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Dell :: BIOS Revision A09 Released

Please update to the revision immediately and post your results here. It seems importance is rated as Recommended and not urgent, so I'm not sure whether or not the system downclock and fan issues have been fixed, which is quite an urgent matter.

If someone could get a log file of the changes from Dell that would be great.

Update: Thanks Weegie:

1. Added support for BIOS that is signed.
2. Updated to PSA build 4117.
3. Updated thermal table.
4. Fixed the issue where system is slow to boot to internal hard drive after failed PXE boot exits.
5. Fixed the issue where Some BIOS Setup parameters are not accessible with only the keyboard.
6. Fixed the issue where system will automatically shut down at resuming from S3.
7. Fixed the issue where the time of BIOS power event log in Setup is wrong for power button event.
8. Fixed the issue where presentation mode cannot be turned on/off from the DCP.

These things look sOoOoOoO important .

During the flash, the only thing that appeared was "Updating Keyboard Controller ROM", but I don't know if that's regular or not. I will be gaming with this new revision and posting results soon.

All in all, nothing to see here. Seems like Dell either a) does not read our threads, or b) does not care. Nothing to see here .

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Dell :: Early XPS 1340 Which BIOS Revision To Use?
I am currently running BIOS revision A5 on my 1340 which I bought in April 09.

I am re-installing Windows 7 64 bit following freezing problems and am considering updating to the current BIOS revision A11.

Under the 'Important Information' for the A11 BIOS at the the Dell download site, it says:

'2.This BIOS is for B02 chipset'.

SIW (System Information for Windows) on my 1340 reports:

North Bridge NVIDIA nForce 730i Revision B1
South Bridge NVIDIA nForce 730i Revision B1

I presume this is the chipset revision.

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Dell :: M4400: BIOS Revision A14 Comments
I downloaded it but didn't see any noticeable changes in the temps and whatnot.

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Dell :: M4400: BIOS A19 Released
1. Updated Intel(R) Active Management Technology firmware.
2. Updated PXE OPROM
3. Updated TPM MA/MP driver.
4. Showed LOM MAC address in BIOS setup.

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Dell :: M4400 Bios A18 Released Dec 1
1. Updated thermal table.

2. Removed HDD Acoustic support.

3. Added password support for remote console.

4. Fixed issue where Local KB control is not released properly during or after IDER session.

5. Enhanced INT 19h support.

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Dell :: XPS 1640 System BIOS A10 Released
Dell XPS 1640 System BIOS A10

Changelog states:

1) Enhance graphic function.

I've noticed that it adds display dimming and brightness levels to Power Options:

However, I haven't noticed any changes to the RGBLED screen calibration as was reported by KSMB in the RGBLED thread.

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Dell :: A09 BIOS Update Released For XPS 1645
Dell has released A09 update for Studio XPS 1645 on 17-May-2010

The update resolves following issues:

*Features update:
1. Update Processor Power Management(PPM) from 0.60 to 0.63-1 .
2. Support 2nd source SPI ROM EN25F32(BIOS) and EN25F80(EC).
3. Update ME bin file in BIOS for 2nd source SPI ROM EN25F32(BIOS).
4. Modified flash part size to prevent BIOS crash in failsafe part for factory only.
5. Support over 230W adapter to treat as 130W(EC).
6. Update Clarksfield thermal table to V.03(EC).
7. Enhanced PPM RC code for P-state thread count.

*Issues fix:
1. Fix S4 long run failed on DC mode with BSOD 9F.
2. Paltrow freeze issue: Hang up when playing youtube HD film.
3. Fix unable to communicate with battery error under delldiag.
4. Fix ACPI_PSD error in "powercfg -energy" tool under windows.
5. Fix Micron DDR3 memory can not boot up issue.

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Dell :: M4400 BIOS A13 Released, UT3 FPS Doubled On My FX1700M
First of all, I have no idea if this has already been covered on the "Precision M4400 Owner's Lounge" thread, I have not been following it for it getting longer and longer.

So, I opened a new thread to tell everyone that Dell has released BIOS A13 for the M4400. I installed it yesterday, and not only is my machine quieter under light load, its graphics performance is also higher - much higher, actually.

I used to think that my FX1700M was not affected by the downclocking, but now I stand corrected.

It WAS indeed downclocking heavily as it seems. When I was playing some UT3 a couple of hours ago, I suddenly actually had double(!) the frame rate compared to what I had with BIOS A12.

I maxed out some settings to see what would happen, and at settings that I was not able to make it run smooth some weeks ago I now got 30 to 40 frames per second

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Acer :: 6920G Bios Updated 1.16v Released
new bios is up on the Acer support listed as version 1.16V?

I checked out the file but nothing listed and documentation?

