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Dell :: Vostro Laptop Won't Start

I have a 15" Vostro laptop, only 2 years old, that won't start. When I press the on button, the first (top) blue light to the left of the keyboard flashes quickly, but then nothing happens. Now there are three blue lights to the left of the power button that are blinking on and off.

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HP/Compaq :: Laptop Won't Start
I've seen lots of posts about laptops that won't start but none with the exact same problem as me. When I press the power button it lights up and it sounds like it's going to turn on but nothing happens. There's nothing on the screen. It sounds like it used to if you closed the lid while it was on.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Laptop Won't Start Properly
My brother has got an HP Pavillion dv9000 laptop. When he tries to start the laptop he gets a blue screen with the error message contained in the attached file. When I try restarting and pressing F8 to enter Safe Mode it just continues to this screen.

It started happening after HP requested that he download some new software to his machine. He did so and this problem started. It was a popup on the screen which asked him to install new software.

I am trying to troubleshoot it for him.

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HP/Compaq :: Battery - Laptop Won't Start With It In
I understand you can run off the adapter, But with the battery installed , i cannnot. If i plug adapter in like Iam charging it (not turning power on ) the light in front lights up just briefly then nothing. I also can't power laptop on. If i run the adapter with no battery in laptop everything works fine. What causes that? Just a bad battery? motherboard is new and so is the cord.

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Sony :: Laptop Won't Start After Memory Upgrade!
I have a Sony Vaio S460 laptop.

Recently it had been lagging really bad, and so I was advised that it might be a power supply problem, or, another solution would be to upgrade the memory.

I went to my local computer store asking about it, and he recommended trying to upgrade the memory (I currently had two 256 MB memory sticks, for a total of 512).

I told him my model number, and he pointed me to a Kingston 1 GB memory stick, and said he was pretty sure that it would be compatible. Since it was only $10, I bought two of them.

so I went ahead and replaced the two 256 MB memory sticks with my newly acquired 1 GB memory sticks. But after I put the laptop back together, and I pushed the power button, nothing showed up on the screen (although the lights indicated the power was at least on)

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Acer :: How To Clear Everything Off Of My Laptop And Completley Start Over
How to clear everything off of my Acer laptop and completley start over? I have a stupid Acer laptop, and it's been running very slow latley. I removed almost all of the programs that I had downloaded, and it's still being slow.

I want to reboot the entire thing and start off brand new.

I tried reading the manuel and I don't see anything in it about rebooting the system.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv9700 - Reformatting C Drive, Laptop Wont Start
I recently caught a virus after accidentally typing faceboo k. cm instead of faceboo k. com in IE but Avast was able to take care of it. However, after restarting my HP laptop, I was unable to go into windows and it says there's a problem with startup or winload(I forgot). I used the repair startup 5 times, but to no avail. (I'm not sure if the virus is the cause of my problem).

So, I decided to use the Vista recovery DVDs and reformatted the C drive. I put the CD and HP automatically reformatted the windows partition of my drive. After it's done, the laptop was restarted and a dialog box that says "Software is being installed" appeared and there was a progress bar. But, it restarted again before the progress bar has a chance to complete. And after the laptop is restarted, the system says "BootMGR" is missing please restart using ctr alt del. After I restarted it again, a dialog box saying the recovery has failed appear. I tried this twice and failed both. The details of the error say something about QFE is missing or something.

FYI, the last time I used the Recovery cd I was brought to a blue screen (if I'm not wrong) where I can repartition, delete, or create partitions before formatting the drives. This time, I was unable to repartition or delete the drive, I was brought straight to reformating. And I was unable to use the Recovery Disk in the system; I pressed F11 and nothing happened.

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Dell :: Deciding If Vostro 1320 Is My Next Laptop.
I want something around 12 to 13", fast, that can handle the latest windows without lag or anything.

I don´t plan to play games on this laptop, maybe some movies. I will usually be using it for Word, internet, and regular things.

I saw this Vostro 1320 and this are the specs that Dell is offering, which seems pretty good for the price:

My System Details
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, with Media, 32-bit, English
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T6670 w/ VT (2.1GHz, 2MB L2, 800MHz FSB)

4GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz, 2 DIMM
320GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive with Free Fall Sensor
13.3 inch WXGA Anti-Glare Display
8X DVD+/-RW with double-layer DVD+/-R write capability, Roxio and Cyberlink PowerDVD™ DX 8.1

Intel® Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
Dell Wireless™ 1397 802.11b/g Mini Card
Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth 2.0 Vista
Integrated 1.3MP Webcam and Digital Mic with webcam


Im did a research on reviews of this lappy on notebookforums but can´t find any. Please if someone have this laptop, would you please recommend it or give your opinion of it .....

