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Dell :: M1530: Disabling Internal Microphone (WinXP)

I always use a headset when I need a mic, so I want to basically disable the internal mic but I can't figure it out.

I'm running WinXP with the sigmaTel drivers on my M1530

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Dell :: Internal Microphone On The Vostro 1510?
I recently installed Windows 7 on my Vostro 1510. Audio works great but the internal mic does not seem to work or be detected in Windows 7.

How can I fix it or/and reinstall the drivers?

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Dell :: Where/how Do I Enable The Internal Microphone On The Vostro 1510?
Im trying to record some audio using my new Vostro 1510 but I can't seem to select the internal microphone and it allows me use the 3.5mm plug with a external microphone.

I think the microphone is left to the webcam

But there is no selection in the Sound settings.
Tried in Skype, WLM, etc. It worked fine in Vista basic. I upgraded to ultimate and it doesnt work .....

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HP/Compaq :: DV9930US Internal Microphone Not Working
I have an HP DV9930US, and the internal/built-in microphone (actually, I think there are suppose to be two, surrounding the webcam at the top of the display) is not working. When I try it, I get no input, e.g., with Sound Recorder, I just get "noise".

I've tried this with the original Vista Home Premium 64-bit, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, and Windows 2003 (I multi-boot), and I've tried every possible driver (including both the ones from HP and the direct Realtek ones) and setting that I can find, but no success ...

I haven't had a need for using the mic, so I don't think that I had tried it when I originally got the laptop, so I don't know if it ever worked...

I've partially disassembled the laptop, and confirmed that the microphone connector that goes from the display to the small (~1" x 1") board is properly connected. I haven't opened up the display bezel to check what's going on there.

Also, if I plug an external microphone into the jack at the front of the laptop, that does work.

Does anyone have a DV9930US, or something in the same series, and if so, does your internal microphone work? Did you have to do something "special" to get it to work?

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Acer :: How Can I Disable Internal Microphone On Aspire 5920G
I've just bought an Acer Aspire 5920G and the Crystal Eye webcam works perfect with MSN and so does the internal microphone. However, I've started hosting a show on an Internet radio and the sound quality from the internal mic is too low. Therefore I bought a microphone that I plugged in the appropriate jack on the laptop (next to the jack for the headphones) but when recording or broadcasting it seems that my laptop uses BOTH the external and the internal mic. Could anybody tell me how to DISABLE the internal mic and use the external instead?

I've tried to disable the Crystal Eye from the Device Manager on Windows Vista but that doesn't solve the problem. I've also tried to modify the settings from the recording devices but the LineIn is not plugged in. I'd just like to plug a mic and use that instead of the webcam's one. Any help would be really appreciated as I have to host a show in 2 days and I don't have a clue on how to solve this problem.

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Dell :: XPS M1530/WinXP/S-Video Out
I installed XP on my 1530.

Everything works great. Well for sake of full disclosure, I have paired my phone to the laptop via the Bluetooth, but haven't transferred anything. And I don't have an HDMI device to test the HDMI output.

Which brings me to my issue. I can't get video out of the s-video port for love nor money.

I tried the nVidia/Dell driver 174.31. In the nVidia Control Panel/Change the Signal/HD source, I only get one option - Component. I tried reverting the old nVidia Control Panel style based on this thread [url] No joy.

Next, I upgraded to nVidia driver 177.66 from (with the modded .inf file). Nd change.
I tried both an s-video cable, and the Dell s-video to composite/s/pdif adapter. Nada.

Since I'm running XP and a non-Dell video driver, I really don't want to try Dell support. (I had a 3 hour conversation over the definition of 'overnight' when I ordered this 1530).

What else can I try, check, look for? I have read threads that suggest it might be a bad mainboard, which would suck big-time.

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Dell :: Install WinXp SP2 On XPS M1530
I installed Win XP SP2 on my DELL XPS M1530.I followed the steps in the below URL

First disabled “Flash Cache” and set SATA AHCI mode in BIOS to SATA ATA mode.After i installed Win XP SP2 when i tried to install SATA AHCI driver i got the message "system does not meet minimum requirements".

