HP/Compaq :: ENVY Series Cooling + Gaming-ability

May 28, 2010

Can any ENVY owners (any model is fine), comment on the cooling system, hardware temperatures, physical temperatures, etc.? And if anyone knows about the cooling system/features/vents for the ENVY 14.

Also, compare ENVY's gamingability to the m11x, MSI GE600 or MSI GX640, if possible.

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Dell :: Xps Studio 16 Gaming Ability

Apr 6, 2009

Will a Dell Studio Xps 16 beable to play these games with the 1920x1080 Display:

Cod 4
Dialblo 3 (When it come out)
Fallout 3

Specs: 4gbs of ram, 1920x1080 display, 2.4ghz processor.
And would the Studio Xps 13 beable to play these games?
What is the difference between the Intel 5100 and the 5300 wifi card?

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15 G2 Hard Lockup/freezing During Gaming

May 10, 2010

Having an issue with my Envy. As soon as I got the machine I installed a SSD and clean copy of Win7. Drivers were downloaded from the thread in this forum section. The computer seems completely fine, temps are well within normal range (68c load CPU 74c load GPU). Besides the crashes, I have not experienced any other sort of instability with this machine.

The issue is an annoying hard lockup-my games will completely lock up and go into an infinite sound loop. The only remedy is a hard reset-I can not access the task manager or any other Windows functions. This happens at seemingly random, whether it be 5 minutes into a match or 2 hours in. The crash is not being triggered by heat-my system stays very cool, even during gaming.

The crashes seem to happen in any 3D game (but not furmark, for some reason)-at first I thought it was an issue with Bad Company 2, but after having time to muck around, I've realized that it is happening in all my games (including Just Cause 2, Team Fortress 2, GTAIV, Trackmania, Battlefield 2, etc).

I can't think of any reason why this is happening-I have a relatively clean Windows installation (need to save space on SSD) and up to date drivers. The only program I run in the background is NOD32, which has not given me any issues in the past with my other machines (I have tried disabling NOD32, to no avail).

My best guess is that it is video driver related. I have tried the Catalyst 10.4 driver from HPs website, as well as the 10.x ALL 8.74 beta driver-the 8.74 driver unlocks more resolution options and fixes BC2 load times, but both drivers are susceptible to the crash.

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Sony :: Cooling Pad For SZ Series

Oct 28, 2009

My SZ-770 become extremely loud and can be used as waffle maker sometimes.

I've disassembled it and cleaned all the dust using compressed air, but it's too hot and too noisy.

I'm thinking about buying a cooling pad to partially solve the problem. But most of pads have fans on the bottom and I'm not sure that it will fix my problem.

Can anyone recommend a good pad for SZ series?

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Dell :: What Is The 'max' Processor Ability For The M1530?

Feb 5, 2009

I've been wondering what is the max processor the M1530 motherboard will accept. I've searched these forums but didn't find the answer I was looking for.

Mostly I found people asking if it's possible to install a newer processor and how to do it, but nothing on what is the maximum processor the board will accept.

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Lenovo Y50 P/Y/Z Series :: Thermal Shutdown Even If Use Cooling Pad?

Apr 3, 2014

It has been just a week after getting my new laptop it has stated to thermal shutdown the base becomes too hot to touch i logged the cpu temperatures it reaches 100c but gpu is cool below 60c . this shut down happens when i play games even very light games i face this problem . i had done a clean install of windows 8.1 and i updated all my drivers and bios from the lenovo site.

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Dell :: E1705 / Nvidia 7 Series / Upgrade / Cooling

Dec 29, 2008

Having geforce go 7900 gs 256 Mb (17 inch, 1920x1200) died after 2 years of using it, but played only moderately. I noticed sometimes GPU was over 80 C. No more warranty, so I plan on getting a replacement.

7900 gs is 20 Watt current consumption. There are cards like 7900 GTX, FX2500M tht have 45 Watt. So roughly we could expect twice as much heat made if replaced to a 45 Watt card. Am I right here? Now, even 20 Watt card (7900 GS) was overheating with only single heat pipe. 7900 GTX or FX2500 would have to have for sure 2 heat pipes, but since we have twice as much heat, do we have the same situation?

What is your experience with 45 Watt video cards in Inspiron E1705 / 9400 ? Do they overheat (and break) as often as 20 Watt and single pipe cards?