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Acer :: Aspire 4720Z- Not Start Need Boot/Start Up Disk
Looking for a Boot Disk or Start up disk for an Aspire 4720Z or a place to download one. She has been doing finals etc for the past week without it at college.

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Dell :: Just Received Vostro 1220 Laptop Its Awsome
Just received Vostro 1220 laptop from dell India with following configuration .....

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Dell :: Pen Drived Not Detecting On My Vostro 1510 Laptop
i've a problem with my laptop which is not detecting any pendrives on my laptop
when i''m placing in the usb ports.
i dono why it hapened and dono what to do to solve the problem even...

i'm using windows xp sp2 on my vostro 1510 laptop and all drivers are installed as required but problem persistes and iritating me.

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Unable To Format Laptop
I am unable to format my laptop (vista home pre-installed) and tried to install with xp professional on vostro 1400.

i am getting the error as "unable to identity drives to install" on the boot screen while formatting. Do anyone can help me to figure it out

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Dell :: Vostro Loud Clicking Coming From The Laptop
I have had my Vostro 1500 for around 18 months now and it has been problem free so far until yesterday evening.

Basically my girlfriend was doing a bit of surfing and I had some music streaming at the same time. All of a sudden there was a loud clicking coming from the laptop.

I thought it was the music at first! but I managed to mute the sound and it was the laptop. It was quite a loud click happening at least twice a second .....

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Dell :: Letters Missing When Typing On Vostro 1500 Laptop
all newbie nik here would love a bit of help with this please
when i type certain letters on my dell vostro llaptopthey dont work nothing happens the cursor keeps flashing in the same place .....

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Dell :: Vostro 1500 Dekstop Icons Disappeared Stops At Vostro
I bought a Vostro 1500. It has been fine and I got XP instead of Vista. 2GB of RAM.

It boots up fine with quick Dell screen, black XP start up screen with thermometer line at bottom, then light blue XP screen then Vostro.

Before the destop icons show up next after Vostro and I am all set. Now it stops at Vostro.

I can get to programs using task manager file open and browse. Not very convenient.

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Dell :: Inspiron 13, XPS M1330, Studio XPS 13, Vostro 1320 Or Vostro 1310
im not sure if i want a graphic card in it, as it would just eat battery life and i would get nothing much out of it, since i have no plans in gaming with it.

i will be, however massively watching movies, and streaming movies (99.9% of the web, not dvd player) would that need a dedicated graphic card?

i would also like to know which are the best in terms of :

price, screen quality, build quality, weight, which ones have the same keyboard,current known issues, and are they any rumors or known news of any updates of any of these models in the next 6 months worth waiting for?

ive also bought a m1330 a few months back, but since i had some issues with school, i had to return it and delay my purchase to this year.

the laptop was getting extremely hot, like not even possible to put on my lap kind-of hot. is that issue fixed?

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Dell :: Vostro V13 Vs Vostro 3300
I know the Vostro 3300 just came out.

For those who own the V13. Do you miss having HDMI? How's the build quality on the V13? And with the Vostro 3300 out now, the Vostro 3300 would be a better buy, no?

Any differences that I should take note of?

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Dell :: M1530 Won't Start...
I can't get my M1530 to start. When I press the power button, I just see the blue LED's cycle. Nothing shows up on the screen, no BIOS or anything. I tried putting a vid to show it .....

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Dell :: M1710 Can't Start
i cant start my M1710 when i press power only num lock is light and caps and scroll lock are blinking

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Dell :: M1530 Has Become Unresponsive, Where To Start?
recently I was using my XPS 1530 under normal circumstances when out of nowhere it started to become unresponsive and internet explorer froze. I had to manually turn off the power and then restarted. The laptop installed some Windows updates and I figured all would be well.

Well, I was wrong. Ever since then my laptop is extremely slow and programs such as internet explorer refuse to start. The problem is worse when my wireless card is active. For some reason all my restore points are gone as well. I dont know if I picked up a virus or if my HDD is starting to die. Most frustrating is the fact that I can't run any diagnostics without the laptop freezing or becoming horribly slow.

So, my problem is I dont even know where to start on how to fix this. My last resort would be to re-format my HDD and see if that fixes it but I dont want to do anything that drastic yet. Any ideas would be helpful seeing as I dont feel like dealing with Dell support yet.

