HP/Compaq :: DV5T 1000 Notebook- LCD Screen

Jan 21, 2009

I have bought a DV5T Notebook 1 month back from US and now i am India, there is physical damage on the LCD screen and i am sure teh LCD screen got broken. When i tried to call HP India Customer Care people, they have said this model is not available in INDIA and they cant do service. And when i chatted with HP US customer care people they said it charges $700 for repair which i dont think to pay as i can buy new Notebook.

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HP/Compaq :: Where Can I Find Dv5t-1000 Web Camera Drivers

Apr 15, 2009

in my "Device Manager" there is an "Unknown device" which is Webcam. I'm not sure what happened with drivers.

I looked at hp.com but they don't have any drivers for a web cam just a software to use webcam.

where I can download drivers?

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HP 1000 Notebook PC Display :: Blank Screen After Log In

Sep 4, 2014

Unable to use laptop as when I log in the screen goes black and I can only see my cursor, I can press ctrl,alt,delete and I can see again but other than that it stays blank, how can I fix this?

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HP HDX 16T-1000 Display :: Notebook Screen No Longer Function

Apr 21, 2012

My 3.3 year old HDX 16T-1000 CTO Premium Notebook PC's display no longer functions.  Upon cold boot, the display nearly always comes on but flickers at about 1/2 brightness.  If I twist the display, sometimes I can get it to come on at full brightness.  Upon letting go though, the display goes black.  The only way I can get it to turn back on is to put the notebook to sleep and then wake it up.  The display comes back on for about 2 seconds (mostly at 1/2 brightness) and then goes black again.
I do get a normal display when I connect to an HDTV via the HDMI output.  HP's techs had me download and reinstall the chipset, NIVIDIA video driver and BIOS software.  This made no difference whatsoever.
Since I can get the display to turn on intermittently, could the problem be just a worn video cable or something more serious?

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HP/Compaq :: DV4t-1000 Screen Flashing

Jan 26, 2010

my daughters DV4t began having video issues. The unit had been flawless for a year but after the unit had run for 5 to 10 minutes, every 4 or 5 seconds or so it would begin flashing a pencil thin green line horizontally across the entire bottom of the screen. The longer the unit ran the larger the line would become until it consumed the entire task bar. It demonstrated this behavior in normal mode, safe mode, and in BIOS mode. I tried everything I knew (drivers, BIOS, etc) to solve the problem without resolution.

Luckily we have an extended 3 year warranty with ADP. The unit is/was just over its initial 1 year warranty period (Christmas). The unit was returned for repair and HP replaced the lid, LCD, and associated parts. Im happy to say that in 8 days the unit came back with no issues and in flawless condition, but I must also say that its a bit disappointing that such a failure should occur so early in its well cared for life.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t- Screen Res

Jan 16, 2009

So my mom is going to buy me the hp dv5t and I have a question about the screen res. If I order the screen with the WXGA 1280x800 can I change the res on the laptop to anything higher to make my icons smaller?

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t- Screen

Mar 3, 2009

i've had my dv5t laptop for about 4 months now and had no problems until now... for some reason every once in a while my screen starts to fade colors and i can't see what i'm doing. sometimes it gets really bad and fades until it turns black and gets stuck for a good 10 seconds. i can still continue to do everything, but i just can't see anything.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv7-1000- Blue Screen With My Mouse Cursor But No Desktop Icons

Feb 13, 2009

I just got my new hp pavillion dv7-1000, it loaded up and i did all the registration stuff before you actually get to using the laptop but as the vista desktop loads up i closed to lid and it put the laptop on standby.

Now when i try to turn the laptop on i get to the log on screen, put in my password, it loads up and then i get a blue screen with my mouse cursor but no desktop icons or anything. I can still do control-alt-delete but i just cant see any of the other stuff.
I then booted in safe mode and i could then see everything but it looked like windows 98 not vista,

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t Screen Flickering

Jul 26, 2009

my dv5t that is 11months old has been having flickering issues for like the last couple months. random lines just start appearing or screen goes dimmer, and it usually is fixed but just moving the screen back and forth. no idea what causes this. so i read other people have had the same issue and have sent it into hp, which fix it temporarily but the problem comes back. so my questions include

1. by now, does hp fully fix this problem yet?

2. what is usually the turn-around time? if i sent my laptop out on monday, when would i expect to get it back? i'm from TX btw

3. do i have to pay for shipping to ship it there? or will they cover that?

4. will my harddrive been reformatted when i sent it in?

5. can i remove my harddrive before i send it in (to verify i still have all my data)? where is HD located?

