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HP/Compaq :: Presario CQ61-305SA CPU Upgrade

just wondering about doing a CPU upgrade on the above laptop, the current CPU is an AMD Sempron M100. I'm not to up on my AMD cpu's so not sure what the best upgrade would be. Also, what does the bios support, as there are many CPU's that will fit the S1 socket, but I guess not all will be supported in the bios, so does anyone have any knowledge on this.

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HP/Compaq :: CPU Upgrade On A Presario CQ40-314TU
Can the Compaq Presario CQ40-314TU handle a C2D mobile chip? It's stock with a T3400 but would it handle the T7600? The two chips are nearly identical with 65nm, 667MHz FSB, 35W power, and even packing type.

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HP/Compaq :: Presario R4000 Hard Disk Upgrade
who knows if my Presario R4219, actually mounting a 60GB disk, can support a 250GB HD ? I was about to buy the WD2500BEVE, it's IDE and ATA-6, so it should work but I'm not sure the bios will recognize the whole disk dimension.

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HP/Compaq :: FAN Always On- CQ61
recently i bought this HP Compaq CQ61. inside BIOS there's a setting "Fan always on" and currently it sets at "On" as it keeps the fan constantly running. my question is, is it ok if i set it to "disable" hoping it will come at different temp? is it a good idea? just want to confirm. as long as i dont want to hear annoying fan noises, but the same time doesnt want to screw my motherboard?

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HP/Compaq :: Installing XP On CQ61 After W7
I'm trying to install XP on my machine after I fried old HD that had W7 installation. I bought new HD but i only have XP CD so i figured I'll install XP so far to get the PC up and ruining, and upgrade to W7 once i find by back-up CD.

My new HD is picked up by machine, and CD starts with installation, copying files from the CD, but only up to the point where it is supposed to start with windows installation.

At that point I get blue screen and message telling me i do not have HD or it is incorrectly installed and that I should run check disk. I've run BIOS scan, and HD is present and scans OK. Is it possible that previous install of W7 is memorized somewhere in BIOS and it is not allowing me to install XP even though HD is blank and brand new?

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HP/Compaq :: System Recovery Failed CQ61
My Compaq Presario CQ61-110SA kept on crashing wiht the blue screen error so yesterday i had some time on my hands so i thought I would do a full system recovery in order to stop this nuisence from happening, however I wish I had read the problems associated with the HP recovery manager first as now I have no OS and a recovery manager that dosn't work.

At the moment I am using the recovry manger pre installed on the hard drive however it gets to installing the drivers, and after about an hour a pop up comes up for about half a second saying a about a driver install or dont install (it looks similair to th etype of pop up on vista when a new program wants to run) however due to it poping up so quickly and then going I cannot see what the actual driver is let alone choose an option, after this it says recovery has failed the error code c:system.savlogsBurnBootwarn.log it states the error was detected during PINIST_BBV , when i opened the log file it seemed all the drivers had succeded but [mini_FBI] resilt failed, I have tried doing the recovery with the wireless button on as I heard this could be the cause but still it didn't work, I have recovery discs that i burned however My laptop wont seem to boot fom disk even though I have changed the BIOS and put harddrive at the bottom and the disc at the top.

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HP/Compaq :: CQ61-220SA- Specs For Game
I have a Compaq CQ61-220SA Laptop with a 1.8 GHz Intel Celeron DualCore Mobile Processor T3000 cpu and Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD Graphics on which I have Win 7 32 bit.

I've bought a copy of Red Alert 3 which states that it needs an Intel P4 2.6GHz cpu for Vista and 256MB Graphics with a NVidia Geforce G800 or greater chipset or an ATI Radeon X800 or greater chipset.

The shop has said as long as I don't break the seal on the game I can return it if it's not compatible with my laptop and so I need some advice please as to whether the specs I've got are sufficient to run this game?

if this laptop will run this game?

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HP/Compaq :: Upgrade CPU
I own a "Dragon" and was wondering what the best CPU is out there right now for it? I've been hearing about this X9100. if I can put that in this computer?

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HP/Compaq :: CPU Upgrade
I have hp8510p (intel gm965 chipset) with intel T9300 cpu. Can this be upgraded (at home)? Is this even possible to change notebook CPU?

