Dell XPS 13 :: Shutdown During Sleep After Bios Upgrade

Nov 20, 2014

Recently upgraded my Dell XPS 13 L321X BIOS to ver 8. Since then, whenever I close the lid and put the laptop to sleep for several hours, the processor seems to come and the bottom frame is very hot. When the lid is opened the screen remains blank and doesn't wake from sleep mode. The only recourse is to do a hard shutdown with the power button and then restart. The laptop then reboots to the black trouble shooting screen, or select the normal windows boot. I've since tried to update all the drivers, but still no luck. It continues to run hot and refuses to start after placing the laptop in the sleep mode.

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Dell :: M1330 Restart/Shutdown/Sleep = BSOD

Mar 14, 2009

First of all my M1330 has been serving me quite well lately. I've only had it for about 6 months, but the only problems I've had were the computer getting hot.

As of last night, when I pressed the power button to go into sleep mode (I always do this before I go to bed),

it would pop up a BSOD, and then restart my computer, and pop up a black screen asking if I wanted to reboot in safe mode or not

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Dell :: E6400 Blue Screen Code 9f On Sleep/shutdown

Mar 7, 2009

Just got a new E6400 and even before VISTA had fully loaded 1st time, it had bluescreened and showed a minidump with errorcode 9F = DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE.

Error occurs very often when going to sleep mode, and sometimes when doing reboot or shutdown.

Computer then hangs for 5-10-15 minutes before rebooting and showing the VISTA error report. Now, 2 days after 1st power on, I've had probably 10 BSOD's during sleep / restart / poweroff operations .....

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Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Flex :: Will Not Shutdown Or Sleep

Dec 29, 2013

I cannot get the Y2P to shutdown or sleep. When I try to shut down it powers off but after about 2 seconds it turns itself back on and boots up. Same thing happens when I try to sleep.I've tried pretty much everything I could find online including the following:
-Turn off wake on lan on the network adapter
-Turn off auto restart on windows errors
-Updated bios
-Updated drivers
-Disabled all non microsoft services
-Factory reset of the OS

Went through every device in device manager and turned off "Allow this device to wake the computer"powercfg /lastwake (shows nothing).Shutting down isn't a huge deal as holding down the power button will eventually turn it off. But not being able to sleep the laptop when I close the lid is a deal breaker as the battery constantly drains.

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Dell Inspiron N4110 :: Not Coming Out Of Sleep Mode - Have Force Shutdown Then Restart

Mar 31, 2013

Inspiron N4110 When I shut the lid it enters sleep mode. Until now when I would open lid and push the power button it wakes up. Now it does nothing and I have to hold power button down to force shutdown then restart.

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Dell Latitude E5550 :: Enabling Bitlocker - Makes Shutdown Request Sleep Instead

Dec 3, 2014

I'm starting customising my new Latitude E5550 laptop.

After turning on Bitlocker I noticed that when I shut down the laptop, it goes to sleep. Even if I logoff first then request a shutdown it still just goes to sleep. I can request a restart which does work - it restarts, but a shutdown still makes it go to sleep. I can hold the power button to force it off. Doing that or when requesting a restart, the laptop starts back up but I find that the laptop goes into Flight mode. The Flight mode symbol is visible even before you logon.

I turned off Bitlocker, and the problem has gone away. Is there a solution for this?

Should I use the Dell DDP Encryption product instead?

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HP Spectre13-3010dx Lockups :: Sleep And Shutdown Functions Are Not Operating As Expected

May 10, 2013

I just recently purchased this ultrabook and I have noticed that the sleep and shutdown functions are not operating as expected. Restart works just fine.
Description of Problem: When attempting to put computer to sleep, the screen goes black, but the system remains on (lights on keyboard on, fan still running). I am unable to recover from this state unless I do a hard power off (holding down power button) or wait 5 minutes, at which point the computer simply shuts off. This sort of... defeats the purpose of "sleep." Haha.Same thing occurs when I shutdown the notebook - screen goes blank, lights and fan stay on, and unless I power off by force, laptop stays in vegetative state for five minutes and then shuts down on its own.In both cases, I am unable to recover from the black screen. No response from the computer, regardless of key combo (Ctrl + Alt + Delete, etc.) 
Steps Taken to Attempt Solving: The laptop came with BIOS version Insyde F.09, so I updated the BIOS version to F.13. Didn't fix the problemI went into the BIOS and reset everything to the default settings. Still hasn't solved the problem.I found another thread which the user had the exact same problem as me, but on a different model notebook. I tried using their solution to roll back the BIOS. However, it still didn't fix the problem. [URL] .....

