Apple :: Mini Display Port > S Video Adapter

Feb 20, 2009

I'm trying to hook my aluminum macbook up with my TV. I've gotten all the wires but it isn't working, is there something I have to do on my Macbook? Something to press?

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Apple :: MacBook Pro Mini Display Port

May 10, 2010

I have a new MacBook Pro 13" 2.66GHz.

I have seen adaptors that allow me to output via HDMI.

Obviously HDMI carries audio as well as video - but will my MacBook output both audio and video through the mini display port?

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Apple :: Mini Display Port To Vga On A Projector

May 1, 2009

At university, there are projectors which are used when doing a demo or presenting our software. I wanted to know if the mini display port to vga converter works flawlessly with projectors.

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Apple :: Macbook Pro 13 Mini Display Port Audio Confirmed

Apr 25, 2010

I bought a miniDisplay Port to HDMI and 3 HDMI Cables and a HDMI splitter from seller mambate on eBay. Surprisingly it was all really good quality, the audio works well, I wish I had a surround sound system to test it on but I use optical audio for HT. So my Hanns G 28 Monitor is really the only thing I could test it on, and it works.

The Splitter comes wit a remote too which I thought was cool.

This is my MBP13 and he Hanns G

Funny side note, the MBP quicktime plays better 1080p vids on the HannsG dont know why. either way plex is the best program for videos.

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Apple :: What Are Mini Display Port To Dual-link Dvi Options

May 10, 2010

I have a 13.3" MBP and a HP LP3065 monitor. At times, I would like to use the monitor for more real estate. I know there is the Apple mini display port to dual-link dvi adapter. Are there any other options that I will be able to use my monitor at 2560x1600 resolution with the MBP?

The reviews for the apple adapter suck and basically all of them have flickering issues. I would hate to buy it, return it, and waste my time on something I know that has a great chance of failure.

I also have Logitech Z-5500 speakers that I would like to use with my Macbook. Would a toslink to mini-toslink cable work?

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HP 2710p Display :: Video Output From Display Port Of Docking Station Wa995aa

May 14, 2014

I should like to connect my old hp2710p to TV via HDMI. So I connect the displayport of the docking with an hdmi adpater but it doesn't work.
If I connect my hp2760p, everything goes.
The 2710p has w7 32bit, last version o BIOS and drivers.

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Dell :: Display Port To HDMI Adapter For $15 ??

Jan 8, 2009

I just ordered an M4400 from the outlet, and in the Accessories page during the order there was no option to buy a DisplayPort to XXX Adapter for $15 like there is when you are buying a new one...

I figured it wouldn't be a big deal to find one after the fact, but now that I'm looking the only DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Dell has to order is $59.99 !! Any ideas one where to get one closer to $15?

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Dell XPS 13 :: Connect The Mini Display Port To A TV?

Mar 26, 2013

Dell XPS 13 is coming and want to know if can connect the mini display port to a TV.

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Dell Latitude E6510 :: Display Port - No Video Signal?

Feb 10, 2013

I have a Latitude e6510 display port. The graphics card that came with the laptop is Nvidia NVS 3100M.

My display port does not output. External screen just says <No video signal>

The Nvidia control panel can also not see any other monitors.

I have tried this with multiple displays. I have updated to the latest drivers for everything including Nvidia.I ran the scan system for driver updates utility from Dell.

How do I get the display port to start outputting. Is there some special driver that is needed?

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Lenovo X / Helix Tablet :: ThinkPad - Mini Display Port Support Audio Output?

Aug 20, 2013

Does the Helix's Mini Displayport support audio output?
Since this is not mentioned specifically on the Lenovo Specs Sheet, was wondering if any Helix owners have successfully connected the MDP to HDMI with clear audio?

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HP Display :: Does HDMi Port On Envy Dv6 Connect To Graphics Card Or On Board Video

Nov 18, 2014

Does the hdmi port on the HP ENVY dv6 connect to the graphics card or on board video?

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HP/Compaq :: Does The NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600M GT Video Card In The HDX16T Output 1080P Thru HDMI Port? (i Have The 1366x768 Display On My Latop)

Jun 15, 2009

Does the NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600M GT video card in the HDX16T output 1080P thru HDMI port? (i have the 1366x768 display on my latop)

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Apple :: Connect The Macbook To An External LCD Monitor - Mini-DVi To DVi Adapter

Mar 20, 2009

if I want to connect the macbook to an external LCD monitor, I will need a mini-DVi to DVI adapter, but the adapter is so short. So should I connect the adapter to the DVi cable that is connect to the monitor? The adapter is so short that there is no way it can be directly connected to the monitor......

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Apple :: Upgraded New Mac Mini To 4GB- Video Memory Pictures- Description

Mar 9, 2009

Taking the Mini apart is very easy. Slide the putty knife, as others describe, into either side of the Mini, and just bend outward. That process takes under 30 seconds, and don't be afraid to make little scratches on the white plastic underneath. It WILL happen a little bit, but it's so minor that nobody will notice, and... well.... it's underneath! So who cares?

Here was my model Mini with 1GB, out of the box, with only 128MB Geforce 9400m available.

Taking it apart is VERY easy. Just remove the lid as described above, remove the 3 antennas from their clips (NOT from the motherboard). That takes about 5 seconds. Then unscrew the 4 screws in the corners of the system, taking special note of their original location! Then all you need to do is prop up the DVD drive and get your hand in there and remove the single DIMM. I was pleasantly surprised to see a 1GB DIMM in there already, not 2x 512MB, so for those wanting to upgrade to 2GB and not 4GB DDR3, you just need one stick of 1GB! Nice one, Apple! (I, of course, assume that ALL 1GB Minis come like this...)..........................

