HP/Compaq :: Less Then 1 Month Old, Letters On Keyboard Are Already Fading

Mar 15, 2010

I've had my DV7T CTO for less then one month and the keyboard letters (on each key) are already starting to fade/rub off. This is insane! I suppose I'm going to have to do without a computer now to send this in to get it replaced instead of HP just sending me a replacement keyboard... Why do they insist on everything being sent into them? A keyboard replacement takes all of 5 minutes to do.

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HP Envy 360 :: Keyboard Repeating Letters Randomly When Typing

Jan 30, 2015

My keyboard randomly inserts a double letter as I'm typing. But I do not see a ffix anywhere (just did it again). I've tried changing keyboard settings, downloading updates, etc, etc. This is actually the THIRD HP Envy computer in a row to have this problem.
Model 15-u010dx
Windows 8.1

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HP HDX16-1140us :: VISTA Keyboard Repeats Letters

Aug 29, 2014

my HDX16-1140us with VISTA (home premium) repeats letters when I type; yess. sometimes it,s the first letter so for "lease" the P is gone!! 

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Dell Latitude E6440 :: Keyboard Generates Double Letters?

Jun 24, 2014

My keyboardd generates double letters (I'm leaving them in as I type to show what II mean). I've searched this forum for similar probleems and have already done the following:

Updated BIOS
Installed/uupdated toouchpad ddriver and input ddriver
Installed touchfreeeze
Unchecked the keyboard driver in device manager andd restarted the computer

None of those steps has solved the problem.

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Dell Inspiron 1011 :: Keyboard Missing Many Of Letters In Upper Case

Mar 17, 2013

My qwerty keyboard is not doing or missing many of the letters in upper case - just lower case, and the letter 'L' seems to have given up completely - it will not type  neither lowercase or upper case. This problem exists in what seems to be all applications.

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Dell :: XPS 15Z Keyboard - Cursor Jumps All Over The Place While Composing Emails And Letters

Jul 12, 2011

I have an issue with the keyboard on my new 15z. The cursor seems to have a mind of its own and jumps all over the place while I am composing emails and letters. This happens at random. What is causing this. I have tried disabling the mouse pad and using a USB mouse but the problem persists. I have tried being extremely careful not to touch the arrow keys located in the bottom right hand corner of the keyboard area but the problem continues

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Lenovo U/S Series :: IdeaPad S110 Keyboard Always Types Uppercase Letters

Aug 22, 2014

My netbook Lenovo Ideapad S110 keyboard alway types uppercase letters, even if the caplock key are turning on or off. I must press Shift+Fn before press any letter key for lower-case letter. x it!

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Dell Inspiron 1545 :: Keyboard Not Typing Properly - Just Misses Letters

Sep 17, 2009

I have only had this latop 3 months and it is missing keys when I type.  It isnt  that the laptop is slow and needs to catch up, it just misses letters and I have to keep going back over the text and filling in.  It gets very frustrating putting passwords in and letters and numbers miss. 

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HP/Compaq :: HP DM3 Completely Dead After 1 Month

Dec 29, 2009

I was a happy DM3-1030US customer for about a month until this morning when an incredibly strange and frustrating problem has rendered the laptop useless.

Last night when I finished using the PC I left it disconnected from the charger so it naturally ran out of juice and turned itself off.

This morning I plugged it back in and slid the power switch, the fans turned on power light lit up (but not caps lock and Wi-Fi light is orange) but the screen is completely black. The fans remain spinning, computer is clearly receiving power and turned on but nothing happens at all. I've tried leaving it in that state for 30+ minutes to no avail.

I tried removing the battery for 20+ minutes then trying again to no avail. Most frightening of all I completely removed the power and turned on the PC via direct AC power with exactly the same result. This leads me to believe something has completely failed at a hardware level in this machine. Has anyone else experienced anything at all like this?

I'm very dissapointed that such an issue is occuring with a brand new machine like this. I've always thought the price I paid (around $500 from staples with multiple rebates) was too good to be true and now that appears to be the case. Unless HP is extremely graceful in their resolution of this matter I don't see myself purchasing another product from them again, which is a shame since I've purchased multiple laptops as well as my 30" monitor from them in the past. I was even considering purchasing the new Envy 14 when it's released.

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HP/Compaq :: BSOD On A Less Than One Month OldLaptop

Jan 9, 2010

since I got my 5th bsod by now. the first one was idk but the past 4 were about "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA"

and it always happened when i tried to shake the mouse to turn on from sleep mode (not touching the computer for a long time)

i have an hp dv6-2044ca, amd turion ii mobile dual core m500, 4gb ram

idk why it happens and when i used "WhoCrashed", i got this analysis............

