Dell :: Key On Keyboard Hard To Press Down

Jun 24, 2009

it feels like something is blocking my eject key (and sometimes my L-shift key). Nothing that I know have is fallen through the keyboard...

I'm guessing I can't take off keys from a laptop keyboard. Is the best course of action to call dell? I don't really want to send away my laptop, but I may have no choice...

It's a Studio 1555 if this matters


Acer :: AA 7520G Boots Only If You Press Hard Next To The Touchpad

Nov 21, 2009

My Acer Aspire 7520G suddenly refused to boot, leaving blank screen only. No boot logo or anything. However, after googling around a bit, I found one thread with a solution, which is to press hard around the touchpad, and to my big surprise it did indeed work.

So does anyone know what's wrong with the computer that behaves this way? I never found the cause, and before I start disassembling the laptop, it would be nice to know what to look for. (Can't take it to the service as warranty expired a couple of months ago)

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Dell :: A Disk Read Error Occurred :: Press Alt Ctrl Del To Restart

Jan 14, 2008

last night, I got on my desktop momentaily. Closed the laptop lid(laptop is still on) and placed the keyboard on top of the laptop so I can open the Linux gFTP program, connect to my sites FTP and run a full backup before I went to bed. No problem.

Slept about 8 hours, woke up. Opened the laptop LID to check email and forums, and I'm greeted with a BSOD. Great. Laptop is extremely warm too. So I soft shut down (holding the power button down) and the computer reboots itself.

Well, it takes a little while for the PC to boot, then I'm greeted with a.

Loading PBR 2....Done
A disk read error occured
Press Alt Ctrl Del to restart

I guess this is the prime time to go ahead and upgrade that small 60Gb harddrive,

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Sony :: Vaio Inbuilt Camera Does Not React When I Press The "capture" Button

Feb 16, 2009

I have VAIO CR: VGN-CR25G/R. There is something wrong with my inbuilt camera. It works perfectly fine when i use it for webcam chat on msn. However, it doesn't work (in fact, it doesn't react at all) when i press the "CAPTURE" button on my laptop keyboard. Do you know why this is the case? And how can i fix it?

I went to Device Manager > Imaging Devices > Sony Visual Communication Camera and it tells me that the "device is working properly"

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Apple :: Late 2008 MBP Keyboard - Left Side Of The Keyboard Feels Mushy

Mar 11, 2009

I've had my MBP for about 4 month now and have been having problems with its keyboard since I bought it. First, the "Z" key sank in (I think there was a problem with the spring). I took it to the Apple Store, and they "fixed" on the spot (it's much harder to press and only registered a key press 70% of the time). The lower right corner of the "E" has noticeably sunk in, and I need to resort to pressing the upper left corner. Also, the left side of the keyboard feels "mushy", not hugely so, but definitely noticeable after typing a few sentences. Can I request that Apple just replace the entire keyboard instead of just individual keys?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Mini Keyboard Versus Acer Aspire One Keyboard

Feb 24, 2009

I currently have an AA1 and am curious to those who tried typing on both the HP Mini and the AA1 keyboards and noticed a difference. I believe the HP's keyboard is 92% and the AA1's is 89% I believe. It feels "okay" to type on, obviously not the best due to its size compared to a normal keyboard, but am wondering if the HP's is worth the price jump (paid 300 for mine).

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Dell :: E4300 Keyboard

Mar 17, 2009

I just received my E4300 from the Dell outlet, it's in great condition with one exception.

The keyboard has a bulge or slight rise in the center. I have the back-lit keyboard.

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Dell :: Keyboard Cloth?

Feb 18, 2009

Does anyone happen to know of a keyboard cloth i can use to protect the screen from the keys?

What im looking for is something similar to the microsuede cloth that was supplied with my iphone.

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Dell :: Keyboard With The Studio 17

Oct 15, 2008

I recently recieved my Studio 17 notebook from Dell and its really wonderful, everything works as it should except one thing (there always is isnt there)

The problem is with the keyboard, when i type it works fine, but when in games (especially the WASD-keys) get sort of "stuck". Not stuck like they are physically stuck, its more like if i press two keys at once they often freeze so im still strafing left or forward even though im not touching the keys.

This is pretty annoying when playing (cant tell you how many times it got me killed )

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Dell :: Keyboard Cover

Apr 10, 2009

anyone know of a keyboard cover they make for the studio xps 13? I find that I tend to wear down my keys (I already put a strip of tape over my space bar cuz that's where most of the wear is).

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Dell :: Keyboard With A Backlit One

Aug 16, 2009

I got a Dell Studio 1737 through the Dell Outlet, and after a little while the Num Lock light stopped working. The button still turns it on and off, and I've been debating calling and having to deal with them to get a replacement. Another option I've been thinking about is replacing it outright with the backlit keyboard.

My question is this. What will doing this outside of Dell do to the warranty? The Caps Lock light does still come on, so I'm thinking it's an issue with the light, and if I have to replace it, I might as well go with the better one.

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Dell :: 1420 Keyboard

Sep 5, 2009

I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop that has been giving me problems lately. About three weeks ago, the middle row of keys on my keyboard suddenly stopped working.

I figured that the keyboard must have gone bad so I ordered another one off ebay and recently installed it.

