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HP/Compaq :: FAN Always On- CQ61

recently i bought this HP Compaq CQ61. inside BIOS there's a setting "Fan always on" and currently it sets at "On" as it keeps the fan constantly running. my question is, is it ok if i set it to "disable" hoping it will come at different temp? is it a good idea? just want to confirm. as long as i dont want to hear annoying fan noises, but the same time doesnt want to screw my motherboard?

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HP/Compaq :: Installing XP On CQ61 After W7
I'm trying to install XP on my machine after I fried old HD that had W7 installation. I bought new HD but i only have XP CD so i figured I'll install XP so far to get the PC up and ruining, and upgrade to W7 once i find by back-up CD.

My new HD is picked up by machine, and CD starts with installation, copying files from the CD, but only up to the point where it is supposed to start with windows installation.

At that point I get blue screen and message telling me i do not have HD or it is incorrectly installed and that I should run check disk. I've run BIOS scan, and HD is present and scans OK. Is it possible that previous install of W7 is memorized somewhere in BIOS and it is not allowing me to install XP even though HD is blank and brand new?

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HP/Compaq :: System Recovery Failed CQ61
My Compaq Presario CQ61-110SA kept on crashing wiht the blue screen error so yesterday i had some time on my hands so i thought I would do a full system recovery in order to stop this nuisence from happening, however I wish I had read the problems associated with the HP recovery manager first as now I have no OS and a recovery manager that dosn't work.

At the moment I am using the recovry manger pre installed on the hard drive however it gets to installing the drivers, and after about an hour a pop up comes up for about half a second saying a about a driver install or dont install (it looks similair to th etype of pop up on vista when a new program wants to run) however due to it poping up so quickly and then going I cannot see what the actual driver is let alone choose an option, after this it says recovery has failed the error code c:system.savlogsBurnBootwarn.log it states the error was detected during PINIST_BBV , when i opened the log file it seemed all the drivers had succeded but [mini_FBI] resilt failed, I have tried doing the recovery with the wireless button on as I heard this could be the cause but still it didn't work, I have recovery discs that i burned however My laptop wont seem to boot fom disk even though I have changed the BIOS and put harddrive at the bottom and the disc at the top.

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HP/Compaq :: CQ61-220SA- Specs For Game
I have a Compaq CQ61-220SA Laptop with a 1.8 GHz Intel Celeron DualCore Mobile Processor T3000 cpu and Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD Graphics on which I have Win 7 32 bit.

I've bought a copy of Red Alert 3 which states that it needs an Intel P4 2.6GHz cpu for Vista and 256MB Graphics with a NVidia Geforce G800 or greater chipset or an ATI Radeon X800 or greater chipset.

The shop has said as long as I don't break the seal on the game I can return it if it's not compatible with my laptop and so I need some advice please as to whether the specs I've got are sufficient to run this game?

if this laptop will run this game?

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HP/Compaq :: Presario CQ61-305SA CPU Upgrade
just wondering about doing a CPU upgrade on the above laptop, the current CPU is an AMD Sempron M100. I'm not to up on my AMD cpu's so not sure what the best upgrade would be. Also, what does the bios support, as there are many CPU's that will fit the S1 socket, but I guess not all will be supported in the bios, so does anyone have any knowledge on this.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX16T: Fan Always On
Have anyone notice this: The HDX16t will run the fan if the power plug is plugged in and will do so until you hit 100% on your battery meter.

I went into the BIOS to disable "Enable Fan Always On." And yes, when ever my notebook is not connected to power, the fan is OFF. But as soon as I plug in the power chord, back it turns on. While charging, as soon as I pull the chord (even though the battery hasn't met 100%), the fan turns off.

And another question, my HDX16t has this high pitch noise that you can hear. It's sort of like that same issue back with the hold dv6000t models.

How do I disable that, or remove that noise. And no, its not coming from my SSD or my Cd drive.

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HP/Compaq :: Fan On The DV5t
Is the fan meant to blow air of the back vent on the bottom of the DV5t?

Air blows out of the side vent but very little air blows out the back vent even when gaming. Im worried the vent is blocked.

Im concerned because the CPU reaches 85c when playing games, which seems a bit high for a CPU in my opinion.

