Dell :: Customer Care Experiences ..

Dec 12, 2009

I have had my M1330 (yes the one with the NVIDIA 8400M chip) have had no major problems to date. However, two days ago I had some touchpad issues i.e. a sluggish, unresponsive touchpad so I decided to contact Dell. The experience was really good I go an agent by the name of Mr. Abdul Aleem who was really friendly and provided me with a form to transfer my ownership and then he fixed the issue.

Now earlier this year I contacted Dell about another machine and this wacko was telling me that since I bought the laptop at Best Buy I should go to Best Buy to deal with warranty issues despite the laptop having 1 year basic warranty from Dell.

So I was very pleased with the interaction with Mr. Aleem.

So this a thread to share your experiences with Dell's Customer Care.

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Dell :: Customer Care In India SUCKS BIG TIME...!!

Jan 9, 2009

DELL customer care in India SUCKS BIG TIME...!!
i never got through Dell customer care officer on phone..
its always busy and says 'we will b with u shortly' bull !!

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Dell :: Experiences With Windows 7 64 Bit RTM

Jul 24, 2009

I have stuck it out with the RC 7100 RC. Got burned out by all the builds,although it was a hell of a lot of fun! I am looking to hear from fellow 1640 users experiences thus far with 7600.

I purchased a few 7's via pre order and am Debating just running the rc until Oct. 22. On the other hand I am very curious to have a go @ the RTM. Let me know how it is going for you.

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Dell :: Outlet, Any Experiences

Apr 17, 2009

I have had a bad experience with dell outlet and am weary of purchasing another unit...

Has anybody had any good experiences with the outlet and if so, what unit did you buy and for how much?

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Dell :: India Any Experiences With Replacement?

May 28, 2009

My Studio 1555 is being replaced because of an overheating issue.I would be glad if someone could post any experience with Dell India regarding replacement.Are they efficient and do they make sure that the new one is problem free?

Also,I read on some other forums about them offering freebies with an extended complete cover n,now I'm not being greedy but the way I got a screwed up laptop from Dell,it wouldn't hurt to strike a good bargain the second time around

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Dell :: Any Experiences With The Vostro 1220?

Aug 1, 2009

I am thinking of buying a Vostro 1220 because I now need a portable computer to carry around with me all the time. However, I have only found one review and that wasn't very detailed.

I am particularly concerned about fan noise - I have a 17" Inspiron 9400 at the moment and it doesn't make any noise until it has been on for a long time, but I imagine that a smaller computer may have small heat sinks and therefore need to have the fan running at a higher speed all the time

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Dell :: M1730 W/ 8700GT SLI Driver Experiences

Jul 10, 2008

I think it would be nice for us M1730 owners to share information as to wich dirvers you've tried, with what games and what your experiences have been with them?

I'm having a pretty bad headache getting a driver that runs all my games just as well. I'm playing DiRT, Gird, Race07, UT3, BioShock, CS: Source, Quake4, Quake Wars and so far I've tried 173.13's and 167.51's from DELL, 174.82, 174.90 and 177.35 from and I've had mixed results. Sometimes I'm getting games reset SLI mid-game and then reverting to low-power clocks without it returning back unless I either restart the machine or enable/disable SLI or one of the cards in device manager.

But when it's running a game smoothly its FRIGGIN AWESOME! I just want it to be stable.

For the recrod I always uinsintall drivers, install Standard VGA Adapter drivers, boot into safe mode and use driver sweaper to remove all traces of the previous driver before trying the next one.

So whats it gonna be? Anyone else sharing my driver pain?

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Dell :: Re-Ordering Studio XPS 1647. Any EPP Experiences?

Mar 25, 2010

So if you have followed my system you know what I have gone through, if not just know that it's in the UPS system making its way back to Dell.

I'm planning on re-ordering either before or after I receive my refund, but before would only be possible if I can get my system down to ~2500.

My original system is below in my signature for $2453.00 (includes tax + shipping) .....

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Dell :: Studio 15; Experiences With Full HD Screen And X4500GMA

Dec 14, 2009

im looking for a new laptop for my girlfriend.
The studio 15 caught my eye mainly because of the backlit keyboard and full hd screen option.

Do anbody have any experiences with this combination or atleast with the 4500 intel gfx card ?

She are mainly or only gonna use it for schoolwork, big excel sheets and movies so i guess its sufficient?

