HP Pavilion Dv8025EA OS/Software :: Windows 7 Text Positioning Errors When Typing

Jan 27, 2014

Installed 32 bit Windows 7 to replace XP. New problem after installation, text cursor does not always step one place to the right every key press but jumps back & inserts new text within previous text typed. Reduced the frequency of errors by installing free program "Touchfreeze", but it is still a problem. Keyboard is a standard PS/2 type. Suspect a keyboard driver problem (bug). Have latest driver installed for Pavilion dv8025EA.

Driver version:  6.17601.17514
Driver files:   C:windowssystem32DRIVERSi8042prt.sys    file version6.1.7600.16385
                       C:windowssystem32DRIVERSkbdclass.sys  file version6.1.7601.17514 Microsoft Signed software.

Think I need an alternative keyboard driver to clear this bug?? It seems to be an old problem with Windows 7 going back to 2010, but I cannot seem to find a clear solution .....

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Dell Latitude E6510 :: Text Cursor Jumps Randomly While Typing

Jan 21, 2011

I received a Dell Latitude E6510, Windows 7, Bought January 2011

Problem: My text cursor jumps randomly around when I'm typing

I take care where i put my fingers: no resultI have the last drivers DELL_MULTI-TOUCH-TOUCHPAD_A06_R281462.exeI deactivated the touchpad: no result

I have 2 other Dell (Inspiron and Precision M65): This problem never occurred....

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HP Pavilion Dv6 OS/Software :: Notebook Won't Load Windows 7 - Blue Screen With White Text

Aug 9, 2014

I was using my hp pavilion dv6 notebook and then it got a blue screen with white text (I believe hard drive problem , idk)
I restarted the computer and my computer couldn't load my Windows 7 OS. I already tried Safe mode, I tried to the repair option. The computer tried to repair for 7 hour without any results. I already tried resetting with Windows recovery disc, didn't work..

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HP Pavilion G6 OS/Software :: Hard Disk 303 And 305 Errors

Oct 2, 2014

Recently I began having problems upon starting up my HP Pavilion g6 series laptop. I would get a disc error that would require me to restart with "control, alt, delete." It has now gone to giving me Hard Disk errors 303 and 305. I've been looking around on these forums and it appears that I'm looking at a harddrive getting ready to fail. 
I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium with an Intel i7-2620M CPU @ 2.70GHz with 6GB of RAM and it's a 64 bit operating system. 
Am I correct in assuming that the hard drive is getting ready to fail? If so, how do I replace it and what do I replace it with?

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HP Pavilion DM1 OS/Software :: HPSA And HPUC Cannot Update Due To Errors

May 11, 2014

Product name: HP Pavilion dm1 Notebook PCSerial number: [edited]Product number: B6E65AVWindows 8 64-bit

HP Support Assistant  -  Hewlett-Packard  - Utility Center  -  Hewlett-Packard  -  1.0.7

I have been trying to update all my drivers and programs in order to update my computer to Windows 8.1 64-bit. However, I have been unable to update HPSA and HPUC to the newer versions ( and 2.2.6 respectively).

HPSA is giving the following problem. If I try to simple install the new version over the old version (normal update) the installer claims there has been an Error and simply stops. The system shows that the old version is still installed, but when I try to run the program I get a Error window saying the program cannot run. Obviously the installer does not set everything back properly when it stops the install.

If I try to uninstall the old version before installing the new version the uninstall stops with an error saying it cannot find the proper files for uninstall.

HPUC is giving the following problem. I try a simple install of the new version over the old version the installer starts and various windows show the installation going on, but then all installer windows disappear and no window appears showing the installation has completed (even after waiting 10 minutes). Windows Programs and Features says that the new version has been installed, but the program and its directory are nowhere to be found on the computer. HPUC has vanished.

In all cases I have set a recovery point before doing installations and reverting to this recovery point has set things back to normal. Do you have any fixes for my problem? I need to get this done before I Update Windows.

