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Acer :: Windows Has Recovered From An Unexpected Shutdown

After installing Win7 (Acer Upgrade) on my 4810TG Timeline I experienced two unexpected shutdown, with BSOD during the start (right after boot screen). Any similar behaviour or solution?

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Dell :: Windows Installation Encountered An Unexpected Error
I'm trying to re-install Vista 32 bits on my laptop, but it gives me a error. The error that I get is:

Windows installation encountered an unexpected error. Verify that the installation sources are accessible, and restart the installation. Error code: 0xE0000100

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Acer :: 1410-2285 Unexpected Error And Restart
I have a Acer 1410-2285 with the dual core U2300 processor running Windows 7 (64 Bit). I am having a what seems to be an excessive number of blue screen error shutdowns/restarts (2-3 per day). This seems to happen the most often when the notebook is asleep and I wake the machine up to the "Windows did not shutdown properly message" but occasionally I do see the BSOD when I am using the machine.

The only modification I have made to to the notebook was to install 4GB of PC6400 ram. I updated the drivers with what Acer has posted on their website, but i have not tried to install the non-Acer drivers.

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Acer :: Unexpected Error From The Acer Arcade And It Won't Run
Was using the Acer Arcade and was informed about the latest patch by the Live Update.

I ran the install patch and during install the McAfee informed me that two of the files were trojams and had to be removed. The files were CL26934.RRA and CLDO7416.RRA, so now when I stick my blu-ray into the drive I get an unexpected error from the Acer Arcade and it won't run.

So where did the files go, and why would ACER put out a patch that conflicts with the pre-installed anti-virus?

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Acer :: Nvlddmkm Has Stopped Working And Successfully Recovered
I have a problem when playing games . my vga card stop working then it says:

nvlddmkm has stopped working and successfully recovered.

how can I flash new Bios? I want 1.21 to solve this problem.

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Acer :: 6920g Shutdown
I have this problem when shutting down my laptop. It goes screen where it says logging of, shutting down etc. right after that it seems like it has been shut but instantly "Acer screen" appears and Windows is starting again. So the only way to shut the laptop is press and hold the power button.

Starting my laptop again, after it been shutdown by pressing the power button, date and clock time are showin wrong. Date is January first 2006 and time is something.

I had this problem couple of times. First time i just reinstalled Windows and it worked for a while but then it appeared again. I did some investigate and noticed that some people had this kind problem with Vista SP1. So i reinstalled Windows again now i didnt even install SP1 and the problem came already.

I thought about updating BIOS but if this isnt about it it could go worse. Oh and i have Windows Vista Home 32bit.

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Acer :: Aspire 6920g Shutdown
heres my laptop spec:

Notebook specifications

Acer Aspire 6920G-814G32Bn
:: Processor
Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 2.1 GHz
:: Mainboard
Intel PM965
:: Memory
4096 MB, DDR2 PC5300 667MHz, 2x 2048MB, max. 4096MB
:: Graphics adapter
NVIDIA GeForce 9500M GS - 512 MB, Core: 475 MHz, Memory: 400 MHz, ForceWare 167.64,
:: Display
16.4 inch 16:9, 1366x768 pixel, WXGA Acer CineCrystal HD TFT, glossy: yes
:: Harddisk
320 GB - 5400 rpm, 320GB 5400rpm WDC WD3200BEVT-22ZCT0
:: Soundcard
Realtek ALC889
:: Connections
1 Express Card 54mm, 4 USB, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, V.92 Modem, 1 Infrared, 1 Kensington Lock, Audio Connections: headphones (S/PDIF), microphone, Card Reader: 6in1,
:: Networking
Atheros AR8121/AR8113 PCI-E Ethernet Controller (10/100MBit), Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN (abgn), 2.0+EDR Bluetooth
:: Optical drive
Mata BD-CMB UJ-120 ATA
:: Size
height x width x depth (in mm): 44 x 275 x 385
:: Weight
3.28 kg Power Supply: 0.51 kg
:: Battery
48.8 Wh Lithium-Ion, 4400 mAh, 11.1V
:: Operating System
Windows XP pro sp3 patched

i have this shutdown problem. it started since i installing windows 7 into my laptop. my computer turns of itself after 10-30 seconds after an OS boot. except on safe mode option. the computer works fine on safe mode. at first, i thought that this due to software problems. then i think i should wipe out my OS and install new OS.but unfortunately, my laptop turns of itself while installing the OS!. this sound weird isnt it?

