Function keys stoped working.
Vista Home Pre

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Apple :: Brightness Keys And Light Sensor No Longer Working
It seemed to stop by itself after an apple update. Am on 10.6 with no other issues so far. Any way I can remove the update?

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HP/Compaqbranded :: HP 6720s And TV Tuner
I'm interested in getting a TV tuner for this Laptop. I have been looking at the following models.

Laptop has T7250 2.00 GHz CPU, 4gb ram, 500gb HD, Running Windows 7

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1950 Hybrid Video Recorder 1192

AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid NanoExpress MTVHBNOER ExpressCard / 54mm

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1500 Notebook Express Card MC Kit 1193

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HP/Compaq :: Nx6110CTRL Keys Won't Work
Whever I want to press (fn + Prt sc) It won't take a picture of my screen.

Also, I can't (Ctrl + C,V,Z, or X.)

Info about computer-
HP Laptop
Used. (Go figure.)
#2 and y key missing.
Battery is very bad.
Keeps saying "standing by"
Will go to a page when I don't click on it.
My dad is seeing if I can take care of this one before I get my brand new one.

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15- Keyboard F-Keys
i got an Envy 15 last week and i LOVE it! however i have a problem, the function keys along the top have some 'issues'

if i hold the 'fn' key and press them they work as F1 F2 etc as expected but some of them dont work as they should when pressed on their own!

The brightness, media, and screen selection keys work fine but the F1 key doesnt bring up help as it should and the f12 key doesnt lock the system! This is annoying as i use my laptop at work and lock it whenever i go away from my desk so pressing 1 key to lock would be very useful! The strange thing is, it worked fine yesterday but isnt working today!

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HP/Compaq :: Configuring MediaSmart Keys On The DV3000 To Other Programs
Is it possible? I've found nothing.

Bought the Blue Label version and i love it.Soundquality is excellent.

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HP/Compaq :: When I Press Numlock Some Of My Keyboard Keys Change Values
recently ive been having this keyboard issue for like a week now. before this i dont think ive had this problem since i bought my laptop last year. when i press numlock some of my keyboard keys change values. ill try to type a smple with numlock engaged:

the q45c2 br6wn f6x 140*ed 6ver the 3azy d6g

numlock unengaged
the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

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HP/Compaq :: How To Remap/disable AnnoyingEnvy Special Function Keys
solution to remapping the annoying Envy special function keys


I bought an envy about a month ago and have been working through the usual new laptop quirks. There are plenty of hard-to-notice-until-bought pros and cons that I might pour over some time, but right now I'd just like to mention my findings with respect to the Envy Quick Launch keys that are located on the left of the keyboard.

By default, these keys open up a mail program, HP's MediaSmart SmartMenu, a web browser, printing, and the Windows calculator program. You can see them on the left side of the keyboard, with labels I'll explain in a moment:

There's no way in the HP software to customize the buttons, so I did a little bit of fishing around and found some useful information.

My original intent was to make a small program that would sit in the system tray and simply have a menu to disable all the buttons at will or re-enable them. The buttons are nice, but they aren't the most useful thing to have enabled when one is trying to play a full-screen game. I'd keep getting sent back to the desktop because I accidentally opened a calculator instead of pressing ctrl............

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HP/Compaq :: F Keys Don't Work? Must Use "function" To Access
Just got my Envy 15... very very unhappy so far..

Is there a way to get F1>f12 to work without holding down function? Need to click a billion times less then F4...

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HP/Compaq :: "Slippery" Keys On The Dv5t
I recently received a dv5t. I ordered the bronze finish. The keyboard keys are bronze-colored, too. I dislike how they feel very slippery, like my fingers are about to slide off. Is this just a matter of the color... would other colors of keys have a more secure feel to them? Is it possible to order a set of replacement keys?

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Acer :: Timeline Keyboard NOT Working In BIOS, Working In The OS
I have a timeline 4810T which has worked lovely since September, but now I have a weird problem with it: The keyboard won't work until the operating system is loaded. I can't access the bios (press the F2 key but nothing happens), neither select my OS on the Grub menu as the arrow keys doesn't work, all I can do is wait for the 10 seconds timer, then Ubuntu launches, then I can login without problems and all the keys work perfectly.

To give more details, maybe some keys do actually work before the os boot, because when I'm on the grub menu, some keys manage to stop the timer, but unfortunately I can't change the OS or accept the selection, then I have to reboot and wait for the timer to go back to 0 for itself and ubuntu loads.

I'm running the newest BIOS, updated some days ago but didn't had the problem since today.