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Dell :: Studio Xps 16 Start Up Time
how long does it take to to start up your studioxps from pressing the on button to getting a page(google) open on firefox.

takes me about 1min 2-3sec
but only like 49sec to get logged on

for some reason msn and firefox are slow on start up, maybe its because of 64bit?

Also, stat your system specs.

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Dell :: 8600 Won't Start, Probably My Fault
The bottom plastic was developing a series of cracks so I bought a new base on eBay.

I basically had to take the entire laptop apart (per the 8600 Service Manual, including video card and processor cooling fan, etc) and I put it back together with a new base...

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Dell :: Fan Wouldn't Start On Boot Up
Since I updated the BIOS to A15, I experienced a louder fan. So I turned off the computer and blew out the dust by blowing into the fins on the backside. Lots of dust came through the fan then.

When I turned the computer back on everything was very quiet... and also slow... 'til I realized the fan did not turn on at all!

The moment I recognized that I forced the computer off to avoid damage due to overheating.

Why would the fan not turn on after my little "basic" cleaning? Do you guys experience more fan noise since A15 too?

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Dell :: My Studio XPS 1640 Won't Start,
My studio XPS 1640 doesn't turn on. I can only see four touch buttons lit and everything else is off.

The only way to turn them off is by removing the battery and the moment I put it back they turn back on.

Using the AC adapter is the same, they remain on until I disconnect them. I attach a picture to show what I mean.

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Dell :: XPS M2010 Start Up Issue
my computer is not starting up. It decided to restart by itself last night after I wanted to preview a music file I was downloading.

When it truns to start, the windows blue screen appears. I try doind a start up repair but it says that it cannot fix the problem.

I try to use system restore and it says that there is no restore point.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Help (won't Start Properly)
To start off, here is some background information. I've had the xps m1530 since June/July of last year and haven't had too many problems, except the one I am currently having.

The laptop was working fine this morning, but sometime around 2:00pm, it stopped working propely. The internet at my house is retarded and goes on the fritz every so often,

so I restarted the laptop in hopes that it would help (I didn't think it would, but I wanted to try something). Well, when it was coming back on, it suddenly stopped working.

It came to the screen where you type in your password, and when I entered it, it said "Welcome" for like 5 minutes. It just sat there on the login page with "Welcome" as if it were loading, and then after about 5 minutes it went to the desktop.

It sat here for 5 minutes or so and wouldn't allow me to do anything. I couldn't click any icons, or go to the program bar, or do ctrl-alt-delete or anything. It was frozen, but I could still move my mouse around.

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Dell :: Can't Start Computer From CD To Reload XP
i have done this several times before on diffrent computer, but this dell desktop is not doing what it suppose to do.

I put the Win xp pro in the cd rom and restarted the computer after I change the boot to boot from CD, and computer go to tart windows. i chnagedeverything and reset to defult and also diconnected the hard drive. nothing works. on F8 i also selected CD rom , and didn't work. this is a 3 years old computer that getting very slow and has too much junk on it from the kids and I want to format it. any ideas how i can go around this.

Dell - Pentium 4, 3.00 GHz, 512 MB RAM, Windows XP

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Dell :: Studio 1535 Won't Start
Right now I'm posting this from a friend's netbook, for the record.

So, this is something of an emergency. My Studio 1535, as the title says, is not starting. When I first plug in the power cord, the small white light turns on for just a second and then turns off again.

Normally it stays on while plugged in.

When I press the power button, the white ring of light around the button turns on like normal, and the media buttons flash in sequence, just like a normal boot.

Unfortunately, this is where it stops going as usual.

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Dell :: XPS M1300 Dont Want To Start
in the night I leave the computer charging. When I am slepping a explosion occurs near my home, the electricity gone. My pc batt is fully charge but now when i turn on the pc it power up but then a low sound comes from the computer and then it shut down

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Dell :: Windows Failed To Start Once Again
Last week, I think it was last week, I did some Windows updates. Restarted. Came up with Windows Failed To Start.

So then yesterday I was uninstalling some games that I haven't played in awhile. Defraged after that. Restarted my computer. And it happened again Windows Failed To Start. Put my windows cd in. Got into Windows. After everything was loaded, I decided to restart again. Never uninstalled anything or deleted anything this time. Restarted.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Won't Start
I'm trying to switch out the processor of my E6400. When I put the new processor in and start the computer, the lights blink, sometimes the screen turns on (to black), but the BIOS never loads (or even starts). The computer then turns off, and the caps and scroll lock lights turn on, and the num lock light starts blinking.