ive tried to use multiple OS to be installed. win7, vista, and even unbuntu OS also. but the turn off problem still occurs..

ive read from other post about the thermal issues, doing some patches at BIOS download from acer websites. now, im running on v1.14 for my BIOS. still. the turn off issues still occurs.

so, ive tried to look for the hardware malfunctions since trying to look at software problems cant find a clue.

after doin some reasearch and testing, ive notice that by disabling my duo processor in device manager, the computer works fine. by using single core processor now makes my laptop works fine. but surely, im running on low state now.

should i change my processor?

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Acer :: Aspire 5520 Shutdown
I have a Aspire 5520-5912 laptop I am trouble shooting for a relative that randomly shuts down just before, or shortly after it boots to windows.

I have tested the hard drive in my Desktop and scanned it for viruses, swapped out the memory, re applied thermal paste on the cpu heat sink and made sure it was not clogged with dust.

I think I have it narrowed down to a bad MB or CPU but was wandering if anyone else has had any issues like this and what the problem was.

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Acer :: Aspire 5630Unexpected Shutdown
This weekend, the laptop just shutdown without any warning! I switched it back on, and then after 30 mins, the same issue! I checked the battery, and was charging OK.

Now after the last unexpected powerdown, it has been non responsive ever since and cannot turn it back on.. I dont think its the battery, cos it was charging before it died....

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Acer :: Aspire A Minute And It Shutdown Automatically
I have bought aspire one windows xp version last week. It happen today when I try to start the notebook it only can stand for about a minute and after that it shutdown automatically. I have connected it with power supply but it still happened.

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Acer :: Aspire 5315 Hotspot (+ Hard Shutdown)
a while ago (month?) i buyed my new Aspire 5315. I installed additional RAM (Kingmax SODIMM 1024MB, DDRII533, CL4, PC4300), and after that - laptop after some time (may vary between 1 - 3hs, by room temperature and running processes, and if charger is attached or not) goes hot (at the place where ram is) and shutdowns by itself.

Here will be more detailed specs. (ask if there's something missing)

Could be the voltage wrong? As i said - it's totally new laptop, i think this wouldn't be a dust problem.

at BIOS - there is no voltage settings, and it doesn't show any temp, etc. I installed SpeedFan, it shows 35° for HDD and 50° for Temp1.

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Sony :: Is Hidden Partition Recovered After Using Recovery DVD
I am going to install Win7 RC on my Vaio TT21XN. Have made Recovery DVD. If I remove hidden partition and install new system (for example Win7) and after some time will want have hidden partition back will it be recovered after using Recovery DVD?

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Dell :: XPS M140 Recovery Partition Deleted/recovered To DVD
I accidentally deleted the DSR partition but I restored it using Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Professional, then burned it to a DVD....................................

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Sony ::Vaio CW Crashing :: Video Driver Has Been Recovered
just started using this laptop last night and now when watching a video it sputtered and turned white got a brief message saying some Video driver has been recovered

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Dell :: E6500: Display Driver Has Stopped Responding And Has Successfully Recovered
I have an e6500 with an Nvidia graphics card. I'm running Win7 with all current drivers, including the latest graphics card driver.

Today, while doing nothing particularly graphics-intensive--I was just surfing the Web, writing documents--the display repeatedly flashed to black, then went back to normal...........................

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Dell :: SXPS 1640 Display Driver Stopped Responding And Has Recovered
So I got my M1530 replaced with a SXPS 1640 with a 3670 video card and I have been getting this error message frequently. The laptop freezes then a few seconds later comes back online with this error message! How do I fix this?