And second question - reliability of refurbished cards or "working pulls" How long can they last? I know it all depends, how the previous owner was using it, etc. When buying used card, what possibly was overheated more? 20 Watt single pipe or 45 Watt dual pipe (like the question above)
I would appreciate any oppinion and experiences from you.

In the future, I plan to better take care of cooling, remove dust more often, use AS5 paste, fan control, use dual pipe. Anything else can be done? Maybe going to 20 Watt with 2 pipes - would probably cool down system the best.

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Acer :: Aspire V3-571g / Ability To Control Fan Speed

Dec 14, 2014

Intel i5-2450M @2.50 GHz (Turbo to 3.1)
Nvidia GEFORCE GT 630M - 1GB
Windows 7 Home Premium
I have had this laptop for about a year now and ever since I bought it it has had major throttling issues while gaming. I have tried many ways to make it run cooler with no such luck (It runs at about 95*C when playing most games) . The fan never runs at 100%, only aboout 70% (from what I can hear) so I was wondering if their was a way I could control the fan in order to run it at 100%.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Envy Series Exchanges, Warrranties, And Service Policies

Nov 13, 2009

I got an HP Envy 15 recently with the Bing CB deal on the day it was released; but have found that an SSD on that machine would probably be necessary for my needs. I posted some questions in the owners' lounge, but haven't since gotten any response, so I assume that people there may not know the answers. So I want to see if people in the broader HP forum would be familiar with these things.

When I purchased this machine, HDD was the only option, and the HDD is not listed as a user serviceable component. But in the last couple of days, the SSD option is up on the HP website; so I can see several options that maybe available to me, depending on HP policies. Is anyone here familiar with HP policies regarding:

1) Returns of products, does the 21 days mean 21 days from purchase, or 21 days from the time that I receive the product?

2) Returns of products that was purchased with warranty? I did purchase with the 3 year accidental; but I have not activated the service with the machine yet.

3) Exchange of products, how easily could it be done through HP, for the same machine of a different configuration?

4) Bing cash back, would it still be valid if I decided to exchange it for the same machine of a different configuration?

5) Since the HDD doesn't seem to be a consumer serviceable part, would it endanger the warranty if I changed out the drive myself? Or would they even care about that?

6) How easily can HP parts such as the 1.8" brackets be obtainable from HP, some time in the next few months; based on experiences with HP products in the past.

I guess depending on the answers to these questions, I would have the option of A) returning and buying anew; B) exchange for another configuration through HP; C) change out the HDD myself with a 2.5" and just forget about it; D) wait until the appropriate parts are available, then change it out with two 1.8" drives.

I would like to keep the BCB; but if there is no other way of getting an SSD into that machine, then I might just have to let that go, and try to find some lesser discount to work with.

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HP/Compaq :: CQ50- GPU Cooling

Apr 29, 2009

my laptop runs extraordinarily hot (I believe it was a faulty fan/heatsink assembly.) So I purchased a replacement, opened up the laptop and replaced it.

Now I get underload temps Up to 94C on GPU (and around 80 on CPU -

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HP/Compaq :: Pavilion DV5- Cooling

Jan 30, 2009

despite the fact that it can only use 3 of its 4 gigs of RAM, I still love my new DV5.

There's only one, tiny kink...

It's getting hot. Very hot. My hands aren't burning, but I can feel the heat in my palms.

Speedfan readings:
Core 0: Average temperature's around 47C
Core 1: Avg. Temp. is 49C
GPU: Here's the real problem. IT'S ON FREAKING 54C!!!

These temperatures are bloody DANGEROUS. And I'm going to be using this for gaming.

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HP/Compaq :: DV3T Cooling Pad

Oct 16, 2009

I just got my DV3T. I noticed that the cooling pad I currently have will not work with this laptop since it sucks air from under the laptop, while the DV3T sucks the air from under the laptop and blows it out the side.

So are there any cooling pads that work well with the DV3T? Ones that blow air from the bottom to the top?

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HP/Compaq :: DV2 Replace Cooling Pads

May 12, 2009

I checked out the service manual, to read up on disassembly. Thinking about opening my notebook up and removing the heat pads and replacing them with copper shims to reduce heat. that is, unless someone can find a way to downclock the GPU for cooling purposes... But I'd like to get it cooler so the fan won't have to run all the time.

