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HP/Compaq :: Blu Ray Not Working After Windows 7

I have a Hp HDX16 1005EA with Optiarc BC-5500 Blu Ray drive. I've installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits and now the blu ray doesn't work anymore. It still playing DVD's and CD's, but not Blu Ray's. I re installed the HP media smart (last version for my windows version on the HP website) and I'm getting the following message: The format is not supported.

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Dell :: XPS 16 Blu-ray Drive Not Working (from Vista To Windows 7)
I just upgraded from Vista and the Blu-ray drive won't work. I installed the device driver and it appears in the system manager. Is there some other software that needs to be downloaded? If so, where do I get it from?

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HP/Compaq :: Blu-ray Not Working
I just got my custom dv7t quad in the mail 2 days ago, i opted not to pay hp 350 for the bluray drive and ordered a refurbished model from ebay. I installed the drive last night and went to try it out today and no bluray disk will play. Dvd's will play just fine and windows detects the bluray movie but when i use hp mediasmart dvd software it tells me that the format is not supported, ive tried vlc, and the cyberlink dvd that also comes with hp and nothing is working. Windows media player tells me the format is not supported. I also downloaded k-lite codecs. The drive i bought is model optiarc bc-5500s it came from a dv7 model hp laptop. Im a little lost here, not sure what you guys will suggest, ive spent countless hours with hp support and they seem like they are not to sure what to do. one guy took control over my laptop and tried to install older bios firmware?

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HP/Compaq :: HP G60playback Of Blu-ray Not Working
i am getting the infamous green screen when playing blu-ray disks, but the audio plays fine, and hd-dvd disks play both video and audio fine.

my configuration is as follows:

HP g60-243dx notebook
Vista Home Basic, sp1
Mobile Intel 4 Express Chipset (driver ver.
LG ggw-h20l blu-ray/hd-dvd/dvd drive (connected via usb)
PowerDVD Ultra 7.3

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Acer :: Blu-ray Not Working
blu-ray stopped working tried all kinds of software rom powerdvd to windvd etc nothing works just keeps saying insert disc then 6920 is only 3 months old .all acer keep telling me if its software problem ill be charged.dohhhh is there software im using .ste back to factory standard to and nothing works.

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Dell :: Xps 16 Blu Ray Combo Not Working
I just ordered an xps 16 a few weeks ago and I've been having a lot of troubles with the blu-ray drive.

The first blu ray drive worked with about 3 disks and the 3rd disk became stuck and I couldn't get it out,

so I got it replaced. The drive would seem to make noise as if it was trying to eject something over and over but it wouldn't actually eject

My new drive worked for 2 disks and again is not working in the same fashion as the first.

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Acer :: Aspire 8920 Blu Ray Not Working
I Have An Acer Aspire 8920 Blu ray Not Working Keeps Telling Me To Insert Disc When You Click On Drive It Just Ejects It.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1545 Touchpad, Bluetooth And Blu-ray Not Working
Purolator dropped off the laptop today and I was quite excited. I tried the Bluray and it's definitely worth the extra money. However, some things are going wrong.

First, the damn touchpad sucks. I want Synaptics back. But at this point all I can do is BAWW about it, so whatever. But when I try to install the drivers, the cursor flips out every time I touch the pad at all. It goes all over the screen in random directions.

Second, my bluetooth doesn't seem to be working. I installed the drivers on Windows Vista and Windows 7, but neither of them yielded results. The drivers install without a problem and then tell me to enable Bluetooth using the radio button. The radio button is already enabled, as Wi-Fi is working, but there is still no Bluetooth option in the Control Panel or anywhere else for that matter.

Third, Bluray movies seem to not work with WMP. What's the problem? If it's not supported, what program do you guys suggest I use for Bluray movies?

Fourth, no matter what I do, Catalyst Control Center just won't install. The drivers are there, but CCC just won't work at all, let alone show up in my desktop context menu.

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Acer :: 8930G Windows 7 And Blu-ray Problems
I have an acer 8930g and over the last 5 days I have tried windows vista ultimate 64 bit and windows 7 ultimate 64 bit (official copy).

Everything works fine on the factory settings (vista HP 32bit) but on both those operating systems I get problems when watching blu ray disks.

At first I thought it was the disk, then the drive but now I have narrowed it down to either the OS or the drivers.

