Sony :: New Vaiocontinuous Error Messages

Feb 14, 2009

I purchased a Sony Vaio FW21E ten days ago and have had nothing but trouble since bringing it home. Firstly - wireless connectivity: It would not connect to my university server so I took it to a friends house - would not connect to her router.

Tried a different router - still no connection. I can connect to the internet via ethernet - but this is supposed to be a wireless device.

When trying to access some websites and my university e-mail I get the error: Microsoft visual c++ runtime library Crogramfiles/internetexploreriexplore.exe
and ie crashes.

Last but not least - and this one takes the biscuit. I bought a sony rechargeable mouse to ensure that it was compatible (model number VGP BMS77). Not the cheapest option but I thought it would be best. The Mouse will not pair with the laptop! I get the error message 80070057.

As said before - this is a brand new laptop and I haven't got a clue how to fix any of these problems.

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Dell XPS 15z :: Error Messages On Boot Up

Apr 1, 2013

Having issue with my XPS 15z.. When the machine is turned on, it takes longer than usual to boot, and when it finally does, it throws up two error messages in tandem, each bearing the title: "RAVBg64.exe - Application error," followed by a warning message bearing the code 0xc0000185.What might be wrong with my computer and what can be done to resolve the problem?

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HP Envy Dv6 Networking :: Receiving Error Messages On Certain Sites?

Aug 27, 2014

I'm not sure if this fits the board but I'll give this a shot anyway. I've not had problems with my wifi until recently. When I visit certain sites (Tumblr blogs' main pages for instance), I receive the dreaded 503 Service Unavailable message. Neither my phone nor the other notebooks in my household face the same problem as I am so I have a feeling it's only me.
I owned a laptop a couple years back which had wireless card issues (signal fizzled out after some minutes) so I do suspect that this might be the same thing. I'm not sure if this is relevant but currently, there are only three bars on my wifi icon while my phone has the full five. However, I'm able to access the majority of the internet just fine.
For reference, I am a Windows 8 user but I have yet to update to Windows 8.1 (because the last time I did, I was bluescreened (sort of) so I'm a little paranoid), owned this notebook for about a year and a half, and I do update whenever HP support assistant prompts me.

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Acer Aspire 5542 :: Error Messages And No Start Up

Sep 8, 2014

I've successfully been using Win 8.1pro for the past week. I've just been working on my Acer Aspire 5542 laptop browsing Google and Facebook when it stopped working. On switching on, I keep getting a message { "PREPARING AUTOMATIC REPAIR" after about 10 seconds a blue screen flashes in 1 second that says "): your PC ran into problems and needs to restart. We are just collecting error info and we'll restart for you."} and computer proceeds to restart and keeps looping the same process indefinitely. It's been like this since yesterday..

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HP G662 Lockups :: Windows Update Does Not Work - No Error Messages?

Jun 14, 2012

HP G662 Notebook running Windows 7 64 bit: Despite running all the troubleshooting advice from web I can find, my Windows Update will not work and has not worked since I replaced my hard drive about a year or so ago. No error messages appear.

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Apple :: Duplicate Messages In Mail

Nov 19, 2009

For a few days I'm getting duplicate(if I delete one - both deleted) mail messages in Main on MAC OS 10.6.2

I'm using pop gmail account and have 3 of them problem with only one of them. But I'm sure that I didn't modify any settings.

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Apple :: Transfer Messages From Mac Mail To Outlook 07

Feb 21, 2010

way to transfer messages from mac mail to Outlook 07 other than using an Imap account or setting up an Imap server plugin in outlook? I have to move ALOT of machines over and all have thousands of e-mails.

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Apple :: Using Adium For Sending Messages To Cells

Jul 5, 2009

I've been using adium for sending messages to cells because MSN doesn't support it in OSX and my cell account only has 200 to it and I won't pay anymore for it, the reason I don't like adium is because I keep getting people sending me messages that I don't know and I try to block them but they keep coming, So is there another messenger app that I could use in OSX for SMS's

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Apple :: Way To Set A Limit To How Many Messages Get Stored In The Computer

Mar 24, 2009

I set up mail with my Gmail account but I don't want it to download all my messages. Is there a way to set a limit to how many messages get stored in the computer? I have way too many messages and don't want to waste hard disk space.

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Apple :: Mail -Trying To Schedule A Move Of All Inbox Messages To An Archive Folder On A Different IMAP Server

Jan 18, 2010

I've got a couple of accounts set up in Mail, and I'm anal about keeping a clean inbox. Is there any plugin of which I'm unaware that can automatically move messages in either server's inbox into an archive folder of my choosing, depending on the account?

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Sony :: Error 320 And 330

Oct 9, 2009

I am trying to recover my C drive but it stops at 32% restoring and then gives me these error messages.

What is the reason for this?

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Sony :: Recovery Error: 305: 64

Jun 25, 2009

I'm getting this error window when I'm trying to do a full system recovery of my sony vaio z thru my recovery discs. When I'm near 17% recovery, it pops up this window:

ERROR: 305: 64

It prompts for OK then the screen just goes blank after that. Would I not be able to recover anymore?

