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HP/Compaq :: Display Disables When I Close And Open Lid

I switched from using a VGA to an HDMI cable to link my external monitor to my laptop.

When I close the lid and open it back up, my laptop has no display and my desktop moves over to the External Display. The only way I get it back on my laptop display is to use the function button which just clones it and I would have to use the ATI Catalyst Control Center to get it back to normal again. I opened up Catalyst and closed the lid and I tried opening it back up. It then shows my Laptop display is disabled. Everytime I close and open the lid, it gets disabled.

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Dell :: If The E6400 Is On, You Close The Lid, Then Open The Lid, Is It Suppose To Resume?
I left the laptop on, I closed the lid, then I opened it again, but the display isn't coming back up.

I have to hold the power button down and then turning it back on.

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Dell :: Display Shutoff On Lid Close
It used to work, when I had an older driver (i don't remember which, but it was old...), but now, with the 169.04 NBF MobileForce M4, it won't work. Frankly, it's kinda annoying (when I'm trying to sleep, and even with the lid closed, the screen's bright and in my face...). Yes, I know, I could have it turn off a minute after I close the lid (by setting it in Power Management or whatever), but that's not my point. I want to know why my display won't turn off, and I would like to find a fix, not a workaround.

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HP/Compaq :: Network Connection Closes On Lid Close
my notebook has been shutting off my network connection whenever I close my lid. This didn't start happening until maybe a few weeks ago, maybe even less. I couldn't say if there was anything I did to accidentally cause this, but I certainly didn't do anything intentionally. I've looked through all the network connections properties and whatnot and I can't seem to find a fix.

I'm using an HP DV6500t that I purchased almost a year and a half ago. I have the Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t On XPHow To Close The Lid/cover Without Entering Standby Mode
I have dv5t downgraded to XP. I am trying to use the laptop as a desktop replacement. Is there a way to have the lid/cover closed but the system still up and running?

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HP/Compaq :: 8510p Lid Open Action
if it was possible to get the laptop to wake up when the lid is opened? Currently, you can put it to sleep by closing the lid, but when you open the lid you have to push the power button to wake it back up. I haven't seen any option in the power settings to do this either.

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Dell :: [W7] Screen Does Not Turn Off When I Close The Lid
Today I installed Windows 7 on my Studio 1537,

but it occured to me that my notebook screen does not turn off when I close the lid.

I installed all the latest drivers from the Dell website and everything works fine, besides this little problem. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this? It used to work in Vista...

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Dell :: M1530 -- Does The Screen Turn Off After You Close The Lid
a few months ago, had the dell tech come in and replace the mobo on my overheating m1530.. in the process he had to take everything apart incl the screen and put it back after the new one was installed.

does your screen turn off after you close the lid while its on?

mine doesnt, and im wondering if it has something to do with the sensors on the lcd (if any).. or is the screen not supposed to turn off when you close the lid?

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Dell :: E6400 Fan Running After Lid Close
My fan runs after the lid closes and I put it directly in its case for class. Its in an enclosed area and doesn't get proper ventilation that way.

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Dell :: Help, Studio XPS 1640 Lid Can,t Close Properly?
is this happening to all xps 16 units or just mine? i need to know before contact dell..the lid is open like a few cm when it is held upright. by the way i get mine xps 16 from Malaysia.

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Dell :: Studio 1555 Switches On Only When Lid Is Open..
I recently noticed a weird thing while switching on my studio 1555..only when the lid is open the power button actually works...

when it is closed, no matter how many times u press the button it doesnt switch on(tried everything like removing battery and stuff)...

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Apple :: MB - When I Open The Lid - The Screen Stays Black
Recently, my Blackbook has had some troubles when I close the lid. What happens is the light never starts pulsing, and the laptop gets really warm and the fan goes crazy. When I open the lid, the screen stays black. When I reboot it, It shows the grey screen, goes black for a sec, then restarts. I tried reseting the pram, but it didnt help.

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Dell :: Xps M1210 Display Stays On When Lid Closed
I recently upgraded the video driver on my m1210 and now when I have the lid closed the lcd will randomly turn on and stay on.

I didn't have this problem before I updated the display driver. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a fix for it?

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Sony :: Vaio Z R4041M3 BIOS Disables EFI BOOT
I flashed by BIOS with the R4041M3 so I can install the latest NVidia drivers for Windows 7.

I wanted to enable "Advanced" options with the InsydeH20 hack (which requires EFI boot) - and I kept getting those

"Remove disc or other media" messages.

I thought something went wrong with my USB stick, tried at least 5 of them and finally also tried Windows image itself - with no luck!

Then, I switched back to old BIOS - and the EFI boot worked immediately on the first USB drive!