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HP/Compaq :: DV5t Screen Brightness, And Video

Sep 16, 2009

I have had my HP DV5t for a while now and didn't pay much attention to it, but I have noticed that my screen is not as bright as some of my friends laptops (dell's not hp). And that when I watch a movie from my HDD, the video has a sort of white/or extremely bright quality to it.

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV5t HD Video- Lines On Screen

Dec 24, 2009

I have an HP DV5t purchased last September/October.

The computer seems to have a weird problem when watching HD videos from places like YouTube or Hulu. I will get horizontal lines near the middle height of the screen. They are not pixels changing colors or going dark, it is almost as if the image is jumping around or as if it is processing/updating the video or something. (It's really hard to explain - it looks like the video is slightly off, just a series of horizontal lines that are jumping around.)

I've never noticed this until somewhat recently. Is this just a case of horizontal refresh lines and the video being too high-quality? Or does it sound like something more problematic.

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HP/Compaq :: Remove And Put Back Entire Dv5t Screen

Jan 5, 2010

it always flickers and stuff. even so, it seems to be fixed (kinda) when i apply pressure to the screen. therefore, i am assuming something is loose. anywhere a visual tut on how to remove, take apart, and put back together the screen?

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Dell :: Zalman 1000/2000 Notebook Cooler Owners

Dec 20, 2009

How are these working with your Studio XPS 13/16 notebooks?

My wife has a 13 and I have a 16, and we're needing to pick up a couple coolers for game sessions.

To be blunt, I find myself doubting that they could provide a truly outstanding performance on the XPS due to the vent placement on the cooler in relation to the intakes on the XPS.

In fact, when I look at a top-down view of the coolers and the bottom of our laptops, the vents really only get about 10% coverage.

Does anyone have any other coolers they are running that better then the zalmans? If they're the best then I'll grab a 1000 for the wifey and a 2000 for myself.

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HP/Compaq :: Mypavilion Dv5t Boots Up Well But Screen Stays Black

Jun 10, 2009

My laptop is booting properly. I can hear the windows start up sound. I can event browse the shared files from remote computer. But the monitor stays black.

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HP/Compaq :: DV5T-Screen Repaired And In Return I Get A Dead Pixel

Mar 16, 2009

My laptop just got its screen replaced due to dust and I sent in my DV5T to them to fix it. They told me it was going to be a brand new screen. They fix it and send it back to me. I open the box and notice that my keyboard is improperly installed and later that hour, I noticed that I got a dead pixel.

So I call my HP case manager and tell him what is going on and it is B.S that HP won't fix my laptops screen. They are going to fix the keyboard but as for the screen he said that there is a formula that they follow to determine if they can fix my screen. I am pissed because I know that HP ain't going to give me any break because of the fomula but it is the fact that once I open my laptop I notice that I have a dead pixel. Can they really do that? Like fix my laptop and claim that it is a new screen but has a dead pixel?

I need to know what else I can do if they can't fix my laptop because the pixel is so obvious since I have the 1680x1050 res.

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HP/Compaq :: Where Can I Get A Glossy Screen Protector For My Notebook

May 12, 2009

Its a 12.1' widescreen display
(resolution of 1280 by 800)

Where can i get a glossy screen prtector?

Any website I can order off ok?

even better, where can i find a glossy protector for a tablet pc of the same screen size?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv5t Stuck On "hp Invent" Screen

Sep 16, 2009

when i turn on hp dv5t laptop, it stays stuck on "hp invent" splash screen.

pressing esc or any f-keys does nothing. it just stays on the splash screen.

it is still under warranty but i want to recover my data myself (i don't trust HP repair person will do it for me).

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HP 1000-1405TU Display :: Can't Adjust Screen Brightness

May 5, 2014

I have a HP 1000-1405TU Notebook PC. My Notebook Product ID is D9H61PA#UUF. I am using Windows 7, 64 bit version. I tried using the F2 and F3 keys to lower the brightness and I tried to adjust it from settings and control panal but the brightness doesn't adjust when I move it up or down.  (Note. When I use Windows 8 on this PC then there is no problem like that).

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HP 1000-1312TU Display :: Adjusting Brightness Of Screen

Aug 25, 2014

My product number is HP 1000-1312TU Notebook PC.And my os is windows 7 ultimate 64x.Since i've changed my os from 8 to 7 i couldn't change brightness of my screen neither with keyboard keys nor with power options setting, i mean they don't work at all.I also searched all the drivers.

