Dell :: XPS 16 Freeze On Farmville Play

Apr 28, 2010

This is the second XPS 16 I got within 4 months. after 47 calls to XPS tech support and 2 system exchanges just to still have the same issue.

when I log into my facebook account and try to play farmvile the system freezes up and flashes from a white screen to black and so on until I have to force shut it down and restart. now, I know that for $2700.00 dollars I should be able to play a simple beta game.

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Dell :: Facebook Games On Inspiron 9400 (farmville Or Yoville)

Jan 17, 2010

I was wondering if anyone knew why my Inspiron 9400 runs fine with most games, but has trouble with browser games, such as those on facebook, e.g. farmville or yoville?

The main issue it has with the facebook games, is that alot of the cpu gets used up, which then makes the fans go at top speed and then everything slows down. This doesn't always happen, but when it does, I normally have to restart my laptop.

I installed 'Fear' today, thinking that it would probably not work, but it seems to run fine, without any problems. Although it did crash initially, but after changing it to run on xp compatibility, it has run fine.

I think this issue is more a problem with facebook, rather than my laptop, but though I would see what other people think.

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Dell :: E6400 Freeze

Feb 4, 2010

I haven't set my E6400 to sleep or hibernate or anything, just the screen switches off after 5min of no activity.

When i get back to the laptop it freezes/hangs a LOT. It can be anything from blue screen, complete freeze needing a hard reboot, hang for a while before active again, nvidia driver unresponsive and reloading. It changes from happening couple of times a day to not at all for nearly a week.

I had this with the last 3 BIOS versions and i've tried ALL of the nvidia drivers available.

I kept thinking it was the nvidia drivers somehow but it just doesnt matter which ones i'm running.

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Dell :: Studio 1557 Still Freeze?

Apr 11, 2010

i want to buy the 1557 with the core i7,

i read about the freeze problems in this machine and i wanted to know if it still exists?

if not, what should i check before the purchase in order of getting the fixed?

10x a lot!

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Dell :: Freeze + Loud Beep?

Jan 7, 2009

I got a new laptop in about June or so, and it ran great. I have McAfee for anti-virus, if that helps.

About 2 weeks ago, my computer started to slow down. A lot. My typing would lag on the screen, and some of the letters won't even show up.

I also seem to get an insane amount of pop ups on whatever sites I go on, and I get about 5 popups every hour, on the hour. When I scan, though, I get nothing.

Now, this is the worst part. My computer will completely freeze a lot. When it does, I'll wait a minute to see what happens.

Then, if I click the screen a few times, a single, insanely loud beep will come from the computer. This will happen a few times before I can actually use my computer, and I have to re-boot often.

My computer is insanely slow, like I said before, and it takes forever for it to finish starting up. Half the time, it'll freeze before I can even log in.

If it helps, this started around the time when I signed up for Facebook, if that has to do with anything. I've tried to do virus scans many many times, and I used the Dell Automated PC TuneUp tool. But, nothing seems to work.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 13 Freeze On Wake

Mar 15, 2010

My SXPS 13 just freezes on wake up randomly. I am running Windows 7 x64. I recently had the motherboard replaced for a different issue but I can not remember if the freezing problem happened before the motherboard replacement.

Did anyone figure out how to fix the freezing issue? Is it hardware related? I have one month left on my warranty.

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Dell :: Windows 7 Random Freeze

May 27, 2010

I have a less than a week old Latitude E6510.

I had four freezes while watching flash videos. I thought the adobe software was bad, so did uninstall and fresh install.

Now I've experienced a couple of more random freezes:
1. system was idle
2. surfing the web on google chrome

I have windows 7 Ultimate x64 and it seems like many people out there with vista and windows 7 are experiencing the same problem. I personally used both and on my other machine with win7 Ultimate x64, haven't had any random freeze at all.

I also have 1333mhz ram, and I know my system only supports 1066. Then I found this thread:
Random Lockups, Intel Chipset

Diagnostics and Dell are telling me there's no problem with hardwares. So I'd like to give a shot at dropping the memory speed. How should I do this?

Anyone having random system lockups with windows 7 x64?

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Dell :: M4400, The Webcam Freeze All The Time

Sep 2, 2009

i got a m4400, the webcam freeze all the time, anybody with the same problem?

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Dell :: M4400 Freeze Solidcam In Solidworks

Feb 27, 2009

After verification of the application using OpenGL I always freezes Solidcam a program must be forcibly terminated.

Using the latest drivers from Dell recommended for SolidWorks

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Dell Vostro 3700 :: Overheating And Freeze Ups

Apr 6, 2013

I bought a Vostro 3700 i7-720q used on ebay. After I bought it I found it would freeze. I eliminated everything I though it could be (i/o conflict, drivers, etc) and nothing worked. This was probably the reason it was sold on ebay. I noticed how hot the machine and fan got. I researched upgradeding the cpu to an i7-940xm and when got the chip planned to put in best thermal transfer to solve the freeze up problem I conculded was due to heat. I thought to be Powerstrate xtreme to be the best thermal transfer to use during the cpu switchout.