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Dell :: Shutdown Hangs With BIOS A15 On Latitude E6400

Sep 4, 2009

I upgraded to BIOS A15 when it came out and since then I have had a problem that I never had before. I have now downgraded to BIOS A14 and the problem is gone.

Problem description
When rebooting or shutting down Windows XP the shutdown process hanged. I think it only occurred when the computer was docked in the docking station. I have the advanced docking station with serial port, parallel port etc.

After I upgraded to A15 I noticed that the parallel port and serial port got listed the safe remove dialog box. With A14 and before they are not listed.

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Dell Precision M6700 :: Won't Wake From Sleep - (ASF2 Force Off) In BIOS Log

Jan 15, 2013

I have a Precision m6700 that I'm trying to install OS X Mountain Lion on.  The biggest problem I have at the moment is that the laptop won't wake from sleep.

It goes to sleep okay.  With the slowly pulsating light on the power button, but when I try and wake it up the machine goes into a loop of trying to start and then turning itself off after a few seconds.   I suspect it's something to do with ASF and Intel Management Engine getting confused by OSX.  Or OSX not doing something it needs to before the machine enters sleep.   In the bios log I see 'ASF2 force off' events that match the time and frequency of the wake attempts. How do I find out what is generating these alerts?

Alternatively, is there any way to turn ASF or Intel Management Engine off? There is a yellow sticker in the battery bay that says 3 ME DISABLED.  From what I've read elsewhere this indicates that the Intel Management Engine is permanently turned off on this laptop. Why it's generating ASF alerts at all!?    

I've also trying the CCTK tool with --asfmode=off.  This reports that asfmode isn't available on this laptop.

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Lenovo X Series ThinkPad :: X240 Won't Sleep Properly After Upgrade To Windows 8.1

Apr 27, 2014

I made the mistake of upgrading my X240 to Windows 8.1, and now the sleep function won't work properly.  I've updated all of the drivers and I've been on the phone with Lenovo support to no avail.  Everything worked perfectly before the 8.1 upgrade.
When I close the lid now, the screen goes off, but the computer doesn't go to sleep; if you open the lid, the screen comes back on immediately.  If the lid is closed for a while, and is then reopened, the login screen comes up.  But in the Windows 8.1 settings, it is set to NOT show the login screen.  If the lid is closed for a long time, the computer will shut down completely.
If you go to the Windows menu and click on "Sleep," the screen will go dark although it's clear the computer is still running.  Pressing the on/off button does nothing.  The only way to get the screen to come back on is to shut the computer down completely and restart it.
I tried uninstalling the Lenovo Instant On Beta program, but without that, closing the lid shuts off the screen with no way to wake it up, the same thing that happens by clicking Sleep on the Windows menu.  So it appears that the Instant On Program partially overrides whatever bad behavior is being caused by Windows.

What driver, software, or settings could be causing this?  I've looked at various threads about sleep issues, but none of them seem to apply to my situation, or the solutions they recommended (like unchecking the power management features on some of the drivers) didn't solve the problem.

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Lenovo T400 / T500 :: T540p Battery Drain In S4 Sleep State After BIOS And Intel WiFi Driver Update

Aug 17, 2014

On my T540p, I configured the rapid start technology according to [URL] ....
Since I have performed a BIOS update to 2.14  and an update of the Intel Wifi driver to 17.0.5, I experience the problem of battery drain when the computer is in S4 sleep state, at a rate of approximately 0.125% per hour (on the 56Wh battery).
This was not the case before these updates. There was no noticable power drain in S4 sleep state, even not over multiple days. I'm using Win7, I set all the WoL capabilities both in BIOS and in the Intel driver to disabled, according to [URL] ....
External device USB charge settings are also fully disabled in BIOS and Power Manager. The problem does not occur when the system is fully shut down, but in S4 Sleep state, which should be a zero-power state too, as it was before the updates. In the details of the BIOS update it is stated " Fixed an issue where the computer might fail to enter sleep state". Could the power drain be a side effect of this fix? Or is it an issue with the (new) Wifi driver, as it was the case for the Y410P?
How could this battery drain be avoided?

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Dell :: Bios Upgrade A12 For 1640

Jan 15, 2010

Do not upgrade... the upgrade killed my motherboard, I dont know what happened. I as installing it fine then it was totally unresponsive and would not shut off. I then had to take away the power supply and now Dell is coming to replace my motherboard.