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HP/Compaq :: Fan On DV7t
Just wondering if this is normal - I'm not exactly sure how many fan speeds there are, but for the sake of keeping this simple, let's say there are 5 (1=off, 2=low, 3=med, 4=high 5=max).

My computer is usually at 2, but I notice that sometimes just watching videos can make my fan go to 3. Is this ok? I know my computer is plenty powerful so it's not that it's struggling. I guess it's because I have powerful parts and they create some heat. But it can be a little annoying for the fan to go one notch higher on something like videos.

Should I get a cooler or am I good as is?

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HP/Compaq :: DV5z Fan
I have a new DV5z with the AMD Turion zm-84 and ATI radeon 3450. When I'm running on A/C power and on the high performance mode, the fan runs constantly. When I'm not even using the computer and it's sitting at idle, it still runs! It's loud...louder than a 2008 notebook should be IMO.

Is this a defect? Why won't the fan ever stop running?

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HP/Compaq :: HP 4510s - Fan
I'm in the process of finding a key-pad equipped notebook and came upon 4510s. is the noise problem mentioned in the review still persists? Did HP issue an update to mitigate the issue?

Besides, after a few months of handling, are there any new issues? How's the build quality holding up?

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HP/Compaq :: Fan Cooler For Dv7t?
I have a HP DV7t. The Specs of the notebook are in my sig.

Do you think I should get a cooling fan?

My computer runs great with no problems but I notice that it can get somewhat hot at times when I'm gaming. I don't play games too often and I mostly browse the web, but I play games on occasion.

The pic above is using HWMonitor. The max temps were reached while I was playing StarCraft.

Do you think those temps are too high for playing StarCraft? I have my computer slightly elevated in the back but wanted to know if you think I should get a fan such as the Zalman? What fan is recommended for HP laptops?

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HP/Compaq :: Presario C500 Fan
My ancient C500 fan is noisy, a constant slight grindy noise. Its been like this for months and I cant take it anymore. Can I clean or replace it w/o too much trouble or is it time for a new laptop? Looks like I'd have to take off the whole bottom to get at it...which Iwill do, if it will shut the damn thing up.

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HP/Compaq :: HP 6930p Fan Control
how to control the fan on the HP6930P?

I disabled "fan always on AC" in the bios.

The fan is always on. It doesn't disturb at the lowest level, but it ramps up every 5 mins or so for 2 or 3 seconds. I find that ramping up disturbing and would like to disable it. Considering how cool the air coming out is compared to laptops I have had in the past (Thinkpads and Toshiba) I would say HP is being conservative with their settings.

Is there a program or some bios setting?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX-18. Trying To Figure Fan Out.
I've got a HDX-18, (X18-1374ca) Centrino Q9000 cpu, 4GB RAM, Windows 7 64bit. F.24 BIOS from factory. Had it for two months. I use this as a desktop replacement, no gaming, plugged in all the time. I have Power Options set to Balanced.

Out of the box the BIOS has the cooling fan set to run all the time. I had it that way for two months, the fan runs on what I'd say medium speed all day, never changes speed or anything all day even when the screens off and gone in to standby for ages....the fan still spins same speed, same sound. Its not annoying or loud. But I wonder how many years it will last (not as easy to change as a desktop cooling fan).

So in the BIOS I now turned the fan to always off. So its off when I am not at the laptop. But just browsing the net and typing this the fan goes off then comes on full blast for a minute and then off...and on and off, and so on. The trouble with that is the noise! The full speed fan is quite noisy, distracting. I am not complaining as I know it has to now run fast since it was off the cpu heated up.

The only place I can see to do anything else with the fan is Power Options in Control Panel, in Advanced power options, under Processor power management I can set the System cooling policy to Active or Passive....what ever that does, it doesn't make any differences.

I am curious what other people might have done. I am only trying to get it so the fan runs medium, quietly, when I am at the laptop and goes off when its in standby. It doesn't sleep, I have sleep disabled, just standby, HDDs still On.

I have a older DV9774ca and its fan comes on slow or medium speed and even off as I use the laptop, not full speed unless I have some intense graphics or video going. If I am only browsing the net the fan on that would even turn completely off, no spinning (I looked). Admitting it is s different cpu and laptop, thats the sort of behaviour I am looking for for this one.

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HP/Compaq :: Replacement / Quieter Fan
I've been on the HP site and to be honest, it's not the most clear and concise site to use.