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Sony :: Display Driver Nvlddmkm Stopped Responding And Has Successfully Recovered
Has anyone seen this error on their VPC-Z series?

I've seen it twice now... it flashes up something about "188.8" or something but that vanishes quick. In Event Viewer, it says:

Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

Is it bad, or just iffy drivers? It recovers instantly.

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Acer :: Low Battery Shutdown. Why Is It Classed "Disruptive"
Vista HP

Have my critical battery level set at 5% and "shutdown" as the action to take. I reached this point yesterday and the laptop powered down OK, but I notice that the reliability monitor classes this as a disruptive shutdown.

Why ? It's just doing what it's supposed to do.

Is there any possibility of file corruption or anything. It seemed to shut down very smoothly.

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Dell :: Frequent Shutdown
Does the laptop need frequent shutdown, in case if we are leaving it all the time by turning off the display/screen, while downloading or leaving it to do any other background task like defrag/scanning/downloading while we aren't on laptop?

does anyone here completely turn off laptop without leaving it to sleep/hibernate mode while we aren't using it?

do leaving the laptop without turning off does causes any problem to laptop?

i have closely monitoring the temp as i leave it on all the time while downloading and not doing any-other work on it, so leaving the laptop on always does cause any problem .....

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Apple :: Slow Mac OS X Shutdown
My MacBook Pro used to shutdown in about 6 seconds. Now it takes over 40. I've added and removed a lot of software over time and am wondering if there are shutdown procedures being run where the software doesn't exist (resulting in a long search for shutdown programs that ultimately fail). Could someone tell me the filename and directory of the file that calls other scripts to shutdown? I'd like to take a look at this file to see if there's stuff in it that shouldn't be there. Alternative a shutdown log (if such a thing exists)

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Dell :: Inspiron Shutdown Randomly
i have a dell inspiron b130 and every once in a while the thing just shuts off lke the bat has been takin out, no shutdown process or nothin. i know the battery is shot, i was just wondering if its the cord or the ac jack on the computer itself? i can mess with the cord by the computer and i can get it to work. but also the cord has been chewed on near in the middle between the ac plug and the power brick....

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Dell :: Latitude D820 Shutdown
I have the Dell Latitude D820, and my problem is this...............

When I go to Start>Shutdown

It goes through the motions as in it's shutting down.

But then it will stay on the Wallpaper image, with no Icons and it will just stay on till I hold down the power button.

I want to be able to go to Start>Shutdown

So it will shut down all by its self, so I don't have to hold down the power button!

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Dell :: Loud Click On Shutdown?
I've noticed that when I shut down the computer, just before everything turns off I hear a loud(ish) click from the back of the computer. Same sort of noise as when you turn on a light switch, maybe a little sharper.

At first I thought it might be the speakers, but not so sure. Anyone else have this? It might just be hardware turning off

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Shutdown Temperature
i just wanted to know how high the temperatures on the m1530 can go until the computer shuts down ( for CPU, GPU, and ACPI )

I ask this because my lappy will suddenly restart after some stressing while OCing my GPU to 625 core, 890 mem. (no i dont want you posting that its my fault, that im an idiot, that i shouldnt OC this lappy and such)

Its usually stable when gaming (ie. Team Fortress 2), stays at 72C CPU and 81C GPU OCd, but when i try a heavier game ( EVE Online) it will restart after about 20-30 minutes of use.

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Sony :: LED Stays On Even When Laptop Is Shutdown
I have an Sony laptop and when I shut it down I cant turn it back on unless I take out battery and reinsert it. The LED for power stays on until the battery is taken out. I can restart the laptop with no hassle, the problem only occur s if I shut it down and come back and try to turn it on. Other than this problem the laptop seems to be working fine

Configuration: Windows XP

Sony Viao PCG-GR370......old

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Apple :: Random Startup/shutdown - MBP
Sometimes the laptop when started wont go past the blue screens. Also sometimes it wont turnoff. I suspect it might be because of usb devices, but even still i get the problem. It's really annoying because MBP is supposed to be a flawless device.