When I watch a blu ray movie with acer arcade or power dvd, I get a constant screeching sound (sort of like its raining or an old fax machine) and I really do not know what to do.

Has anyone else come across this problem? I have spend the last few days uninstalling operating systems and installing again, doing drivers and all sorts but got nowhere.

It looks like windows 7 does now have any 5.1 drivers for this laptop so I will have to leave that for now, but I really wanted to use a 64 bit OS to make the most of my ram, has anyone got a 64 bit version working ok? If so, where did you get the drivers from or how did you get it working ok? Have you tested watching blu ray movies etc?

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Sony :: VAIO WinDVD BD/Blu-Ray Playback Issue On Windows 7
I have a new Sony VAIO FW490J that I just did a clean install of Windows 7 Professional on. I also updated all the major drivers from the Sony eSupport site.

For whatever reason, the VAIO won't play a Blu-Ray disc. I can explore it just not play it.

I think my problem likes with the WinDVD BD for VAIO software. I tried to install the software but the program is nowhere to be found after what appears to be a successful installation.

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HP/Compaq :: Blu Ray Has No Volume
I recently purchased an HDX16 with Blu Ray and I just put a movie in for the first time and I can't get the volume to work. Has anyone run into this?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Not Supporting Blu-Ray Anymore
I just updated to MediaSmart DVD Software v2.20 B. After the update I can no longer play Blu-Ray movies. I get the error "Format Not Supported". Windows Media Center won't play Blu-Ray's either. I E-mailed support,

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HP/Compaq :: Blu Ray Drives In Your Notebooks
my notebook has the optiarc 5500S BD Rom and I've only had it for a couple days. I've tried a few blu rays using quickplay but the playback is a little stuttery, especially when skipping from scene to scene. Overall, playback is fairly smooth but my eyes are really picky and I can tell it's not as smooth and fluid as it would be if I were to watch it on my ps3.

I'm wondering if PowerDVD (blu ray version) would be smoother. What are your experiences with blu ray on your notebooks and what software do you use?

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HP/Compaq :: HP External Blu-ray Drive
HP is offering a USB 2.0 external Blu-ray drive with some of its notebooks (Envy series, Pavilion dm3). I want to buy one of them for my laptop but can't find a link. Does anyone know where to buy them? I am talking about the slim, portable USB-powered ones.

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HP/Compaq :: HP External Blu-Ray ROM
I'm thinking of jumping on my purchase with the $450 off coupon floating around. The thing is to get the $1399 minimum, I would probably need to include the External Tray Lightscribe Blu-Ray ROM with SuperMulti DVD+/-R/RW Double Layer with my purchase. My question is - if I don't really need this, how easy is it to sell this? Is there a demand for the HP Blu-Ray ROM?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX18 Blu-ray Volume
when I pop in a Blu-ray movie, I'm getting pretty anemic sound and I need to turn the volume all the way up to get it to a decent level. Even then, it's pretty weak.

However, when I'm playing a game (like WoW), the sound is big and full and I actually need to turn it down most of the time.

Why is the sound output so bad when watching BR discs? Anyone else experience this difference in volume and quality of sound? My DV7 was the same way with BR discs. Maybe there is a setting I'm missing to adjust this?

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HP/Compaq :: How To Play Blu-ray DVD
I reboot and it works excellent now. Don't know why, but it was ejecting every disc I put in, even blank ones, so I rebooted. For some reason it must not have liked the very first Blu-Ray I put in ever, and set of the ejections. Its ok now. Odd.

For the first time ever I have bought a Blu-Ray DVD. I put the DVD in my DV9774ca "Blu-Ray" drive and expect Media Center or something to come up, yet the disc drive is making its searching jiggedy jig noises for a few moments, then it ejects it and nothing happens on screen. No programs open or anything.

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HP/Compaq :: Blu-Ray Playback On DV5 With Win7
I have a DV5 1010TX, with a Bluray /DVD combo BC5500S. I tried Win 7 to find that the Blu-Ray playback using Media Smart DVD from the HP website is unstable & essentially unusable. With Vista the playback using QuickPlay is faultless.

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HP/Compaq :: Upgrading A DV3500 To Blu-ray- Drive
It does not use a standard DVD drive, its smaller (10mm instead of the 12mm I use in other notebooks). Anyone know a drive that is compatible?