I have a relatively old HP530 (p/n GU327AA#ABU) which is still pretty nippy and fault-free (touch wood). The only problem is a very noisy fan which seems to be a common problem with these laptops and HP laptops in general.

Could anyone please recommend a replacement fan for this HP model or do I have to stick to the same fan and/or buy from HP?

I've not yet tried removing the back and cleaning the fan as it doesn't sound faulty, damaged or impeded at all, it simply runs loud, very loud! I've also just ordered a laptop cooler for it to sit on but I'd still like to get its' fan sorted out if possible.

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HP/Compaq :: HP DM1 Fan Noise
I just bought a DM1 and noticed that the fan is always on, even when i run on battery and is doing nothing but idle on the desktop. The fan is pretty high pitch and therefore pretty audible.

I just read on other posts that Speedstep is actually a bluff on the SU2300, it doesn't trottle clock, thats probably why the fan is on even when idling on battery.

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HP/Compaq :: HP HDX16 Heat And Fan
My friend have a problem with it. The CPU is overheated.

He already undervolt the CPU and have about 10C lower than usual.

However, currently, it seems the temperature raise up again and is very unusual. When normal browsing the internet or do minor stuffs, the CPU temperature bump up to 65-80C or even more.

Would it due to FAN problem(spoiled)? or something else?

If it's FAN problem, how to replace it? I mean where can I buy the FAN that fit HP HDX16 well.

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HP/Compaq :: DV9774ca- Buzzing Fan
I have a one year old DV9774ca which suddenly overnight started a slight brrrrr sound from the cooling fan. Its definately the fan because if I watch it and the fan stops for a while then the noise coming from it stops.

At first I thought it sucked up something. I can't see anything, so I blew it out with compressed air, through the fan and through the vents, and it never helped.

I can only assume its the bearings in the fan. Theres no wires or anything sticking down.

I had a similar burrring fan noise once on a computer and if i tapped on the top of the cpu cooler fan the noise went away for a while.

My question is if theres bearings actually at all in these tiny little fans? Or what else it could be. I ask this in case anyone has had experience with these noises and have you either pushed/pulled on the fan blades and it stopped?

I have no issues changing the HSF myself as I build computers for myself and family. So its nothng new to me to pull things to pieces. I have been perusing ebay, etc, for a hsf model 434678-001, as I gather thats the correct one. I can't stand HP's prices so I will source it any where else!

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HP/Compaq :: DV7 1020ea FAN ALWAYS ON
I tried to mod the dsdt file to lower the fan noise but I cannot find the location on the file that manages the fan speed I attached the file

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HP/Compaq :: Cleaning HDX16 Fan
The fan won't stop spinning at full speed.

GPU Temp: 48C
Core 1: 41C
Core 2: 42C
The humidity is 62%
City Temp: 28-30C

I've had this laptop for a few months, the fan's all dusty 'cause my apartment's dusty and I need to know if there's a video or another post that tells you how to take apart some sort of HDX16 or 18.

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HP/Compaq :: 8530p Replace Fan
Very nice machine in every other aspect, except for the noisy fan that I've learned from reading here and elsewhere that HP does not recognize as a problem.

So, I'm thinking of replacing it myself. Can I do that without voiding my warranty? What about having an authorized HP repair center do it for me, if I shell out for the fan myself?

what fan to use? And is there a service manual around?

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9006ea- Noisy Fan
I have an HP Pavilion dv9006ea, IntelCore2CPU T5500 1.66GHz, 3GB RAM, Nvidia GeForceGo7600, Windows XPpro+SP3, Ubuntu, with a noisy fan. According to the manual there are 4 spare parts numbers. The easy part is between Intel or AMD, but do I need the fan for UMA or discrete video memory?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv5-1040ep Fan
i have a hp dv5-1040ep and while playing any game my graphics card ( 9600Mgt DDR2 ) gets way too hot ( 90 or more ) and I noticed that the fan its not at the maximum rpm... so is there any program to control the fan? ( i want to put it on the max rpm while playing )

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HP/Compaq :: 6720s- Fan Noise
I've an HP Compaq 6720s and its fan has started making a weird noise. Its like a constant whirr. I am positive that its not the HDD.

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HP/Compaq :: 2530p+fan Noise
I just got my 2530p. The problem with my 2530p is the fan noise. It is on constantly. I would think that the speed of the cpu fan should go up and down?