I got the rest of the drivers installed,Win XP is working fine with one problem RAM is showing as 3.5GB when the actual is 4GB.Looking forward for a resolution

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Microphone Issue
I can't seem to get my headset to work with the M1530. I believe that I changed the settings for the sound inputs etc to get the headset to work with EVE, but now I'm trying to get it to work with CounterStrike Source. But I can get anything. I'm plugging it into the front mic port as it's a non-USB headset. I know the headset works as I've tested it on my PC. I'm pretty sure that it's simply a settings issue and that the port itself is fine.

I've tried reinstalling the sigmatel software but it didn't help.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Microphone Problem W/ Windows 7 64 Bit
I'm having trouble using the built in microphone with programs like Steam, Skype, and other online multiplayer games.

It worked just fine in Vista, but now the microphone is overly sensitive and cases feedback at every volume level.

I'm using the driver that Windows 7 automatically installed. Anyone have an idea?

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Dell :: Integrated Microphone In M1530 Driver
I recently did a hard drive format to install Windows 7 64-bit and since then the integrated array mic on my M1530 has not worked. I am not sure but I believe the integrated mic is run by the sound driver.

I have tried to update my sound driver from the standard Microsoft High Definition Audio one to the Sigma Tel on the Dell drivers website but when I but when I try to install it says "Object not present please restart system and try again."

I have tried this countless times now and have tried uninstalling the MS driver before installing the new one but after restarting Windows automatically re-installs the High Definition Audio.

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Dell :: M1530 Vista 64 Internal Mic Problem
Just installed Skype and have spent the last hour trying to get the internal mic to work and failed.
It's a Vista 64 install and I've installed the latest sigmatel drivers for Vista 64 from the Dell website. Appears to have installed fine.
I can see the microphone array and sigmatel codec under sound options, and the speakers are working fine, however the mic just refuses to work (sound recorder, skype etc all don't work)

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Dell :: Disabling The Infrared Sensor
Does anyone know how to disable the infrared sensor on an XPS 1645?

I ask as I often use the laptop while also watching a media pc and the remote control operates both the laptop as well as the media pc and it's damned annoying.

All of the items referring to the infrared receiver in the device manager can't be disabled so other than sticking a piece of tape over the sensor does anyone have any ideas?

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Dell :: Disabling The Touchpad On Studio 17...
but i jsut can't seem to find my brain today...

i always use a mouse 100% of the times and honestly the touchpad is driving me nutz when i try to draw and/or use excel...

what are the ways of disabling the touchpad?

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Dell :: Disabling Touchpad -- M1730
I did a quick search in the forums and on Google, but found nothing useful (or giving me the answer I wanted to hear )

Can I disable the touchpad on my XPS M1730 when I have a mouse plugged in

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Dell :: Disabling Powermizer, Wont Work At All
Trying to disable powermizer completely, but its just not working at all, I've tried it using the registry editing thread and using NV GPU Pro, neither have worked, regardless of what method I use, whenever I pull the plug out

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Sony :: Disabling Bluetooth In Z Or Other Models?
I want to disable bluetooth, like how I do it with my dell, in the dell, I just go into control panel => bluetooth devices => bluetooth settings,

and then on the first tab, there's an option to "show system tray icon" and "disable bluetooth adapter".. when the system tray icon is enabled, I can right click on the icon and select "disable bluetooth adapter

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Acer :: Disabling Devices From The Bios In 6930G
I have a 6930G and I'm trying to figure out how to disable a hard drive in my BIOs. The instructions on the side say to press SHIFT+1 to disable or re-enable a device. But when I press it nothing happens.

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Acer :: Disabling Awful Power Cord Beep
I purchased an Acer Aspire 5740 laptop, which I quite like except for the awful beep it makes when the power cord is plugged in or removed from the laptop. Is there any way to disable this beeping sound?

