Dell :: Studio XPS Service Tag?

Jan 19, 2009

does anyone have access to a Studio XPS Service Tag??? I'm trying to order a 4GB Stick of DDR3 RAM for my Alu-Macbook, and Dell require a Service Tag from me.

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Dell :: Studio 17 W/ Horrible Customer Service

Jan 4, 2010

Without boring you with all the details I wanted to inform this community of the wonderfully painful experience I had with Customer Support when I ordered my studio 17.

First it was a month lead time on a custom build. This I can understand since I did order it at the beginning of the school year.

So on the day it was supposed to ship they called me and told me it wasn't shipping because the screen was back-ordered and they had no idea when I would get it .....

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Dell Studio XPS 1645 :: Unable To Start Bluetooth Stack Service

Apr 29, 2010

I've got a Studio XPS 1645 running Windows 7 (64-bit) and my bluetooth radio won't detect any devices.  Everytime I start my computer I get an error that says "Unable to start the bluetooth stack service".  I've uninstalled every bluetooth device I could find in my device manager and reinstalled with the latest drivers from the Dell website, but nothing has changed.  I called Dell support and was told that the problem was related to software (for which I do not have support coverage) and that I should do a Google search for a Toshiba patch that might fix the problem, but I couldn't find anything online.

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Dell Studio 1555 :: Can't Get In Contact Via Web / Email As Service Tag Doesn't Get Recognized On Website

Mar 5, 2013

I can't get in contact via web/email to Dell as my service tag doesn't get recognised on the wesbite, and the auto detect doesn't work

I have a Studio 1555 laptop and want to add bluetooth to it 

I have found this:


and this:


Model numbers 0P560G and 0M960G

Which one I need and whereabouts I need to check inside the laptop to see if I have the slot available? I am capable of doing this sort of stuff as I have built my own PC, just don't normally do anything to laptops (other than install an illuminated keyboard in this)

Will it work if I just add the module and install the driver?

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Dell :: Service

Mar 26, 2009

My new Studio XPS 1640 appears to have a bad WiFi card. It is very difficult to get it to connect to the network, and it has fits where it drops contact.

So, I contacted XPS tech support. After doing the usual opening questions, they have proceeded as follows:

1) I was assigned an XPS tech and given their specific telephone information so that they could serve as single point of contact.

2) I was told "we will own this issue and get it resolved".

3) They then set an appointment to speak to me when I had sufficient time to do things like driver changes and trying to reseat the minicard. We performed those steps Monday night.

4) After the reset they wanted me to use it heavily on network for at least 24 hours with them checking in to determine if the issues were still present. Unfortunately they were.

5) At this point, the initial diagnosis was Dell was going to send a tech to replace the minicard, antenna and the motherboard (going a bit overboard?). I agreed and the tech was scheduled.

6) 45 minutes later my tech called. She had discussed the situation with her supervisor and they wanted instead to replace THE ENITRE LAPTOP. So, they are now doing a new XPS 1640 built to the same specs as the original. It will be shipped to me and I am simply to put the original in the box and have Fedex come get it .......

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Dell :: 's Calling Service

Feb 28, 2009

So i decided to call dell for a cheaper price. Can someone give me suggestion for this? How do they know which configuration i wanted?

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Dell :: XPS Customer Service?

Aug 27, 2009

What exactly is XPS customer service anyway? It's certainly not as good as Small & Medium Business customer service .....

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Dell :: Who Do You Call For Service?

Feb 27, 2009

My network card in my 1730 is acting up. Who do I call to get it replaced on warranty?

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Dell :: XPS 16 In A Service Nightmare

Mar 16, 2010

Like many others here when i updated the Bios to V12, my battery would no longer charge with the notice that my AC was not seen by the computer- So after calling techs for assistance it was determined that the motherboard would need to be changed.

So the next day they were out to replace the MB, Which was completed and the battery would once again charge,.

After the tech left i noticed that the machine was much slower then it was before- So now im thinking another bad MB. I check the system prop page to find i now only have 1gb of Ram- What did the tech forget to put the other 2 back in -

I open the back there are are 2 sticks, a 1 and a 2, so i reseat the ram- again just 1gb- Hmmm- I switch them from slot to slot- Now it will not power up... Oh great bad ram stick... So i take it out- reboot- about 10 min later- the machine locks up... the harddrive is not being seen- what the F.... I remove the harddrive to find the connector to it is chipped off... Come on.....

I spend the next 10 hours working with an external connector tape and a lot of booze to get about 50% of my data recovered.

