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Sony :: VGN-FZ190- Update The Drivers

My sister has a sony VGN-FZ190, and we just put in a new hard drive...problem is, i need to update the drivers, and i cant figure out what she needs, and what she doesnt. the support site is terrible in contrast to dells site (for my dell E6400), so i am kind of lost.

She definitely needs a GPU firmware update (1.0 in windows experience), but i have no idea what to get...nvidias website wont tell me what to download since its a laptop GPU. Are there any other important firmware updates or anything to install, or anything else i should know about this before i mess around with it? Do sony laptops use Intel matrix storage manager? I know that was an important update for mine.

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-FZ190 And Windows 7
I'm new to this forum and I really hope someone can help me out! I have a Vaio VGN-FZ190 and I installed windows 7 on it in November 2009 (before that I had Windows Vista).

Ever since I installed Windows 7, my Firefox would stop responding for a couple of minutes.

It still does that, but now when it does that, other programs (such as AIM or iTunes) will also stop responding for that time and then they start again and it's all normal

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Sony :: BIOS Update In Vaio VGN-SZ48GN
I'm using a Sony VAIO Laptop. its model is VGN-SZ48GN. BIOS Version is R0111N0. I want to update this to latest version. Do you know anyplace to download this ?

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Sony :: How To Update Vgn-ar71m Graphic Driver
how to update the driver for the graphic card of this laptop its a 8400m gt. When i tried some off the laptopvideo2go site the function keys didnt work.

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Sony :: VGN-FW 200 Intervideo Win DVD BD Update
I signed up just to ask this question: I was trying to play a recent Blu-Ray movie 'Taken' and the introduction screen notified me that my player was out of date.

After combing the Sony site and internet for several hours I cannot seem to find an update for the VGN-FW200 Intervideo WinDVD BD for Vaio software (even though this update is availible for other Sony Vaio laptops)

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Sony :: VGN-Z21VN- WWAN After Windows 7 64bit Update
I have done a clean install of Windows 7 64-bit informed by Firestone and others on this Forum. Everything works well - in fact arguably better in terms of functionality of Stamina/Speed switch - with one exception.

I have not been able to install the WWAN successfully. I have tried a number of times to uninstall and reinstall the drivers from links on this site and also even tried the Sony EU support site Windows 7 drivers with no luck. I have tried asking windows to search for the best driver with no luck. Globetrotter Connect has installed correctly, as far as I can see, but just doesn't pick up the WWAN card.

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Sony :: VAIO FNVIDIA Drivers Update (197.16) For GT 330M (10DE-0A29)
Update: NVIDIA released 197.44 drivers for notebooks(with OpenGL 4 support for Fermi GPU), GT300M only gets support up to 3.3

I used the same inf file(changing drivers' version and date, of course) and everything is working as expected.
Just follow the same instructions if you wanna try.
- 197.44 inf file and instructions: Midtown's 197.44 (Mirrors: Megaupload, Hotfile)
- NVIDIA's original drivers: Download for Windows 7(64-bit)


So I managed to install the new NVIDIA drivers for laptops, 197.16 on my VAIO F after modifying the inf file myself for a few hours. I'm no expert, but I guess it worked out fine.

Here's the link for inf file & instructions: Midtown's 197.16

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any hardware/software failure.

After testing the new drivers for 24hrs:
- No flicker at low brightness
- No uneven brightness after pressing the "Display Off" button
- Fan not constantly running
- "Normal" temperature compared to Sony's "certified" graphic drivers
- No problems after sleep/restart........................

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Sony :: FZ190: Wireless Going Out Randomly
Ive had my FZ190 for about 2 years. Every time I move my laptop the wireless indications on the front will turn off, thus loosing my internet. Then I have to fiddle with the wireless switch on the front to get it to reconnect

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Sony :: FZ190 Microphone Frustration
This must be one of the biggest design flaws ever. My VAIO has a built-in camera & microphone (just like most VAIO's I'm sure)... anyway, here's the issue:

The microphone is always active and is constantly feeding whatever sound it picks up directly to my speakers. For instance: Every time I close my laptop (as one normally does multiple times a day to make it enter sleep),

the microphone lays against the bottom case and picks up the electronic resonance from the internal components and then sends this horrid noise through my speakers, creating the most ear piercingly awful and embarrassing sound that lasts until the computer goes to sleep.....