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HP/Compaq :: HP HDX FREE Blu-Ray Drive
Right now they're giving a free upgrade to the Blu-Ray rom drive, which is normally $125!

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HP/Compaq :: PATA Or SATA Blu-Ray DVD Drive
I am having problems with some Blu-Ray DVDs in my DV9774ca with a optiarc BC-5500A ATA.
When I put some Blu-Ray DVDs in the drive starts to spin and makes the normal searching noises for 30 seconds and then it stops without doing anything at all.

I decided to try download a firmware update, but the site says not to flash SATA drives with PATA firmware.

How can I find out what it is? I can only assume its SATA. The firmware I found is for PATA!

Also I assume that the firmware I already have is older than the downloadable version (not from H.P.). The downloadable version is 1.05 from November/08. I bought my laptop in Feb/08.

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HP/Compaq :: DV7-1020us Blu-Ray Doesnt Work
i have update the quickplay all driver software is up to date. i bought bangkok dangerous just to try out the blue ray but all it does is say loading and does nothing .

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HP/Compaq :: Blu-ray Player/DVD Burner On Dv5
I have a dv5 1010tx (Vista Ultimate 64), which has an Optiarc BC 5500s Blu-ray player/ DVD burner combo. I have found the burner has trouble reading DVD'S it has burned, especially DL. Have tried different media, even Verbatim. My toshiba laptop seems to read these disks with ease, so I suspect it's a firmware issue. Has anyone else had this problem, & has anyone found a solution. No reply from my enquiry to HP as yet, & the firmware updates provided on the Optiarc site are said to be not compatible with drives installed by HP, Dell ect. I also note this was a problem with the BC 5600s, for which HP provided a firmware update earlier this year.

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HP/Compaq :: Blu Ray Driver Part Number For DV2700 CTO Laptop
i'm trying to buy a blu ray drive for my DV2700. My model has the hd dvd player, but i know they came out with a blu ray drive for it as well.

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HP/Compaq :: Excessive Time For Pavillion To Recognize A Blu-ray/DVD Disk
I have a brand new DV7, and I've noticed that when I insert either Blu-ray or DVD-ROM disk, the computer gets very bogged down for about 5 minutes, and there's no recognition of the disk being there. There's no disk driving "whirring", and I can't explore the contents of the drive. Then, 5 minutes later, the drive whirs up and and the computer seems completely normal. This is bascially an out-of-the-box problem in terms of possible spyware, virus, etc. It's as if the insertion of the disk puts it in a coma for 5 mintues.

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HP/Compaq :: Which Is BetterHDX18T QUAD 2.0GHZ BLU-RAY WRITER OrDV7t I7-720QM Quad 1.6
there both quad cores, heres the links for both. please help me decide on a quad core q9000 or quad core I7-720QM. these are the 2 im looking at : links:




So im looking at one with an 18.4" screen an one with a 17.3" screen. one has blu-ray burner and one no blue ray. one is q9000 quad an the other is i7 quad core. i don't know which is best.

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Dell :: Blu Ray
I just recieved the Matshita BD-RE UJ-220 drive in the mail and I installed it into my notebook but it won't currently play any movies. I'm not familiar with videos or what I need to do so that I can run Blu Ray Disks, I don't even know where to download drivers as I've visted Dell's Site and couldn't find anything.

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Dell :: No More Blu Ray Drives?
So I'm just browsing the XPS 1645 as I was curious about looking at the i7 configurations. Is it just me or has Dell taken off all Blu-Ray options?

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Dell :: PowerDVD Blu-Ray
so I finally received a functional 1640 earlier today and have been getting it set up this evening.

I've worked through a few software quirks so far, but one thing I can't figure out is how to make the PowerDVD program that came with the computer play new Blu-Ray movies.

A newer movie, such as Transformers will begin and then get stuck at the menu because I won't be able to select any menu items. This is not the case with Disturbia, which is a bit older and plays fine, no menu trouble. I assume I need to download an update for PowerDVD, but it won't let me.

It will not allow me to select the "update" option. Do you have any ideas how I could get the dumb program working properly? I think I have version PowerDVD DX 8.2.5408.