If yes - what specs must be same old vs new? Socket is "P-478" so this has to be same, should the FSB speed be the same also?

One more question - I've got pc2-5300 333mhz ddr2 memory. can I put there something faster?

edit> is upgradit of the GPU possible? can I change the pci-express video card? I've got radeon 2600hd, could this be changed?

I'm just looking to the future because I want more processing power but I don't want to buy whole new notebook...

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV7t CPU Upgrade
I have Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor T5900 (2.2GHz)

What is the max CPU I can upgrade too?

My board is PM45 Northbridge with a 9600gt 512mb

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HP/Compaq :: Upgrade CPU V2401
I have a Compaq v2401 with Sempron 3000+.

Am clueless how to check motherboard model and CPU Model.

I would like to upgrade CPU to its max.

What is the max i can upgrade, Sempron or Turion.

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HP/Compaq :: HP 8710w CPU Upgrade
I want to upgrade the CPU in a HP 8710w, currently it has an Intel T7300.

Which one is the fastest compatible CPU for this?

Also I don't want to have any over heating issues.

Is this one compatible

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HP/Compaq :: CPU Upgrade ForNW9440
Currently fitted with Core 2 Duo T7600.

Can any faster CPUs or ones with more cores be fitted?

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HP/Compaq :: Can You Upgrade Laptop CPU
I was wondering if it's possible to upgrade a laptop cpu. If yes, has anyone done it.

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HP/Compaq :: Upgrade CPU, RAM, HD For My DV9305tx
I was wondering what is the best CPU that I am able to upgrade to with my HP DV9305tx, T7200? And also what RAM is recommended? As I've still only got the stock 2GB.. Same goes with the hard drives. I'm guessing that's about all that I can upgrade?

Even though this laptop has suffered from heat issues, it's been a great work companion for the last few years, and is perfect for my design work, so I really don't want to upgrade to a new laptop, but I DO need a little more speed if it's possible.

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HP/Compaq :: DV7-2070ED Cpu Upgrade
I recently bought a DV7-2070ED with a T4200 cpu on board. Is it possible to replace it with a P8400 cpu?

I already replaced the T4200 with the P8400 (came from a broken down HP6730B notebook) but the thing won't start then. The P8400 is okay and working, so that should not be the problem.

Could it be the bios? I already found out that my DV7 is (almost) similar to the DV7t-series and they support cpu's like the P8600. Also the DV7t seems to use the same bios.

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HP/Compaq :: Notebook CPU And GPU Upgrade
Notebook HP dv7 1199 ev

My motherboard is Compal 30f4 Version 99.67

I would like to upgrade my current CPU

Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 (2.53 GHz, Level 2 cache 6MB).

and graphic card
Nvidia GEforce 9600M GT

I have none experience moding a notebook before and i need some information.

-To begin with, how would i know if i can replace my processor, and what processors should be compatible with my system? Would a more powerful CPU cause problem to my system's cooling ability?

-The GPU is coming built-in with the motherboard? Can i update to any notebook-based GPU i want?
Maybe some GTX series Nvidia?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavilion DV6-1220sb Upgrade CPU
I have won a HP Pavilion DV6-1220sb in a contest and it comes with a Dual-Core T4200 CPU running @ 2Ghz. I want to upgrade the CPU by replacing it with a Intel Montevina Core 2 Duo T9600 CPU.

I cannot reach the CPU by removing the lids from the bottom or by removing the keyboard.

how to reach the CPU on the HP Pavilion DV6?

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Dell :: CPU Upgrade Not Going Well
I have a Dell D520, with the Celeron M 430 @1.73 GHz 533, I upgraded the CPU to a Core Duo T2400, 1.83Ghz 667 FSB but when i try to turn the laptop on, nothing is displayed on the screen, I hear the hardrive kick on, i see the LED power light, light up, i hear the CD drive Spin up to see if there is anything in the drive, but that is where it stops. The screen will stay black, and i can not get past this. If i put in the old CPU it will boot up no problems..

I am waiting for the other CPU a T5600. I bought 2, a T2400 and a T5600.

What should i do, and how do i get this to work?

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Dell :: Cpu Upgrade
I Have A Del 5100 With Pentium 4 2.8 G Processor. Have 2 G Ram, But Cannot Do Video Conferencing. Can I Upgrade Processor To Something More Powerful? If So, What D You Reocmmend.