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Sony :: FZ190 Brightness Controls Acting Up
I just tonight noticed that the F5/F6 keys do not work after the machine wakes from sleep. It works fine after I reboot. But after sleep the OSD will show up when I hit F5 or F6. The display gauge will move to the left TWO positions when I hit F5 but only once. If I hit F5 again, nothing happens. If I hit F6 it moves to the right TWO positions again only one time. In both cases there is NO change to brightness.

I tried to log off and back on to see if it has any effect. It did not. I'll reboot now and the hibernate to see if the problem recurs coming out of hibernation.

I am running Win7 ultimate 32 bit.

UPDATE: Well this is strange. I rebooted and the F5/F6 keys worked fine of course. I hibernated and then came back out and they still worked fine. I logged off and back on and again they were fine. So this seems to be ONLY a sleep issue.

If any of you have an FZ model running Win7 32 bit. Can you try this and report your findings?

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Sony :: XP Drivers For VGN-CR590
i need windows XP Drivers For My New Sony VGN-CR590

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Sony :: VGN- TT11 WN Drivers
I am looking for drivers & utilities for sony viao vgn-TT11Wn.

i have deleted the partition by mistake which holds the vista setting *great*, i cant revert back to vista if i wanted. Just wondering if you guys can help.

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Sony :: Drivers- VGN-S58GP

the drivers on their site don't work... where else could I get?

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Sony :: Is Copper Mod Necessary On Vaio FZ190 With 8400M GT
I just stumbled accross the thread about modding some dell with an 8400M GS vidcard, I was wondering if this also applied to sony as well.. or they did a good job adding thermal compoung to the heatsink.

I just wanted to know if any of you did some mod, if it's really necessary or my GPU will melt slowly while I game.

Some guy said about placing a copper sheet in between the heatsink and the gpu.. but I still don't get how much pressure should be applied when bolting the screws.

On the other hand has anyone mod their 8400 M GT to say a 8600 using rivatuner..

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Sony :: Drivers For VGN-FZ92S (Japan)
I bought a VGN a couple of months ago in Japan, but I need the drivers in english because i will like to install vista Ultimate on the machine. everywhere I searched, only japanese drivers were available. I want the language in English, not in japanses as i am currently working with. It came with Home Premium, i need drivers for the camera, the bluetooth, the geforce 8400GT.

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Sony :: FW Drivers- Vaio VGN-FW463J/T
I have recently bought Sony Vaio VGN-FW463J/T, with windows vista 64 bit.

i want to upgrade my laptop to windows 7 32-bit, but the drivers available are of 64-bit windows vista,

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Sony :: Installing Drivers- VGN-FW550F/B
I'm going to buy the VGN-FW550F/B with W7 Home Premium pre-installed. I want to install the Ultimate version after I got my notebook. I already got the CD for Windows 7 Ultimate and stuff. The problem is that Sony only got drivers for Windows 7 Home Premium for the model "VGN-FW550F/B". Can I install those drivers using Windows 7 Ultimate?


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Sony :: VGN-Z Windows 7 X64 Drivers
IIt seems than Windows 7 brings many drivers, that works well - no need for installing all Software, which are suggestet here:

Vista Business 64 Bit Drivers for Vaio Z
Vista Business 64 Bit Drivers for Vaio Z

My first challange was to get Dualboot WinXP, and Win7x64 to work.

Short solution for the EFI GDT Problem
//Edit: see VGN-Z Windows 7 x64 Drivers for a better way (with advanced Menu)
(only needed for x64, if you doesnt want to format your disk)

Create 3 folders c:efi-iso c:efi-exe c:efi-dvd

Download oscdimg.exe from [url] into c:efi-exe

Extract iso using 7Zip or WinRAR (Or copy the contents of the DVD) into c:efi-dvd

Start up a command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd)
Type: cd c:efi-exe.............

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Sony :: Z-VGN Z555dn X64 Drivers
I checked the sony site for x64 drivers and it seems that my PC can now have x64 drivers. My question is, why are there so few drivers on that page. There are no video drivers at all. Will vista find the correct drivers for the video and all the other pieces of hardware.

Here is the link to the drivers:

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Sony :: VGN-Z540 64-bit Drivers
Someone said the 6xx drivers work fine on the 5xx series if you extract them from the model wrapper, but looking at the drivers, it looks like some hardware is different.