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Dell :: Depot Service

Dec 11, 2008

I sent my XPS M1710 in for repair Nov 11 and they received it Nov 13. I was told it would take over a month, it was on back log. I called yesterday to get the status and got nowhere fast. I tried logging in to Dell chat using my service tag number, the response was "Our records indicate that your service tag belongs to a system that was purchased outside the United States." Can I get some advice on what to do?

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Dell :: Should I Take My 1530 In For Service?

Jan 18, 2010

I've been using the CPUID Hardware Monitor to track my GPU temperatures while in game, and the highest (as of lately) that it hit was 204 Fahrenheit, and idling with a few windows open around 163 Fahrenheit.

Also: My CPU highest temp was 183 Fahrenheit.

Your opinions?



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Dell :: Should I Buy Refurb. W/No Service Tag?

Feb 16, 2009

Is it a big deal to buy an EBay laptop that has no service tag number? The seller's rep is very good

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Dell XPS 14Z :: Service Tag Not Supported

Nov 20, 2014

My version of Roxio Creator Starter was corrupted yesterday (could not find some DLL) and the recommended fix was to re-install the software.

When I tried to re-download the software off My Dell Downloads, I found that my service tag was not supported.  Dell's FAQs told me that this was because my system doesn't have anything available for download from My Dell Downloads.

More to the point, I would like to get Roxio Creator Starter back.  I was led to believe that I could do this through My Dell Downloads, but that isn't working.

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Dell :: Extending My Service Contract?

Jan 23, 2008

Just got an email from Dell stating that my service contract will expire in 30 days.

How much would this be to renew, and how long does it renew it for? Also, if I wanted to add accidental coverage, how much additional would that be? Do they replace the laptop if its dropped, broken, yet still functional?

I would call Dell, but I'm at work and wouldn't be able to contact them until tomorrow evening if I'm lucky.

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Dell ::Service Tags Stored?

Apr 10, 2009

Other than on the sticker on the bottom? Are they tapped into the hard drive, RAM, what?

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Dell :: XPS Customer Service Experience

Feb 8, 2010

Well, I think it's more usual for people to leave comments over bad experiences than good experiences, so I think it would be good to do it.

Few days ago I had a problem with a XPS 1330 which suddenly stopped working. Something related with a shortcircuit with the power supply.

I checked guarantee and happily found that I bought the 3 year extended guarantee with the laptop and it was on the third year so i called customer support and after some small checks they decided it had to do with the motherboard so they ordered a replacement for me for the next day.

I even messed with the asking to come later as I wanted to backup data (just for security). Did the backup and called them again few days later. Again I had no problem, next day a technician came to my home and changed the motherboard. In matter of minutes i had the laptop working again.

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Dell :: Service Tag / Warranty Transfer

Nov 9, 2007

I just bought a used dell laptop from a dealer, it wasn't sold with a warranty, but looking up the service tag, I found that there's 6 months left on the warranty.

I don't have the original owner's details, but has anyone had any luck getting Dell to transfer registration in these circumstances? - I understand that they might be cautious, but I'd guess they would have a list of reported stolen tag #'s to check against to prevent crims doing this.

I'd like to get the tag changed so that I can order OS media, but the warranty would be a bonus if it's possible.

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Dell :: Screentek Pixelbright Service

Dec 23, 2007

made the mistake of ordering my E1705 with the 1440 x 900 WXGA display.

But screentek offers this Pixelbright upgrade to remove the matte finish and give it a high gloss treatment for 100 dollars. I was just wondering if anyone has used this service, because I couldn't find any real reviews from users or enthusiasts on the web.

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Dell :: About Vista's Service Pack 2

Jun 8, 2009

I have dell studio 17 notebook with vista home premium SP1, and I'm not sure if I should install the new SP2, i'm afraid that the notebook could have problems with this update, like problems to boot windows again or some catastrophic error like that.

Has anybody install this update on this notebook, should I expect problems ? Someone note real improvements thank to this SP ? Like faster boot up or better general OS performance ?

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Dell :: Extended Service Coverage

May 23, 2009

Does anybody know exactly what coverage is included in part number 902-5690?

I thought I had full technical support, but they billed me $129 to troubleshoot and clean an issue being caused by virus and other malware.

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Dell :: Service Pack 3 ... Meaning?

Sep 22, 2009

I just have a simple question, what does Serivce Pack 3 means? is there service pack 1,2 and 3?