Acer 6920G Bios Updated 1.16v

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Sony :: Officially Released A BIOS Update To Enable VT On 4th Generation SR
There were many SR4 laptops sold in May 2009 in China suffering the problem of stopping responding randomly and frequently, which caused quite a lot of hot threads discussing.

Sony identified the problem as some bugs in BIOS firmware and hence released an update to fix this.

Official site:[url] (Chinese site, Google Translate may work)

Download link: [url]

As a "side effect" some customers noticed that Sony has officially enabled the option of VT in BIOS settings!

This is quite unbelievable according to the usual style of Sony. Maybe it is because of the pressure from XP mode in the upcoming Windows 7.

Unfortunately the BIOS update still does not give SLIC 2.1 so to activate Windows 7 we still need SLIC 2.1 from Lenovo or other brands.

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Dell :: New Studio 15 Revision Has 900 P.. Wait What?
the new dell studio 15 has a option fora 900p screen. this prob means a 1440x 900 screen but it just doesn't make any sense calling it 900p. it even confused me..

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Sony :: Windows 7 On A Final Revision SZ
I have a final revision pre-configured VGN-SZ780DN (Canadian model Made in Japan). It comes with Vista Business 32bit RTM (not even SP1). I was shocked this morning to check on the eSupport Canada website and find out that my model is not supported by Sony for a Windows 7 upgrade!?! I mean, I thought the earlier SZ models probably wouldn't but I figured that for sure the final line of SZs would be as they are pretty recent, as I only brought mine on clearence for a real good price this year in March for $1100 CDN.

So, if I get Windows 7, I just want to make sure that everything works 100% and I will do the simplest straightest upgrade possible. Windows Vista Business RTM 32bit upgraded to Windows 7 Professional 32bit.

I already have my computer flashed with the latest BIOS and Bluetooth firmware from the eSupport site. Now, if I reformat my computer to ensure that it is all clean with the Sony recovery, remove crap like Norton 360, Google toolbar, Spybot Search and Destroy, install ALL the latest driver and software updates from the eSupport site for Vista then upgrade to Windows 7 Pro 32bit, how will things be?

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Apple :: Macbook 13 Aluminum Revision 2
How long it takes to Apple to relase updated version of new unibody macbook 13

Looking for new laptop. This new Mac is perfect for my needs but after playing a bit with it display its a dealbreaker . There is Pro but it seams a bit to pricy.My hopes ar that they would place a better quality display in future models. Likely to happen?

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Dell :: SXPS 16 With Ati 5650 Released
Ok so after all the speculation it has finally happened. Head over to and customise an xps 16 and you can upgrade the graphics card to a 5650. Unfortunately this wasn't the complete redesign many of us were hoping for, but at least its something. Anyone know what the performance difference will be?

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Dell :: Ubuntu 9.10 Released ... And Its The Most Polished Ever ....
Ubuntu 9.10 is perfect and to be true it too just works out of the box , given the fact that it has to support infinite pc configurations it is great !!!

Hail 9.10 .. and if you wont try you will surely miss something great. Where else do you have a resume and sleep time of 2-4 seconds. bootup time of less than 15 seconds ..

It doesnt have a lot more to take to catch up .. i am certain that in a year or so you will see emergence of linux everywhere .. Just that volume is what promotes things,

if a lot of people start using linux, a lot of hardware manufacturers will be forced to give better drivers and support.

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Dell :: Precision 6300 Released In Norway!!
Hi, the Precision 6300 is out in Norway, but only with the FX 1600 graphics option yet.
But you can opt for the x7900 extreme cpu..

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Dell :: ATI Catalyst Software Suite 10.2 Released
New Display Driver 8.702

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Dell :: New XPS Studio 13 Graphics Drivers Released
Drivers are available here for Vista x64.

The are NVidia version 178.75 and should help with stability when using Hybrid SLI.

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Dell :: 32-bit AND 64-bit NVidia Driver Ver: 176.44, A02 Released For M1330 From
32-bit Driver

nVidia GeForce 8400M, GeForce 8600M, GeForce 8400M GS


Version: 176.44 V32, A10
Product & OS Compatibility: XPS M1330; Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit

64-bit Driver

nVidia GeForce 8400M, GeForce 8600M, GeForce 8400M GS


Version: 176.44 V64, A02
Product & OS Compatibility: XPS M1330; Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit

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Dell :: 32-bit AND 64-bit NVidia Driver, A03 Released From For M1530
Vista 32/64 - nVidia Drivers For DELL XPS M1530

32-bit Driver

nVidia GeForce 8400M, GeForce 8600M, v., A03


Version:, A03 (176.44)
Vista 32-bit driver

OS & Product Compatibility: XPS M1530; Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit


Dell has also released a 64-bit Driver

nVidia GeForce 8400M, GeForce 8600M, v., A03


Version:, A03 (176.44)
Vista 64-bit Driver

OS & Product Compatibility: XPS M1530; Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit

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Dell :: Studio 1535 & 1735 New Video Driver Released 10/26
FYI Dell released a new video driver for the studio laptops today.
It said it increases compatibility with external monitors. I wouldn't know since I've never hookem mine up to an external. But I will dl just to stay up to date. You can find it here:

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Dell :: M1730 GFX Offering Upgrade Program When 8800M Is Released
I read a few sites today that said that Dell will be offering a upgrade program for those that buy the M1730 prior to the release of the Mobile 8800.