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Apple :: Mini Display Problem

May 20, 2009

Everything works great with the adapter except for one thing. Once I wake the Macbook up from sleep, the TV doesn't detect it and stays "asleep". I would have to unplug and replug the wire. I've also notice that sometimes my TV would be full screen, sometimes it would have a black bar on the left and right side.

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Apple :: MSN For MAC- How To Get My Display Picture To Work - Audio And Video

Mar 30, 2009

I cant figure out how to get my display picture to work, and also audio and video

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HP Pavilion A10-5750M Display :: Graphics Adapter Changed From AMD Radeon 8650G To Standard VGA Adapter

Jun 28, 2014

I have a HP pavillion A10-5750M
Model- 15-e084ca(windows 7 ultimate)
I recently changed my window from 8 to 7 ultimate and i noticed my grahics adapter has changed from AMD radeon 8650G to standard VGA graphics adapter. Why is that and how do i change it?

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Dell Latitude E7240 :: AC Adapter Does Not Work With E-Port Docking Station

May 25, 2014

We are running more than200 dell computers in our company. lately we purchased E7240 for some users but it looks like the AC adapter does not work with the Dell E-Port docking station we have and that cause theĀ USB hubs not to function at all.

Currently the workaround is to plug the AC adapter to the laptop instead of the docking station.

Our BIOS is updated to the latest version. also a message comes up when the ac adapter connected to the docking station before the windows boot up saying the ac adapter won't charge.....

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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga S Series :: S1 Audio Output Through Mini HDMI Port

Feb 6, 2011

Yoga S1 output audio through the mini HDMI port? Ā I see it listed as a possible output in "sound", but it just says "not connected". Ā Not sure if it is my TV, my laptop, or the HDMI to mini HDMI cable I'm using.

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Dell :: Auto/air Adapter For Mini 10v

Aug 6, 2009

Can someone tell me what air adapter I need for the mini10v or where I can find out that information? I have a long 11hour flight and I need that air adapter!

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HP Dv3 Display :: Can't Install Driver For Display Adapter

Jan 21, 2015

I cant find and install driver for display adapter. I see on device manager that without "ATI radeon 5400 seri" ....

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Acer :: Aspire 5102 WLmi 5102Wlmi Mini-Pcie Port Not Working / Detected

Sep 5, 2009

my question is about the empty mini-pcie slot inside the 5102wlmi. I plugged in a sprint novatel e725 wwan card, but windows doesn't detect anything. Is there a modded bios that detects it?

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HP EliteBook 820 G1 Display :: Connecting External Monitor - Cannot Display Video Mode

Sep 4, 2014

I am having problems connecting an external monitor, Dell 2709W, to my Elitebook 820 G1.
I have an Intel HD 4400 graphics solution. The monitor says:
Out of range signal
Cannot display this video mode
change computer display input to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz.
I use a Display Port cable for the connection.
My OS is Win 8.1 64bit
I have used the HP support assistant to update all hardware drivers...

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HP/Compaq :: Editing Video On The Mini 311

Dec 8, 2009

Could I edit HD video on a souped up 311? If so what program?

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Dell :: E Series Dock And Display Port

May 28, 2010

Anyone else experience issues with the display port on the e series dock?

I've got a E6400, E4300 and E4200 that I'm using with a E Port replicator.

I'm connecting it to a dell ultrasharp U2410 monitor via display port.

Several times a day, the monitor will go blank and say there is no signal, then 10 seconds later turn back on.

Several more times a day the monitor will go into standby and say there is no signal, the only way to get it back on is to open up the laptop and press FN F8 several times to switch the outputs, and sometimes that will work, other times it won't. in that case I have to either reboot the computer, or go into the intel graphics settings, tell it to use single monitor, and use the dell digital u2410.

I've called dell support, they are useless. I've updated the video drivers, I've reloaded the computer, I've tried 3 computers (but on the same dock since I only have one docking station).

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Dell :: E6400 And E-Port Plus Dual External Display

Jul 21, 2009

I've got a co-worker that just got an E6400 and E-Port Plus docking station with 130W power supply.

The machine is running 32-bit Windows XP with an nVidia Quadro NVS 160m and she has two Dell 2001FP monitors connected to the DVI ports on the docking station.

I can't seem to get dual displays on the external monitors. With the laptop closed and docked, the machine only recognizes one of the monitors that is plugged in to the dock.

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Dell :: E4200 Takes A Second Battery And Has Display Port Out?

Aug 27, 2009

The e4200 has 1 powered usb port and an esata/usb combo port only right? Also I heard it takes a second battery and has display port out?

Dell's site didn't explain that well and I'd like to know from someone who has one.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Display Port And Windows7

Sep 12, 2009

I have a Dell Latitude E6400 and want to connect the laptop to my TV (Samsung LCD) via HDMI.

I bought a DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter (

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Sony :: Vaio Z Dual Display Docking Port

Mar 3, 2009

I am planning to get 2x 23inch monitors 1920x1200. So now here is the situation. I want to connect both of these to my sony vaio z. I have found solutions such as the Matrox DualHead2Go box and what not.. But i was wondering if i can get the sony z docking station and use that for dual output. Unlike some other threads that i've read my situation would be to plug the hdmi on the laptop to monitor1 and the dvi from the docking station to monitor 2.

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HP Display :: Does G7-2246nr Support Input Via HDMI Port

Oct 20, 2014

I have a g7-2246nr laptopĀ  with an AMD Radeon HD 7520 discrete class graphics card. The processor is an AMD A6-4400M.Ā  I am running WIndows 8.1 64 bit.
I would like to record video from a DSLR's HDMI output to the laptop. Does the laptop support this?

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