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Sony :: Vaio VGN-Z46GD Will Not Sleep/hibernate

I have a Vaio VGN-Z46GD, that will not sleep/hibernate and now will not shut down either.
When I shut the lid, it sleeps for about 15 seconds and then wakes again.

Also, the same when I click the sleep button.

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Sony :: VGN-Z46GD Clean Windows 7 Install
I purchased a Sony VAIO VGN-Z46GD and was eligible for the Windows 7 Upgrade program. So my Windows 7 Disc & Supplement Disc arrived in no time. I did a CLEAN install with the Windows 7 Disc wiping everything (this was intentional).

The problem is the Supplement Disc will not run at all, gives me an error (is there a way to force it?). I used the mod2wim tool to extract all WIM's from it however I have had no success in getting my VAIO special buttons working, power management or my function keys operational. The extracted WIM's are also a bit odd, includes ATi drivers when clearly my machine is hybrid intel/nvidia.

From what I have read on the Forums I need to install things in a specific order. Also if I can't find my drivers where can I look to re-download them?

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Sony :: Hibernate Or Sleep Mode
thought that hibernate was better because it turns off the computer and saves battery except on my laptop the power button is defaulted to sleep so I would have thought that they would default it to that for a reason.

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Sony :: Sleep And Hibernate Issues Post Vista SP3
Ever since Vista SP2, I have been experiencing issues with my Z690 Vaio. Wih hibernate, the laptop just restarts when I try to resume and gives the improper shutdown error. With sleep, sometimes the laptop refuses to start or gives the BSOD. Sony support, as usual has been lackluster.

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Sony :: Vaio Z46GD Win7 Ultimate Drivers
I have a sony z46gd with vista business 64bit edition.

i wanted to install win 7 so i created a new partition with the freespace and sucessfully managed to install win7 on the new partition

But now I'm trying to install the drivers from the europe sony site as pointed out in another thread , but sadly. ikeep getting the battery is not compatible error pointed in this thread

I suspect that the drivers i installed are for win7 business and not win7 ultimate

where do u find the win7 ultimate drivers for this sony vaio ?

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Dell :: Hibernate Or Sleep?
i have a studio 15 just wondering what you guys prefer hibernate or sleep mode?

i find hibernate a cool future and useing it alot..

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Dell :: Xps 1340internet Not Working After Sleep/hibernate
For some reason, my laptop's internet stops working after it enters sleep or hibernate mode. I have to restart my computer to get the internet working which is annoying.

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Dell :: Vista Biz Hibernate/sleep Clunkyness
Hibernate take a really long time to shut down, twice as long as shut down. the first thing that happens is that the monitor shuts off and then hard drive works for a while

Sleep is even clunkier. turns off monitor, it takes a few minutes to complete, sometimes when i use the FN+F1 combo it comes back on, when I close the lid usually works, but sometimes it doesn't.

at times hibernate won't work and stops in the middle of it, forcing me to shut of the laptop. then on restart it freezes a couple of times on the desktop and earlier I even got the BSOD.

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Sony :: Vaio Z Resume From Hibernate BSod
I bought this model in Japan Z71JB, Vista 64 premium, 4go ram, 320 HDD.

The problem is after getting hibernate, especially from sleep to deep sleep and when resume i got BSOD with " multiple IRP requests complete" and ve reboot fresh start. I ve some clue that Kaspersky internet security can be faulty.

Anyone with this error? Kaspersky user? im stuck with several BSOD on resume always the same.

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Sony :: Vaio Z (590) Coming Out Of Hibernate During Night For No Reason
I put my new laptop into hibernate and into my laptop bag. At about 3 am (I looked at event log) it seems to over the last few days come out of hibernation and come on. Within 10 minutes it goes back to sleep/hibernate. This happens while I am not even touching it. Would this have caused any damage (heat while in bag)? I doubt it but it is new and I am paranoid! Also for now I am just shutting down if the laptop is not plugged in and not in use.

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Sony :: Trackpad + Mouse + Sleep +vista + Vaio Z
This is specifically occurring on Z590, but may be there in all Z's.

If you have a USB mouse plugged in, and you go to sleep mode, and then disconnect the USB mouse, then when the laptop wakes up again, the trackpad does not work. If you plug-in the mouse at this point, the mouse works fine, but the trackpad is still entirely disabled. Vaio Control Center indicates the trackpad is still enabled, but no response at all from trackpad.