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Apple :: MBP - AIM Wont Open - MSN Wont Open On The Actual Application
I don't know what it is with this laptop and messengers. But NOTHING wants to work. Heres a list of problems

1) AIM wont open (fixed, I had to change port number) So now AIM works on iChat and Adium

2) MSN wont open on the actual application (Mac Messenger) I want to webcam chat with people, and it just WONT start. It starts on adium since I checked the box to use http or something, but I can't webchat on adium.

When I try to open messenger, it says I am not connected to internet, which I clearly am...

I checked my routers firewall. And I am not too sure how to change things on the macs firewall. I just want to use messengers..

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HP/Compaq :: What Is The Difference Between The Infinity Display And The Normal Display
I have the option of upgrading to the Infinity display for $25 more. What is it and what are the pros and cons?

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HP/Compaq :: How To Open Bottom Cover Of Dv5t
how to open the bottom cover of the dv5t. I removed all the screws i could find and could not get it to loosen up.

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HP/Compaq :: How Do I Open Zip. Files In Vista
i don't get that folder with a zipper when i try to open a zip file, i just get a blank peace of paper .. can someone please tell me how to open zip files?

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HP/Compaq :: Hard To Open CD/DVD Tray
I just received an HP dv5t and I'm having a strange problem. The CD/DVD tray is really hard to get open... I have to press the button very hard, to the point the laptop is sliding to the left and the tray is moving inward. In fact, it really doesn't feel like a "button"... there's no detectable "give" to it.

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HP/Compaq :: Display- Flickering, And Glitches In The Display
I am having some flickering, and glitches in the display, and it seems, that it depends on the lcd position. It starts after I open the display, or sometimes after the laptop has been in use for a long time. It happened before, and the hp service replaced the lcd, saying that was a faulty one, but now, with the new one, is starting again. Is a bad replacement? I have to worry for the videocard? or motherboard? I spent 350uss on the new lcd, and I really hope is the replacement.

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HP/Compaq :: Won't Shut Down Unless Leave Screen Open Dv5
dv5 will not shut down when start>shut down>shut down is selected if screen is closed before entire shutdown sequence is completed, if screen is left open, shut down does complete, dv5 is running Vista Home Premium x64

On my other notebooks running XP, as soon as shut down is initiated I can close the screens and the notebooks complete the shut down and turn off while the screen is closed.

Is shut down hanging? Is it this way on all Vista notebooks?

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HP/Compaq :: New Laptop Dv5- Open The Disc Recovery Manager, And The Computer Suddenly Logs Off
i got my new dv5 last night and ive got a problem. The first time it happened was when i tried to make one of those back up DVD's, i open the disc recovery manager, and the computer suddenly logs off, and im reverted back to the welcome screen where i need to click my name to log back in. Every program that was running simply dissapears. I was like 'crap... i guess i cant make any back up discs'. But then it happened again when i tried to install WinRAR, it was corrupted becuase i copied the files from another computer and after i press ok in the error box it does the same thing.. 3 times i had to re-download a file i was downloading at that time. I guess it only happens when theres an error. I immediatly uninstalled norton and most of the bloatware so it cant be due to that. So now im paranoid about opening any file hoping that it wouldnt log off like that suddenly and lose my work.

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HP/Compaq :: Where Is Lid Switch On NC6400
I have the issue of backlight not turning on on my NC6400. My guess is that the lid switch is faulty. But I can't figure out where the switch is located.

When I boot up, the screen flashes on for a second before the backlight turns off. With a bright light, I can still see the HP logo during boot up and the computer continue to boot into windows just fine. If I set the lid to the angle in which the computer lid is closed/open (the hdd indicator light changes color), sometimes I could get an instant of backlight.

I think the lid switch is stuck or broken, but I can't find it on the outside. Anyone know where the switch is? I'd also be happy with just letting the screen be on all the time if it comes to that.

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HP/Compaq :: Screen Glitches As I Move The Lid
I have a dv5, and lately I am having some problems when I move the screen lid, the screen glitches, horizontal green lines, blackouts or resizes, not always, but it does. Changed the video drivers, and still. I did not hit the notebook against anything.

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HP/Compaq :: Way To Turn On Envy 15 Without Opening Lid
Most of the time I use my Envy 15 on my desk and hooked up to an external monitor. In this mode I do not use the laptop screen, so have it set to just display on the external.

However, to turn on the laptop obviously I have to open it up and press the power switch.

What I want to do, is turn it on whilst keeping it closed. I used to be able to do this with my Dell Latitude E6400, as it has an option in the BIOS to turn on automatically when AC is connected. Thus, when I turned it off I would simply unplug power, then to turn it on again would just plug the power back in without having to open lid.

I have looked, and the Envy 15 BIOS is very limited and I don't see a similar option. Is there possibly another solution to get it to turn on when closed?

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HP/Compaq :: How To Turn Off Thelogo Light At The Cover/lid Of The Notebook
how to turn off the logo light? Cause my notebook's cover is facing the wall, no point for it to light up..