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HP/Compaq :: Cleaning Out The Fan On The Dv5t
I wanted to clean the fan of my laptop by using the air compressor periodically so that dust wouldn't build up. Is there a recommended way to do it? Does the fan suck from the bottom and blow out the back and side? I was planning to blow the air compressor into the bottom side where i believe the fan is sucking air. Is it ok to do this while the laptop is on or should I turn it off?

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HP/Compaq :: My Fan Mod On Dv7
I remove almost all mesh from fan so more air will go into laptop stay on table all the time so it's ok for me

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Hdx16 Loud Fan
i hear a click from the left side of my hdx16 and that same click always happens when i shut down the system and its not from the hard drive i checked it is something near the fan could that be hp protect smart or something. and another thing the fan goes very loud when i install the battery with ac on is that normal?

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HP/Compaq :: DV3 Noisy Fan
I just got the DV3 from Costco and was wondering if my new machine has a problem. The Fan is just so noisly compared to my macbook pro. The fan keeps going high and low by itself.

I downloaded the speedfan to see my tempearture. The result is.....78 degrees C without doing anything intensive. Is there a problem or is this just how HP laptops work?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16 Fan Noise
I just recently purchased the HP HDX 16 and the fan seems to be louder than most laptops. I have done my research on the internet and it seems like some people have this problem and others don't.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavillioin Dv6707 Fan
Has anyone ever replaced their fan on a HP pavillion model? When I am starting this model for last 2 days, there is a whirring sound that comes up right away and then right before Windows loads but then it disappears. Now, I sit on it for 1 or 2 hours but then everything is normal? does the laptop test the fan at max speed when one starts it? The noise is coming from the back vent so I think it must be a fan / motor problem. If it is any help, then the laptop used to make this sound (the one in the beginning of the clip) when it used to start before and then sometimes after 2-3 hours of plugged in:[url]

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9685eo - Fan Noises
I've got an HP dv9685eo. Recently the fan has started to make strange noises. Kind of like a drilling noise - I'm not sure how to explain it. Kind of like it's hitting something when spinning. I once had a desktop computer which started to make fan noises as well. I resolved that by cleaning the fan. That computer's warranty had expired, however, and I am reluctant to open my laptop because it still has warranty. I need my computer every day and my laptop is my only one, so I don't like the idea about sending it in for repair. Can they see if I open the case and take a look inside it? There aren't any stickers on it (at least not on the outside). Will opening it even void warranty or is it only if I start to remove/add/replace hardware in it?

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HP/Compaq :: HP 550 Notebook CPU Fan Always On
Is there a way to stop the fan even in idle mode? It's driving me crazy because it's always running on full speed. I have the latest bios and the bios option "fan always on when plugged in" is disabled.

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HP/Compaq :: Change Fan Speed On My Dv9740us
is there any easy way to change fan speed on my dv9740us by via software? i usually here the fan operating but it doesnt seem to be doin so at mex speed even on max cpu/gpu load

at present im using rivatuner to ic my gpu and rmclock to undervolt my cpu could i possibly use these programs to control my fan? if not then are there any programs that would allow me to do this?

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HP/Compaq :: Presario C502US Fan Removal
lately my fan has come on more and ive touched by my cpu area and feels a little hotter than normal.Ive used compressed air and a little dust comes out.

So i decided time to put some new thermal grease on cpu.I used a c300 maintenace guide as a couldnt find a c500 guide,ive taken all screw loose from back but it still feels like something holding it their.Do i need to pull a little harder or! i cant figure out what else could be holding back cover on,

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavillion Dv2535ea Fan Replacement
I am trying to source a replacement fan for a HP dv2535ea laptop. HP Support was useless so was wondering if anyone knows where I can locate one from.

The current fan is working fine but is making a horrible noise.

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HP/Compaq :: Fan Is Super Loud- Dv6500t
How can I calm my fan down? I have a dv6500t

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HP/Compaq :: Controlling Fan Speeds OnLaptop
My HP dv7-3079wm gets fairly hot under normal conditions, between 55C-65C. I should be getting a cooling pad for it soon, but I was wondering if theres a way to control the fan speeds? Once it hits about 60C the fan speeds up and cools it down to about 55C and then slows again. Speedfan doesn't show any fans, though I use it to monitor my temps in my taskbar. So, does anyone know if theres another way to control fan speeds? Or a way to get SpeedFan to detect mine? And I even have the back propped up a little to help it ventilate better...