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HP/Compaq :: Blu-ray Not Working
I just got my custom dv7t quad in the mail 2 days ago, i opted not to pay hp 350 for the bluray drive and ordered a refurbished model from ebay. I installed the drive last night and went to try it out today and no bluray disk will play. Dvd's will play just fine and windows detects the bluray movie but when i use hp mediasmart dvd software it tells me that the format is not supported, ive tried vlc, and the cyberlink dvd that also comes with hp and nothing is working. Windows media player tells me the format is not supported. I also downloaded k-lite codecs. The drive i bought is model optiarc bc-5500s it came from a dv7 model hp laptop. Im a little lost here, not sure what you guys will suggest, ive spent countless hours with hp support and they seem like they are not to sure what to do. one guy took control over my laptop and tried to install older bios firmware?

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Sound Not Working, Mic Not Working
I now definetly think its drivers. Sound not working, mic not working.

i found out strange thing happened to my laptop. When i tried to play mp3, or any other file through wmp, vlc, itunes no sound was heard. when tried to play with wmp it showed up error i clciked web help but no useful info was found in there. when through vlc i just kept playing music (without sound) i tried updating drivers reinstalling to them that were shipped but no good. i have the warranty bought from the dell. i can/ but dont want to acces the mainboard so i wont loose my warranty. i now think it is a soft/drivers problem. in device manager it shows that everything is ok. tried so set the default audio device, microphone not working ***

THe error on wmp:

Original Error Code

Original Error Message


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HP/Compaq :: HP G60playback Of Blu-ray Not Working
i am getting the infamous green screen when playing blu-ray disks, but the audio plays fine, and hd-dvd disks play both video and audio fine.

my configuration is as follows:

HP g60-243dx notebook
Vista Home Basic, sp1
Mobile Intel 4 Express Chipset (driver ver.
LG ggw-h20l blu-ray/hd-dvd/dvd drive (connected via usb)
PowerDVD Ultra 7.3

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HP/Compaq :: Blu Ray Not Working After Windows 7
I have a Hp HDX16 1005EA with Optiarc BC-5500 Blu Ray drive. I've installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits and now the blu ray doesn't work anymore. It still playing DVD's and CD's, but not Blu Ray's. I re installed the HP media smart (last version for my windows version on the HP website) and I'm getting the following message: The format is not supported.

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HP/Compaq :: NC6120 Not Working
I have a HP NC6120 business laptop. I know its old, but its been a good workhorse for my business. Anyway, all of a sudden today it dies on me. You try to turn it on and the fans max like its running hot, no picture on the screen and then it turns off after a few seconds. I know the batt isn't dead, it does this when plugged in.

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HP/Compaq :: PG Down And Up Buttons NOT Working
why they stopped working they just did, my pg up and down button. when i press them they just go up but come back down again. Yesterday i accidently pressed the F7 button & this window popped up saying that the mode of the cursor had been changed..i don't know if that has anything to do with it but after i pressed f7 the page up and down buttons stopped working correctly...

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HP/Compaq :: Working With An Older Computer
about an older HP Compaq computer I'm running here.

It's a desktop for starters, a Compaq Presario SR1810NX. I've been using it for about two years now, and have run through all of the most current updates (to my knowledge). The only problem is, until tax refunds come back (blah,blah), I won't have a new laptop to game on.

So my question is this, two years ago after I first purchased it, I could run (most) games on their highest setting while still running more than decent FPS. I'm looking at it now, and it can barely sustain anything anymore. What used to be max settings and 60 fps is World of Warcraft is now only lowest settings with a meek 12 fps. Is there anything that could cause this? I've upgraded the ram to 1G, as this is a shared family computer, and putting more money into a pre-built computer isn't my idea of fun. Is it just the two years of wear and tear that have brought it to this condition? Currently, what am I looking at to solve the problem? I can edit the post if my DXdiag is needed.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv6000 Speakers Not Working
The speakers on my laptop are not working. The weird thing is the sound works when I plug in my headphones in either headphone jack (so that's good news, I suppose). But when I unplug the headphones, no sound.

Here's the thing; you know those media buttons that make that little beep whenever you touch any of them? Well, they work fine (volume up and down, mute, DVD and QuickPlay), but no beep sound from them either!

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HP/Compaq :: Wireless Not Working When Plugged In
sometimes when i plug in, the wireless disables itself. hp wireless helper app tells me that it is disabled using the button... but the button is on. and then immediately when i unplug the laptop and run on battery, the wireless turns on and connects, and the wireless light on the switch is blue.

i tried disabling and enabling the wireless network adapter, it didnt work. i tried turning the switch on/off manually while plugged in, it doesnt work.

also, i noticed that the LED for the "power on" near the wireless switch (next to "charging" light and "HDD access" light is very dim or off, while the laptop is on. I think it might be related.

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HP/Compaq :: Windows Down And Cdrom Not Working
i own an HP zd8000 and its windows is down , i need to install a fresh new copy and i have the cd and also i copied it on the flash memory anybody can guide me how to boot from flash memory caz i just pasted the cd on the flash and its not booting from it.