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Acer :: Released EPower Management For Windows 7
Just checked their supprt website today and had found the new ePower for Windows 7 (I have the Timeline 4810T).

Can someone test that and verify that the battery power consumption is similar to the vista?

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Acer :: BIOS - They Don't Post Most Recent BIOS Versions Online
I got my laptop back from repair and the papers that came with it said that they not only replaced the LCD screen, but also updated the BIOS to the lates version--1.24

I was messing around with my laptop and the various thermal monitoring programs it has while searching the net why the hell my by-core temps always gets stuck at startup. I kept reading on BIOS, BIOS, BIOS. So I went to for hopes that a newer 1.25 or so BIOS would be available for my Ciel Noir.

Surprise surprise, they have only the 1.16 (came with my laptop when it was new) and the 1.23 BIOS (mine was presently 1.24, and they don't have it). I downloaded it anyway, and checked the readme. I noticed that the flash utility .exe was named JALA0123.exe and then I noticed through HWMonitor 1.14 that my motherboard was marked JALA0 so hmm...this prompted me to flash the BIOS.

Booted up, got into Windows, fired up HWMonitor and what do you know, now it's working!! HWMonitor reads a different TJMax though, so I adjusted it to be the same as CoreTemp's and Everest, and now it's showing (I hope) correct temps.

Now my question is this: Why does the BIOS that comes from Acer directly i.e. after purchase or repair makes the sensors not work? And why are these BIOSes not available online? Is it possible that they use BIOSes that are for different laptop models, hence rendering the addresses for the thermal monitors different from the actual ones? (I read up that thermal sensors depended on the correct addresses, too.)

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Sony :: How To Backup Vaio Z Original Bios While Flashing New Bios
Updated: Found a better way to backup Bios only, Please see the end of this message

Let say your Vaio Z is using Bios R4040M3 and you move to Bios R4041M3 to use the official VT support. Later on, you want to move back to R4040M3 to use the Advance Menu hack. Unfortunately, you cannot move back as Sony never publish the R4040M3 Bios update. This is my current situation.

I decided to investigate a way to back up the current Bios. Using a program called Universal extractor, I managed to extracted the files in the original Bios update. The bios update uses a program called Insydeflash to flash the Bios. The Insydeflash uses a file called platform.ini to control its setting.

In the platform.ini file, there is a section called [FDFile]. The section [FDFile] has a parameter called BackupName. If we put in a file name here, the Insydeflash should save your current Bios into that file. Unfortunately, I cannot make it work with the Sony supplied Insydeflash. (version 3.38).

I managed to get the newer version of Insydeflash (version 3.72). The newer version has a new ini section called [BackupROM], as the following:


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Acer :: Laptop With Phoenix BIOS: BIOS MOD Request
There are a lot of BIOS MOD request forums out there but most of them only specialize in SLIC modification. Our job is to unlock hidden menu in the BIOS. We don't want to use "specialize" word here but we know the "how" to get the job done. Based on the old thread Acer Laptop with Phoenix BIOS: Enable Virtualization, we decided to open new thread which specifically deals with BIOS MOD requests.

Other BIOS modder (bob12x, Darkening & others) and I will help you to unlock hidden menu(s) such as Intel Virtualization Menu and Intel Speedstep Technology.............

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HP/Compaq :: Either The BIOS Goes, Or The Laptop Goes Whitelist BIOS For An 8710W
I've run into an issue that has stricken every single laptop, regardless of OS, that I've ran that has an intel 4965N WiFi card. Dell Latitudes, Inspirons, Acers, HPs, Lenovos, Toshibas, Gateway, Sony, XP, Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7, 32 bit, 64 bit.

Transfers of large files to my NAS, such as DVD ISOs, system images, or VMware images, will result in a failed transfer 100% of the time.

The issue does not occur with Broadcom or Atheros cards, or intel cards such as the the 2915ABG, 2200BG, 5100N, 5300N, 5350N. Just the 4965N.

I have an intel 5100N card I bought for a friend to use in a laptop, but he opted to use a Broadcom card that was supported in OSX. I'd like to use it in the HP to fix this issue, but unfortunately, HP's current whitelisting of WiFi cards prevents me from doing so. find a BIOS that will let me use my 5100N?