And whats the battery time with my choice, any info on that?

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Dell :: XPS Customer Service?

Aug 27, 2009

What exactly is XPS customer service anyway? It's certainly not as good as Small & Medium Business customer service .....

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Apple :: Macbook Pro Experiences

May 16, 2010

I'm very interested in the mbp 15 (i7) , mbp 13 and of course the Envy 14.
I've done quite some googling and asking around my macbook pro friends (they mainly used the 2008 or older generations) but I still have some questions that are keeping me away from buying a Macbook pro.

I'm mainly looking at the i7 Macbook pro 15 because of its power.
*and ps. I have read through some of the big threads here already.

You're experiences and insights with OSX and Macbook Pro's would be great.

*For background, I am a college student who will want (in order of importance):
1. Convenience (ease and slickness of use, like gestures to make life faster and easier on the laptop)

2. Game Power (ability to run most games on medium/high crysis and oblivion)

3. Stability (as a student I can't have the comp crashing especially if papers are due and etc.)..............

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Dell :: Experiences Buying A Refurbished/dented Laptop From Outlet

May 19, 2009

I did not know about this Dell Outlet until I signed up here. The prices seem to be much lower than buying a new unit. I have my eye on a Dell M6400 unit..

So my question is, what are your experiences with a refurbished unit? By refurbished, are these units that have been rented out to businesses and returned? Will I be buying a 100% used unit? or does Dell replaces parts inside before selling them etc? Am I taking chances on these units or am I safe in terms of dependability?

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Dell :: Studio XPS Customer Support

Apr 7, 2009

Do the Studio XPS machines get the customer support that the standard XPS machines do? That is, the American customer/tech support rather than the outsourced one?

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Dell :: What Happened To 's Customer Support OMG!

Feb 22, 2009

I need to tell anyone and everyone before you buy any Dell and there so called WARRENTY.

this is an accually forem post and Dell's reply to me.. I'ts Unbelievable........................................

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Dell :: XPS Customer Service Experience

Feb 8, 2010

Well, I think it's more usual for people to leave comments over bad experiences than good experiences, so I think it would be good to do it.

Few days ago I had a problem with a XPS 1330 which suddenly stopped working. Something related with a shortcircuit with the power supply.

I checked guarantee and happily found that I bought the 3 year extended guarantee with the laptop and it was on the third year so i called customer support and after some small checks they decided it had to do with the motherboard so they ordered a replacement for me for the next day.

I even messed with the asking to come later as I wanted to backup data (just for security). Did the backup and called them again few days later. Again I had no problem, next day a technician came to my home and changed the motherboard. In matter of minutes i had the laptop working again.

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Apple :: Review Of The Macbook/MBP - Experiences

Feb 4, 2009

3 defective MBPs and a MB that seemed to be fine but came with a loose latch that isn't sturdy at all, a physical dot on my screen, not a dead pixel and is now also making that weird clicking noise I had on 1-2 or two of my MBPs, I don't feel in the mood of getting it exchanged too, wasted too much time waiting by going through that procedure before without result anyways, I got a warantee and if it breaks down I'll just get it exchanged then.

The build quality of the unibody macbook/pros are really great, the first time I laid my hands on the MBP was a moment of joy, in comparison to the several other notebooks we have and had in my family, this kind of build quality is just unparalleled. The Macbook does not lack anything in build quality in comparison to the MBP, I even feel it may be more sturdy due to its size.

Both of the unibody models feel really portable, I never had any trouble taking them out with me to a friends house or anywhere generally. Though the 0,5kg and the size difference between the two makes the Macbook feel a tad bit more portable. Personally I'd go for the MBP if I needed the performance, and because the screen on the Macbook is just a joke in my point of view.

Performance wise both models perform pretty good, the MBP which is based on the 15" high end configuration obviously feels a lot snappier in graphics intensive applications, processor intensive applications such as fusion and multitasking when you got a great deal of applications running. Though during normal usage, where you use a word processor, listen to music, surf the web, I couldn't really notice much of a difference if at all. You don't really feel much boundaries when using the unibody models........

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Dell :: Customer Service Postive Experience

Nov 10, 2009

I had a positive experience with Dell

1st time my Son broke his mouse button on his 1501
Called Dell, within 40 minutes he had a RMA box being sent out, he got the Day after and sent his computer in within 10 days it was back in his hands fixed 0 money out of his pocket.