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Dell :: Studio 1558 Shutdown Without Any Warning
so, this has happened twice. Last time I didn't now when it happened as I was not using the laptop for anything.

But just right now, I was listening to music on it and it just shutdown in the middle of all that. Nothing else being done on it.

Any ideas?

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Dell :: New M1530 Random Shutdown Only On Battery
New British poster here, please be gentle ;] !

I'm glad I found some fellow XPS users, maybe you could give me some advice.

I got my new(ish) M1530 yesterday (refurb from Dell Outlet, saved me £200).
Initially I was very pleased, its a lovely machine, but I then found a problem - its the curse of the random shutdown!

I first noticed it when running 3dMark this morning to demo the XPS.

It happens fairly consistently after a few minutes; the machine doesnt feel hot.
I phoned Dell support (took 1.5 hours) and they/we found it shuts down in the diagnostics tests too.

Conclusion: Replace motherboard, engineer booked.

However I have discovered it only happens when its on battery power - everything is fine on AC power.

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Dell :: Whenever I Shutdown I Get The Blue Screen And This Message
whenever i shutdown, i get the blue screen and this message:

stop: c00000219 {Fatal System Error}

The windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000000 (0x00000000 0x00000000). The system has been shutdow

i have xp os.

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-SZ340- Laptop Did Not Shutdown
I buy sony vaio VGN-SZ340 and i format it and install winxp...every thibg was ok put now when i shutt it hangs on "wibdows is shutting down.."

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Apple :: How To Shutdown Macbook Screen When Connected To TV
i want to shutdown the screen of the macbook pro when connected to an LCD TV without closing the lid.

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Dell :: M1330 Restart/Shutdown/Sleep = BSOD
First of all my M1330 has been serving me quite well lately. I've only had it for about 6 months, but the only problems I've had were the computer getting hot.

As of last night, when I pressed the power button to go into sleep mode (I always do this before I go to bed),

it would pop up a BSOD, and then restart my computer, and pop up a black screen asking if I wanted to reboot in safe mode or not

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Dell :: Necessary To Shutdown Before Docking/removing From Dock (E6400)
And if so, shut down completely, put to sleep or hibernate, etc?

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Dell :: Shutdown Hangs With BIOS A15 On Latitude E6400
I upgraded to BIOS A15 when it came out and since then I have had a problem that I never had before. I have now downgraded to BIOS A14 and the problem is gone.

Problem description
When rebooting or shutting down Windows XP the shutdown process hanged. I think it only occurred when the computer was docked in the docking station. I have the advanced docking station with serial port, parallel port etc.

After I upgraded to A15 I noticed that the parallel port and serial port got listed the safe remove dialog box. With A14 and before they are not listed.

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Dell :: SXPS 1645 Boot / Shutdown Time?
I have just ordered 720QM SXPS 1645 and waiting for it to get out of the 'In Production' time...

So, I was just curious about its performance...

Can anyone who has a Studio XPS 1645 (preferably i7) post their start-up / shutdown time?

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Dell :: E6400 Blue Screen Code 9f On Sleep/shutdown
Just got a new E6400 and even before VISTA had fully loaded 1st time, it had bluescreened and showed a minidump with errorcode 9F = DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE.

Error occurs very often when going to sleep mode, and sometimes when doing reboot or shutdown.

Computer then hangs for 5-10-15 minutes before rebooting and showing the VISTA error report. Now, 2 days after 1st power on, I've had probably 10 BSOD's during sleep / restart / poweroff operations .....

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HP/Compaq :: DV6560- Battery- Discharge When The Laptop Is Shutdown (no Stanby)
I have an HP DV6560 and I have a problem with my battery. She discharge when the laptop is shutdown (no stanby).

All drivers are installed and updated.. bios, chipset, etc..