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Dell :: XPS 1640 A14 BIOS Upgrade Failed, Now What?

Apr 4, 2010

So I tried updating my BIOS to version A14, the current one on Dell's site. Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64, btw. It seemed to update fine, but when it restarted, I got a black screen.

I waited about 20 minutes, powered off, then back on. It booted into Windows, now however my keyboard does not work. Most keys do not work, and the ones that do produce incorrect characters.

Also, whenever I restart Windows, it does not reboot. It will hang at a black screen until I power off and back on. Currently typing this on a USB keyboard.

When I go into setup, it does say version A14, so I'm assuming it went through, but for some reason is not compatible with my system. Can I downgrade to fix this, and if so, where can I find an older BIOS version?

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Dell :: Latitude E6430 Bios Upgrade?

Apr 4, 2013

A07 Bios has been validated on the following operating systems:1. Microsoft Windows 82. Microsoft Windows 7 3. Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3.

 Why for the Bios A09 and A11 is not shown for what operating systems are validated?

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Dell Inspiron 1564 :: Unable To Upgrade BIOS SW

Mar 9, 2013

The SW on my bios is A06. I downloaded the A13 ( the windows executable ) and ran it as admin. A windows poped up warning that the pc would reboot after completion. I click on Flash, a CLI poped up, done a few things and showed a success message. But when I go into the BIOS, it's still ver A06. By the way my os is Win 7 x64 ....

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Dell :: M1530Won't Charge Battery, Occurred Same Day As BIOS Upgrade

Nov 14, 2008

It won't charge a battery.

I have two batteries and multiple AC adaptors. Vista will tell me "Plugged in, not charging" and the battery charge remaining does not increase.

The BIOS screen says "AC Adaptor = Unknown device installed" when plugged in.

This happened on the same day that I upgraded the BIOS from A09 to A11. I then tried downgrading to A08, but the problem persists.

I'm on the phone with tech support now. Looks like they want to replace the motherboard.

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Dell Inspiron N5050 :: After BIOS Upgrade Bluetooth Disappear?

Jan 21, 2013

i recently upgraded the bios of dell inspiron N5050 to be A05

after that my Bluetooth disappear and i can find any way to make it work again

also i cant downgrade the bios

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Acer :: BIOS Upgrade 2.032.06

Jan 21, 2010

I just look at acer support and is listed that last BIOS version for my Acer (4736 ) is 2.06 (Dec 14th) and mine is 2.03 (Oct 27th). Someone has already tried this upgrade?

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Dell Inspiron 7520 :: USB Keyboard Stop Working After BIOS Upgrade To A09

Jan 18, 2013

After I updated the BIOS to A09 of the Inspirion 7520 my USB keyboard stop working. All drivers is instaled and the windows recognize the keyboard and the num pad is on its happens with 2 keyboards and change the USB port don't works. 

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Dell Inspiron 1100 :: Can't Upgrade BIOS - Running On Unsupported System

Apr 17, 2008

I'm trying to upgrade my friend's laptop's BIOS from A06. Using the latest BIOS upgrade A32, the utility says 'Running on an unsupported system. I thinks it's looking for the vendor ID to be 'Dell Computer Corporation' instead of 'PHEONIX TECHNOLOGIES INC.'
Tried using the '/forceit' option without any success.
Is there a workaround to get this updated?

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Dell Latitude E6410 :: Upgrade BIOS To A13 And Works Slowly - Not Right USB Ports

Nov 25, 2012

I run the BIOS upgrade / update to the version A13 on my Dell Latitude E6410 and after that I found this problems:

. the bios logo on startup takes about to 10 seconds to load (and sometimes freeze and need to restart the machine)

. the boot menu (F12) takes 4 o 5 minutes to load

. the startup of Windows 7 64bits - SP1 takes more than 1 minute to load and some apps works slowly

. the 2 usb ports on the right side doesnt work after the upgrade

Can return to other version of BIOS (I think that the previous version was A08 or A09)?

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Sony :: BIOS Error After RAM Upgrade

Jun 24, 2009

I had recently upgraded my RAM (laptop in sig.) from 2GB to 4GB. Now, once in a while when I boot up, a POST BIOS "Error 0232: Extended RAM failed at address line 21" error message is displayed. I can then either boot normally or enter the BIOS setup and the OS (Win 7 64-bit) is working normally and recognizes all 4GB of RAM. I dual boot with Vista 32-bit, which uses 3GB of RAM.