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Sony :: Hardware Error- VGN-FZ21M

Dec 15, 2009

I own a sony vaio laptop VGN-FZ21M which is 2 years old.

Since about a week ago it was running fine having formatted 2-3 times since i bought it but all of a sudden it stopped working. Whenever i push the one button to power it up, i get weird signs all over the screen and it crashes all the time! I get the BSOD (blue screen of death) saying there is a hardware fault and that it cannot start, yet after starting it in safe mode, i can then just restart the laptop and boot windows normally. I had a feeling it was the bios so i set off to find a way to reset it and this is what i did. I pulled apart the laptop and proceeded to find the mother board battery (or CMOS battery) and disconnected it for a good 30 minutes, then i reassembled the laptop with my fingers crossed and still with no luck. I formatted the computer with a clean partition and installed windows 7 with still no luck. I swapped out the hard drive and tried again, with again no luck.

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Sony :: PCG-R505ESPCD-ROM Code 10 Error

May 15, 2009

I recently got a CD-ROM that was for the PCGA-DSM51 and other docking stations. The reason why I got this since my original CD-ROM isn't working right anymore. But the problem I' am having is that it says that my CD-ROM is "epson dl-v100 ieee 1394 sbp2 device"

I don't think Windows XP detected the CD-ROM right since it gives a code 10 error and can't start. I basicaly need help so I can make my CD-ROM work

My notebook is the Sony PCG-R505ESP.

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Sony :: Error 403 While Trying To Restore C Drive

Feb 4, 2009

When I try to restore C: partition by using Restore C: Drive option with my Sony Recovery DVD, I always get Error 403 message. The other option, Restore Complete System works fine but that will wipe out all partitions in the drive. The Restore C: Drive option only wipes out C: partition and leave the other partitions intact.

How do I get Restore C: Drive to work? I have FW190 CTO.

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Sony :: Vaio: Error Code 92

May 8, 2010

I got Vaio FZ190 with faulty Nvidia chip, then i had my motherboard replaced. The problem is i cannot restore my C: drive using DVD i made. So, i tried hidden partition by press F10 and is also not working. Here is the code i got while i was trying to do so,

"Cannot use this recovery disc for this computer. Confirm the model number"

when I click Ok, this message appears

"error: CompareSnyIniToPacIni, Error: 92"

Then I click OK and it drops me back to the Vaio recovery centre and this cycle will happen again when I repeat to restore drive c.

Both DVD and hidden partition was working just fine before i had my motherboard replaced. I search all thread and find out that system recovery will check my BIOS before it can restroe my C: drive so i try to reset BIOS setting by pressing F9 in BIOS setting and it's still not working. Now, i can use my vaio just fine but i can't restore my C: drive.

This is what it said in my BIOS:

BIOS Version: R0050J7
Machine Name: VGN-FZ190
Serial Number: 9623323-3000004
UUID: 96a11200-f896-11de-8128-0024beb312c0

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Sony :: BIOS Error After RAM Upgrade

Jun 24, 2009

I had recently upgraded my RAM (laptop in sig.) from 2GB to 4GB. Now, once in a while when I boot up, a POST BIOS "Error 0232: Extended RAM failed at address line 21" error message is displayed. I can then either boot normally or enter the BIOS setup and the OS (Win 7 64-bit) is working normally and recognizes all 4GB of RAM. I dual boot with Vista 32-bit, which uses 3GB of RAM.

I did the Windows Memory diagnostic upon boot up and it didn't find any error with the memory. I searched online without any conclusive solution.

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Lenovo 11e E/Edge :: E530 - Error 2102 - Detection Error In HDD2 - Press Escape To Continue

Jun 28, 2012

Since the past couple of days I am receiving this Error 2102: Detection error in HDD2 during every cold/warm boot. It pops up even after a complete powerdown for overnight and boot up the next day. Further, the boot itself has become very slow - shows blank screen until the Thinkpad logo is displayed, followed by which the error message pops up.
Thinkpad Edge E530 - i5-3210M -upgraded 8GB RAM - 750 GB, 16GB mSATA HDD Performance Booster

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Lenovo T400 / T500 :: Error 2101 Detection Error On HDD2 (mini Sata) In T430s

Sep 21, 2012

I got my 430s, and it's with a 16Gb mSATA SSD cache inside. Now everytime when I open my PC, it shows Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) and I need to press ESC to continue. Is there any software or driver's problem, or it just phsically got wrong?

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Sony :: FW Series W7 Upgrade Error Code: 0x80070017

Jan 1, 2010

Alright so i have been trying to upgrade from home premium 64bit vista to W7 with my upgrade disc and i am out of idea. Every time i try to run the upgrade i get an error saying

"Windows cannot copy files required for installation. The files may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070017"

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Sony :: VGN-Z590 Windows 7 And Vista Error Message

Sep 29, 2009

I recently updated my bios and decided to do a new full install of Windows 7. (Previously running Windows 7 Beta).

After doing a clean install and installing the Sony Notebook Utilities. I started getting this pop up message.

"The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computer or may not be compatible with the computer.