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Sony :: Notebook For Work And GAMING, Which Series

Feb 14, 2010

What is the creme de la creme in Sony notebooks that are gaming capable? Gaming for me are Strat games, Starcraft 2, maybe Crysis....

I want something solid, and at least midrange with respect to gaming. I don't care how much it costs.

I haven't checked Sony in a long long time and F series, CW, etc are confusing and I need to get up to speed quickly. Quality is paramount.

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Lenovo B / G Series :: G505S Overheating During Gaming

Jan 5, 2014

I have had the G505S for 2 days and have been using it to play Football Manager 2014. However twice in that time it has shut down because it has overheated. When I power back on the fan kicks in and some serious heat comes out and dissipates after around 5 mins.
I have downloaded HWMonitor which reads around 90C when idling, however the AMD Overdrive programme reports around 42C when idling.
I have just installed the latest BIOS update and made the changes recommended at this link [URL] .... to reduce the processor power to 98% to stop it overclocking, but is there anything else I should be doing? Is the laptop faulty as the fan doesn't kick in and out to try and cool it down during gaming?

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HP/Compaq :: HP 6930p Palm Rest Cooling Pad

Oct 15, 2009

I just got a new 6930p. It's rather warm on the left side where the palm would rest and causes a rather big discomfort.

Is there any type of cooling pad that would cool it down?

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HP/Compaq :: DV5T: 12 Cell Battery Or Cooling Pad

Jan 12, 2009

The DV5T is one of two notebooks that I'm considering and I have a question related to the heat while gaming. Many have recommended a cooling pad, and many also suggest simply raising the notebook .5-1" in the back. With the natural lift of the 12 cell battery, would the cooling pad still be necessary for long gaming runs? I don't want to pay the extra $20 for the 12 cell only for minimal cooling gains and still needing to buy a cooling pad. Or is it cooling pads are highly recommending for all laptops when gaming?

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Lenovo Y510p P/Y/Z Series :: New IdeaPad Crashes / Completely Powers Down When Gaming?

Apr 8, 2014

I've had the laptop since last Friday. I've updated drivers and have been installing a few games on the device.
I've been installing a ton of games the past two days while I'm at school (great download speeds from steam and origin) and have been having issues when I try to run said games.
The laptop has a SLI setup with the GT 755M. I've noticed that when I've tried to game lately on the laptop that I've had pretty poor luck. Games seem to crash with frequency, with only a few different times that I thought had narrowed down to SLI being enabled or Anti-Aliasing, but after it crashing a few minutes ago not long after getting into a Team Fortress 2 server, I now don't think that is the case.
What might cause this? I have the battery removed at the present since it's Nearly charged and seems pointless for me to leave it in while I'm running off the 170W adaptor. Could this be an issue where the adaptor doesn't supply enough power and needs to draw additional power?
I don't feel that heat or anything else like that could be the cause because there's no warming and the system powers back up just fine. I'm going to re-attempt to play a few games that crashed immediately (Battlefield 3) and see if this changes anything. I love the laptop otherwise and really hope that this isn't and indicator of a more serious issues.

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Lenovo P/Y/Z Series :: Gaming With Z510 - Cannot Use Keyboard Keys And Touchpad At Same Time

May 18, 2014

I have had my lenovo Z510 for about 3 weeks now, and I am running into a problem where I cannot use my keyboard keys and use my touchpad at the same time, which makes it difficult to play games. I have gone into the settings and went to mouse and touchpad and selected always on, but that didnt seem to do much, maybe i need to increase the active area of my touchpad, but I dont think windows 8.1 comes with any such tools and I dont think Lenovo pre installed anything...

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Lenovo B / G Series :: G505s Touchpad Buttons Not Working Properly While Gaming?

Dec 20, 2013

I recently bought a Lenovo G505s about a month ago. Everything is fine with it until i downloaded Steam and downloaded some games. 3 of the games i downloaded are shooters and therefore require the left mouse button. But when i click it to shoot, it doesn't respond sometimes and is very laggy. This is not the fault of the game as i tried it in different ones but the problem is still there. i tried to switch round the buttons (so that the right button is to shoot and the left to aim) and it works fine...
If it is needed here are some specs for the pc:
6gb ram
WIndows 8.1
Also the buttons and trackpad work completely fine with everything else except games including Minecraft. it seems that when i am moving with WASD the button doesn't work but the right click button does.