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Sony :: How To Edit Bios With Bios Editor
Is there a guide that explains how it is possible to successfully edit a bios file for flashing? Or could a person explain how it should be done

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Acer :: To Bios, Or Not To Bios
I've got a T7500 that I want to drop in my Aspire 4315. The Chip replacement is simple enough, but Acer unwilling to advise me what Bios I will need to upgrade to, even though they offer bios upgrades on their website.

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Dell :: New A07 Bios For 1647
This was released at the same time as A09 for 1645, why is nobody talking about it? Does it remove the 84 degree gpu limit like A09 does?

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Dell :: Bios Download
I recently had a new motherboard installed on my Dell Inspiron 8600 (by local repair guy - not Dell).

I'm doing a clean install of xp pro and downloading the drivers from the Dell website.

I entered my service code to get all the right drivers, but one of the downloads is System Bios A14 (optional). Should I download and install that or not?..

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Dell :: Reflashing BIOS
Is there anyway for a dell technician to see that I have the unlocked BIOS on my laptop?

And if there is how do I revert back to the original?

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Dell :: Replace Bios?
I changed motherboard (GPU fail), bought used one, which is from vostro 1400, so now I have inspiron 1420 with vostro 1400 BIOS..................

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Dell :: New Bios For M1530
Does anyone know if there is another new version of BIOS coming for the M1530's besides the newest A12 version, I could name multiple things that a newer BIOS update could fix.

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Dell :: Unlocking XPS 16 BIOS
What are the benefits of unlocking the xps 16 bios? Will you be able to overclock the processor and graphics card? Can that even be achieved even if you do unlock the bios?

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Dell :: M1530 Bios & 6/8gb Ram?
I just stumbled onto this site and I've been reading posts for hours. I wish I would have found it sooner! I have a M1530, with 3gb ram running Win7 32bit.

So, from what I gather reading that the XPS M1530 will support either 6 or 8 gb of ram, but only with certain Bios versions?

And those would be either A11 or A13, both of which I can't find anywhere. It sounds like Dell removed these from their site so that we wouldn't have this capability.

If this is the only way this is possible, is there someone out there that has a copy of this file? Or is there another way? I currently have A12 installed.!

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Dell :: During Update Bios
during update bios sudden shutting down laptop dell studio 17

and after then not working
what can i do?

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Dell :: XPS M1530 A12 BIOS
Has anyone benched the temperatures with A12 on m1530 yet?

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Dell :: M4400 Bios A13 Hot Hot Hot!
I upgraded my M4400 Bios from A06 to A13 when it came out a week or so ago and was initially really happy about the much lessened fan usage.

But since then my computer gets so hot that its impossible to keep it on my lap even after 15 minutes of use.

That I could still handle but the keyboard and the palm rests get pretty hot and it feels very uncomfortable.

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Dell :: BIOS A12 For M1530
I now have A12 bios for xps m1530.

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Dell :: BIOS A13 For M1330
Already available

official Changelog:
1. Added support for new versions of Intel CPUs.
2. Added support for 8GB memory.

8GB support implemented according to

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Dell :: How To Unlock The Bios?
I have an XPS M170, and it has a BIOS lock that only allows 2gb of memory. I want to put in 4gb (2gb x 2).

Called Dell, they said not supported... so that pushes me here =) Anyone unlock their BIOS before to allow more than 2gb of ram?

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Dell :: After Updating The BIOS
After I updated the BIOS on M1210 the laptop doesn't start again. The power light start for seconds then goes off, I cannot hear the hard disk movement or any hardware except the power light....

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Dell :: Looking For The XPS Gen 2 Hacked Bios
I can't seem to find this anywhere.All the old links to the file are currently dead.Does anyone still have this bios?

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Dell :: BIOS A14 For The E6400
I might be a little late to the game here, but just got around to downloading it today.
Was wondering if anyone has noticed any improvements?

I am particularly interested in the effect it may/may not have on the fan.

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Dell :: M1530 Best Bios To Use?
currently i have A12 installed but i heard that some other bios's might make the laptop run cooler like A08

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Dell :: New A06 BIOS Available For XPS1640
Something about improving DVD ejection.

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Dell :: Which Bios Is Best For Cooling
Got a m1530 and, so far, it is fantastic.

i've been keeping an eye on temps and was wondering which is the best bios for cooling.

at the moment my fans don't really kick in until the gpu reaches 70c. The moment the fan starts (not super loud like when you play games but louder than the normal hum) the temp drops back to 58ish very quickly (talking seconds). However, in my mind, it makes more sense to keep temps as stable as possible.

Without fans running (or at least without me noticing them running), my temps normally hang around high 50's low 60's on the gpu. However, if i am doing lots of stuff the temps slowly rise to high 60's before the fan turns on and brings it back to 58-63. I think if fans were on more often i could easily have temps in the low 50's pretty much all the time..

I think I have bios 13 at the mo.. that or 12. is there anyway to increase fan usage?

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