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HP Pavilion 15 P080ca :: Hard Drive Not Detected In Win 8 - BIOS Errors / Unable To Recover

Aug 28, 2014

I purchased a new Pavilion 15-p080ca Windows 8 laptop from tigerdirect.ca and received it a couple of days ago.
The computer had randomly rebooted during working on it, I remember having read an IO error message in a windows popup. Since then, it continuously reboot, tries to load windows, fails and reboot until automatic repair kicks in.
Bios system log has many warnings/error: 03F0, 03F1, 0021.  I got about 3 times a hard disk not found error on POST.
I am unable to repair the installation whether from the recovery partition or from recovery discs,  I get "The drive is locked error" or "Automatic repair could not repair your pc".

Also recovery manager can't find the recovery partition. On command prompt, diskpart does not list disk;  "There are no fixed disk to show".
However, Ubuntu live cd and Mini xp are able to see every partitions, show files and read them,  a fast HDtune read test shows no disk error.

The computer is able to read from hard drive since I am able to get on recovery and windows tries to load until I get the "Your pc ran into a problem that it couldn't handle and it needs to restart"
HP PC Hardware Diagnostics SMART test passed, Short DST returns Warning.  HP diagnostic smart test returned "no hard disk installed" message one time.
Anything Windows 8 based, whether recovery disk, original media are not able to see hard drive.  
I tried booting recovery disk, recovery partition with every combination of Legacy support and Secure boot to recover the partitions without success since the hard drive is not detected (from diskpart list disk command).  From the recovery dvds I get a 0xefffff08 error. I also tried to remove the recovery partition thinking it could want to recover from it to get things faster.

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HP Pavilion 150 :: How To Disable Over Typing Or Insert Function

Dec 30, 2014

I want to stop overtpying while typing. When I click using the cursor on the typed text it highlights a letter in the word instead of getting the cursor between letters. When I start typing it over writes the words ahead of it. How do I stop this?

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HP Pavilion Dv6 OS/Software :: Cursor Jumps While Typing

Dec 15, 2011

I have HP Pavilion dv6 notebook.My operating system is Windows 7 64bit.I am having problems with cursor jumping around while I type.  I have had the notebook over a year, but this problem started a few weeks ago.

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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga S Series :: Blurry Text On Some Windows Using Win 8.1

Dec 13, 2014

Some texts look blurry on some windows. I have attached a picture to show you what I mean. If you see "Device Manager" window, the text is blurry. On the other "System" window, the text is just fine.

Link to image...

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1647 Positioning As A Replacement For 1645 With Design Flaws

Jan 4, 2010

I am one of the many people here who has a defective Studio XPS 1645 (random crashing and throttling issues). I was promissed a replacement system by a tech support supervisor and Studio XPS 1647 was mentioned by him as a replacement for the 1645 system which will fix all outstanding issues (as claimed by him). I don't have a detailed system configuration yet and will post as soon as I recieve one.

I just don't want to be a beta tester for Dell once again if 1647 proves to have design flaws like the 1645.

Does anyone out there have 1647 yet? Is this an upgrade to 1645 (hope its not a downgrade)? Should I accept this offer or demand a full refund?

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Dell Studio 1537 :: Replaced Hard Drive And Now Have Errors Reinstalling Windows Vista

Feb 22, 2013

I just installed new HHD; trying to reinstall Windows Vista Home Premium 64BIT SP1 from Reinstallation DVD of the Dell Studio 1537; I get twoerrors:

1-This computer’s hardware may not support booting to this disk.  Ensure that the disk’s controlleris enabled in the computer’s BIOS menu. How can I tell the disk is enabled?

2 - Windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation.  What? My HDDisk size is 298.1GB free space?

