Dell :: XPS 1640 How To Shut Down The Screen Monitor During Work

Dec 14, 2009

I'm wondering if there is a way to shut down the Screen monitor on (Dell xps studeio 1640) while it's working downloading?

Usually there is a button on the keyboard for this kind of task, but I haven't been able to find any (Fn+Button) combination on the keyboard for this particular task..

PS. I know that putting the laptop screen all the way down is a way 2 solve this, but im looking for other or -the Button "shutdown" alternative....

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Acer Aspire E1 531 :: Screen Went Black - Does Not Work With External Monitor Either

Jan 28, 2015

Screen went black and turning on off does not get it to work.  After searching tried a few of the suggested fixes  for other models and no luck.  Does not work with external monitor either.  Are there any known bios fixes for this model...

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Dell Inspiron N5010 :: Blank Screen At Startup (External Monitor Also Didn't Work)

Oct 7, 2012

I have an issue with my Inspiron N5010 screen, it doesn't work when switching on my laptop on Battery or AC mode. It happens a lot of times when I turn on the laptop the power button, the power indicators at the bottom turns on normally and the laptop is running without any weird sounds. But the screen is pitch black even doesn't show up anything when I concentrate on it in with a lamp or any light.

When I press the power button again even after 5 mins from the start time of being running the laptop just turn off immediately and doesn't take time to switch off as If the windows wasn't loaded!

I was resolving this problem by disconnecting the AC adapter > removing the battery > Pressing and hold the power button for 20 seconds technique.but today it doesn't work anymore, If there's anything I can do to get the screen backlight to work normally ....

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Dell :: Dell Inspiron - Monitor To Shut Off After 1 Minute Of Being Idle

Oct 21, 2008

when i first got my dell inspiron and it was all good. when i set the monitor to shut off after 1 minute of being idle, it did and would not turn on unless someone moved the mouse of pressed a button. however, after i reformatted, the computer monitor would shut off after 1 min but soon afterwards it turns on again by itself, then it goes off again, then it remains on permanently. i recently formatted my laptop again and this problem persists. anyone knows whats sup? im using xp ftw... and my configurations are the same as it was before the reformats so idk whats wrong.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1640 DVD Release Button Does Not Work

Aug 22, 2009

At least in Windows XP it doesnt.
It works in the BIOS for example.
Any ideas?

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Sony :: Vaio PCG K23 Monitor Does Not Work

Mar 16, 2009

I'll just list the details below, kind of says it all. other than the fact that I am going crazy trying to getthe back light to work under Windows again.

Sony Vaio PCG K23
Raedeon IGP 345M video card
Monitor works up until Windows loads.
Monitor works when running Ubuntu. Repeated 3 times
Monitor works when at C: prompt.
External monitor works when plugged in to port.

If I look hard enough I can see my desk top on the screen so I know its there
Have run System Restore 6 times from restore disc that were made on first use.
Have run System Restore 3 times by pressing the F10 key.
BIOS was still at default values, but I reset it anyway
Windows XP Home SP2 and is completely up to date.
All drivers are as current as I could find.
Windows indicates all drivers are working properly.
Refresh rate is at 60HZ.

I know the monitor works as it works fine with Ubuntu. However I cannot run one of the primary applications

I need to use under Ubuntu so I have to have Windows loaded.

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Dell Inspiron 15R :: Can't Make Monitor To Work In Native Resolution 2560x1600

Nov 26, 2014

i cant make the monitor to work in his native resolution 2560x1600.The best i can get is 1920x1200 with hdmi cable.i have try with hdmi to dvi cable and it give me 1920x1080

-  hdmi to hdmi cable 1920x1200

- hdmi to displayport cable - no image at all

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Dell :: On Shut Down Only The Screen Turns Black But The HD And Everything Is Still On

Feb 28, 2010

dell inspiron 1525 Laptop and I've been having this problem for 2 days now .. when I try to shut it down ..

only the screen turns black but the HD and everything is still on !! and I have to press the shut down button to shut it down !!

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1340 Screen Just Shut Off

Nov 23, 2009

It started about a week ago. All the sudden I went to pick up my laptop while it was open and the screen just shut off.

The computer was running, but the screen wouldn't come back on. I tried closing it and opening it and it didn't do I turned it off and back on and it would flicker light in the bottom right hand corner but no image would appear.

Then eventually, after I kept trying it just started working again like normal until yesterday when I was watching a video and all the sudden it just shut the screen off..