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Dell Vostro 1000 :: Screen Dimming (Losing Brightness) On Right Side

Mar 24, 2013

What can I do about this problem?  Is there a fix for it or must I purchase a new screen?

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HP OS/Software :: 1000-1401AU Boot Manager Screen Does Not Show CD / DVD ROM DRIVE

Nov 20, 2013

My laptop 1000-1401AU Boot Manager screen does not show CD/DVD ROM DRIVE. I have followed this solution given in link. URL....still boot manager does not show dvd rom driver.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Mini 1000 Mi OS

Jan 4, 2009

Does this OS run like windows? can i pop in lets say world of warcraft and install and play it normally? will it run blizzards background loader? i just want to know if this OS will run like a normal OS.

Or is the Mi OS ment for people who really just want a netbook for internet and small media and nothen more because the OS wont let them do anything else other than what HP gives them?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Mini Note 1000

Jan 2, 2009

i have a HP DV5T which is awesome. plays all my games, and is quite possibly the perfect laptop. but, has anyone seen how cool the mini note is? dear god, my only problem is justifying the price, and if i need it. i go to college and live in a dorm. would buying the mini note completely destroy the reason i have a $1500 laptop in the first place?

i do work at best buy, and theirs is $399 and it's got 16GB SSD, 2gb HP flash module.
1.) it says it has a "bluetooth bus enumerator"? is that a bluetooth module or no? i do ask because it plays a small factor in the purchase.

2.) secondly, does anyone know if the mini note at Best Buy has that cool HP software on it? our display doesnt, so i do wonder.

[at HP.com in the APP store i can get the same one (16gb SSD, and bluetooth for sure) for $437. i might go there?]

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HP/Compaq :: Installing Win Xp Ondv5t-1000

Feb 17, 2009

i tried to install win xp on dv5t but after the installation finished and windows started for the first time, a blue screen appears for about a micro second and then the laptop restarts. i did include sata drivers while making the bootable cd for win xp.can any one send me a complete procedure to install win xp on dv5t-1000 model

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavilion DV4T-1000

May 10, 2009

summary of the problem:
Bought a very costly HP laptop around Sep 08

Experienced heating problems from around Dec 08.

Dealt with their customer care to get it returned or replaced in Jan but they simply would do nothing for it.

Heating problem as got worse. It turned off due to over heating with just windows and 2 windows of Firefox and a streaming video.

Trying to understand the options I have now. So people who have had similar experience with HP customer care, PLEASE tell what can I do now.

Reading the expanded version below will give a lot more insight to my problem.

Laptop config
Config of my Laptop

HP Pavilion DV4T-1000

Vista Home Premium (64-bit)
Core(TM)2 Duo T9400 (2.53 GHz)
14.1" WXGA High-Definition HP LED Widescreen
256MB NVIDIA GeForce 9200M GS
250GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive with Hard Drive Protection from Fuji
Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100AGN
High Capacity 6 Cell Lithium Ion Battery........

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HP/Compaq :: HP Mini 1000 With Windows 7

Jun 19, 2009

do you think my Mini 1000 be able to handle windows 7?

Currently it has an Intel Atom processor with 1GB of RAM

Maybe I shoukd upgrade the RAM to 2GB , whch is what my xps1530 has with vista

any way I think the mini is cool. It was an impulse buy.

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HP/Compaq :: Dual Boot MIE And XP On The Mini 1000 Mi

Feb 19, 2009

I'm looking at the Mi edition as it is cheaper. Would it be possible to partition the HD and dual boot XP Professional on the partition?

Also, are there any larger PATA HDDs to purchase?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Mini 1000 (1151 NR) Upgrading

Aug 12, 2009

I found videos and know for sure that upgrading the memory is possible. But i cant find anything on replaceing the 80 G HDD with a larger HDD.

I found the Memory on newegg, also picking up a external dvd drive so i can re install windows and such once i figure out if replaceing the stock HDD is possible

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HP/Compaq :: How To Fixed Screnn Brightness On Mini 1000(1014tu)

Mar 6, 2009

i have a mini 1014tu that is mini 1000 series... every time when i plug power line the screen become very bright.. every time i change the brightness... that come back to most bright after plugin or out...... how to fixed? i use windows xp sp2

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HP/Compaq :: Fan On The DV5t

Jan 19, 2009

Is the fan meant to blow air of the back vent on the bottom of the DV5t?

Air blows out of the side vent but very little air blows out the back vent even when gaming. Im worried the vent is blocked.

Im concerned because the CPU reaches 85c when playing games, which seems a bit high for a CPU in my opinion.

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