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Lenovo T400 / T500 :: T430U Windows 7 Pro Install Errors - System Reserve Partition

Oct 26, 2013

NIB T430U (Type 8614), 128 SSD, shipped with Win 7 Pro but had a Win 8 Pro license.
Booted into Windows Installer via USB thumb drive running YUMI Multiboot tool (Win 7 Pro is the only OS on it currently).  Installer loads perfectly, go into Custom (Advanced), blew away all existing partitions and create a new one using all available space (122104MB).  New partition is created, go to format, expecting it to automatically create the System Reserved partition but it doesn't.  Click Next, get an errors stating, "Setup cannot create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition.  Check setup logs for more details."
Did some research and decided to go into DISKPART and do all of the partitioning ahead of time.  Ran the following sequence:
list disk
select disk #
clean all
create partition primary align=1024
format fs=ntfs
Closed the Windows Installer to reboot the PC and went through the same installation motions, omitting making any changes when in the Custom (Advanced) section, same error.

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Dell Inspiron M5110 :: Windows 7 - Trackpad Getting In The Way With Typing

Feb 27, 2013

I recently upgraded my dell inspiron m5110 from windows 7 home premium to windows 8 Professional from the online store at microsoft. I am quite annoyed about my trackpad getting in the way while typing. the cursor will sometimes unclick, jump onto another part of whatever I am typing or click onto everything and erase it! since i have downloaded windows 8 i have not found a way too disable the trackpad. i use  a seperate mouse and i want to permanently disable my track pad.

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Dell Inspiron N5110 :: Turning Off Touchpad While Typing With Windows 8?

Mar 5, 2013

I recently downloaded Windows 8 Pro and now the  Ctrl F3 shortcut does not work for turning off the touchpad. I have a Inspiron 15R N5110. I need to turn it off while typing. 

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Apple :: Text Editor For OS X SL

Sep 17, 2009

Does anyone know of a good text editor for SL? Preferably freeware.

TextEdit is alright, unless you actually want to save-as a text file, then it's horrible.

I'm looking for soemthing akin to Windows Notepad, super-simple and able to save files as an actual text file, instead of an RTF.

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HP Stream 11 Display :: Cannot Enlarge Text

Jan 14, 2015

I have a HP Stream 11 signature edition and I can't enlarge the text,is this just the way it is?I went to control panel and got to the slider that said small to large and it wouldn't let me slide it.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1545 Text Formatting ...

Apr 22, 2009

I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 1545. When I type, it will open windows (such as a find menu, replace menu, or even a new document) or reformat my text (hanging indents, etc.) out of the blue.

It acts as if the control key is being pressed, but I am very careful not to hit it. At first we thought it was a sticky key, but replacing the keyboard did not fix the problem.

We reinstalled all the drivers, ran diagnostics, etc., but none of it did any good. Dell support said they had never heard of this problem. Nothing they suggested helped. Finally we had them send us a replacement.

The second computer arrived yesteday and it does the exact same thing. When I am typing in Microsoft Word, Excel or even Notepad, it erases text (sometimes the entire document), opens random windows, etc.

What is going on? I can't believe that three keyboards in a row would be faulty, but the problem does not happen when I use a wireless keyboard. It has been less than a month since we ordered the computer originally. Is there anything that can be done or should I just return it and look elsewhere?

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HP/Compaq :: Changed Resolution Now Blurry Text

Aug 31, 2009

This is on a HDX16 running Vista Home Premium SP1. The maximum/normal resolution is 1920x1080, but that was alittle small so I changed it to 1360x768. Now all the text (really everything) looks out of focus.

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Apple :: Run Multiple Text Editors Under MacOS

Jul 17, 2009

using a mac as my 'daily driver' and have noticed an ODD difference between mac and win.

In windows if you want to run 1, 2, 5 or 10+ copies of the same app... just launch it again. Apps can restrict their instance count if they want but in general you can run as many copies of something as you want.

On the mac... the 'launch' icon becomes the 'goto' icon after the app has been launched... so there doesnt seem to be a way of easily launching a second copy of the same program.

So is there a way to do this? when im doing web work on windows ive been known to have 30+ notepad windows open... dont see a way to do this on the mac. Am i missing something?