If you unplug the mouse, go to sleep, and wake up, the trackpad now works fine.

I am not sure when this bug was introduced, but can anyone replicate it as well? The trackpad seems to get disabled upon wakeup from sleep if the USB mouse was unplugged AFTER going into sleep mode.

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Sony :: Vaio Zhibernation And Sleep Causes Computer To Crash
I'm having the following issue with myVaio-Z550n:

On random occasions, when I set the computer to sleep or hibernate (they seem to trigger this problem equally), the computer screen will go black, the fan kicks into a steady overdrive and on/off button's green led remains solidly lit -as if the computer were still on.

The only way to fix the problem is to manually power down the computer by depressing the the on/off button.

It happened under Windows 7 RC and it is happening under Windows 7 32-bit home premium as well. I haven't used Vista for quite sometime so I don't know if is an OS-triggered issue.

Anecdotally, it seems to occur more often when I close the lid to put it into sleep, rather than do it manually through the start menu.

It also appears to be occuring with more regularity in recent days. Before it was like 10% of the time... now it is something like 30%.

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Sony :: Guide To Disassembling A VAIO VAIO VGN-SZ75 GN?
Does anyone have a link to a website or PDF describing how to properly open and disassemble a VAIO VGN-SZ75GN?

I have a VAIO VGN-SZ75GN, bought about 8 months ago, and now I want to exchange the built-in hard-disc with a solid-state disc.

I need some guide with illustrations/pictures, how to reach the disc

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Sony :: Vaio Z: USB Flash Drive Not Mounting Or Very Slow Mounting After Sleep
I am having this problem with my USB flash drive (USB HDD powered from the USB itself seems to work fine). My flash drives are not operational after waking up from sleep in Vista. After a minute or so, it finally goes through, and it starts working. But right after sleep, for what seems to be an insanely long time, it doesn't respond at all. If I reconnect the flash drive, it starts working instantly.

Anybody have this problem with your Z and Vista?

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-CR
i have a VGN-CR(220E) and i formatted (installed vista ultimate) and i have a LOT of issues i have never had...

1. the capture button dows not work
2. vol up and down does work, but doesnt show the little animation in display.
3. av mode is useless
4. display off does work
5. Fn Keys does not work
6. volume and power icon in the taskbar are missing, and are unchecable in the properties of taskbar...

i installed several drivers... i dont know what im missing here?

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Sony :: Hibernate Disabled
I have Sony VAIO SZ330. How can I enable hibernate ? When I go to Start--Turn off Computer I have Hibernate -- Disabled Standby / Turn off / Restart -- enabled

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-Z11 XN/B
When i got computer i installed XP and all driver i found on their official web side but still my usb device doens't recodnice nither usb or mouse. on net i can't found drivers than i need

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Sony :: VAIO VGN-FZ160
I have a Sony VAIO VGN-FZ160 laptop. My usage is very less but now a days I am facing strange problem.

The screen's back light goes off when I open the laptop lid. I need to find a position where some times it works fine. I have to take care not to change the screen again.

Is it some problem of loose contact wire or the screen power cable is to be changed?

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-FE 41S
Time to clean up the basement and digging out some good old comps. I got this Sony a few years back due to its screen sharpness and elegant profile.

The sleek and stylish 15.4" x-black display provides a perfect viewing area. With a strong GPU at the time in GO7600 it was a perfect choice for business and some gaming machine.

Pricing at 1.500Euro-ish, this machine was not competitive in price comparing to others. But its packed specifications and performance can easily justify the difference. The sleek design, the simple beauty and the solid hardware live up to the reputation of Sony performance and quality....

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-A270 P
About 5 months ago my Sony Vaio VGN-A270p which just suddenly shut off on me. I thought it might be my battery or power cord but it was not it was the computer itself.

Anyway I took to to a computer repair shop and they took it apart and tests the power cord, battery and the internal power connector and it was all fine .....

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Sony :: XP Vaio VGN-NS20 Z
Just got recently a Sony Vaio VGN-NS20Z, Intel Core Duo T6400 2.0GHz, 4 GB ram, it has Vista of course and I'm trying to downgrade to XP, tried to run the setup on the Cd

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Sony :: Vaio VGN - FS515E
Hi this is my first post so bare with me, I recently restored windows xp to said vaio laptop because it became too laggy and slow,the laptop was bought second hand sometime ago and didnt come with the restore disk or driver disks

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-FZ38M
I've temporarly got (before i decide wether to buy it or not) a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ38M laptop 2nd hand off a friend of mine.