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Dell :: CPU Upgrade Studio 15
I just finished a CPU upgrade from a T6400 to a P9500, I had my doubts if the CPU would work but works beatifully (2.53ghz 6mb cache).

I picked this one because of the 25W (vs 35W) TDP, so that the fans would kick in the least possible.............

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Dell :: D520 CPU Upgrade
I would like to upgrade my CPU. I have the base Celeron M 430 @ 1.73 GHz. What other CPU's would just drop right in?

I guess i have the 945GM Family.. (Can accept 4GB Ram)

Also if you have one, for sale that will fit, send me a PM.. Will post a WTB thread once i know what i wtb. lol. I am looking to upgrade to one of the available Intel Core Duo chips..

Would the T2300E @ 1.66GHz or T2400 @ 1.83GHz CPU drop right in to this current system?

If this is correct, then any T2300E @ 1.66GHz or T2400 @ 1.83GHz CPU would work, and compputer brand does not matter, all i am looking for is,
T2300E @ 1.66GHz or T2400 @ 1.83GHz CPU. Correct?

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Dell :: M1330 CPU Upgrade
I would like to know if I can still upgrade my old CPU T7250 into something newer in the P series.

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Dell :: 1720 Cpu Upgrade
i have a dell 1720 with a t2390 cpu running at 1.86 ghz with 2gb of ddr2 667 mhz ram and was wondering what is the fastest cpu i can run in this system without modification, just want a quick upgrade where i can drop in the cpu without changing heat sink etc? would i have to change the ram aswell?

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Dell :: 0x00000101, Cpu Upgrade
i am having a horrible time with my xps 1530.

A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval.

Stop Code 0x00000101

this is the bane of my life right now. I simply do not have a useable computer! I have wiped the hdd using parted magic, and installed vista ultimate 32bit. no windows update, just the nvidia drivers from dell support website installed. I get that stop: code at random times, sometimes stright after login, or 1hr browsing the internet. No games installed or tried.

I have contacted dell, and they have been out and replaced the motherboard (so to change the nvidia 8600m gt media card) but I am still getting the same system freeze.

Im sure its not software related, as linux (ubuntu, opensuse, fedora) all seem to randomly freeze and lockup just the same as in windows except no BSOD!

So does anyone seem to know whats going on here? I feel like it is a CPU fail ? I am currently running memtest86+ 3hrs, no errors.

here are the specs
XPS M1530 CORE 2 DUO T7250 2.00GHZ
3gb ddr
nvidia 8600m gt 256

... could i change this processor, does the replacement need to be 65nm?

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Dell :: E6400 CPU Upgrade
New E6400 Owner here. Please forgive me if it's been posted before, but what is the fastest processor (DIY) upgrade this system can handle. It's currently running a T9550 and I would prefer a dual with HT capable or Quad CPU.

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Sony :: Upgrade Cpu In Vaio
How hard/easy is it to upgrade the processor in a Vaio?

For e.g., T6600 to P8700?

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Acer :: Aspire7000 Cpu Upgrade
iv got a aspire 7003wsmi and i want to upgrade the cpu..

can i go dual core?, and can i go as high as a tl60 or 62?

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Acer :: Ferrari Cpu Upgrade
purchased and installed a 1.6ghz tk-42 cpu in my ferrari one netbook, the bios detects it as a 1.6ghz cpu but i cannot get it to run @ 1.6ghz in windows without using 3rd party tools. tried reinstalling windows 64/32bit and it always boots @ 1.2ghz (default cpu clock). Does anyone have any idea how I can sort this out? Possible bios hack etc?

I can run without my external graphics card fine @ 1.6ghz, with it the machine crashes constantly.

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Acer :: Upgrade 8920g Cpu
Was looking at newegg and saw these two processors.

Intel Core 2 Duo P9500 2.53GHz Socket P 25W
Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 2.53GHz Socket P 35W

Just wondering what the difference is between a "P" model and a "T" model are?

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Acer :: CPU Upgrade Failure
I attempted to upgrade my ageing aspire 3053 to the quickest processor I could find, a Turion mobile X2 - TL-60 to be exact.

I prepared well for it, buying arctic silver 5, IPA and whatnot. I even paid some dodgy ebayer £2.50 for the service and repair guide for it.