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HP EliteBook 8460p Display :: External Monitor / Projector Does Not Work

Jan 13, 2012

We have several 8460p with the same issue. They work fine until you try to connect an external monitor/TV/projector and then the trouble begins.
When using Fn+F4 to establish a dual screen output the external monitor and the built in screen switches between the two as if the PC can not determine the screen to use. On rare occasions it works but it is not reliable. I´ve first encountered this on a fair and when I tried it before the session it worked well. During the session it just started this behaviour. I took it out and replaced the graphic drivers, the BIOS and made sure the resolution was not the issue. It worked well and I returned it to the lecturing room and it started again.
I started to believe the projector was the bad part here so I did not try to use the PC again on that fair but no other computer showed any sign of trouble.
Since then, this was early this spring, I´ve seen and experienced the same problem with several computers of the same type and with different monitor and they all behave the same way.
I have spent some time now and searched the web but nothing I´ve found does explain anything around this and so far no driver update and no other update (including a full installation) has solved this.
The computer are the HP Elitebook 8460p with AMD-graphics.
There are not any other indication of that something is wrong in logs or anything.

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Dell :: Latitude D620 Screen Goes Blank When Shut-opened

Jan 10, 2009

For me it happens when I shut the laptop screen and open it again right away. If I wait a few beats before I open it, the screen lights up again just fine.

But if I open it right away after closing it, the screen goes blank, though the laptop seems to be running just fine.

Hitting Fn-CRT/LCD does nothing, nor do any other of the function keys.
I even tried hooking up an external monitor and banging away at the CRT/LCD combo, but the external monitor is just as blank as the laptop LCD.

Hard power-down will restart the laptop and the screen comes back fine, but you've lost any unsaved work .....

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Lenovo T400 / T500 :: T430s - Cannot Get Supported Multi-monitor Configuration To Work

Aug 21, 2013

I just purchased a new T430s and, overall, I've been very happy with it.  However, I'm having trouble getting a particular multi-monitor configuration to work.I am trying to get the very first configuration as is described on this page. URL....It is simply a 3-monitor setup where one monitor is external and hooked up via VGA, another monitor is external and hooked up via DisplayPort, and the third monitor is the actual laptop monitor.  I simply cannot get this to work!  I can plug in a single external monitor, but when I try and plug in a second, it always disables my laptop monitor, so I end up with only a 2-monitor setup.
I've called Lenovo Support 3 times after encountering this problem, and They kept citing that it was a "configuration" issue and that it's not their problem, and then they'd forward me to another department which would then forward me right back to them. 

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HP/Compaq :: Won't Shut Down Unless Leave Screen Open Dv5

Feb 9, 2009

dv5 will not shut down when start>shut down>shut down is selected if screen is closed before entire shutdown sequence is completed, if screen is left open, shut down does complete, dv5 is running Vista Home Premium x64

On my other notebooks running XP, as soon as shut down is initiated I can close the screens and the notebooks complete the shut down and turn off while the screen is closed.

Is shut down hanging? Is it this way on all Vista notebooks?

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Lenovo B / G Series :: G50-70 Won't Shut Down - Only Screen Turns Off

Sep 15, 2014

I recently bought a Lenovo G50-70 and the only main issue i'm facing is that it won't shut down. When I press shut down, the shutting down icon shows up and then the screen turns off but the laptop remains on  (the lights below the touchpad remain on and i can still hear the fans running)...

I decided once to leave it like this and see if it'll shut down later. I came back to find it still on and it was hot and the fans were making more noise than they usually do.

To shut it down all i can do is forcefully shut it down by pressing the power button which i would like to avoid doing...

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Dell Inspiron 15 N5040 :: Won't Start Up / Suddenly Screen Turned Green And Then Shut Off

Feb 4, 2015

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 (N5040) and currently having problems with it. I was watching something this morning and suddenly the screen turned green and then shut off. It turns on but the screen refuses to. I first expected that the screen is just unplugged inside the computer so I tried to hook it up to my TV via Hdmi and oddly it didn't do anything.I took it all apart disconnecting everything and then reconnecting everything. Everything seemed to be in good shape. No signs of shorts. Then after letting it run I noticed it beep 4 times. According to Dell 4 beeps mean "Read/Write error." I don't know if they meant the ram or hdd so I tried isolating both sticks of ram and no difference. I tried putting in two different hdds, nothing different. Even if they were I don't know why the screen wouldn't turn on and the bios wouldn't try to load. I suspect that the gpu is just fried. Dell Inspiron 15 (N5040), Intel i3, 8 gb of ram. Windows 7. 

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HP Pavilion Zd8000 :: Windows 7 Goes To Blue Screen And Restarts At Shut Down

Nov 21, 2011

All Windows, drivers and antivirus are updated and free of virus and/ro coruped files. Chekdisk reports no problem. cannot read Mini DUMP files. Blue screen to quick to read.