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Dell XPS L502x :: Service Tag Does Not Work

Jan 13, 2013

I purchased a Dell XPS l502x a while back, and neither the service tag nor the express service code has worked in over six months. I’m also unable to email tech support about this issue.

When I’m prompted to submit either number, I receive the following error, "We were unable to verify the Service Tag or Express Service Code you have entered. Please verify your entry or choose one of the options to the right. If you recently purchased a system, please try again in 48 hours.".

The laptop has even been removed from “My Products and Services” and I’ve been unsuccessful in re-adding the system.

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Dell :: Home Service Repair Feedback

Jan 26, 2010

I'm almost down to my choice on laptop the Toshiba at bestbuy seems to be winning but today I seen an offer for the xps 16 that comes with a 2 year basic warranty which is in home repair after phone Diagnostics,Has anybody used this service?Do they come out right away? ....

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Dell :: Does Warranty Cover Replacement And Service?

Mar 6, 2010

One of the rubber grips on the palm rest of my Studio XPS 13 has fallen off, so Dell is sending a service technician to replace the entire palm rest assembly.

Does the warranty cover both replacement and service charges? Am I expected to pay anything?

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Dell :: Customer Service Postive Experience

Nov 10, 2009

I had a positive experience with Dell

1st time my Son broke his mouse button on his 1501
Called Dell, within 40 minutes he had a RMA box being sent out, he got the Day after and sent his computer in within 10 days it was back in his hands fixed 0 money out of his pocket.

2nd and 3rd I had onsite warranty service the person was prompt nice and did a great job. I was satisfied, 3 day turn around on that.

4th time I have this 1555, I used the chat yesterday morning, it was faster then calling, within 40 Minutes it was agreed the laptop needed to be fixed, my space bar had popped off twice and I noticed it looked warped, I need this laptop so I agreed to the extra cost of onsite this time, no only was it promised this week but they came today, next day and replaced the keyboard within 40 minutes this am. I thought it was worth the extra.

now fixed and totally satisfied.

Of course I know Dell can screw up but lets be honest there are times they do not and we need balance at times.

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Dell :: Appalling Customer Service And Sales

Apr 25, 2010

I'm in the process of ordering a Dell Studio 17 with:

CA Sales Dinker 1307

I've customized my order, and then gave it to him, which was a grand total of 1313.50$.

This conversation has been going on for 30 minutes because he keeps adding items I told him I do not want, and now he refuses to remove them.

He's been adding Office and Anti Virus software and now he refuses to remove it. He keeps trying to upsell me 6GB of Ram and I told him I only want 4GB of ram.

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Dell :: General Question About Customer Service.

Apr 19, 2009

I keep hearing horror stories about consumer customer support and higher praise of business support.

My question is where does the support for a system such as the Studio XPS 16 fall in. I here that the XPS line has better support, but does that make a difference if I order it from the consumer (Home) section?

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Dell :: Website Says One Thing, Phone Service Says Another

Oct 3, 2009

I ordered a laptop from Dell on October 1st over the phone. Immediately after I placed the order, I looked it up on dell's website to make sure it had gone through.

The status said "In Production." So then I called the 800 number that gives you an automated message about your order status (yes, I'm anxious), and the recording said "Your order was received today and is currently being processed." So I thought that was weird that the website and phone service were telling me two different things.

So the next day I checked the website and it still said "In Production" and I called the number and it said my order was still "being processed." Also, on the website under Billing Information, it said "Bill to: N/A" and I was concerned that maybe my billing information was wrong.

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Dell :: D830 Service Tag = Wrong Drivers

Jun 10, 2009

i've recently purchased a 2nd hand dell D830 laptop. it was running windows vista and everything was working fine. but i need to have it running XP, so i formatted and installed XP PRO.

entered the service tag on support site, downloaded the "shipping" drivers. most of them install, some terminate with errors, others tell me that the hardware isn't found. no audio, also wrong display drivers, points me to intel drivers, but that doesn't install, nvidia one does the trick... just endless problems, but when i revert to VISTA, it all works again.

i need this machine to run xp.

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Dell :: Where Exactly Are Service Tags And OEM OS Keys Stored In Laptops

May 16, 2010

Where exactly are Dell service tags and OEM OS serial keys stored on Dell laptops? When you reinstall Windows, you don't need to enter the serial key because the laptop has the key linked to it. Where though? I read it's in the BIOS but isn't the BIOS part of the motherboard?

I'm about to change my M1330 motherboard and am just wondering if my service tag and/or my original Vista key will no longer be linked to/remembered by the laptop once I put the new motherboard in.

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