2nd and 3rd I had onsite warranty service the person was prompt nice and did a great job. I was satisfied, 3 day turn around on that.

4th time I have this 1555, I used the chat yesterday morning, it was faster then calling, within 40 Minutes it was agreed the laptop needed to be fixed, my space bar had popped off twice and I noticed it looked warped, I need this laptop so I agreed to the extra cost of onsite this time, no only was it promised this week but they came today, next day and replaced the keyboard within 40 minutes this am. I thought it was worth the extra.

now fixed and totally satisfied.

Of course I know Dell can screw up but lets be honest there are times they do not and we need balance at times.

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Dell :: Appalling Customer Service And Sales

Apr 25, 2010

I'm in the process of ordering a Dell Studio 17 with:

CA Sales Dinker 1307

I've customized my order, and then gave it to him, which was a grand total of 1313.50$.

This conversation has been going on for 30 minutes because he keeps adding items I told him I do not want, and now he refuses to remove them.

He's been adding Office and Anti Virus software and now he refuses to remove it. He keeps trying to upsell me 6GB of Ram and I told him I only want 4GB of ram.

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Dell :: Customer Support Is Such A Pain To Deal With

Jun 15, 2009

It's not just the typical "oooh they're all indian" thing. I'm very tolerable of their accents and they've done well emulating english as best they can.

But sometimes they can't understand me and I have to repeat myself a lot.

But the more important issue is that sometimes they're just plain stupid. I'm not saying they're actually unintelligent I just mean they're programmed to go by scripts and pass the buck CONSTANTLY. They never know what I'm talking about even though it's their own company.
They always transfer me to someone new who knows nothing .....

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Dell :: General Question About Customer Service.

Apr 19, 2009

I keep hearing horror stories about consumer customer support and higher praise of business support.

My question is where does the support for a system such as the Studio XPS 16 fall in. I here that the XPS line has better support, but does that make a difference if I order it from the consumer (Home) section?

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Dell :: Studio 17 W/ Horrible Customer Service

Jan 4, 2010

Without boring you with all the details I wanted to inform this community of the wonderfully painful experience I had with Customer Support when I ordered my studio 17.

First it was a month lead time on a custom build. This I can understand since I did order it at the beginning of the school year.

So on the day it was supposed to ship they called me and told me it wasn't shipping because the screen was back-ordered and they had no idea when I would get it .....

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Sony :: Vaio SR Refurb Experiences & Config

Mar 22, 2009

I'm in the market for a new laptop with a 13-14" display. I've looked at some others (Dell XPS 13, HP DV3510nr, Macbook) but have not been too impressed either with features, aesthetics, or build quality. The XPS 13 has the features, but build quality seems so, so; and it seems that there is some concern over how hot it runs. So, I've now been looking at the Vaio SR. Specifically, an SR 290 refurb. It wasn't quite clear to me what the advantages of ordering the SR390 would be.

So a couple of questions:

1. How are the general experiences with the Sony Outlet Refurbs?

2. SR 290 vs SR 390? I'm not a gamer. Biggest processing challenge will most likely be running photoshop CS3.

3. Any other recommendations based on the specs below?

4. From reading multiple pages of this thread, it seems people are pretty pleased with this notebook.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Customer Service

Apr 10, 2010

I called HP to try and get a quote on the envy 15, unsurprisingly I get a foreign sales rep. I tell them I'm trying to get a quote to compare prices between this and the m15x which is almost the same price. Dell customer support had no trouble understanding this and talked with me. The HP rep was literally just telling me things I could find on the website I've called HP 3 times and I get a bad rep each one.

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Apple :: Customer Service Contact

Feb 25, 2010

I bought this Incase Slider case for my iphone last August directly from Apple. The case has cracked. Incase wants a copy of my receipt, which I don't have. Any way to contact Apple to get a copy?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Envy 15Personal Customer Service Experience

Apr 20, 2010

I wanted to share my recent experience with HP and to serve as a warning for anyone else planning on checking out the hp envy 15. I was one of the first to buy the envy from the day it was launched back in fall of last year, but had to return it due to a bad gpu. That was fine and the return went alright, and I ordered the 2nd gen one the day it was announced as well and I got it with the new core i5 processor and matte screen. The laptop was delayed in its delivery like many of the other members here and I got it around the beginning of February (so about a 1 month delay). Of course HP had no problem in charging me within hours of me placing the order and 1 month out from when I would actually receive it due to their own delays.