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Lenovo P/Y/Z Series :: Y510P Power Settings - Terrible Frame Rates While Gaming On Battery

Dec 17, 2013

The other day I tried gaming while on battery and got terrible frame rates. I had the power settings on Maximum Performance. Are there other settings I am missing?

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Hdx 18t Good For Gaming

Jun 8, 2009

if the hp hdx is good for gaming ?

Here are the specs im getting

the single video card ( only available )


4gb ddr3 memory

quad core processor

Crysis is an afterthought, so just the regular other games . I had a sager with

2gb ddr3 m
2.5 dual core
and 8800 gtx, and ran all the other game almost greatly except far cry 2, which had a bit of frame rate, and crysis . But I could play both at high, far cry 2 without any frame rate, but crysis with a bit .

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HP/Compaq :: Cpu Throttling Even During Gaming

Jan 31, 2009

I have a dv7-1135 nr laptop .. spec's are as follow's amd turion x2 rm-70 cpu speed is 2.0 each core. the problem I notice is that my cpu is slowing down at the wrong time.
I use the program cpu to determine that my cpu is dropping sometimes as low as 500mhz .
I know that laptops have a throttling function but i have that disabled . I have looked in the bios for that feature also and can not turn it off. can someone please Help as i do notice an extreme loss of power during gaming .

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HP/Compaq :: Gaming: Mini 311 Vs DV2

Oct 15, 2009

which one of these games better?

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HP/Compaq :: Gaming V.s Temp

Jan 19, 2009

I'm probably going buy and HP laptop soon, the HDX 16"...

So therefore, I was wondering how the gaming is on your sexy HP. Not graphically wise or fps and such, but temp wise. For instance, how long do you get to game for before things get too hot or do you manage to keep things at decent temps for a full day worth of gaming

Personally I don't play too intensive games, mostly world of warcraft. Nothing hardcore like crysis and stuff. So i'd imagine i'd get some decent gaming hours as long as i keep things cool haha by getting a zalaman pc cooling pad and if i decided to undervolt.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv7 As Gaming Laptop

Nov 25, 2009

I have dv7 with Intel Core 2 duo 2.4 and 512 Nvidia as my main entertaiment computer.I have few games which I like to play from time to time.Anyone do same with dv7?

I can play on full specs on CS Source but on Crysis I can play at medium and medium hgraphics to be perfect.

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HP/Compaq :: Processor For Gaming

Apr 4, 2009

i want to play games on my laptop but every game i install has low fps for e.g wow, guild wars, gta and etc games like that i went on to can you run it site thing and i sed my cpu processor is too low but it cant be i have a amd dual core rm 70 any suggestions on what to do? my laptop is only 3 months old it is basically new it has 3gb ram 160gb hard drive nvidia geforce 8200 so it cant b any of dem

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HP/Compaq :: HDX16t Or DV6t For Gaming

Mar 19, 2009

Buying a new laptop soon... choices are a HDX16t (P8400 and Nvidia 9600M GT 512MB) or a DV6t (T6400 and ATi HD 4650 1GB). I'm just looking to play Everquest 2, and even though it's a 2004 release, it's pretty intensive. So I'm wondering if I should deal with the slower CPU and slightly better GPU or vice versa?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Doesnt Love Gaming

May 4, 2009

HP has great customer service.....i have an hp compaq laptop and hp printer..and had great experience with customer service...they come to your place to collect n everything.

but one problem..they never seem to make laptops with high end specs...all their laptops have great design, great secondary features..but the specs never touch the gaming level.

especially the graphic cards.

of course they made the 20" dragon..but i am talking about smthg in 15 - 16" area.

are there any models out yet which have atleast 8600M GT?

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HP/Compaq :: Gaming On The DM3Z W/ 4330

Nov 4, 2009

I dont really want to bother reading through the enormous lounge topic, but has anyone tried out gaming on the DM3Z with Radeon 4330?

I'm specifically wondering how CoD4/5 plays and if you think CoD: MW2 would be playable on it (assuming I decide to get it,will wait for reviews).

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