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HP/Compaq :: Backlight/lid Sensor DV3000 (DV3500) Not Working
my backlight and touchpad are not working since i replaced my DV3000's motherboard with one meant for a DV3500 (wrongly listed as DV3000). I think that it has something to do with the lid sensor.

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Dell :: [Vostro]-[V13]- Reference Review On Another System With Close Specs
While another thread may be currently in the heat of discussion of the choice of pre-built version of V13, i have been surfing around to see if there are other reviews on other makes not from DELL that may have the same/close configuration specs...
This is what i have found, base on my focus of Screen Size:Processor:Battery factor(in this case, 13.3incher:Celeron m743:4cells batt).

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HP/Compaq :: DV6500/Recently Opened To Clean Fan Now Screen Says On Lid Closed
I cleaned my over-1-year old DV6563 laptop since the heat sink was filled with dust inside. Anyways, I got everything back together, but unfortunally the inverter lamp on my monitor went dead (I got a replacement off Ebay and the monitor works again).

However I have a slight issue. Every time I close down the laptop lid, the screen stays on (it doesn't turn off the screen). I even set windows to go into stand-by when the lid is closed and it does not turn off the screen or go into stand-by (unless I press Fn+Sleep).

I even installed Windows XP to see if it was a Vista issue...however the problem still exists. I do have the lastest Nvidia drivers too.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9700t LCDrear Pressure On Lid Makes Whites Turn Pink
This machine was not dropped or damaged in any manner to cause this. Last couple of weeks when I open the LCD lid past 90 degrees upright, the LCD screen letters of words turn fuzzy and page colors change.

For example, if I push gently back on the LCD lid of my right now as I type here on this forum page, the white background of this web page turns 2 shades of pink with what looks like large square-like pink pixels. When I let up on the pressure, and the screen returns forward to 85 degress upright, the LCD screen colors of this web page go back to normal -- white is white and the image is sharp.

It is the entire page -- no pressure spots or issue limited to around the edges, its the whole screen that is affected.

LCD going bad or something else? This is definitely related to the angle of the lid and the issue is both position and pressure sensitive.

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Sony :: Is The Vaio Screen Really Anti-reflective- Does It Even Come Close To A Matte Screen
I am considering some laptops and the sony vaio is one of them. I have heard great things about the screen but it is glossy, something I have sworn off all these years. I have seeing reflections on my screen. how the anti-reflective screen performs?

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Apple :: Making An Application's Menubar Minimize/close With The Application
There's a little quirky behavior that's bugged me a little bit ever since I started using Snow Leopard last summer.

Whenever I minimize or close an application using either the yellow/red buttons on the application or simply hitting CMD+M / CMD+W, the menubar for that application persists, necessitating a click on whatever application behind it before that app is actually "active".

For instance, if I were to hit CMD+W on Firefox right now, iTunes would be staring me in the face, but the menubar would still be for Firefox -- and I'd have to click on iTunes before being able to play something.

Is there any config setting or some way to make the menubar minimize/close with the application I'm minimizing or closing?

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Sony :: Wide Gamut Display (or 3-LED Display)
i bought a Sony VGN-AW31XY/Q notebook. Fast processor, 2 SSDs, 18.4" display, 8GB ram AND a antiglare display.

BUT it's a wide gamut display and i'm a webdesigner. I didn't know there is such a huge difference between this and a "normal" display. Red and green are oversaturated like hell.

My question: HOW or CAN i change the colors to "normal"? The point is, calibrating Photoshop or any other color managed software is no problem. But i need color mangagement for ANY other software too (Flash, Google Chrome and so on). There must be a solution.

Isn't there a tool that loads on startup where i can adjust the colors? Not only brightness, contrast and gamma levels but saturation and hue also?

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Sony :: To Many Processes Open On New Fw
On my new fw, task manager says that I have around 106 processes going at once. This number is huge! All i want to do on the laptop is surf the net, do microsoft office documents, watch films, listen to music on itunes that is basically it.

Do you know which processes I can safely close to reduce this number and increase the performance of the laptop, as that many processes is obviously going to slow it down.

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Dell :: How To Open Up My Inspiron 9700?
My speaker jack is broken and I need to open my laptop to see inside. But I'm worried, I don't have warranty and don't know how to open my laptop safely.

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Acer :: How To Open The Case Of The 1410
I decided to give the PLL mod a try so I can overclock to 1.7GHz in my 1410. I got ahold of a soldering iron and an old motherboard that I practiced on, and it doesn't seem too bad once you get the hang of it.

Now that I've decided to go ahead, I try to take the case of my Aspire 1410 apart, and with all the screws removed, hard drive, memory, wireless card, I can pry the front of the case open ok, but as I get near the back (fan exhaust one side and lock/ethernet other) It seems locked in place somehow and don't want to break anything.