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Apple :: Embed/Display Text On Desktop

Feb 16, 2009

Is there anyway to display/embed text on the Mac desktop, either off of a text file or just punching it into a menu or something, in any font I want? (I did notice Geektool, but it seems like I can't adjust the font, and it's out of date - not for Leopard).

I just want to be able to display like a daily 'motto' or something on it.

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Dell Inspiron 13 :: Use The Alt Key To Insert Codes Into Text?

Jan 19, 2015

I want to use the Alt key to insert codes into text.  But, when I hit the Alt key, it highlights a letter or number on menu commands for shortcuts in whatever program I am using.  How do I turn that feature off in my laptop Inspiron 13 7000 series laptop?

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HP OS/Software :: Envy 15 / Text Being Displayed In Different Language?

Jan 15, 2015

HP Envy 15 - Text being displayed in different language?

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Acer :: Update Errors

Sep 1, 2009

2 updates keep failing:
Microsoft.NET Framework Sevice pack1
Internet Explorer 8 for windows vista.

And now I get a message saying that it can't contact windows update, so i do it manually, the install starts then seems to stick and the only way I can get out of the install screen is to shut down

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Sony :: VAIO Z Blurry Text On External Monitor

Mar 29, 2009

I've got a Sony VAIO Z690. I'm trying to connect it to my Westinghouse L2410M monitor - it is a 24" 1920 x 1200. Connection is through HDMI.

I've got it running at native resolution, but the text on Windows and applications look blurry. Colors also look dull.

Strangely, when I played a 1080p movie, the quality seemed ok. But once I closed the movie, the text is still blurry and the colors are dul

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Acer :: Missing Text On Buttons/dialogue Boxes

Nov 12, 2008

I have just received my Acer Aspire 1690 Laptop back from Acer after repairs (was freezing all the time - they replaced optical drive, hard drive and mainboard).

I am re-installing all my software but every now and then when a dialogue bx appears with a choice of buttons to click on there is no text so I don't know what buttons do what.

It doesn't happen every time but seems to happen when the dialogue boxes and buttons are not the standard windows type but ones made by the software (ie. they may be bigger than usual) - if that makes sense?

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Acer Aspire Switch 10 :: Cannot Adjust Text Size

Mar 5, 2015

How to zoom (increase text size) on the aspire switch 10?   My other computers have a settings for this,  Also, where can I get a user's manual.  They are requesting a number I neither can find, or can't understand where it is, or can't read even with a magnifing glass. 

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Dell :: Page File Errors

Mar 4, 2010

I have an e4300 with 4 gigs of ram and Win7. I recently downloaded the latest Windows Update as prompted by the OS, and now I'm having an issue where everytime I start the computer it asks me to set the page file size. It's always listed as 0 megs.

So, I got to reset it using the box marked managed by the system, and when I restart the same thing happens.

So instead I chose a custom size 1.5xRam for lower limit, 3x ram for higher limit, and still eveytime I restart it gives me an automatic pop-up telling me my page file is set to zero.

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Dell :: Dock Reporting Errors

Mar 12, 2009

I have trouble with DELL DOCK, sometimes I get a window telling me that there were problems with the option to send the error to the DELL and the option RESTART the DELL DOCK.

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Sony :: Vaio Z Horrible Text And Fonts On 1280 X Resolution

Oct 8, 2009

i just bought a Sony Vaio Z (1600x900 resolution) and noticed that the 1600x900 resolution is way to small for me, cant barley see any text on the screen

so when i change to the next resolution (1280x) all the text and fonts get horribly blurry and "loses" the crisp that it had in the 1600x

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Apple :: New MBP - How Legible Is Text On A 17" Scrren And 1900 Resolution

Jan 6, 2009

Im currently on a 15.4" MBP with 1440x900 resolution and text looks perfect. Im a little worried that the extreme resolution on the 17" might be too much and text wont be legible.

Im hoping people with experience can chime in with their input.

I am forced to get the 17" new MBP because of the matte option (stupid apple sells the 15" with only a glossy screen), so I will get it but only if the text is legible on websites, etc..

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