Does anyone know what that blinking code means, and more importantly, why the computer isn't starting?

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Apple :: 64 - When Ever I Start I Get Msg
its a powerbook 64 and when ever i start the pc up i get this msg

panic (cpu 0 caller 0x002de020: unable to find driver for this platform: "powerbook 5,6".

latest stack back trace for copu 0:
back trace 0x00095564 0x00095a7c 0x00026838 0x002de020 x002bd360 0x002bd118 0x002bdb80 0x002be1ec 0x00a9654

proceeding back via exception chain:
proceeding back state (sv=0x0051fa00
pc+0x00000000; msr=0x0000d030; dar 0x00000000; dsisr=0x000000000; lr=0x00000000; r1=-x--------; xcp=0x00000000 (unknown).......

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Dell :: How To Reduce Number Of Processes At Start Up
I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 and stops responding during use, it does not freeze up totally, just the programs being used stop responding.

Sometimes they will start back on their own after waiting a few minutes and other times I have to reboot. I have 61 processes showing with no programs opened. I have been told this is my problem.

It also is slow to recognize a DVD inserted in the DVD drive as well as a USB memory stick. How can I make sure my laptop is running and working properly with as few processes running as needed? I have downloaded and ran every program I can find in relationship to this problem and everything checks out OK on computer.

It also shows letters slowly as you type. This is not happening everytime but maybe 70% of the time i use a program involving typing.

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Dell :: Last Few E6400/E6500 Before I Start Hunting
I've read through 100 pgs of the E6400 owners thread and other countless threads, but I have a few more questions before I start hunting for an E6400 at the dell outlet tomorrow.

1) I know there is an 'overheating' issue with the Nvidia card while gaming. Is it only when gaming? I don't want it to overheat while idle or watching DVDs or something. I don't really game but work on photoshop and watch DVDs once in a while.

2) Dell lists the minimum weight at 4.3 with the SSD, 4 cell battery, and travel lite module. I'm getting the travel lite module and SSD (X25-m) for sure. Where do I get the 4 cell battery? I didn't see it in the options. Battery life isn't a big concern since I am always plugged in at work and at my apartment.

3) How much more weight would be added with WXGA+ led, bluetooth, webcam, nvidia gpu, backlit keyboard, and 6 cell? I'm trying to minimize all the weight I can

4) Should I be worried about extra heat from the T-series CPUs vs. P-series? My research requires running simulations that ramp up CPU usage on my Vostro 1400 up to 100% for at least 30 mins at a time. For me, speed is important, but not if it starts overheating.

5) I've read that the Intel 5300/5100 wifi cards have issues with certain routers and disconnects often. Are the dell cards free of trouble?

6) Some members have complained about the screens not being so good (LG vs Samsung?). Are the E6500 screens better in general? I might give up a little weight to get a bigger/better screen.

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Dell :: When Will 4670 GPU's Start Showing Up At The Outlet?
Any conjecture or ideas on when the outlet is going to start selling refurb'd and other XPS 16 models with the ATI 4670 GPU?

As of right now, it's all 3670.

If they might start offering the new GPU within the next 2 weeks, I might wait. They've got some good deals there on everything else I want...

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Slow Start Up Times
Last night, I restarted my xps and it took forever to start back up again. After the pretty vista screen, it sits there for at least 5 minutes, then the login screen pops up,

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Dell :: Inspiron 1300 Bad Screen Where To Start?
I have a user who recently turned in an Inspiron 1300 with a screen problem. Unfortunately this machine is out of warranty, and the extended warranty we usually purchase was never bought for this machine (this is why users don't get to do their own ordering anymore! ....

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Dell :: Remove Program From Start Up Programs
i am trying to remove some start - up programs in windows defender. some of them, will not let me hit any of the options: "

Remove" "disable" and "able". it let me do it for some of the programs, but not all of them

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Dell :: M1210 Windows Start-up Locked Up
i've been aware of the bluetooth widcomm and the logitech software causes the moment where you'll get a black screen after the windows loading screen then you just need to restart the laptop to enter into windows.

i really think that this is the cause in my case because whenever i disabled the logitech webcam, i don't get any locked up, although when i enable it, then restart the machine, i don't usually get the locked up.

The weird part is that when i leaved the laptop at least for some few hours (note that i enabled the logitech webcam here), the issue arises, so i need to restart the laptop using the power button once to get inside windows.

My solution here is to disable the logitech webcam which i don't like because whenever i need the camera the laptop will ask me to restart the computer.