Is there a guide or service manual or something?

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Acer :: Open Aspire 1660
I need to open Acer ASpire 1660 to replace the CD drive.

But how is it opened?

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Acer :: How To Open The Aspire 6920G
I'd like to install additional RAM Memory in my laptop (as title said, the Acer Aspire 6920G) which only has 2Gb. I've bought a 2Gb memoy module. My problem is that when I try to open the notebook (i removed the necessary screws), it seems like there is something preventing me from opening it and I'm scared to break the laptop so I don't know if I should force it to open or if I missed somethink.

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HP/Compaq :: HP ZV5410 Display
It's been awhile but this HP Pavillion is giving Me a problem and I'm looking for suggestions. My Backlight I believe is not comeing on all the time. My machine boots up fine and the screen will stay black most of the time but sometimes will light up and display. Sometimes tapping the closed lid button will light the screen and sometimes not but it will always at least make it flicker. What will make the screen light up and work every time is if I twist the screen at the top and push the close lid button and release.

The screen will work fine every time this way till the machine is shut down and rebooted.

Then you need to do this trick again for the screen to come on. I believe it is the inverter or back light or connections on the light but am not positive which. Anybody have an idea which it is or a good way to test which it is? I already have the machine opened an have access to the inverter but would like to be more sure before I go after the light.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv2000 Display
Last week out of nowhere i noticed some banding on my display. It would be really bad all of a sudden for a few seconds and then disappear for a few mins. It had not been dropped or mishandled at all. 2 days later the display completely went black (but the backlight was still on). I have been doing research about what the problem is and have read alot about how HP had a bunch of notebooks with bad motherboards and GPU's that had to be replaced. My computer still works fine - just with no display. When hooked up to an external display it work no problem. And the original display will flash on occasionally as well.

My question is:
Do I have the same problem as mentioned above with the bad motherboard?

Or is it just a display problem (that can hopefully be fixed with a quick display replacement?

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HP/Compaq :: HP NX7400 Display
Today when I wanted to turn on the laptop, the screen was RED. I tried couple of times again, with connected to the power AC and without, but it starts Windows and everything is working, but my screen is still RED. I connected the laptop to an external monitor to check if the graphic card is causing the problem, but no, the picture was perfect. So I'm guessing it is something with inverters or the hole LCD. Do you have any ideas? And is is possible to buy spare parts from HP (I live in Germany)?

It is a HP NX7400 with WXGA (1280x800) Display.

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HP/Compaq :: Display- On DV2731tx
it had a mess display (Attached below 1st picture)and crashed with blue screen. It seems like "nvlddkmm.sys error". If it restart in safe mode, it can work well for hours.429.jpg

But now, a worse situation is the screen divided 6 parts. The notebook totally can not be used. Please see the foloowing pictures.

I think it also caused by the Nvidia display chip G8400M GS.

But my notebook is out of warrenty.

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Dell :: PC Card Slot Stuck Open
i'm using a latitude d520 and what i think is the pc card slot is stuck open or esle i just can't work out how to close it -

please can anyone tell me how to! this is probably really stupid...

it's on the left hand side and there's a black tray that can go in and out but i can't get the sticky-out thing next to it to go back in.

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Dell :: I9300 HD Unable To Open Applications
It's been running fine for a long time now as in the Sig, but came home from Dinner last night and some wierd things. Tried to open Irfanview and it said it couldn't find the program.

Same with Easycleaner (a Reg etc cleaner). Also, my Software Firewall (Comodo) popped with 3 flags that basically told me it was not working and a re-installation might fix it.

So I rebooted and now everytime I come into windows (even in Safemode) if I select Start-Program Files (or Control Panel) the menu will lock up. Can still Alt-Tab-Del to see processes running, but thats it.

So I tried a restore point to last week, came to my desktop and nothing loaded. No explorer, menus, short cuts, etc at all. (can still alt-tab-del)

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Dell :: Popping Noise When I Open My Laptop
When I open it up with a finger or thumb near the center of the screen by the webcam I sometimes hear a small popping sound.

Sort of sounds like something is popping back into place.

It does not happen all the time. If I open from the side there is no soun

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Acer :: How To Open The Case Of Aspire 1300
The DC inlet socket is bad and I would like to see if it it needs soldering. I took away 18 screws but I am not able to open the case.

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Sony :: Fz180E Getting Too Hot (how To Open And Clean)
how to open and clean your laptop! But I don't know why I am not able to find it!

If I play a game with it it becomes so hot I can no longer keep it on me! As the 180E could be one of those sonys with defective Nvidia chip I am afraid it will die if I don't do something!

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Apple :: How Do I Open .cbz Files On A Mac
How do I open .cbz files on a Mac? I've tried a few programs and they haven't worked yet.

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