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HP/Compaq :: Month Old Dv4theavy Flickering Of Screen

May 13, 2009

My friend received a dv4t a month ago, and we did clean install on it day one. But this morning, it started flickering heavily - past the point where its 90 degrees to table surface. So while opening the screen lid, everything seems and works fine upto the points when screen is approx perpendicular to keyboard, and even a slight push beyond that and screen either goes blank or it flickers heavily altering white and black screens, no desktop visible. I did another clean install, and problem was persistent even while clean install was in progress, and even after it was done and I installed drivers for it from SWSetwup folder. I am currently chatting with HP rep and he apparently knows nothing about it.

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HP/Compaq :: Battery Dies One Month After Warranty Expires

Feb 18, 2010

One month after my warranty expires, my 12 cell dv5t battery stops dead in its tracks. No warning, no nothing! (Was working fine up until it died, and hadn't even lost much usage time, considering its been used fairly much.) And I have a 3 year extended warranty, that, of course, doesn't cover the battery!

But there's a tiny bit of good news. . . I learned a very good tip ---I didn't know, until I was on the phone with the HP sales guy spending $160 for a new one (double grr) that you can still use your laptop with a dead battery, if you take the battery out! I thought there was no way to use my laptop, and now I can, so at least I won't lose valuable computing time while I'm waiting for UPS. Small consolation, but I HATE it when I don't have access to my computer!

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Dell :: Paint On Palmrest Fading

Sep 24, 2007

I have recently noticed my shiny silver paint on my beautiful M1210 has started to dull. The colour is still there but looking at it on an angle with a light you can see that the shiny-ness is fading . I'm a student in secondary school and i dont work so i dont have a very good budget to work with... Is there anything i can do to prevent my shiny silver palmrest turning into a grey dull piece of plastic,

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Apple :: Palmrest Unibody MBP Fading

May 21, 2009

I was cleaning my MBP today and I notice that at certain light angles, I can notic fading/discoloration in the finish where my palm normally rests. It's sort of the same effect as rubbing fine sandpaper over a painted surface.

I took pictures but it can't be noticed in pictures.

I think an investment in a palm gaurd would be worthwhile.

Just FYI.

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Dell :: Latitude Monitor Light Fading In And Out

Jan 29, 2009

I have a new Dell Latitude. When I first started working with it, a box asked if I wanted the screen to adjust to ambient light. Being new at this, I said yes. Now, I have a monitor which is constantly getting brighter and dimmer even within a few seconds.

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Acer :: Aspire 5810T Screen Fading

Nov 14, 2009

if anybody knows whats going on, i've got an ACER 5810T, just upgraded to windows 7, and ive noticed that when the laptop is not plugged into the mains, every now and then the screen fades for a few seconds and then comes back. The strange thing is, the screen doesnt fade to darkness, instead it is as if the contrast changes before returning to normal again.

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Dell Inspiron N5040 :: Screen Fading White Lines All Over Display

Apr 19, 2013

My screen recently started getting a lot of faded white lines going horizontal and vertical across my screen causing the screen to blur/disorientated my screen. I can still navigate just fine but there is clearly something wrong here. I've plugged it into my hdmi's port on my tv and the image is just fine. Is it a wiring problem maybe? The lines are getting slightly more extreme and a little more colored... They lines of windows extend around the border all the way to the end if the screen.

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Dell XPS 13 :: Fn Key Typing Letters

Apr 11, 2013

I cleaned my xps 13 ultrabook last week with foamclene. I didn't spray it directly on to my keyboard but must have had too much on the cloth. Anyway my fn key is now typing letters from the middle row of kes, in varying combinations - jfsda, jfsd, jfs, jfa, jfk. When I noticed, I left the machine upside down to dry out for a few days but nothing changed.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Mini Keyboard Versus Acer Aspire One Keyboard

Feb 24, 2009

I currently have an AA1 and am curious to those who tried typing on both the HP Mini and the AA1 keyboards and noticed a difference. I believe the HP's keyboard is 92% and the AA1's is 89% I believe. It feels "okay" to type on, obviously not the best due to its size compared to a normal keyboard, but am wondering if the HP's is worth the price jump (paid 300 for mine).

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Dell :: 7 Month Old Battery35% Gone?