The Sony site only lists a little amount of 64 bit drivers (they didn't used to list any about 6 months ago) but there are some hardware components that don't have 64 bit drivers listed and are different in the 6xx series.

Could I get everything 100% working on a Z540 with Vista or 7 64-bit?

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Sony :: VGN-TZ90S Vista To XP, Drivers
I'm trying to downgrade my wife's VGN-TZ90S from its default Vista to XP. I made a separate partition and installed XP then fixed the bootloader so it would load dual boot properly. The problem I'm having is I cant get a lot of the drivers working. For instance the graphics seemed to be straight forward, but none of the seemingly suitable intel gfx drivers work and when it tries to detect the integrated gfx via their website it says it doesn't recognise it.

getting all the hardware working in XP?

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Sony :: Win 7 Drivers On VGN-AR71m
I think I have everything installed but the camera and an unknown device and mass storage controller that show up with an ! in Device manager. I've had a look through [url] but drivers there stop at the AR6. To the best of my knowledge the chipset is an intel p965 and I have installed these drivers from the intel site as well as the Realtek and nvidia drivers.

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Sony :: Vista Drivers For VAIO VGN-NS10L
anyone know here i can download the vista drivers for this notebook.

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Sony :: 64bit Drivers For Win 7 On VGN-SR21M
got the vaio control centre showing a few things but really havent got some stuff working properly, luckily with 7 alot of stuff works out of the box.

I downloaded the ati driver from ati but it doesnt show any control centre, also installed synaptics but it asks if i want to reinstall everytime i restart, power management seems to work.

mainly the problems are none of the fn things work and the 5 buttons/settings/mode dont work, I would like them to work, would also like some of the cool functions that were on the screen with vista when i first got it.

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Sony :: Vgn-ar78e Drivers&utilities
I`am new in this forum I search it but i couldn`t find can someone upload Sony Vgn-ar78e drivers and utilites for Vista&Xp

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Sony :: No Drivers For Vista Ultimate On VGN-CR4000
I just installed Vista Ultimate on the hard drive partition of my Sony Vaio Notebook (VGN-CR4000). The other partition has Vista Home and is working fine as it came with the original laptop.

I am not able to see any wireless networks to connect to the internet on the Vista Ultimate OS. This is because I do not have the drivers.. right?

I tried to find drivers on the Sony website, but there are none for my model. What can I do?

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Sony :: VGN-AW (1xx Series) Windows 7 Drivers
I've yet to install Windows 7. Are there Windows 7 drivers available for everything, including Sony's software?

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Sony :: VGN-FW375J Downgrade Vista To XP, Drivers
I' got a new VGN-FW375J laptop, it was cheap, but I would like to downgrade Vista Home to XP, and need drivers.

I have an original XP Disk but that does not installing. because first I need to download somewhere a driver to Blue-Ray disk driver, to unpack my XP disk and to incorporate there that driver and burn a new boot disk.

But the first a have to be sure that there are all driver for this laptop or it will be a waist of time.

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Sony :: Drivers Cam For Vaio VGN-FW31J
I bought this laptop:SONY VAIO VGN-FW31J

I cannot find the drivers for cam. I entered in web page of SONY and I could not find this drivers. [ link ]

As result he is not installed the program and I cannot speak from MSN.

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Sony :: Vaio Vgn-cr140e And Vista 64 Bit Drivers
I have a SONY VAIO VGN-CR140E with intel core2 duo CPU T7100 1.8Ghz (which is 64 bit capable)

It came with 2 gig RAM,i recently upgraded to 4 .

I knew 32 bit Vista won't use all 4 gig ,but what i did not know was that if i go with 64 bit Vista i'm not gonna have the drivers i need..

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Sony :: VAIO VGN-SZ483N Drivers For Vista X64
finding drivers (Vista 64 bit) for my Sony VAIO VGN-SZ483N. I have the original Vista x86 drivers, but as expected most of them does not like to be installed on a Vista x64 O/S.

Is there a site that someone could recommend please, or has someone with an SZ4xx attempted this "upgrade" and is willing to share his/her experiences.

I have tested my gaming machine with x64 against x86 (both Vista) and could say with reasonable confidence that the x64 installation outperforms the x86 installation without a doubt. It would really be good to change the O/S to x64 from the OEM x86.