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Acer Aspire 4520 :: Blue Screen Error - Windows Has Recovered From Unexpected Shut Down

Nov 3, 2014

Well, when my notebook finally start, on desktop it show an error message:

"Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown"
  Problem name: BlueScreen
  Version SO: 6.1.7601.
  Id. regional setting: 13322 
Note: I updated my laptop with 4 RAM and Wx 7 32-bits. The hard disk also is new .....

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Dell :: 1640 Screen

Aug 19, 2009

clarify me on the available screen choices for the 1640.

There seem to be:

1) Edge to Edge High Definition 720p LED Display w/ TrueLife (1366x768)
2) Edge-to-Edge HD+ Widescreen WLED LCD (1600x900)
3) Edge-to-Edge FHD Widescreen WLED LCD (1920x1080)
4) Edge-to-Edge FullHD Widescreen RGBLED LCD (1920x1080)

However, the WLED LCD versions (1600x900 and 1920x1080) seem to be not 16" in size but rather just 15.6", while the 720p LED Display w/ TrueLife and RGBLED LCD (1366x768 and 1920x1080 respectively) are 16" in size. Is this correct? If so:

- Why are some of these screen smaller than the others?

- Are the quality of the screens 1,2 and 3 all the same execept for the 4th, the RGBLED version?

- Some people review that the RGBLED LCD is phenomenal, while others state that has inferior contrast ratio than the regular WLED models?

Where are we in all of this and why is Dell making these choices so complacated as far as names, screen sizes and features?...

I personally went to a Dell retailer and saw a model featuring the Edge to Edge High Definition 720p LED Display w/ TrueLife (1366x768), which I assume is a WLED model though its not stated as such. I have to say, albeit the low resolution, image quality, color depth, contrast ratio and viewing angles are among the best Ive seen on any display currently on the market.

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Dell XPS 1640 :: Screen Went Red

Feb 25, 2013

the screen on this laptop decided to go Red ... I connected the laptop to an external monitor and the image on the external monitor is fine..So, I'm assuming the screen is bad.  I've been looking for a complete assembly (screen/outer shell) to drop in ...

Question, if I currently have a screen with resolution of 1366 x 768 ( HD ) ... I can purchase and install a Full HD display with 1920x1080p resolution and it work fine...I may just have to update a driver? Was thinking of Dell part number P8YVW

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Dell :: Which XPS 16 Handles The RGB Led Screen Best 1640,145,1647?

Feb 15, 2010

I am planning to get a new laptop within the next few weeks. My main purpose of use with the new laptop is Photography, so Image quality is paramount!!! I have been browsing through this forum and researched with good reviews about the dell studio 16 rgb led screen. Now problem is each model 1640,1645,1647 has it main problem of issues ranging from extreme heat,constant freezing,lock up,fan noise and the most noticeable throttling issues.

I dont plan to use the laptop to it's absoloute hardly any gaming will be involved, just mainly phtography software and occasional movie watching. So overall which model has the less problems for what I will be using this laptop for?

My only criteria is I want the rgb led screen. Is the 1640 good enough?(is there a big peformance difference in Photo editing between a 1640,1645?

I write this thread as I dont want to spend time chasing up dell for parts,complaints and constant searching on threads for solutions! Or should I just get away from delll all together and get a Sony Vaio F series or AW? btw which screen is better Sony AW rgb screen or Dell xps 16 rgb led.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1640 Dual Screen

Jan 10, 2009

Perhaps some of you have more experience with this than I do, so I thought I'd ask.

I know the 1640 has DisplayPort, VGA and HDMI outs -- my question is this: Can I run two external monitors with this laptop using the outputs --

I'd like to run 2 24" (1900x1200) from the 1640 -- I don't really care if the internal LCD works when I have it plugged it -- I'm just looking for a psuedo-docking solution when I'm at home at my desk

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Dell :: SXPS 1640 Weird Screen

Oct 2, 2009

I have the WLED Full HD display with the 4670 card. The issue I am having is that on the right side of the screen (rightmost two inches) on a white background only on the white area you can see a faint flickering that sometimes looks like waves coming up from the upper right conner. Again, this effect is very faint, yet visible if you know about it. Is like the wind is messing up the "water" or something.

To see it/test it open IE (or notepad etc) at google and look at the right most side in the white area. It is easier to see if the screen is tilted away from you or looking from under, however, I can see it in the regular position I use.

If you have the same configuration can you please check yours if you see anything?

The problem it is not visible in an external monitor.

Dell replaced my screen in which the problem is milder than the previous screen, but it is still there.

I kinda accepted it as fact of life for the screen, however, when I update the ATI driver, during the update process the screen flickers for a second or two (goes black) and after that there is no problem until I reboot. So apparently the driver is reseting something that makes the problem go away.

I now have Win7 RTM, but the problem was present with Vista and in the Dell Diags CD (if you move the Diags window to the right). I have the A10 BIOS, the problem was also present with A8.