The laptop was origionally infected with a trojan which has left the OS for dust. so i cant really get into the actual Vista install (apart from the odd time) without going into Safe-Mode.

Ive noticed some problems...

The BluRay Drive that's in the laptop seems to have a dislike for certain media. so far ive tested a range of media and this is what ive got:

Burnable DVD+R Media (bootable, backed up Vistax64 Installation Disc) Doesnt Read/Boot
Burnable DVD-R Media (OSX Kalyway) Doesnt Boot/Read
Empty DVD+R Media Doesnt Read

Burnable CD-R Media (Acronis True Image) Bootable/Readable
Official (not backed up) XP Home x86 Media Bootable/Readable
Official (not backed up) DVD-Video, Kill Bill Media Readable

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Sony :: Vaio VGN FW373 DW
I am buying this model from (canadian store)

i would appreciate if someone pointed me to the xp drivers for this

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-SR590
I plan to buy VGN-SR590 CTO . but I don't really know does it come with HDMI port or not. I prefer to customize it but I didn't see an option from sony official website.

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-AR41E
I installed Windows 7 but I have a problem.
not working :

cd eject button

Card reader

DSD Direct Writing Function Update Program -

SMS Audio Filter Function -

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-FW390JFB
Anyone has tried/owned the VGN-FW390JFB yet.. I want to know about your experience (WEI, Graphic Capabilities, LCD Panel, etc) with this model before I buy..

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Sony :: Vaio Vgn-sr39vn
I just bought a sony vaio vgn-sr39vn this week so am trying to set it up myself!! I had it downgraded to XP as that is more familiar to me.

1..I would like to know where I can check the level of the battery as it is charging.

2..Wifi is set up and working well & recognising all the connections in the road incl. mine but I know it is a big drain on the battery. As I have a fast cable (Virgin Broadband) I don't really need to use the wifi in the house so I assume I just turn it off. Correct?

3....How do I set up Outlook Express to work for broadband AND when using wifi? My normal email address?

4...ALSO....I just bought a dLan 200 AVeasy Starter Kit after hearing it is brilliant at boosing internet speeds etc. When I installed it I found another network became installed which is maybe how it works BUT when I tried to send an email from my laptop, I got the message 'This machine has more than one Ethernet or more than one wireless adaptor' so I couldn't send the email PLUS I could no longer get connected to my own wifi connection!

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-CS24GH
I searched the forum but couldn't find any reviews or experiences with this model.I'm ditching a Dell Studio 1555 for this but I'm a little apprehensive coz I dont know anyone who has this laptop (it's not so popular here in india) and there are no reviews on googling either...

Here's the sony link for the specs


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Sony :: Vaio VGN-G2AAPS
I bought a VGN-G2AAPS last year,from a Japanese colleague.The laptop was brand new,and it came preloaded with Pro XP version of Windows.I was ,and still am,extremelly pleased with the way it handles the jobs I entrust it with.

However,a few days ago I managed to crack the LCD ...I cannot even begin to say how mad I was.The screen is still usable,as is the laptop.But I wish to replace the screen and I cannot find anywhere this item being sold.And it is unbelievable how scarce is the service for this laptop in Europe.For instance,I cannot find a service manual for this item,or drivers and stuff.Anyway,long story short,here are the specs for the LCD screen:

Sony Vaio VGN-G Series VGN-G2AAPS 12.1" XGA

Size:12.1 inches
Resolution:1024 x 768 pixels
(known as "XGA")
Screen Type:TFT Active Matrix with LED backlight
Aspect Ratio:Standard

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-UX280P
I have Sony Vaio VGN-UX280P and I've been having problems downloading and installing drivers. Some of the drivers work, some of them don't. It's a micro PC and has 2 built in cameras. I tried installing and reinstalling drivers. The one in the back that would make the computer work as a camera to point at someone and be able to take a picture with the capture button. But for some reason only the one in the front works. And the Vaio Camera Utility won't even load although the capture utility will. I also want to be able to get the fingerprint reader to work and it had a Original - UPEK® Driver thing on the Sony eSupport site for it. I installed it and I tried installing Original - UPEK® Protector Suite QL to use it, but it says that the .exe installer file or whatever isn't a valid win32 application. I tried downloading it with my regular Dell PC. I put it on the Sony Vaio and it said it was missing a .dll file.