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Dell :: Ebay Blu Ray
im thinking about buying a blu ray driver for the studio xps from ebay and replacing it with the one i have now. would that be an easy thing to do?

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Acer :: Blu-Ray Player
Got an Acer Aspire 8920, bought last august,I got it hooked up to a Sanyo hdtv via hdmi at the highest resolution, Ive played one blu ray before just to test it [ the incredible hulk] and it worked fine, but that was the only time i played blu ray..... yesterday was the first time i bought blu rays for it though [pitch black and chronicles of riddick] excited i put it in asked me for updates which i did and bam played it but when id go to full screen it would startlike flashing [like the screen goin on n off... you could still see the image but it with the flashin in between] n then it crashed so when ibooted it up again it wouldnt play it would just stay in a black screen

So reading around and people were talking about the area changing it from A to B so i did, and seemed to be reading the disc again, but the flashing kept happening...its like watching a video game goin at a lower framerate, it just keep flashin n jumping from scene to scene

so i kept reading and found that the acer arcade delux might be the problem so i read that powerdvd is the best player...went, bought it installed, not only crashes on me sometimes, but when it gets to play, again when i put it in full screen, gives me the same flashing tried at a lower resolution i get the same thing

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Acer :: 8930G Blu Ray
I've had my Acer Aspire 8930G for about 4 months now, bought it brand new for around 800.

I've never really tried playing Blu Rays on it, infact I've not even watched one all the way through, I've only tested 2 when I first bought the laptop.

I've just tried to watch a brand new genuine blu ray film, but the acer arcade constantly stops working and the blu ray doesn't load up to play the film (it loads the adverts prior to the film but not the actual film) acer arcade asks to check for soultions to the problem but doesn't bring any up when I click get solutions.

If I don't get that error message I get a message along the lines of an unexpected error occured, please reboot your machine.

The blu ray is brand new, scratch free and plays fine on other blu ray players.

on the acer arcade menu I've gone to settings and clicked live update, it says connecting and then a message comes up saying no update is available, so I assume it's upto date although I don't recall updating it three times?

The version I'm using is: 2.1.6010
Audio Decoder: 6channel

Is the the right and latest version for Vista?

Whats the problem? Other blu rays won't play either and they take forever to load up until the point, acer arcade has stopped working pops up?

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Sony :: Blu Ray Playback
I have a VGN-NS190J Sony VAIO with Windows Vista 64 bit. It is supposed to be able to play blu-ray movies, but whenever I put one in, it cannot be read. The laptop can't detect it.

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Acer :: Blu-Ray TV Output
I just got an Acer 6920G with a Blu-Ray drive. I would like to watch the our HDTV.

The TV is 1080i and not sure of the max res output but will find that. How do I go about watching them on TV? I did get a picture on the TV which did not look great. Also could not get any sound out of the TV via the HDMI cable.

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Sony :: NW Series Blu-ray
Recently I bought the NW series Vaio, the VGN-NW265F to be exact. I hooked up the laptop to my TV via HDMI cable in order to watch

a blu-ray movie and I can notice right away that the quality of the image is what is in question here. I know that PS3 and the blu ray movies playing in

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Sony :: Which Player Do You Use For Blu Ray On FW
I bought a FW with blu ray reader recently.But I don't like Win BD software on playing blu ray movies.

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Dell :: Which For Movies? Blu-ray But Not For Games
I am buying a Dell Inspiron 1545 with Intel core 2 P8700 processor rated at 2.53GHZ with 3MB of L2 cache, 4GB DDR2 800MHZ ram, 500GB hard drive rated at 5200RPM, ATI 4330 Radeon HD video card with 256MB of VRAM, and Sound blaster software enabled AUDIO Card.

Also, there are some other stuff like Bluetooth and bluray drive etc etc. It all comes with WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM WITH 64BIT. It has intel GM45 chipset which supports 1066 FSB and it also supports ddr 2 and ddr3....can i upgrade to ddr3 late on since intel states that it supports both?

Now the question, i m NOT going to play any GAMES on this laptop but i would watch alot of 1080P movies or u could say i would watch bluray movies. Is this laptop going to be sufficient enough to handle all high resolution videos? including YouTube's 1080P videos?....