The screen brightness setting does not affect it.

I run a couple screen test software with a lot of patterns no additional problems there ,i.e., no distortion of the patterns, other than the above issue on a white background.

I do not mean to be picky about it, but it bugs me since my other laptops do not have this issue and now that I found that the issue can go away momentarily with the driver update/change.

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Dell :: XPS 1640 Screen Replacement Dust Inside

Feb 22, 2010

I just want to know if Dell fixed the problem with their new screens, i am having some dust particles in the lower left hand corner..

i called Dell and after arguing with the rep, he said they will send me a box and i have to ship the Laptop to them for a screen replacement. The rep was saying that this was due because i dropped the laptop and cracked the screen, this is ridiculous because the laptop has been sitting on my desk and never been dropped.

Anyway, i just want to know if they fixed the new screens, because if they don't i can wait because the replacement screen will have to be replaced again in few months..........

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Dell Studio XPS 1640 :: Turns Off When Moving The Screen

Nov 11, 2014

My xps 1640 has been going strong until today for 5years +.  I haven't even replaced the battery yet and it still works incredibly well, quite amazing I'd say.  However, I've spent countless hours today trying to troubleshoot this issue and I can't even find a proper e-mail to contact dell with.  I don't have warranty on it anymore but this is something that should be covered regardless of the limited warranty.  The laptop is still in quite good state, I've never dropped it and I've maintained it properly throughout it's years.  Aside from minor wear on the edges and the side lights not working anymore I have no issues with it.  I was considering even upgrading the ram and ssd since it's my main workstation at the moment.

Anyways, I'll restate the problem: Computer turns on fine, no issues, if I move the screen up and down, 90% of the time there's a specific angle that it will trigger the notebook to turn off completely.  It will start right up again if I press and hold the button, but otherwise it turns off instantly.  This is not a sleep feature or anything, it's happening before and after I'm in Windows.  I got through a day long's train ride and had no problems with this, I got into my apartment, booted it up, tried to readjust the screen and boom on the same day...

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Dell :: Getting Full Screen On Ext. Monitor Thru HDMI

Apr 10, 2009

Whenever I try playing a Movie on my Studio's Blu-Ray drive & output it to my 26" LCD TV thru the HDMI, the picture on the screen is letterboxed on all 4 sides. It shows up as not much bigger than my laptop screen in size.

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Dell :: Use Hdtv As Monitor Instead Of Laptop Screen

Mar 19, 2009

it was about gettin my laptop to use hdtv as monitor instead of laptop screen on my windows xp display part there is no option to change the output it just says notebook and theres no other option how can i get this?

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Dell :: Screen Goes Black ... So Does External Monitor

Aug 22, 2009

Just a few coke drops spilled on the upper right side of the keyboard. Right around the backspace key.

At the moment it happened, the lcd starts flipping out, eventually turns solid white, then shutting down.

Did a complete disasemmble and cleaned every piece with contact cleaner. The laptop functions 100% now....except one small irritation..

The screen goes black at random. Sometimes 30 seconds after boot...sometimes 5 or 6 hours...The Power indicator, baterry light and wifi lights all stay on green as if the computer is still running. I have to hold the power button down to shut it off and it reboots with the desktop recovery white screen.

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Dell :: Weird 1640 Notquitebutalmost Blue Screen Of Death

Oct 6, 2009

So lately my SXPS 1640 has been crashing every so often, with a blue screen coming up saying:

(or something along those lines)

saying that the computer is restarting to protect the device. I haven't been able to read all of what it says because it restarts to quickly but it's getting really annoying as it is happening more frequently.

It also generally only seems to happen when I've been using it with the battery only and not when it's plugged into the socket.

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Dell :: Xps 1640 RGBLED Screen Is Actually Matte/antiglare Underneath!

Apr 27, 2010

but I can confirm just now that I took the plastic cover off b/c I could not stand the glare anymore, and it's a very nice matte screen underneath!

Now I am going to follow the other bold gentleman and cut out that clear plastic, leaving myself with an antiglare xps 1640!

The plastic is actually 1 mm thick as the xps1340 poster (livincali) stated. I was worried that for some reason the xps 16 would be slightly differently built than the xps 13, but it's not with regards to the screen.

I am confident that the plastic can be cut out with an exacto knife, if not just a pair of scissors.
I do not have any sandpaper .....

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Dell :: Getting My Xps 1640 Screen Swapped Out Today, Should I Be Worried About The Tech?

Jun 8, 2009

When I recieved my xps, my screen had a ton of dust/debris in between the plastic cover and the lcd.

I called dell and they set up a service call. Is taking off the screen a very involved process?

will my laptop still be the same once they put it back together? anything I should ask the tech to do to make sure he doesn't mess it up?

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