However, it has not gone very well, after installing said new processor, the only thing the machine would do was turn on, pass POST and then the fan would spin at 3 bazillion RPM and then switch off. Cue 7 attempts of applying the thermal compound and much swearing, still to no avail.

After leaving it on the coffee table in bits for the past 3 weeks, I finally decided to call it a draw and re-install the old Sempron. Oh dear. Didnt quite go as expected either....

My machine now is only half the laptop it once was pre-faffing. I can no longer complete the XP setup, as, after all the files are copied across, and you enter the stage where you set up the internet connection, quite a few odd things happen. The cursor jumps around the screen like the machine is struggling and you have to hold down the keys for at least 30 seconds each to get them to register.

I have taken it to bits again to see if I could faff with it some more, and have noticed a couple of things:

1) The mainboard appears to be now warped.

2) There is a slight burr on the heatsink where the cpu core will sit - looks like a manufacturing defect.

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HP/Compaq :: Presario V3019us
i have a v3019us and it will not log into windows. It goes to login screen, enter password, then it says its loading settings but flashes straight to logging off and goes back to the login screen. it has xp home edition, and does the same thing in safe mode. tried restore disks but pc is telling me restore discs are for wrong model.

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HP/Compaq :: Presario V2000
My LCD is like this when it's opened less than 90 degrees.

My LCD is like this when it's opened greater than 90 degrees.

I'm forced to use this computer in awkward position since i can't open the lid greater than 90 degrees

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HP/Compaq :: Presario 1500
i have a compaq presario 1500 with a pentium 4 running XP SP3 on it. I am having trouble with keeping it under a good heat, the fan is constantly running high! i know this needs a good clean but the screws to remove the back casing are so small for me to do this! any suggestions of how i can clean inside? or get to th fan through the top by the keyboard?

secondly it tends to crash every now and then, maybe when it overclocks on the cpu?? i am recently trying out a program called speedswitchXP which seems to be slowing it down to an extent! but not solving the issue.

thirdly and finally, my battery only holds charge for around 10 minutes before needing constant wall plugin! i constantly have it plugged into the wall, could this be a result to any of my problems?

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HP/Compaq :: Presario V6305NR
On pressing start button, laptop starts, but blank screen comes. After every few seconds, it keeps on rebooting, but nothing happens.

I have tried pressing F10 and Esc button on startup, but nothing happens.

Moving finger over multimedia touch buttons causes them to beep.

Few times, it shows the BIOS, but does not detect the hard-drive.

Very rarely, everything works fine and OS boots and works fine (without any sign of problem).

I replaced RAMs, hard-drive and DVD Reader in other laptop and there they worked absolutely fine.

I even tried removing the battery, connecting external monitor, keyboard, but nothing worked.

BIOS version is F.3D.
When opened, CPU fan and heatsink were dustfree.

Product Specs: HP Presario V6305NR, 1.6 GHz AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology TL-50, 1024MB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm), NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 (UMA)

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HP/Compaq :: Presario V2000 AC
I have a Presario V2000.

After not using for about 1 week I turned it on so I could clean it from viruses.

Got the battery alert and then it shutdown meanwhile I was pluging the cord in (Targus AC cord with

blue light).

When I connected the AC to the power (not connected yet to the laptop) it "turned on" and still today

shows a blue light. But once I plug it to the laptop the blue light disappears after 3-5 seconds!

Not at the beginning nor the end of this process the laptop will turn on if I press the power button

for 'x' seconds. If I plug the cord, the computer doesn't show any "power light" and then the blue

light from the Targus AC fades off.................

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HP/Compaq :: Presario C500Hardware
I have a Compaq presario C500 laptop by HP....

When I bought this computer these are the specs:
***Processor: 1.6 GHz
***RAM: 512 Mb
***Video: Up to 64 Mb Shared...
***Battery: 6 cell Lithium battery...
***Hard Drive: 80 Gb STANDARD

What I changed to:
***RAM: 2 x 1 Gb = 2 Gb total RAM...
***Hard Drive: 250 GB 7200 RPM.....

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HP/Compaq :: Presario F500
I have a Compaq Presario F500 with an AMD Turion64 2Ghz running Vista basic. what the maximum RAM it can take.