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Sony :: VAIO VGN-FW510F/B
I just purchased one for about $700 total (with taxes). Did I make a good choice? I've heard so many horror stories about Sony, how they replace screens (for example) for way too much money and the customer service is lacking? Should I return this and get an inspiron or something?

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Sony :: VAIO VGN-FS315E
Just got back from Uni to find my family have completely destroyed our home laptop. I did a fresh XP install and everything seemed fine. Last step was installing the graphics drivers. I was then asked to restart, then on startup blue screen and reboot. Cycle continues until i turn it off and hard restart. Then on startup i get new hardware found in the taskbar saying 'ACPI Uniprocessor'. Then i'm asked to restart again with the reason 'System Settings Change' 'Windows has finished installing new devices'. BUT it does this everytime i boot up the laptop. Very confused. It didn't do this before the graphic drivers were installed.

Laptop Spec:


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Sony :: Vaio Vgn-tx750p
i have replaced my sony vaio vgn-tx750p damaged screen with a new one, however it is completely black. tried increasing the brightness by pressing Fn + F6 button but it is still the same.

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Sony :: Vaio Vgn-fz490eab
I am trying to download the VAIO CONTROL CENTER at this link:

[url] and [url](that is what this computer is)

The problem is that it is under the notebook utilities and it is just an update...not the original software. I download the file and it says that it's not for my computer version? This happened after a HD crash and reinstall and I can install other software from the site and drivers, but not the control center. Is there somewhere I can download the original software?

I tried reinstalling the "programs" only from the recovery disk, which it starts and I get through the first disk, but when I put in the second disk, nothing happens. The second disk is fine.

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-FE670G
My laptop battery has stopped working sometime last year and I have been stuck using my laptop through the power cord ever since. When I click on my power meter down in my taskbar, it says my battery is "not present", but it is plugged in and everything. Idk how to go about this. Not sure if I just need to buy a new battery or what? I don't wanna just go ahead and get a new battery, because if that's not the problem,

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-Z31WN/B
I am the proud owner of a new Sony Vaio VGN-Z31WN/B, bought in Germany, so it's a European model Z-series. It's got the following specs:

2,66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo-processor P9600
320 GB SATA 5400 rpm
NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS 256 MB

For the full specs, see this link:

It came pre-installed with Windows Vista 32 bit, fully loaded with a bunch of apps I dont need. Besides, I dont speak German very well, so I decided to try my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64 bit.

The thing is, I can't get to install everything properly. I've been reading up on some other Z series users experiences, but to be honest, I can't seem to figure out exactly what to do, and I alwats mess up at some point.

what to do, to get everything up and running under 64 bit Windows 7?

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Sony :: VAIO VGN-S360P
I bought a used S360P. When I checked it out, it turned on and I was able to get into the BIOS. But when I got it home, I couldn't even get into the BIOS. I even tried removing the hard drive and just running on wall charger. Then I tried taking a paper clip and pressing the reset button while it was unplugged and with no battery.

Needless to say, it still only powers on long enough to play a short tune and then immediately turns off.

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-CS290
I am planning to buy this VGN-CS290 with the configuration as given below...

Microsoft® Works
QuickBooks Simple Start
Windows Live OneCare 90-Day Trial
400 GB SATA Hard Disk Drive [5400 rpm]
Standard Battery
LCD 14.1" WXGA (XBRITE-ECO™) with integrated video camera
No Fresh Start™
Intel® Core® 2 Duo Processor T6400 (2.0GHz)
Blu-ray Disc™ Read/Write Drive
WLAN (802.11a/b/g/n) with integrated Bluetooth® technology
Dove White
Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Premium 64-bit
4 GB DDR2-SDRAM (DDR2-800, 2GBx2)
need ur opinion....

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Sony :: Vaio Vgn-ns140e
i just upgraded my laptop with windows vista ultimate, i instaled all drivers from the sony download page but i cant find 1 driver for 1 unknow device

i tryed to install it manualy but dosen t work

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-CS215J
Just got this laptop, and I really like it. uninstalling the bloatware? What is safe to uninstall?