For information when the laptop is shutdown no alimentation is activ, I have tryed with un mouse USB.

Juste again, the battery discharge only when is plugged in the laptop. But when is plugged off, the battery no discharging.

Maybe is the remote control option who discharge ma battery when my laptop is shutdown, but I don't disabled this option in the BIOS..

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Apple :: Shutdown Time Increased Since Installing VMware Fusion
Normally when I shut power off my MacBook Pro, it takes about 4-5 seconds and then its off. Since I installed VMware Fusion yesterday, it takes about 1 minute to power off. What is going on? I read somewhere that when you quit a virtual machine you need to choose "kill all" to stop any background processes. How do I do this or is this just normal.

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Acer :: Wanna Reinstall Windows XP Thus Deleting Windows VISTA
i want to uninstall everything that is i want to ununistall the OS VISTA thus replacing it with WINDOWS XP.

But unfornately i have failed to install OS (XP) on my laptop which came with pre-installed Windows Vista. I not been able , but when i boot my lapto using Windows XP CD it copies the required files but when i press ENTER to install Windows XP the message appears that " Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer. Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer and that any disk related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacture supplied diagnostic or setup program. Setup cannot continue. To quit setup, press F3." Please note I have C: drive installed windows vista on it, i have drive D: files are available for recovery disk pre-installed by the windows vista or manufacturer. My lapto is ACER MODEL 4320. Please advise how to install how to install the operating system on this computer.

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Acer :: CineDash Config - Acer 6935G And Windows 7 64bit Version
Recently I developed this simple application that lets you easily configure CineDash and other buttons functions on Acer laptops. This application, “Acer CineDash Config”, is mainly for mine purposes.

I tested it on my Acer 6935G and Windows 7 64bit version. It probably should work on other models and systems to.

Some of the features that Acer CineDash Config supports are:
•32bit and 64bit systems
•Configuring applications to run and captions for buttons:oArcade DeluxeoEmpowering tech.oInternetoE-Mail•Making and restoring registry backup
•Enabling media keys to work with other programs, like winamp, and restoring original key mapping file

Here's screenshot of it:

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Acer :: Acer 6930ZG With A Fresh Install Of Windows 7 RC 32bit - MapleStory Blue Screen Of Death
I have an Acer 6930ZG with a fresh install of windows 7 RC 32bit. I can play Call Of Duty 4, Counter Strike, Flatout 2 etc. with no problems! But when I try to open MapleStory a blue screen appears, and begin to make a physcial memory dump? . MapleStory is a 2D-game, and Call Of Duty requires much more.

I made a little research, and I found out that alot of people have the same problem, and they said it was caused by a conflict with a program or hardware drivers. I have tried to delete my NVIDIA driver, and install it again. No luck.

And yes, I have also tried to run MapleStory in compatibily mode

As I said: It's only in MapleStory I experience the problem, and I don't think it's ram-failure, since I have seen the same problem on a different computer, and I can play Call of Duty 4.

Here is the system log:
Navn på problemhændelse:BlueScreen

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Apple :: Windows On A Mac - Windows XP Pro SP3 V Windows Vista Ultimate SP2
For those that use Windows on your Mac's, which version do you recommend? I'm thinking, what's best for battery life, performance etc..

I have a copy of Windows XP Pro SP3 and Windows Vista Ultimate SP2. I'm tempted to go with XP for simplicity, and the fact that it has equal compatibility and a shed load less intrusive DRM.

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Acer :: Windows 7 VM Install
Just bought an 8940G from Newegg and received it yesterday.

I started it up, just enough to run the recovery tools and burn the recovery DVD's. After that, I blew it away and installed Ubuntu (9.10)

My intention is/was to run Windows 7 in a VM off of Ubuntu, but I'm a bit concerned about my ability to do the reinstallation off of the recovery DVD's in the VM. I'll be running VMware 7 Workstation.

-) Has anyone ever done a native OS installation from the recovery DVD's?