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Dell :: Upgrade Inspiron 1525 CPU
I have a Dell Inspiron 1525. It has a Intel Celeron 540 1.86Ghz CPU. I would like to upgrade the cpu in it. I would like at least a Core 2 Duo. What processor will work well and fit in this laptop.

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Dell :: Upgrade E6500 CPU To QX9300?
I have an E6500 with a T9400 CPU (Core 2 Duo, 2.53 GHz, 1066MHz FSB).
I would like to upgrade it to a CPU that is either a quad core or dual core with hyper-threading. The only CPU I can see that is even a possibility is the QX9300 (Core 2 Extreme, 2.53 GHz, 1066MHz FSB)..
The CPU I have is listed by Intel as supporting BGA479 and PGA478 sockets. But, I don't know which my motherboard has...
The QX9300 is only listed to support PGA478 sockets.
Reading on here, it seems like even if I am able to upgrade, I might be opening myself up to heat problems... ..
OTOH, I also read that the the E6500 is identical to the M4400 except for the lid. And the M4400 is available with the QX9300 CPU...
So, can anybody tell me if I can replace my CPU with the QX9300? If so, would it require anything more than just buying the new CPU?..

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Dell :: Xps M1640 (cpu Upgrade)
I was wondering if my cpu could be upgraded to the latest chip in the P class (P9700). My laptop came with, (Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P7350) at 2.0ghz. I can't even run the game Crysis and this machine is supposed to be meant for gaming.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 CPU Upgrade
Can I upgrade my Dell XPS M1530 with a T5800 Core 2 Duo CPU to a Quad Core CPU like the Q8100 (not now but maybe in the next 6 months)..
I think the socket is the same and it's still Penryn but the FSB is different so I'm not sure..

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Dell :: Vostro 1700 CPU Upgrade
Can I put a Quad QX9300 in here ....

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Dell :: Upgrade Cpu And Video In 9400
just got a few questions regarding upgrading my 9400. Currently has 2.0 ghz core duo and 7900gs at 460/700.

if a Core 2 Duo T7500 cpu and a FX2500 512mb video card will slot in with no problems? Im assuming a bios update and i know the fsb wont function at 800mhz, but other than that, it should be ok?

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Dell :: Inspiron 1318 Upgrade [CPU]
I got a Dell Inspiron 1318 from Walmart when it first got on the market. I like the machine, a decent keyboard, upgraded the memory and it is all good - except for the T2390 CPU.

I read the service manual and saw you can upgrade the CPU. What is the maximum CPU you can use to replace the T2390 for this laptop?

If anyone has any used resources or a used CPU - let me know I am interested in buying.

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Dell :: Inspiron 2500 Cpu Upgrade
I wish to upgrade my laptop dell inspiron 2500 cpu processor which at the moment my laptop runs on a just under 1 ghz processor [pentium three] chip.does anyone know my limits on what i can upgrade to as in a faster modern processor chipset compatible with my motherboard and without major soldering or mother board changes.

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Dell :: Help For CPU Upgrade! XPS M1730
I have my friend's laptop with Core2Duo T8300 processor and wanted to upgrade to X9000.

Can anyone suggest me how to do that with some links for the picture guided or video instructions? Also, what are other components needed for this upgrade? Infact,

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Dell :: M6400 Diy Cpu Upgrade
I orderd a m6400 from dell with a qx9300 and the delivery has been delayed until next year some point which they cant even confirm, it would have been delivered to the UK where I am now but I will leave the UK before dell can deliver.

The only solution I have come to is that there is a site in germany called planet-notebook selling the base systems. Completly unloaded.

So my question is will I be able to buy a qx9300 chip and fit it onto the laptop, does anyone have any idea how difficult this will be. Will I for example need any tools or equipment except for a screw driver? Do I need some kind of thermal paste I heard about or is that just an option as Id have no idea how to apply it.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1420 Cpu Upgrade
I'm buying my girlfriend a refurbished 1420, and it comes with a dual core pentium (Blehc!). What C2D chips am I able to swap into this thing?

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Dell :: Xps 1730 Cpu Upgrade
just wondering if a CPU Intel core 2 extreme x9000 2.8ghz ,socket 478, 6mb L2, FSB 800 could fit into my 1730 (see below)

I could call a technician to install it... my question is what else should I change?

I trust you so before spending one cent I want to be sure this is feasable!

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