I pull the heat sink and its obivous why my machine was hot. The thermal past was a crummy job. I cleaned off heat sink with arctic Ice cleaner, put powerstrate xtreme on cpu and replaced the cpu with a i7-940. Boots up and has been running fine AND it is soooo much cooler.

Getting to the heat sink IS NOT an easy task in the Vostro 3700 - I love my Vostro 3700 BUT it is a very delicate task to remove the keyboard, palm rest and base in order to get to the motherboard and heatsink. I wouldn't do it again.

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Dell :: XPS 15 9530 - Bluetooth Freeze / Hang

May 3, 2014

I'm using a Bluetooth mouse. It often hangs and it seems to be due to Bluetooth freezing/hanging. It is possible to get it going again by going to modern settings/PC and Devices/Bluetooth. Just going to that screen will get it going again.

I have reinstalled drivers without success.

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Dell :: Everest Makes The Mouse Freeze And Stutter In Win 7..

Feb 23, 2010

Ok About a month ago I installed Windows 7 installed Everest and after I did the mouse would freeze intermittently, etc. Well Everest was updated a lot and after I did a fresh install yesterday I installed the newest version of Everest.. Still the mouse freezing is STILL present, both with the touch pad and mouse.

Is anyone else having this issue with their SXPS 16? I've tried 2 different versions one older one new of Everest and 2 separate installs of Windows 7.

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Dell :: Screen Freeze After Wake-up From Standby E6500

Jun 22, 2009

Does anybody have problems with standby or hibernation-function?

If my E6500 with XPprSP3 is switched to the standby-modus (via Fn+F1 oder by closing the cover) the screen stays black after wake-up with the power-button - and the system probably freezes

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Dell Inspiron M5030 :: Mouse Locked And Freeze?

Mar 18, 2013

My mouse is locked and or frozen.  I do not have a password so I can hit enter to get to my main screen. I have tried doing what the dell site said to do and does not work.  Told  the unlock button is the key to the right of the f12 key.

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Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 :: Windows 8 Hangs (freeze)

Oct 13, 2012

I have Dell Inspiron 15R n5110 laptop.  The problem is about windows 8. Previously there were 2 problems. 1. The screen gets black and never work except in the basic mode. (This problem was solved after new BIOS)2. The system freeze (Hang) suddenly and doesn't respond to any thing and I have to shut it down from power button (not resolved Till now)Is there any solution for this problem or any thing I can do to prevent this hang??? 

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Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 :: Windows 8 Hangs (freeze)?

Oct 13, 2012

I have Dell Inspiron 15R n5110 laptop. The problem is about windows 8. Previously there were 2 problems. 1. The screen gets black and never work except in the basic mode. (This problem was solved after new BIOS)2. The system freeze (Hang) suddenly and doesn't respond to any thing and I have to shut it down from power button (not solved Till now)Is there any solution for this problem or any thing I can do to prevent this hang??

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Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 :: Windows 8 Downgrade Freeze?

Feb 8, 2013

I'm currently in the middle of attempting to downgrade from Windows 8 to 7, however during the initial reboot from the Windows 7 dvd, I would get the starting windows screen, then it would freeze up.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1420 Often Freeze And Auto Shut Down/restart

May 11, 2010

Recently, I have a problem with my Dell Inspiron 1420 as it's often freeze and auto shut down or restart. When it freezes, my screen will appear many small black pixels which are scattered around the desktop.

During the restart process, the system will require me to choose one of the few options available (eg. Start Windows Normally) as it stated there that the laptop was not shut down properly.

Remarks: My Dell Inspiron 1420 is equipped with NVidea 8400M GS.

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Dell Studio 1745 :: BIOS Load Status Bar And Freeze

Feb 4, 2013

I have a Studio 1745 which refuses to boot up.The Laptop initialises and begins the BIOS Post processes and gets to about 66% through the BIOS load status bar and freezes.   I am unable to get into BIOS setup or Diagnostics either.   I have checked all connections and removed and refit the CMOS battery - no change to the problem.

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Acer :: 6930g Freeze

Jul 11, 2009

I have 6930g when im playing games on battery power i have no problems but if i connect my power supply it freezes within 3 minits. so now i have charge my notebook before playing

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Acer :: Aspire USB And Freeze

Mar 22, 2010

The USB ports on my 8735G are messed. Everything with my system is fine until I plug something into the USB. After about 30 seconds, the whole computer freezes without any hope of recovery. Only a hard restart fixes it. This happens with mice, USB drives, UDB keys, anything. I tried disabling the power management on USB (selective suspend) and it doesn't help. I've googled the crap outta this and I've tried all the possible fixes and solutions and suggestions I've found. I know the ports or hub are not defective as they will transfer data in small amounts before freezing. However, it will freeze right away (before 30 seconds) if I attempt to transfer anything bigger than 300 MB.