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Dv5T Cd/Dvd Drive Not Working
I have an hp dv5t and my cd/dvd drive suddenly stopped working. I think you better look at the pictures, but one day vista said it was intalling that random letter device, and then after that my cd drive doesnt seem to work. It still opens, and seems to spin up the drive after you close it but Its not showing up in my computer.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv400- Computer Not Working
I have a hp pavilion dv400 quite an old comp i know. the problem has just appeared from no where.

when i open the lid to turn the laptop on after pressing the on button the computer goes straight to a blank screen and starts beeping, this is all the computer does?

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HP/Compaq :: CD Rom Drive Not Working On DV5T
It is not showing up in explorer. When I pop in a DVD nothing shows up on screen. The drive itself does activate but nothing happens in windows/.

In device manager it shows 2 exclamation marks next to 2 different drives?!?! Why? I only have one drive.

One is


other one is


I tried to find/download/install new drivers but Cant find them ANYWEHRE, even HPs own drive site for the dv5t doesnt have JACK .

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HP/Compaq :: MSoffice Not Working After OS Reload
I am using HP pavilllion Dv2000 and since my system was slow i reloaded the os from D Partition of the the notebook, now the problem is that when i am using the MSoffice it is saying that it is not installed and saying you have to run the setup. i checked the program files and there the MSoffice is there, what could be the reason?

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HP/Compaq :: IR Receiver Not Working On My HDX18
I'm not sure when it stopped working, all I know is that It used to be able to power on my laptop even if it wasn't turned on as long as I had the battery in, but now that's not even working.

I ended up finding that there's a device conflict between the motherboard and it, but this isn't being helpful in what's conflicting.

I've gone through driver reinstalled, and a BIOS flash, but of course none of that worked;

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavilion Dv6000 Not Working
model: dv6208nr
p/n: RP162UA

out of warranty

no wireless, hard time starting up, sound crashes, system freezes when updating things(can only use for 30min before it crashes), can only start it when it's cooled off, usually just restarts itself when the hd light doesn't come on(you know[power][charging][reading hd])

The no wireless and sound crashes were my first problems, then the system melted down. I bought it used off craigslist Christmas 2008 and any warranty time was long gone when it crashed Halloween 2009.

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HP/Compaq :: DV5TUSB Ports Not Working
I have a DV5T and just the other day the USB devices stopped working, my printer, my mouse, etc.

They provide power, because when I plug my laptop cooler in via USB it kicks on, does anyone know how or why it won't recognize the USB devices?

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HP/Compaq :: Just Did A Fresh Reinstall And 2 Devices Are Not Working
one is on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System and the other is on Intel(R) ICH9M LPC Interface Controller - 2919

what these are and where to get the drivers?

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HP/Compaq :: HP TX 2500 Sound Stopped Working
my sound on my laptop just suddenly stopped working and it was fine last night. Sound does not come out of the speakers, headphone jack, nor can I record using on board mic or plug in mic. I have reinstalled drivers, used system restore and did about everything that I could think of. The exact model number is HP TX 2513Cl. Any help would be much appreciated as I do not have time to send this tablet in for repairs. (and I can't even imagine how long I would be talking to HP either)

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HP/Compaq :: Pavillion Dv6780se Not Working After Restore
Last week my computer just stopped working. Just wouldn't boot up all the way, not sure if it got a virus or what...but it sucked.

When it first happened I tried to run the system restore from the restore partition, it got to 87% and failed, on 4 tries. After that I decided to make a set of restore disks from my wifes computer to try that (same exact computer). After 4 tries with that, 3 times error after disk 5, 1 error after last disk...I ordered the official restore disks from HP.

I did the above process on the original hard drive, and then went out and bought a new one...same results with the home made disks on that.

Now, with the restore disks on my new hard drive, it gets through both disk, finishes the restore and then start installing all the damn bloatware that comes with HP...sometime during this process after one of the restarts the computer loads a black screen that says Operating System not found...

any ideas what could be wrong? I did a disk diagnostic from BIOS and it all checks out. But since my warranty is passed HP won't help with troubleshooting so I'm not sure where to go from here.

I'd love to take it to geeksquad at the moment, but sadly buying that new hard drive was all the spare money I can muster up at the moment.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv6-1355dx Hdmi Port Not Working
The port worked when i got the computer, its been two weeks now and when i plug in the hdmi cable into the port nothing happens. It doesnt show up on the tv and now im stumped,

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HP/Compaq :: HDX18 Suddenly Stop Working
I have a problem with the Lap Top, HDX18-1070

Work on the first day on the Laptop, between 1 hour to 3 hours and then suddenly stop working!

After that, I close the Laptop, and re-operation of the new work between 5 minutes to 15 minutes

Several experiments have tried did not work for me either by the heat there is no final heat

CPU temperature of 36C to 46C

GPU temperature of 45C to 53C

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