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Acer :: Disabling Travelmate 803lci Onboard Wifi
I want to upgrade my TM to 802.11g using a pcmcia card (D-Link DWL-G650) but there appears to be a conflict. So I want to disable the onboard centrino WiFi.

No clues from the BIOS setup screens-

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Dell :: XPS WinXP DVD Writer Not Working
I have a Dell XPS 1330 that happily runs Windows XP.

It has the Mata DVD+-Rw UJ-857G writer.

It can read DVDs alright, but I never ever managed to write any CD or DVD with it .....

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Dell :: New Drivers From For WINXP 7900GS/GTX
Been waiting for these for a while! Dell's last update was 2006 before this. I know, theres modded drivers, but I was looking for something official (stable!)

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Dell :: Inspiron 1520 + WinXP
I want to install WinXP on my Inspiron 1520, but I need the SATA drivers.

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Dell :: SXPS 16 And WinXP/Ubuntu
For curiosity I just want to know, If we have dual boot install of WinXP SP and Ubuntu after complete removal of WinVista, does the machine found all drivers and the machine runs smoothly ?

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Acer :: TM 4000 Winxp Install
I have a Acer TM 4000 which I am trying to reinstall windows xp. I can boot into windows setup, but as soon as i get to "windows setup is starting windows" the laptop shuts down? i have tried different hard drives, changing the ram, trying battery only and a/c power only... all with the same result..

sometimes i can reach the screen that asks if i want to repair or install windows, but after a few seconds it shuts down

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Apple :: Install WinXP On Macbook Air
Is it possible to install winXP on MBA without the superdrive?

I know you can install Mac OS X via remotely without external cd drive since OS X cd has the file required for it.

So I want to know if there's a way installing winxp without it and if there is, can someone give me a tip or anyone had successful install without the superdrive?

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Sony :: Vaio Z HDMI Output In WinXp?
When I connect my Z590 via HDMI to TV nothing happens. Same TV and HDMI cable work when connecting to a Vista Lenovo laptop

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Acer :: 5930g AHCI Driver For WinXP
So I wanted to try out WinXP, to see the performance difference.

At first, the WinXP setup wasn't able to see the HDD. So I changed the SATA Controller Bios mode to IDE mode. (was AHCI for Vista).

I managed to install so have a dual booted system. However I can't use IDE mode for Vista. (must switch SATA bios each time).

Everything installed fine. Even got 3dMark06 increase of 150 points (not much lol). Oh and CrystalMark of 100K instead of 90K on Vista.

But I'd like to use AHCI mode for WinXP. Saw a link in a WinXP 5930g Guide, however that link was out of date.

The driver was called: "Intel(R) ICH9M M-E Family 4 Port SATA AHCI Controller - 2929 Driver".

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HP/Compaq :: WinXP Drivers For My Pavillion Dv2000t
This dv2000t came with Vista installed but Vista is now broken and erased. I installed WinXP in place of Vista and I notice many of the hardware devices show yellow question mark icons in Windows device manager. The yellow question mark means no driver is installed for the device. I went to the HP driver download page (using a different computer because no network driver for the dv2000t) and I found MANY drivers for dv2000t hardware devices for which I have no driver. I can't tell which specific drivers I need. For example there are drivers for more than one type of network adapter but I don't know which adapter is in my dv2000t. Also the same situation for other hardware devices with missing drivers: the HP site has multiple drivers available and I don't know which one I need. OK

OK there is a service tag on the dv2000t which says:
SERIAL #: 2CE71317GD

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Acer :: 5620z Vista To WinXP Pro With- On “IDE To AHCI” And “NO SOUND”
Here is what I have as IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller
Intel ICH8M 3 port Serial ATA Storage Controller – 2828
Intel ICH8M Ultra ATA Storage Controllers – 2850
Primary IDE Channel
Primary IDE Channel
Secondary IDE Channel
Secondary IDE Channel
My laptop is a 5620z or 5620-4025 with a Hitachi HTS542512K9SA00 ATA Device. When I looked up this HD, it appears to be the standard SATA HD, or is it?