Since then it had been running just fine for the most part, with just a lot of heat build-up when playing any sort of game. Eventually however there seems to have been some longer-term repercussions due to the heat, namely that the edges started to expand out and peel away from the case. This led to the edges starting to chip off (I'm talking about the bright silver plastic edge that outlines the laptop). I published an early review for the envy 15 for the first gen model in case you wanted pictures of the palmrest edges. I could clearly see in at least one corner that due to heat build-up it seemed as though the adhesive that was holding the plastic edge to the main case was getting loose and as a result of the plastic was bulging out........

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HP/Compaq :: HP Customer Service/Repair Is HORRID- Don't Get The Integrated TV Tuner

Feb 22, 2009

So I got my DV5t in January. I sent it in to Zagg immediately after receipt to have an InvisibleShield put on it. As soon as I started using the notebook I was having trouble with the integrated TV tuner I/O port not making a proper connection (I would have to prop the cable up with something.) After about a week and a half the port completely failed.

So, I call tech support and spend 2 hours on the phone with some person in India while they try to understand what I'm trying to tell them. They took control of my computer a couple of times to remove/reinstall the drivers. After which she opened up WMC and went to "Internet TV" and tried to tell me that the tuner was working properly. So after we got that SNAFU worked out and the problem clearly explained (1.5 hours into the call) she tried to get me to approve the sending of a replacement antenna saying that it was the problem. I explained to her that I had tested both the antenna and the CATV connector and they were both doing exactly the same thing. Eventually I get a repair ticket and send the notebook in to get repaired. Well they replaced my wireless card instead of my TV tuner and sent it back to me. The repair note said that the wireless card had been flagged on a diagnostic. I don't know if the person at the TN repair center couldn't read or what because my customer repair request form (the one I fill out) stated that my problem was with the TV tuner. So I call tech support again and after an hour I get another repair ticket and send it in. Now they are trying to charge me $296 to repair the TV tuner claiming it was "customer induced damage." That's more than a third of the price of what I paid for the computer.

The reason I say don't get the integrated TV tuner is because if HP is going to view any problems with the the tuner port as "customer induced damage" then they are going to try to get you to foot the bill. In my opinion if you want a tuner just get an aftermarket (HP or other).

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Dell :: Office Restore Disks (and 's Customer "service")

Mar 11, 2009

I wanted to know if Dell would supply MS Office restore disks for XPS laptops, what with W7 coming up. Took a look on these forums - and initial signs looked good, with people saying that you can just order these from dell.

I thought I'd check with Dell though and phoned. Finally got through to someone on my third attempt, who immediately launched into the hard sell. I said I wasn't interested, just wanted to know: do XPS laptops come with recovery disks for Office, if not could I order them later?

Her response - I would get the disks ONLY if I placed my order through her, it was not possible to get them later. I thanked her and ended the call. 2 secs later my phone rings, and it's the woman from Dell giving me the hard sell again. I say "look, I ended this call" to which she says "In that case I recommend you do not call Dell again"(the cheek!)

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Dell :: Battery Care

Dec 25, 2009

I use the laptop with it plugged in 80% of the time and do my best to ensure the laptop is cool. I dont do any gaming on it, but do watch quite a few films (with it sitting on a basket so there is a good few inches underneath to prevent over heating.

After all of this i have lost 40% of my battery life, which i find horrendous. If this keeps up ill have to replace it 18months after buying my laptop. I intend to call Dell over this ASAp but in the meantime i want to know what i can do to preserve my battery life.

Should i leave the battery plugged in all the time, i do move the laptop round quite a bit, so having the battery there to save myself from shutting it down etc would is usefull to me.

I am carefull over the operating temperatures and i very rarely 'stress' the laptop. I could also count the number of times the battery has been left to drain

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Dell :: Complete Care Warranty ?

Sep 22, 2009

When I purchased my notebook I only bought the next business day warranty can you still buy the complete care warranty if you are within the 21/30 days of purchase?

I spoke with one person at Dell they said it had to be bought at the time of purchase?

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Dell :: 1420 Complete Care

Apr 20, 2010

i have complete care but my 1420 is already 3 years there anyway i can get dell to give me a new one or will they only fix the lid?

ive never talked to dell but maybe if im really nice they give me a new one and not just fix the lid?

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