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HP/Compaq :: DV5-1234se- Fan/heat
I just got my laptop about a week ago. I noticed yesterday that the fan is always on-it wasn't before. Over the keyboard feels a little warm but mostly underneath (sort of close to where the battery is but mostly on the other side of the keyboard). I've been using it on a hard surface so I don't block the vents and such..

How warm is normal? I know you can download programs that can tell you the temp but I don't know where to find that. Is it a bad sign that the fan is always on now? Could it just be because it's summer and warm in general?

I have the HP DV5-1234se if it makes any difference..When I looked up reviews I didn't see any problems with overheating.

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Dell :: Fan Off , Fan On, New XPS 16 I7
I just recieved my new Dell Studio XPS 16 today, after previously only and M1530.

Lovely looking laptop, however it doesn't matter whether i am using battery or plugged into the mains, the fan keeps comming on and going off every minute or so i would say. I have only had the laptop out the box for a good hour or so but the constant stop and start of the fan is really starting to get to me.

The laptop will run for a couple of minutes, fan kicks in for 1 minute off for 30 seconds, on for 1 minute , off for 30 seconsn!!

This is just happening when the computer is idle , at the very most all that is open is IE 8.0 and maybe some Windows.

I have read other people have problems with throttling , but from what i gather this would seem that the users effected are mainly if they are playing higher end games and only happens when using a 90W Power Supply, when battery is in use it is okay.

For me personaly the noise happens when it is on battery or mains powered. I need to work out what to do because i have 7 days to request a return , i may think it is because i got the I7 Chip ...

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HP/Compaq :: NewPavilion DV7 3030 Fan / Heat
I recently (a week ago) bought a 17" DV7 3030.

AMD Turion II M500 2x2,2 GHz
2x320 GB HDD
ATI Mobility Radeon 4650

Everything was fine at the beginning, but the fact that the fan was constantly on, when I already disabled the "Fan Always On" option, was a bit odd. Then I installed a game (Burnout Paradise) and I was quite positively surprised about the performance. But after a few minutes of playing, the fan ramped up so high you could think the laptop is gonna take off in a minute.
I downloaded everest and prime95, activated the prime95 maximum heat test, and watched as the temperature went up to an astonishing 82C, and the fan went vacuum cleaner on me; exactly what I already experienced before in the game.

So, never actually having had a Laptop before, and just having seen others', I really don't know if the laptop heating up so much when running a resource demanding application is normal or not. I heard that a clogged cooler could be the problem, but as the computer is brand new, that can hardly be the case. The CPU and GPU aren't exactly high performance models either, and they are both 45 and 55 nm units, so they should really not create so much heat. I also heard before that HP is known for their poor cooling solutions and heat management problems. Is this an example of that?

What really confuses me as well, is that on the review section of the page where I bought it from people were praising this laptop for it being so incredibly quiet, and from what i've seen it really isn't.

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HP/Compaq :: Arelaptop Fan Noise Problems Prevalent
With Windows 7 about to drop, and HP rolling out with their new laptops (like the dm3t and Probook 5310m), I'm seriously looking at getting a HP to replace my old computer. However, I've been reading about there being a lot of Fan Noise problems with their laptops. Specifically, I've heard that the fan is always on and blowing, even when the laptop is idling. How prevalent is this, especially in the dm3 (for those already with one), and the Probook line (I'm looking at getting the 5310m)?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Nx7400 CPU Fan Full Throttle
I've been using my nx7400 for more than 3 years. I undervolted it with RM Clock and it was always running around 45-52 degrees idle and 53-59 under load. The fan only kicked in under load and over 55 degrees.

I changed the CPU fan for a new one, I changed the thermal paste for MX-3 and I regularly use compressed air to clean the heat sink.

Lately, it's running full throttle in intervals even in idle and temperatures 45-50. (5-15 seconds full throttle, 10 seconds inaudible... and so on)

I could always leave it on my nightstand 24/7 as it was inaudible.