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Sony :: Where Can I Find Laptop Drivers- VAIO VGN-FS415M
Struggling to get the drivers for this model


Windows XP

On Sony website the link is not accessible

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Sony :: Where To Get Windows XP Drivers For VAIO VGN-AW11Z Laptop
I wanted to buy a laptop from a local dealer. Its a Sony Vaio AGN-AW11Z pre-installed with Windows Vista. I hate Vista. So I requested that he downgrades it to Windows XP SP2.

He called back and said he cant find all the hardware drivers for XP. Has anybody been able to downgrade this notebook successfully? If so where can one get the drivers?

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Sony :: Vaio Update Error "downloading From The Ftp" VGN-AW31M/H
i have a Sony VGN-AW31M/H and the Vaio Update site says there are 2 updates available, a WinBD one and a bios update. When trying to download either of these, a small download window appears with 0/xxxxxxxx bytes but no progress happens. Eventually it times out with the error above.

I have tried resetting IE cache, deleting the C:update folder, adding the vaio update exe to the windows firewall, im not sure what else i can try.

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Sony :: Windows 7 X64 Drivers Novatel Expedite VGN-TZ 270n
I just finished installing Windows 7 x64 on a VGN-TZ270n and everything works great,

all hardware working well except the novatel expedite integrated Sprint card. I can't find any drivers that will work with the card.

I've tried a few Vista drivers and none seem to work

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Sony :: Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit Drivers On VGN-SR190
I own a vgn-SR190. I recently had HD failure, so had to buy new HD and reinstall vista. My original version of Vista was Business 32-bit. I didn´t make a recovery disc. So I went out and bought vista ultimate 32-bit. Figured I wouldn´t have problems, but I did.

I´m having the driver issues that someone in another thread talked about, when you get the problem with vaio mode switch and the battery issue. I downloaded the drivers for Vista Business, figured it would be the same for Ultimate. But I just read someone´s post here that the home premium 32-bit drivers are the same as the ultimate 32-bit drivers. Is that true? if it is, I would just have to download the home premium drivers. I just wanted to know if anybody knows for a fact that the home premium drivers are the same as the ultimate drivers, seeing as the business drivers are obviously different.

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Sony :: NVidia 9300M GS Win7 X64 Drivers For The VGN-z540
Has anyone installed Windows 7 x 64 on your VGN-z540 laptop? I tried nvidia's web site, guru3d, sony etc. but I can't can't find drivers that Windows 7 will accept on my 540 laptop. Every other piece of hardware works including the intel video it natively detected. I can't seem to get it to recognize the nvidia driver. The driver won't install from setup. I can manually try to force it by selecting the device, update drivers, select manually but it says it wasn't the right driver even though it is the 64 bit driver for nvidia and it has the 9300m GS listed many many times in the list.

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Sony :: MODEM On High Definition Audio Drivers For Vgn-fe32b/w
where can I get the drivers for modem on high definition audio on my pcg-7v2n laptop.

Also I get an exclamation point on my audio.

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HP/Compaq :: Why Cant I Update My Drivers
I have an HP Pavilion dv7. 4gig ram and an Radeon HD 3200 yes not the best video card in the world but with my laptop I can play games like Stalker, oblivion and the witcher at high settings.

Now my drivers are all out of date but when ever I go to the radeon sites to find a download for an updated video drivers all these different sites just have me download tihs application that find all outdated drivers for you. However in order to have them download the new drivers you have to pay them for the program.

I can not figure out how to get the latest drivers for my laptop.

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Sony :: FZ190 Upgrade From Vista To Win 7an UPGRADE Not A Clean Install
With all the hand wringing folks have been doing about the lack of drivers for a clean install of Win7 I thought I'd jump in to the deep end of the pool with my FZ190 and investigate an alternative. My good friends Rajesh and Dr. Pratik have done clean installs of Win7 on FZ models, but I decided to take a different approach... the "dreaded" OS in place upgrade. Partly out of curiosity, I wanted to see if it would work, but mainly because I have a ton of software that would need to be reinstalled, if I did a clean install. That would mean days or weeks of inventorying every thing I have installed, digging up installation media and then installing all the stuff. I just don't have the spare time. So...

This past weekend I imaged my C: drive (all my data and I mean ALL my data is on D:, I am a fanatic about that). MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR C: DRIVE BEFORE YOU TRY AN UPGRADE! I ran the Windows 7 Update adviser and it said I had some issues:


NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT - NVIDIA Not compatible The driver installed for this device is not compatible with Windows 7....................