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Dell :: Crackling Keyboard

May 16, 2009

Last night I let my younger sister use my m1530. She says she didn't spill on it or anything but today when I went to use it, some of the keys, mainly the asdf keys are crackling when I type and sometimes I can't even push down the s key.

I was going to take the keyboard out to see if I could clean it but after taking out the screws from where the battery sits, I can't manage to take off the control cover.

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Dell :: Problem With Keyboard In AOL

Feb 21, 2010

I have a Dell Inspiron 1545. When in AOL mail, I am typing along and suddenly the email is sent before I am done.

I think I am accidentally hitting the shift/cntrl key. My palms DO NOT rest on the touchpad. I experimented in Yahoo mail and this never happened.

Also, while typing on this Dell, I suddenly find my cursor has jumped back about 2 or 3 lines and continues the typing, forcing me to back space out and return to the actual line of typing.

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Dell :: Keyboard Malfunctioning

Jul 7, 2009

When I type in Microsoft Word or in Mozilla Firefox/Internet Explorer in my email program the keyboard is malfunctioning.

What happens is that when I type "A" it does what "CTRL+A" should do and selects the whole text/document. If I type "H" in Internet Explorer it opens the "History" panel to the side. I am not accidentally hitting the control button. It does this for T, F, O, I, A, K, and N .....

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Dell :: Cloth To Go Between Keyboard And Lcd

Feb 15, 2008

I want to get one of these, but i have no idea what to search for in order to see what my options are... i'd like to get something colored either black or red and have it fit my M1330 pretty well... if it were made by dell or said XPS on it that would be fantastic as well... I've looked at the shaggymac site, but i am wondering what my other options are... i just want one mostly to have something right there to clean the screen with and to make sure the keyboard never touches the screen... can anyone suggest some good ones?

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Dell :: Water On My Keyboard

Jan 24, 2009

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, and it did. I spilled a little water on my keyboard tonight. I dried it up fast enough or so I thought . When I type the letter q or z it comes up qa and za. the a pops up automatically after typing those letters. I finally got to the keyboard unscrewed it and noticed a little bit more water underneath. It wasn't a lot but enough to notice.

Am I screwed here or will this dry enough to get back to normal? When it first happened all my words were jumbled, but now it is just those 2 letters. Funny now my Caps lock is going on by itself

Should I just shut down for the night and keep the keyboard disassembled so it could dry?

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Dell :: Really Bad Keyboard Flex On Studio 17 And 15

Nov 22, 2008

Time for a new notebook, my old Inspiron 1505/6400 is going to be my motherís new computer . I went to a shop that carried Both Studio 15 and 17 (in countries where DELL doesnít have a branch they sell prebuilt computers through different retailers) and checked them out. I am mostly interested in Studio 17Ē because of the larger screen and dual HDD option but it has a terrible terrible keyboard flex. It doesnít matter how hard a press a key, the keyboard will move down with the key pressed and it is really very annoying to type on. The same thing with Studio 15 keyboard, but the flex is reduced because of the smaller keyboard. But itís still there Ö. and it is also annoying. Compared to my Inspiron 1505, it is a night and day difference, 1505ís keyboard is solid and doesnít budge when I type, whereas Studioís keyboard feels like itís made of rubber.

What is the deal with Studios keyboards, are they all like this or the models on display came with defective keyboards? Both models had backlit keyboards if it makes any difference in supplier/built quality.

If all Studio 17 notebooks have such a bad quality keyboard, this is a deal breaker for me. Still itís 2008 and I havenít seen a notebook with such a bad quality keyboard, even the cheapest 15Ē Inspiron 1501 on display had a better quality keyboard.

Anyone with a Studio 17, please share your experience.

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Dell :: Backlit Keyboard Colors

Aug 4, 2009

does anyone know if you can change the colors of the keyboard light like you can on alienware laptops? ive been wondering this since ive only seen the backlit keyboard in white, and i was hoping to maybe switch the color to that of my lappy? i think that would be awsome to see on a studio.

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Dell :: XPS Keyboard And Battery Life

May 23, 2009

I have Dell XPS 1530 and I have 2 problems,

1 Ė Keyboard. When I type cursor seems to jump around a lot. I would be typing and suddenly the cursor is in the middle of the previous sentence and itís a mess. Is that something common, is that me or is that something I need to call Dell?

2 Ė Battery life is extremely short. I hear of such thing as deactivating your video card ( I have GeForce 8600 GT) and that supposedly helps you with the battery life. Does this laptop offer such opportunity?

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Dell :: Clean Under The Keyboard On An XPS16?

Mar 3, 2010

I've been wanting to clean any residue that's built up under the keyboard the past few months: dust, hair, crumbs, whatever else that may have slipped by despite how careful I try to be with letting debris in. A friend that cleaned my old Toshiba would 'pop' the keys out, but that ended up breaking/loosening some hinges later on, and I would prefer not to have send his laptop to Dell for such a silly reason.

Is there any 'easy' way to this? I'm assuming the safest way would be to unscrew the back and locate the area beneath the keyboard?

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Dell :: 1555 Backlit Keyboard

Sep 20, 2009

when i received it it is actually the backlit keyboard for the new 1555. part #nsk-dcm01.

just wondering if this will work on the 1535. i see that the media buttons are now on the keyboard itself for the 1555. any help would be appreciated.

if it turns out to be non compatible i guess i have a keyboard to sell..

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