AGAIN, i m not playing any GAMES on it....should i get this laptop or should i get studio 1558? since i m not playing any games, do u think i m jus gonna waste more money on studio

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Dell :: Blu-Ray Video Drivers
I have a Dell XPS-M1710 and I've tried a few different third party video drivers, but when I try ot play a Blu-Ray movie it says that the drivers aren't Blu-Ray compatible. I'm back using the Dell ones, but they really suck, especially for gaming, and even more so with newer games. Does anyone know of any good video drivers that can play Blu-Ray movies?

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Dell :: Blu-Ray On Precision M4400 Now Available
Dell is now offering a Blu-Ray disc drive option on the Precision M4400!
Here's the link to the M4400.

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Dell :: I9300 With Blu-ray Drive
There are some blu-ray drives on ebay being marketed as from I9300/XPSGen2. Anyone tried this on an I9300 and commeent on performance issues (CPU

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Dell :: Vista Asking For Blu Ray Drivers
i am getting the above screen when i boot up into windows and no mater which option i choose it does not work. I just put this drive in though it was not there when i was instaling the OS. Also the bios deteects the drive as a BLU RAY drive but i cant find these drivers any where on dell website or any where else. I can open and close the drive just fine and if i put a cd or dvd in it spins fine as well.

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Dell :: Blu-Ray On The XPS 1645
I got the XPS 1645 with the Blu-ray Burner (in Europe). Does anybody know if this player is region-free?

And if not is there a firmware update or some type of way to make it region free so that I can play region A (US) discs too?

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Sony :: Z 690 Cto Blu Ray
While trying to CTO Z690 w/ blu-ray option SONY just gives u the option for 4GB DDR3

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Sony :: FW Blu Ray/DVD Burner
Except one thing.
They HAD to use a Mata UJ230AS drive didn't they?

A laptop by its very design is to be used as a portable computer, yet due to the nonsensical region coding, it means that when I go to the USA on buisness or vacation, I cannot use the DVD player!

These Matsu drives are the ONLY ones which cannot be modified to play any region.
Its unethical.

I can legitamately buy a dvd in the USA, putting money into Sony pictures coffers, yet Sony won.t allow me to play it on their laptop .....

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Acer :: No Blu-ray From 6935g To Projector
My main aim is to playback Blu-ray ripped movies from 6935g and output to projector via hdmi.

When projector is connected to 6935g, yeah, it detected the projector and the desktop appears on the projector screen, that's the easy part 6935g downsized to 1280x720p automatically, guess that is because my pj only supports 720p and not 1080p, need to start save again for a 1080p pj,

Now the big question
Powerdvd playback the movie on the 6935g screen but the powerdvd on the pj screen is black in color, no movies

I use powerdvd instead of acer arcade deluxe because the latter does not play Blu-ray ripped movies, also the acer arcade does not play blu-ray disc from the blu-ray drive, it says graphic driver not compatible it does however play the demo disc when pj not connected

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Acer :: Blu Ray Player Knocked Out
Ive recently intalled win7 64 bit and upgraded my nvidia drivers tonight and now media center and media player say they cant play blu ray format,

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Acer :: Aspire Not Recognizing Blu-Ray
I have been searching for days for Blu-ray help. Apparently after everything I've looked at, ACER really screwed up their ads of blu-ray on computer. Because, even though my notebook should play wont even recognize the disc. It tells me there is nothing there. I am getting really fustrated that there are no drivers or any other useful help out there.

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Sony :: Vaio Z Blu Ray Swap
i have the vaio Z 13GN Highest End asian config without the blu ray drive. Can you guys suggest the model number for the Blu Ray drive and where i could buy it from and replace in my Z

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Sony :: Vaio CW I5 **blu Ray***sound
I have recently purchased a sony cw with the i5 chip. I love it and have had it now for a little over a month.

the question i have though is that when I play a blu ray movie the sound is so extremely low. I have tried moving the sound bar on the PC as well as on the corel dvd window to max but the sound is still horribly low. If i put in headphones the sound is loud as it should be.

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Acer :: 6930 Blu-ray LCD
I just picked up a 6930-6805.

I tried hooking up to a 720P LCD via HDMI while playing a blu-ray and I get an error saying the graphics card is inadequate. My model has the Nvidia 9600m GT.

Is there a setting I need to configure?

my screen is the 1366X768.

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