-) Will the Win7 OS install from the recovery DVD's barf if being installed in a VM?

I'm guessing that the install would be OEM locked, so it technically won't "see" my laptop hardware in the VM environment.

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Acer :: 8930G Windows 7
I have an acer 8930G with a Q9000 processor, 500gb hd etc. Running visa home premium at the moment (32 bit) and looking to change.

I have created factory restore dvds in case I need to revert anyway.

But I do not want to spend ages installing windows 7 if there are no acer drivers etc for it.

Has anyone who has this laptop installed windows 7 and is it working?

I have been given an official 64 bit version of windows 7 (some guy I know is on some training course or something) but I cant find out info about it.

Obviously I need the dash thing to work for volume control, I use the fingerprint reader a lot too, I also have a tv card with my laptop (Havent managed to find channels yet though!!). Basically I want to see if everything works? IE do the vista drivers work?

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Acer :: Windows 7 On 9500
im trying to put windows 7 or vista on a aspire 9500 and cant find any drivers to get on the internet is it a xp only machine that makes no sense?

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Acer :: Windows 7 And 6930G
Just got Windows 7, and have installed 64-bit to my Acer Aspire 6930G. I'm having some issues getting the graphics and sound "just so".

Have tried a number of drivers from the Acer website, but I cannot get the Tuba bass thing to play, and the sound is currently pretty bad.

Also working out what Nvidia drivers are the best to use is proving unusually difficult. Windows 7 automatically downloaded some when I first booted, 186.52, are these good to use? They are not available from Nvidia, just 186.51. With either of these drivers I don't seem to have full control over how to scale images, I'm forced to use my display's scaler.

I don't have any of the Acer empowering softwate installed, I tried checking out the Acer website, but I'm having difficulty working out exactly what would be best to use with Windows 7 (or if I should use it any at all.)

Windows 7 seemed to intall drivers for most items, so I don't know what I need to install manually. I no longer have any "Acer Crystal Eye Webcam" software, for example, and cannot find this for download either?

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Acer :: 5315 Windows 7
im tired of vista on my wifes acer. I have a copy of 7 ultimate that im going to put on there.....if it works..... any info? anyone go to 7 on the 5315?

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Acer :: Reinstalling Windows 7
i'm considering reinstalling windows 7 home premium on my laptop and i'm wondering if i can use a regular windows 7 home premimum disk instead of the "restore/backup" discs that came with my acer laptop. Reason for doing this is because i do not want all the bloatware from the original backup discs. is this doable?

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Acer :: 8930G Anyone With Windows 7
I have an official 64 bit version of windows 7 but I am not sure if to install it or not.

I have an acer 8930G with a Q9000 processor, 500gb hd etc. Running visa home premium at the moment (32 bit) and looking to change.

I have created factory restore dvds in case I need to revert anyway.

But I do not want to spend ages installing windows 7 if there are no acer drivers etc for it.

Has anyone who has this laptop installed windows 7 and is it working?

I have been given an official 64 bit version of windows 7 (some guy I know is on some training course or something) but I cant find out info about it.

Obviously I need the dash thing to work for volume control, I use the fingerprint reader a lot too, I also have a tv card with my laptop (Havent managed to find channels yet though!!). Basically I want to see if everything works? IE do the vista drivers work?

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Acer :: Windows XP On 5535
I got an Acer 5535 laptop that comes with Vista, and none of the official acer websites have windows XP drivers. To make the switch myself I changed the SATA setting AHCI to IDE (otherwise XP won't work), installed XP and used the drivers from: [url]

Drivers and everything worked fine but when i went to install World of Warcraft it said my laptop doesnt meet the minimum requirements, I then right clicked My Computer -> properties, and noticed it says I have 1Ghz speed and 1.75 RAM when it should be 2GHZ and 2GB RAM.

So far i noticed no decrease in speed but would this ruin my laptop this way, and why has the numbers of my computer speed changed? I'll switch back to Vista if it means keeping my laptop running fine, but i prefer XP if possible.

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