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Dell :: How To Update ATI Drivers?
I just received my 1645, with HD4670 ofcourse.

Now I was wondering what steps I have to take to update my driver to the newer version from ATI itself?.

I ran MobilityModder already. But what component do I have to remove first? And what is the step after that?............

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Sony :: Memory Remap To See 4GB RAM On VGN-AR31S, VGN-AR21S, VGN-AR41S
I own a VGN-AR21S, but the following is also true for the 31 and 41 series and lots of other models.

Although the specs say that the max supported ram is 2GB I upgraded to 4 GB without problems, as the chipset supports them.

Well, almost. The problem is that the BIOS does not do the so called memory remap, and thus the upper 1 GB cannot be seen and the system reports 3GB available (on Windows 7 x64, but also Vista, Linux, etc).

I already upgraded the BIOS to the R0200J6 version supported by AR31S in order to enable VT (through the notorious symcmos hack), thus I was wondering:

Does anybody know if it's possible to upgrade to later BIOS versions? (e.g. the R2090J8 supported by the 71 serie which fully supports memory remap)?

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Sony :: Viao Update Site Not Recognising Update 4
I have a SONY VIAO VGN-SZ433N_B. I'm constantly reminded that there are new updates for my lap top, but when I try to install I am told 'VAIO Update 4.0 is required. VAIO Update (Ver. 4.0 and above) is required on your VAIO Notebook.'

So I installed Sony Update but still it isnt recognised. I have even tried to uninstall the previous Update module and then re install without success. I keep getting the same message, indicating that the Viao Update 4 I have isnt being recognised.

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Dell :: No Standby And Hibernate After Drivers Update
I was trying to update my drivers, I went to dell website and got a few update for my drivers, but now, my computer won't go into standby or hibernate. If I try to go into standby, after I see the "preparing to standby" my computer goes black and the on light still on, then I can't wake the system up I have to press and hold the power button and reestart. When I try to go into hibernate mode after "preparing to hibernate" I see a blue screen with that says something like "an error has happened and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to my system, the problem could be caused by a new software or driver... etc" After I restart it says, your system has recovered from a serious problem and then it ask me to send a report error, I do and then my web browser and open this: [url]I know the problem was a driver that I was trying to update to make my computer work better but instead it messed up. How do I undo the updated drivers?

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Apple :: Macbook - How Update Drivers For The X3100
i got the black macbook, i was wondering how do i update drivers for the x3100?

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Apple :: Can't Update Nvidia Drivers On Macbook
I tried downloading the latest Nvidia notebook drivers for x64 and installing on vista x64 and i get this error message

"The Nvidia Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit."

my macbook has a Nvidia 9400m

How do i install the latest nvidia drivers on my macbook. the ones that came with my are from 12/24/08 (driver ver And im trying to install 179.48_notebook_winvista_64bit_beta.exe.

can unpack the driver exe and force and update through device manager?

has anyone done that before? or is there another way to get updated nvidia drivers to work on my macbook.

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Acer :: Being Offered NVIDIA Drivers Via Windows Update - 9301AWSmi
Recently done a clean Vista install and installed "NVIDIA chipset drivers" from Acer support site. It's on a 9301AWSmi

I now get as optional updates in Windows, two Nvidia updates.

1. NVidia NForce Networking Controller (May 2009 published)

2. NVidia NForce Hyper transport bridge driver update (Oct 2008 published)

Is it wise to accept these or not... I know a lot say never accept driver updates via Windows.

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Sony :: XP Mode In Windows 7 On VGN-SR 45G/B/N And VGN-CS36 GJ
i want to know that can i install xp mode in windows 7 on VGN-SR45G/B/N and VGN-CS36GJ

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Sony :: VGN-SR490 Vs. VGN-SR420
I am a college student looking to purchase the SR series VAIO notebook. On the Sony Style site they list two SR models the 490 and the 420. Both have the same exact configurations except that the 420 says that it has a much smaller projected battery life than the 490. Does anyone one if there is a hardware difference between these two notebooks to account for this difference? Or is this just a typo?

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Sony :: Pro/Wireless Drivers & Proset Wireless Drivers Compatibility
I have a Sony Vaio VGN N130G with an
integrated Intel PRO/Wireless 3915ABG wireless or
Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG that runs the standard sony driver.

I also have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with a Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG that runs the driver for Intel Proset/Wireless driver .....

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