The original setup under VISTA, had ATA Channel 0 (twice) and ATA Channel 1 (twice) instead of the above Primary and Secondary IDE Channels.

The files to be used are in the requested C:Drive, yet I am reluctant to pull the trigger because I am not sure that I should nor am I sure which one of the above is the driver that is to be changed if when I make the change.

One other thing has be going in circles regarding sound with the Realtek software. The Manager in the 3D Audio Demo works fine………….but……..the MultiMedia, which is most important, indicates that there is NO Audio Device.

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Sony :: (FZ Series) Is It Finally Possible To Have Hdmi Sound Out With Winxp
I have a FZ180E but this could be about any FZ series I guess!

I connect it with HDMI cable with no problem to TV and have sound with windows vista. But with XP I get only image and no sound !

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HP/Compaq :: Where To Getdv4-1280us Laptop Driver For WinXP
I purchased a laptop for my sister, it is the HP Dv4-1280us.

I installed WinXP, and found that I am having a hard time finding the drivers for it on the internet.

Even HP's website only have drivers for Vista.

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Acer :: 5570-4011- Installing Winxp Instead Of Vista Home
I have acer 5570-4011 laptop with vista home (and ubuntu on a separate partition). I rebooted from cd, using winxp pe, deleted all files on vista partition, except those in the root, and started to install win xp pro. After installation files were copied to the hard drive, I restarted without cd and when setup continued, it gave me "file ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. Error code is 7".

On MS support site they say about ACPI or memory problems and suggest to press F7 during that step to skip ACPI check, but it doesnt help in my case.

How can I install WinXP ?

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Acer :: TravelMate 5510- Audio Not Working On A Brand New WinXP
I've just reinstalled Windows XP on a TravelMate 5510, and almost everything went fine.

All the drivers has been downloaded from here.

Now i got a problem and seems i can't get rid of it.

Audio is not working, but i installed the drivers correctly. The program (AzMixerSel.exe) crashes everytime i run it. I don't know if having this .exe working would let me hear something, but that's an issue.

I installed this audio driver -->

Am i missing something important?

Funny thing is that i got a kind of Bluetooth Audio Controller since when i installed this ->Bluetooth Driver 5.1.2535 and Utilitiy

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Dell :: XPS M1210 Microphone Won't Turn On
I can't find anything allowing me to turn it back on anywhere. It's as if Vista doesn't detect it even being plugged in. Where should I start looking for an option to turn it back on or reinstall it? I have looked and looked and can't figure this out

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Dell :: Win 7 Not Picking Microphone (sigmatel)
2 days before (on Vista) I was able to use the front audio panel. I was able to use headset with microphone.

Now I can only use headphones becasue W7 is not picking up anything, even though I have set it in Sigmatel control panel to be microphone.

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Sony :: Windows 7 TT And Microphone
So the mic on my TT was working under Windows 7 the other day. But now I notice today that it is not working at all. The built in mic isn't even showing, nor is a plug in mic to the mic port

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Acer :: 6920G Will NOT Take A Microphone
No matter what I do it will not take a microphone. The mic is working, I plugged it into an amp. It can't be the connector as I just got a new one today and tried it on the Aux input of a headphone amp.

This is absolutely ridiculous. I remember having this trouble before. I can't even seen to access "line in" as an option when recording anymore either. What's going on? I need to record some stuff and I can't use the crappy in built mic for that.

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Acer :: Microphone Buzzing When When On AC
When I speak through Skype, my microphone is buzzing, and I sound like an old radio or something. But when I pull the AC out, my voice 100% clear with no buzzing! I can't figure out why. I have checked the settings, but there are no changes at all?

I have tried to update to all kind of Realtek drivers, and I have done several system recoveries -

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Apple :: MBP 13 - Microphone Input
On MBP 13 inch there is only one Headphone output. Normally on other laptops have a microphone input to record audio.