I would like to ask if there is any other solution for this? any new software?
i don't like to uninstall any software unless its really the solution.

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Dell :: M1710 Upgrading Parts - Where To Start
My video card died, so i NEED to get either a 7900GTX, 7950GTX, FX2500, or FX3500. I've found the FX's to be cheaper, so i think ill just go with one of those.

There are absolutely no differences right between the GTX's and the FX's?

My specs as of now:
T2400 (1.83GHz) It's so slow..
60GB HD.

Thinking about doing a RAM upgrade and CPU shortly.

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Acer :: 5315 Won't Start Up
My wife has a 5315-2176, windows fails to start, a recent hardware or software change might be the cause. do not have windows installation disc. will existing data be lost?

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Acer :: Vista Won't Start
I have an Acer aspire 4315. When I switch on I get as far as the windows start up screen and then the screen goes blank and starts windows again.It I then get a screen come up asking me if I want to launch start up repair or start windows normally.

I have tried the start up repair and it says it cannot repair automatically. I have also tried to start in Safe mode but get the same result as above.

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HP/Compaq :: Red Screen On Start Up
I'm having problems with my hp DV 9500 laptop. It started 2 days ago, on start up my screen is completely red then the windows logo appears with black splayed around the outside edge. When i'm surfing the net some pages are appearing with red patches but apart from this my laptop is working fine. I uninstalled the drivers for the graphics card and re-installed this made no difference. I hooked up an external monitor and that works perfectly,

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HP/Compaq :: Nc8000 No Start
my NC8000 will not start. When I push the power button the laptop turns on. The fans spins but nothing comes on the screen and then it shuts off. This lasts for about 10-15 seconds. I can try to start again but it happens over and over. Is there anyway I can repair this. I have noticed it is a common failure but don't know why.

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Apple :: Start Up Window
I had Lexmark printer and I removed it with AppDelete. Now everytime I turn on my mac I have this screen. I cant find folder startupitems...


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Dell :: Studio 1737 Bluetooth Cannot Start Code 10
I have a Studio 1737 with Bluetooth connection. I have used it in the past to send data between PC and phone. Now it is not working.

Device manager says devcie cannot start code 10

Reinstalling drivers tell me to turn on the device using FN+F2 or radio on/off switch.

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Dell :: Pressed The Media Direct Button & Now XP Won't Start
Basically I bought a Dell Inspirion 1525 with Vista, Downgraded to XP, had to change the Hard drive to IDA for the system to recognise XP. Been running fine then I pressed the MD button by mistake thinking it was the power button, it gets as far as 'Building you MD files' then says ''DMD cannot access your hard drive. This maybe because you have enabled Microsoft Bit Locker (Drive Encryption)'' etc etc. Now i'm hoping that means it hasn't wiped my HD cos i've read a load of people who've had problems with that button wiping everything out but i think it can't recognise my HD cos I switched it to IDA.

Anyways whenever I press the power button now it keeps loading MD and doing the same cycle and I can't load XP at all, tried loading it in safe mode and it crashes. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I can't get windows on at all and I really don't care about MD, infact when I can access windows again i'll be researching how to deactivate the MD button so this doesn't happen again unless someone can provide that info aswell

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Acer :: 3690 Beeping At Start
A friend has a 3690. Haven't seen it, but this is what they describe as happening.

Sometimes! on startup four? beeps are heard and nothing appears on screen. Turn off/on again and it will most likely boot into Windows BUT the clock is wrong, reverts to July 2005 I think. Reset the clock and all OK, until the next time it happens.

Somedays it behaves, other times not so, maybe doing this twice in a day.

As the clock is wrong does this perhaps point to the CMOS backup battery?

Any other checks we can do?

Would entering the BIOS at start up ? "F2" prove anything. I know it's difficult when its not in front of you.

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Acer :: 5100- Start Menu Bar Is Gone
My Acer 5100 laptop. When i turn it on it starts up normally but when it gets to the desktop part the "start menu bar at the bottom" shows up until the computer is done loading then it dissappears.. Anyone know wats wrong with it?? I reformatted it some time now and it worked until like 3 wks later it does it again. I have to push my window button to get to my stuff but i cant see the little icon at the bottom right corner and my wireless. My start menu bar is gone.

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Acer :: 5536 SLOW Start Up
I just recently purchased an Acer Aspire 5536-5883 with Vista. The problem is that it srtarts up kinda slowly. Could this be due to the endless amount of unneeded programs? If so, what can I safely remove?

Also, HOW do I remove items from just the start up? I seem to have forgotten.

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