Click OK to enter Hibernate Mode, and remove reinsert the battery
See the electronic VIOA(R) User guide for more information about using the battery"

At first I thought this was an issue with Windows 7 - so after searching the forums and no results I figured I would revert back to Vista. Now I am getting the same error.

I also have two Sony Notebook batteries here - both bought direct from Sony. One extended and one standard - both give same error message.

Could this be a BIOS issue? Is there a way to revert to an older bios?

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Dell :: Website Error 500-Server Processing Error?

Apr 7, 2009

Is anyone else getting this?

I've been trying to access various pages under "My account" and am getting this error for the last week.

The phone support has no idea and is not helpful with this.

Is it just me or a general error?

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HP Dv7-3065dx Recovery :: Error 601 Battery And Error 502 CMOS

Jan 25, 2015

HP dv7-3065dx Entertainment Notebook.  Win 7.
HP battery alert system detected battery capacity to be very low error 601 (internal battery).  So I changed the cell to a new CR 2032 battery.  Showed the same error. I changed to another new CR2032 battery.  The second time I did this I had a new 502 CMOS error along with the 601 error.  My clock reverted back to 2009, I lost some of the icons on the lower right, and my wireless internet disappeared.
Now I have two things that need to be fixed.
I turned on, immediately hti ESC, hit system diag. F2, Battery Test:
Battery Test Primary FAILED (on the first battery I put in, didn't check on the second)
Control - Device Mgr. - HP - Batteries - Microsoft AC Adapter, Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery, and Microsoft Composit Battery all show that they work.
System CMOS/realtime clock says its working.
Microsoft System Mgmt. - BIOS Driver v. 6.1.7601.17514 from 6/21/2006 says it's the latest version.
I've manually updated my clock. I'll figure out the wireless and icons later I guess.  Just need to know what to do about the errors.

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Sony :: New F-series... Failed To Start Database Service Error

May 7, 2010

I just got my new system, and wanted to remove the crapware before creating my recovery disks. I did that, then ran the Sony utility to create the recovery disks. I did not install anything.

One thing I uninstalled was SQL Server. I have no need of it.

Building the recovery froze at various stages of completion... 44%, 27%, 21%. I got an alert with the error, "Failed to start database service". I finally caught that error right away and dismissed -- then the system finished building the recovery disks.

Great -- now I have to wonder, are the recovery disks even valid?

Also, what database service does the system want, and what process wants it? I now get this error at arbitrary times. Sometimes on startup. Usually whenever I do anything with install/remove programs. So is this some new Windows 7 enhancement to the registry? Have I created a time bomb in my system by deleting SQL Server? If Windows 7 needs this, why did it let me delete it?

So far I wish I had a DOS machine. It's unfortunate that my work requires me to use Windows -- the OS treats me badly, and I can't use my new machine until I can predict whether the initial setup is valid.

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Dell :: Nmi Error. Non-memory Parity Error

Sep 9, 2008

i have a 1705 with 7900gs. ive been getting alot of nmi errors nonparity memory errors. so i replace my old mem stick with two brand new ones. well this did not solve the issues. so i reflash my 7900 back to default and still getting this error. i reformat my machine often so im pretty sure the os is affecting it.

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Sony :: Vaio Update Error "downloading From The Ftp" VGN-AW31M/H

Oct 23, 2009

i have a Sony VGN-AW31M/H and the Vaio Update site says there are 2 updates available, a WinBD one and a bios update. When trying to download either of these, a small download window appears with 0/xxxxxxxx bytes but no progress happens. Eventually it times out with the error above.

I have tried resetting IE cache, deleting the C:update folder, adding the vaio update exe to the windows firewall, im not sure what else i can try.

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Dell :: Runtime Error

May 21, 2009

i will once in a while get these runtime errors. it seems like it pops up whenever i am in windows explorer. it then has to close it. i can not get a screenshot of it.

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Dell :: Atikmdag Error

Feb 16, 2009

I'm a Dell Studio 1535 user. I have been getting a lot of "atikmdag" error since I got my laptop. It often happens especially when I'm playing video files. I have tried installing many versions of ATI Mobility Radeon drivers but to no avail. Is it possible that my graphic card is faulty? Should I contact Dell regarding this matter?

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Acer :: Win 7 Loader Error

Oct 13, 2009

i just installed win 7 and it's really amazing, but i have an issue with 7loader 1.5

My win7 is v 7600.16385.090713 Home Premium

After installation i turned off the UAC and started the 7loader and did all the procedures. But when i restarted win wont start and remained with the promt command flashing and nothing happens.

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HP/Compaq :: BSOD Error

Feb 1, 2010

i had more than 10 bsods now and the time period was as follows.

~5 bsods and solved by updating graphics drivers.

now, like 2 weeks later, it has been running fine and i decided i want to update my graphics driver by manually modding the inf file in the latest desktop drivers..

it did work out, but now it's giving me bsod errors everytime i close my laptop and come bak later to open it.

i also recently (today) installed a new realtek PCIe family controller driver..

so i dont know which driver is causing the bsod (0x50 non-paged fault)

right now my gfx is on 8.661 (found on a website, but WHQL certified)

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