I did the Windows Memory diagnostic upon boot up and it didn't find any error with the memory. I searched online without any conclusive solution.

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Sony :: Vaio Z11 Bios Upgrade

May 6, 2009

Can the Z11 bios be upgraded with the Z31 bios, if so is there any advantage?

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Hdx-18t Not Coming Up After Bios Upgrade

Sep 7, 2009

I was trying to install HP updates yesterday and there was an insyde bios upgrade which the HP software prompted me to install.

As I accepted the license terms of the Insyde Bios. All the programs started closing and there was a dump. The PC never started after that.

When I try to power on the power led won't glow.

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Acer :: Aspire 5920G, Can Not Upgrade Bios

Jan 21, 2010

I have a problem with the bios upgrade on my Aspire 5920G.

I have downloaded from Acer's site the 3813 version and i try to use it with winphlash, the program that is in the folder when i unzip.

I have always an error message, the one in the printscreen.

Yes, i have opened the program with administrator privileges, the same message pops out.
I think that the problem is that i have Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

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Acer :: BIOS V3238 UPGRADE For 6930G

Nov 29, 2009

I am looking for advice on upgrading my BIOS from v0.3204 to v3238. Current Laptop Setup:

Original BIOS v0.3204

Acer 6930G - T6400, 4GB DDR2 and 9600MGT 1GB Graphics GPU.
Plus the usual Hidden Acer Recovery Partitions.

I am currently using VISTA SP2 32bit but I plan to soon install Windows 7 64bit FULL CLEAN INSTALL.

The global acer website currently doesn't list my current BIOS (v0.3204) but does list a new BIOS of v3238 released NOV 2009.


1. Is my laptop compatible with BIOS v3238 ?
2. Is it worth upgrading the BIOS to v3238 ?
3. Is BIOS v3238 needed for Windows 7 - 64bit to run better
4. Will VISTA SP2 still work with BIOS v3238

Additionally, if you look in the acer Bios zip file there is also a DOS folder containing the file zk2_3238.exe (eg DOSzk2_3238.exe).

5. Is it therefore best to create a DOS Boot USB DISK and Flash the Bios using the DOS EXE given above (since I have heard bad things about windows flash)?
6. And finally, once the new Bios v3238 has been flashed/upgraded, do you need to do anything else for the Laptop to function as an Acer Laptop (eg will it recognise everything)?

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Acer :: Aspire 9425WSMi Bios Upgrade

Sep 22, 2008

I have installed bios version 1.24 from previous 1.1 for Vista without backup of original bios.

What bios should i choose from Acer Upgrade kit to revert to Vista bios?

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Acer :: Aspire 5315 - Bios Upgrade

Jan 1, 2009

i have bios 1.27 and want to install the latest but am a bit worried about bricking the thing, my fan never seems to be off anymore and the indle temp is between 46 & 51 degrees is this normal for this model. Can i use a memory stick to flash the bios from dos ? cos a dont want to use windows killed my old hp laptop flashing in windows. Anyone have a safe cant fail method of upgrading this bios.

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Sony :: Upgrade Bios Of Gn Sz280p To R0112N0

Nov 16, 2009

I need to change bios from R0092N0 to R0112N0. I'm trying to use the bios update from sony website for vgn sz 430 but I'm getting an error that the program is not for my laptop model (vgn sz280p).

I've seen posts stating that this bios should be compatible. So how do you guys update this bios to use a different one? WHat program do you use to extract the bios in the sony bios update program? I need to change to R0112N0 so i can try to enable virtualization in bios, but so far i don't see any for my current bios.

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HP/Compaq :: Cant Upgrade My CQ60-211DX Bios

Dec 5, 2009

im having a problem with my laptop and HP/Compaq techs cant fix it unless if i send it to them which is going to take along time and i use my laptop heavily

my current bios is F32 system Board ID is 3612 , and there is no way to upgrade the bios to newer versions through windows or through the Win+B on power recovery.

on windows i can only apply F32 using insydeFlash , if i tried a new bios version it gives me "verify error" and trying the latest couple i guess they are F50 and F52 using isydeFlash , when ever it starts , the insyde flash program window disaprears and the system hangs for ever " taking the battery and the Adapter power will shut it off"

using the Win+B recovery on power , i tired all the versions availbe on compaq website , the same issue , it starts beeping slowly then faster and faster then shuts down
i turn on the machine get into bios , its still F32.

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