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HP 470 Lockups :: Ubuntu 14.04 Freeze

May 18, 2014

I bought a brand new HP 470 (i5-3230M, 8 GB, 750 GB, AMD 8750M 2 GB) with Linux SUSE operating system. I erased everything and installed Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit (that time still Alpha release). I soon noticed the random freezes (=screen remained as it is, no mouse, nothing) that needed a hard power off (5-sec power button). I thought it was an Alpha issue but nothing improved through continuous updates. Now, Ubuntu 14.04 is LTS and officially released for over a month and I still experience these freezes. They occur always; can be 5 min or 2 hours after boot.
I suspect the ATI's graphic card. I've installed the beta version of the latest drivers (from end of April). They officially support Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS and 13.10 but there were people on the forum claiming it installs also on the 14.04. I risked and succeeded. But... freezes are still there.
I'm OK to use Ubuntu down to version 10.04 (if that solves the problem). It maye be related to kernel version.I don't want to use any Windows version. I'd rather sell the notebook if Windows is a solution.

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Dell :: URGENT: M1330 FREEZE Black Screen Small Boxes

Mar 3, 2010

my 2 year old m1330 no warrenty just 'crashed' two times within 1 hour.

Both times, there are black screen with small boxes (1 x1 ") of like green and grey colors. No vertical lines.

What does this mean?

I just changed hard drives.

would this be a video card failure, hdd failure?

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Dell Latitude E5540 :: Keyboard And Touchpad Freeze When Pressing Enter

Jul 22, 2014

Dell Latitude E5540 keyboard and touchpad freeze. Sometimes when pressing Enter the keyboard and touchpad freeze but the laptop keep processing, so I need to restart my notebook to have the keyboard back....


Windows 7 Pro x64, even with the preinstalled Ubonto have the same issue.

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Acer :: 6935G Overclock And Freeze?

Oct 24, 2008

I want to overclock my processor P8400, but there are no program that's work with this processor....I use setFSB and ClockGen but this freeze my laptop.....

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Acer :: Random Laptop Freeze

Feb 25, 2008

I have a random ( to me atleast) with my Acer Aspire 5020. Sometimes it just randomly freezes, and not inside windows or bluescreen or anything like that, the screen goes black or turns off and the whole computer freezes with all the lights on for the power, the battery, the poweradapter if in and also the statusindicator light.

First time it happened out of the blue for like 3 weeks ago, and it scared me, manly becasue i though I would everything on it. After that it happens more often, more randomly, sometimes nothing for a few days, and then a couple of times a day.

When it freezes, i can't even reboot the the only way then is to unplug it and also remove the battery to be able to restart.

At first i though it was something with the power or something like that, so i tried just with the battery on, and it happened again. Then the reverse, took out the battery and power only with the adapter and it happened again. So i don't know whats wrong with it.

The weird thing is that sometimes when it freezes, if i randomly touch or pres on certain parts of the computer, it shuts of or reboots it self, which makes me wonder if it might be a hardware problem. Maybe something is glitching or what ever.

Also i though that it might have something to do with heating, but since sometimes it happens just minutes after I turn on the computer, i have somehow ruled that one out.

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Acer :: 6920G HDD Random Freeze

Jun 26, 2009

My HDD random freeze once in awhile, sometimes for 30second, sometimes even worst, more then 5minute, i wonder why? i already install the latest Intel Matrix Storage Manager, but the problem seems won't out from my laptop. Is it my HDD problem? any 6920G's user facing the same problem?

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Sony :: My Window Vista Usually Freeze

Aug 17, 2009

My SR sony laptop use Vista which usually freeze and sometime show that :
Window Explorer has stopped working. I dont know what to do, and I dont want to reinstall my window.

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HP/Compaq :: Video Has Started To Freeze

Oct 31, 2009

So when I am playing WoW, my video has started to freeze. Sometimes after about 20-30 seconds it unfreezes. The next freeze, which occurs shortly after, forces me to hard reboot. For the most part, I have to do a hard reboot (though I can still move my cursor around). One time I did this, it gave an error message about my drivers and something about Dx 9.0c. I checked and I have Dx 10. I have had this laptop about 2 months now, and never had this problem before this week. So far (knock on wood) I have not had this problem while watching video, only playing WoW (and usually only on mundane things like fishing or exploring, never raiding, grouping, or in Dalaran.

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Dell XPS 15 :: Intel HD 3000 Display Driver Causing Random System Freeze

Dec 30, 2014

I am experiencing a system freeze at windows welcome screen or on desktop at random moments for more than 6 months, and it is because of the intel hd graphics, so at the moment I don't have the driver installed.

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