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HP/Compaq :: Presario C500 Fan Noise And Grind
i have a presario c552us laptop and it recently started making weird noises around the fan underneath. i took a look and it seems to be coming from the fan. it sounds like some1 stuck something in there and its hitting the fan blades. doesn't happen all the time either. when the fan is spinning, sometimes its great(like right now) and other times it sounds horrible.

i took apart the whole laptop and cleaned out all the dust, especially in the heatsinks and fan assembly. it seems to spin fine when i use canned air on the fan blades. it has the normal high pitch fan spin without the grinding noise and what not.

not sure what the deal with that is, but maybe the fan has issues gripping or spinning itself.

so it sounds like i pretty much need to replace the fan and the motor.

can i replace just the motor and fan? or do i have to buy the whole assembly with the weird shaped heatsink?

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HP/Compaq :: Fan Is CONSTANTLY On... (Temp Readings Included)
I have a DV6000. I keep this laptop in tiptop shape. I only recently started to use it again on a fulltime basis. I notice that the fan is now CONSTANTLY on. It doesn't matter what I do, idling included... Here are some stats from HW Monitor. I'm not sure how to interpret these numbers, but they do look high. The palm rest is warm, but it has always been the case.

what I can do? Obviously I can't turn off the fan it the system is in fact hot.

CPUID Hardware Monitor

Mainboard VendorQuanta
Mainboard Model30CC (0xE9 - 0x2338)

Hardware monitor

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV9000 With Fan Control- For The GPU And CPU
I have a DV9000 laptop and I have problem with the fan control and the Heat Sink. The tempeture of the GPU and CPU go very high (GPU 60 and CPU 48), but the fan runs very slow, like if the tempeture is ok and after that the computer stops. As well I want to replace the pads from the heat sink, so I would like to know which types of pads I should use for this computer and where the GPU is located, because there are three chips (the CPU in right side, one in the middle and another in the left side with the nvidia signature). my computer is Intel Duo and the bios is version D.25.

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HP/Compaq :: Fan Speed Control @EliteBook 2530p
Today I got my HP EliteBook 2530p in "FU432EA" configuration. It was important for me to have an optical drive, so i chose the configuration with the 120 GB 1,8" HDD.

The 2530p looks great so far and performs pretty well... If there weren't the extremely annoying noises coming from the notebook.

The HDD with its 5400 rpm (it's a Samsung HS122JF, very slow btw, not really faster than 4200 rpm drives) makes a clearly audible, very high frequency noise and turns on/off every 30-60 seconds resulting in clicking sounds. I can live with that for the moment, because I'll upgrade to some SSD in the near future.

But the second annoyance is the fan inside the laptop. Even when idling in windows with temps below 50 C the fan turns on every few moments. Unfortunately I haven't been able to control the system fan or even read the actual speed. I tried Notebook Hardware Control, SpeedFan and HWMon, but neither of them reported me anything about the fan. I tried undervolting the CPU with RMClock (which doesn't really support the new Penryn CPUs) and got a few degrees less, but this wasn't enough to keep the fan quiet. In the BIOS there are no options regarding the fan, only some "keep fan always running on AC power", which I disabled.

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HP/Compaq :: To Control The Fan Speed On HP's Notebooks
The few programs that I know that detect fans won't even show a fan on my laptop, nor does it show on my Friend's G60 (or whatever the silver one is, I don't remember it exactly).

Mines isn't broken or anything,

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV5 Excessive Fan Noise On Startup
For the past few weeks my DV5 has been behaving oddly when booted up from a cold start. The fan switches on producing an incredibly annoying rattle and squeal that almost sounds as if a bearing has gone in it. It's the same noise you occasionally hear from desktop fans that are clogged with dust and gunk.

It usually lasts for only a few seconds on initial bootup and is all over by the time Vista loads.

However, this laptop spends 95% of its time on my desk in my dorm room, residing on an improvised laptop stand for better cooling. I took it into the shop I bought it from now that I'm home and whilst they were happy to look at it, it just wouldn't replicate what I had been describing to them when they were listening to it. Murphy's law I guess. Anyway, they thought the only way to sort it out would be to leave it with them and they would try it daily till it it reared its head. Not knowing how long it would take to get over its stage fright (and needing some information off it) I declined that offer!

Has anyone noticed similar traits or symptoms in their machines? If so, how did you remedy it? I'm really tempted to pull it apart myself but it is only 7 months old so well within the warranty period that I may put in jeopardy.

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