Dec 12, 2009

I have a 7 month old Studio 17 and apparently the battery ware(sp) is at 35% already, is this normal?

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Apple :: Option Codes For Greek Letters

Jan 22, 2010

I know that I can use the character palette to do this, but I'm looking for a faster way.

I actually do have to use a few Greek letters with some frequency.

I know there are a few:

Option+J = ∆
Option+W =
Option+P =

and so forth, but what about the other "biggies" -- alpha, beta, and gamma, for starters? Can't seem to find 'em; either there are no such codes, or I'm just not creative enough.

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Dell :: Laptop Inside The Box For One Month

Mar 11, 2009

I just ordered a Latitude E6400 from the outlet but I won't be able to open it for another month. Is it ok to leave the laptop inside the box for that long?

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Dell :: 6 Month Old XPS M1330, Second GPU Failure

Mar 2, 2009

I have the M1330, T8300, LED, 4GB, 250 GB, 8400 GS. This is the second time the GPU failed(GPU failed first week of use) and there will be a technician coming later on this week.

Has anyone had success getting a replacement laptop, i.e XPS Studio 13. Seeing that I have 6 months left on the warranty and the extra 1 year for GPU issues, should I continue to get the 8400 fixed?

Have they resolved the issue with these "newly soldered motherboards"? Should I just ask to be replaced with an X3100? I don't really game, but do watch a lot of movies, especially HD rips.

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Sony :: 1 Month Old Vaio Overheating

Jan 22, 2009

When I watched a film the other day the laptop was actually burning me. I installed speedfan and it said the temperature was 74c

I thought well to stop it burning me I could plug it into my HDTV only to receive a BSOD 20 mins into the film claiming a video card failure.

It still boots up fine but even on desktop idiling its still at 60cand gets hotter still when doing basic tasks

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Acer :: Laptop Slowing Down After A Month

Jun 15, 2009

One thing I hate about PCs and laptops is that they inevitably slow down, which is somewhat understandable as OS and software demands increase year on year. However, my fear is that my Acer 6930G is slowing down on me only after a month of use! I can see the beginnings of it struggling to do what used to be simple tasks.

For example, streaming HD videos on the net (youtube HD, GameTrailers HD) was a cake walk during the first few weeks of use. Now it struggles and stutters when trying to stream sub-HD content. Opening the task manager shows that its maxing out both cores of my CPU when viewing these videos. This is abnormal. And from time to time the system will fail to respond for 30 seconds or so.

I'm not too happy as I've only recently purchased the laptop. There are probably many reasons why, but I'm not sure where to begin. Anyone be able to lend me some insight at why my laptop is behaving like this all of a sudden?

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Dell :: Shipment Estimated Time 1 Month

Jan 17, 2009

i ordered my dell online at a dell kiosk center. They told me it would only take 7-10 days but when i checked my order online it said it would arrive in a month time. -_- whats going on?

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-FW93XS One Month Review

Sep 23, 2009

The good:3.06 Dual Core CPU (Probably best for a notebook PC, performs better than quads IMO)1GB GPU (Mobile Radeon HD 4650) /Almost impossible to get a 1GB GPU on other brands with this price.

I have a problem with the GPU (see "the bad" below) but other than that, can play 3D intensive games like Crysis/Crysis Warhead in "Gamer 4xAA" settings without any problem (well until the PC crashes...).

High resolution screen (1920*1080 on a 16.4" / 134 PPI) Again, a no-brainer for that price.Price: Paid 134K JPY (approx $1400). Similar configuration costs over $2K in Dell, and has 512MB GPU.....

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Sony :: Dead Pixels On My 4 Month Old VAIO

Sep 22, 2009

I have a FW-390J and yesterday I have noticed a dead pixel appeared at the lower left corner, that is new and was not there before..

This morning I found another dead pixel very near to the first one and if I focus enough I can see a couple of more fainted dots..

I feel a bit frustrated and disappointed. I had the same problem with a my previous Toshiba A300 which I replaced with this model

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Sony :: Z-series- Battery Plugged For A Month

Mar 12, 2010

I forgot my Z-series plugged in AC ( switched off ofcourse) for about a month or 3 weeks. I am so terrified that this might have affected the battery life? The laptop is brand new that makes me more upset

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Dell :: Letters Missing When Typing On Vostro 1500 Laptop

Mar 28, 2010

all newbie nik here would love a bit of help with this please
when i type certain letters on my dell vostro llaptopthey dont work nothing happens the cursor keeps flashing in the same place .....

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