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Sony :: Vaio Vgn Ar71m
i have a sony vaio vgn ar71m and i i bought it new and i do the installed vista home premium and all the software come with it and i have make the recovery disks (3 dvds)and now i bought a vista ultimate and i want yo install it on my vaio,i have split the harddisk in 4 partitions and i did a clean install for vista ultimate but when i try to install the programs comes with vaio i have a problems with few drivers and sony programs so can antbody give a method to fix this problem without deleting data on the other partitions

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Sony :: Computer Waking Up From Hibernate
when i put my computer into sleep sometimes i slide it onto a table, or put it in my backpack (inside a case) and now and then it will be back on when i go get it again.....

I tested it out and opening and closing the lid/pushing buttons doesn't wake it, the only thing i can do to wake it is push the power button which is sunk in (its an sr series)

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Sony :: Memory Remap To See 4GB RAM On VGN-AR31S, VGN-AR21S, VGN-AR41S
I own a VGN-AR21S, but the following is also true for the 31 and 41 series and lots of other models.

Although the specs say that the max supported ram is 2GB I upgraded to 4 GB without problems, as the chipset supports them.

Well, almost. The problem is that the BIOS does not do the so called memory remap, and thus the upper 1 GB cannot be seen and the system reports 3GB available (on Windows 7 x64, but also Vista, Linux, etc).

I already upgraded the BIOS to the R0200J6 version supported by AR31S in order to enable VT (through the notorious symcmos hack), thus I was wondering:

Does anybody know if it's possible to upgrade to later BIOS versions? (e.g. the R2090J8 supported by the 71 serie which fully supports memory remap)?

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-TT250N Disassembly
i need to take out the keyboard in a Vaio VGN-TT250N for an urgent case , i have been through many forums searching for a service manual for this model or for any other model that comes with the (isolated) keyboard .....

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-FZ190 And Windows 7
I'm new to this forum and I really hope someone can help me out! I have a Vaio VGN-FZ190 and I installed windows 7 on it in November 2009 (before that I had Windows Vista).

Ever since I installed Windows 7, my Firefox would stop responding for a couple of minutes.

It still does that, but now when it does that, other programs (such as AIM or iTunes) will also stop responding for that time and then they start again and it's all normal

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-FW490 Or FW378DH
I am in the process of deciding which laptop PC to purchase. I had decided on a Dell Studio XPS 16, but then received a suggestion on this site that a vaio FW series could fit my needs.

I dropped in on a Sony Style store and they have the FW378 DH in stock. I also called the online Sony store and they suggested the FW490.

The differences in the two PC's were:
1) the processors: The FW378 came with a P8600 at 2.40GHZ, and the FW490 with the P8800 at 2.66GHZ

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-FW373J/B Downgrade To XP
I just got a Sony Vaio VGN-FW373J/B. I figured I'll give Vista a try but I hate it.

I would like to know if anybody tried downgrading this model to XP? Sony tech support told me they don't have the downgrade DVDs for this model

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Sony :: Vgn-n130g Vaio No Power
I have a sony vaio vgn-n130g
the person i got this from said had no power so i took it apart to check the jack,everything looked ok i unpluged the jack wire from MB and plugged it back in.

then i plugged in power cord
and it fired up.i turned it on and off a few times worked good so i put it back together...worked fine after i got it all together and fired it up it booted and then i moved the notebook and the battery wasnt in all the way .

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-NS110E BatteryHow To Use
First of all - Is it okay to keep the Laptop plugged in even when it is fully charged and in use. The Battery even when completely charged shows charging while in other Brands it shows that it is on AC power, so I am a bit confused. Because if it is still being charged then the over-charging might harm the Battery and reduce it's life considerably.

Second - If it's Ok to keep it plugged in when using, at what interval we should let the battery discharge completely because I think it is important to let it discharge completely once in a while.

Third - After charging the Laptop completely and Shutting it down (while continuing charging and unplugging it only after it's Shut down) when I check it after 8-10 hours of no-use the battery is around 15 percent down, i.e it loses 15 percent of charging even when it is Shut down. But if I keeps it in Hibernation it loses only around 10-12 percent of battery at most. Which i find quite amazing as it should lose more battery in Hibernation mode as compared to Shut down, isn't it?

These are my questions and I am sure many other users like me will also be getting these questions on their minds and looking for an answer, so it will be of great help for them also.

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