Is the Microphone input possible in MBP 13, since it does not have a Mic In port?

I need to record lectures in my online classroom and would need to put in a Aux In cable from the online classroom PC to my laptop. Any ideas how that is possible using MBP 13?

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Dell :: Microphone Lots Of Noise On Webcam Video
Whenever I play back video's I've recorded (on the webcam), I get a huge amount of static/white noise. I'm not really sure if it's the microphone or the speaker.

A while ago I did something stupid and tried installing some program that was going to let me record some decent audio using the microphone already installed onto the webcam..

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HP/Compaq :: 6930p "Core2Duo Whine Noise" Has Been Resolved- Without Disabling Speedstep
I just got a new Elitebook 6930p and its a fantastic laptop other than the dreaded "CPU whine" as some call it. Most uneducated people believe it is the CPU that makes this noise but in reality this has NOTHING to do with the CPU. Its the power components like capacitors and coils that make the Piezoelectric Effect which causes the noise.

I could not bear the whine noise after a few days so I took matters into my own hands. Sure I read about stopping the C1-C4 states in Intels speedstep but thats not a proper solution IMO since battery life will suffer. So how can we mask or cover up this annoying noise? How can we seal it inside the laptop so it does not reach our ears? I have the solution!


Seal it up all the power components with silicon sealer. Silicon sealer is perfect as it does not conduct electricity. These components do NOT generate any heat either.






No more annoying whine noise! It really works!

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Acer :: Built-in Microphone Of 6930G
I was testing out my microphone and I noticed that the sound is really staticy. I figure its some electrcal interference coming from somewhere. I muted every other sound input and changed physical locations. But the recordings I make sound like old staticy records.

I also turned down the record level down to 40 and boost level of the mic to 0dB but it will won't go away.

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Sony :: FZ190 Microphone Frustration
This must be one of the biggest design flaws ever. My VAIO has a built-in camera & microphone (just like most VAIO's I'm sure)... anyway, here's the issue:

The microphone is always active and is constantly feeding whatever sound it picks up directly to my speakers. For instance: Every time I close my laptop (as one normally does multiple times a day to make it enter sleep),

the microphone lays against the bottom case and picks up the electronic resonance from the internal components and then sends this horrid noise through my speakers, creating the most ear piercingly awful and embarrassing sound that lasts until the computer goes to sleep.....

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Acer :: Realtek Setting/Microphone
The microphone is "active" all the time, touching the area around it and you can hear it through the speakers. Opening the Realtek device manager and the Mic is ticked in the top row of three "Speakers (ticked) Digital out (unticked) and Mic (Ticked). How do you turn it off ?

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Sony :: VAIO : A Weird Microphone
I have a Sony VAIO VGN-NR- laptop and found a very strange mic problem. Whenever I use the internal mic the sound/voice is being transferred directly to the speakers and never recorded. This is especially annoying when trying to use Skype - you hear your own voice through your speakers but it is never transmitted to the recipient...

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Dell :: Microphone Driver For Studio XPS 1640 Running Windows XP
I would need a driver for the internal microphone on my Studio XPS 1640.

I am using Windows XP though.

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Acer :: Microphone Cable Updategreat Service
Last week I dropped my 3810TZ from a table and the LCD panel hinge cracked. Then I got a call from Acer about the mike cable overheat repair and if I wanted to send it in. I thought just do it and went for it.

I put a sticker over the broken hinge that just said 'repair?' and send the machine in.

Today it came back with a brand new LCD panel!

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Sony :: Is Microphone Noise Audible In Recording
The whining or humming noise has been thoroughly discussed on this forum but I haven't been able to find out whether the noise impacts the recording. I'm a reporter who uses my mic input on a daily basis, so this is a HUGE deal for me. Can anyone who has experienced this microphone issue confirm whether the hum comes through in recorded audio?

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Acer :: Noisy Recording From Built In Microphone In 6930G
when I try to record from the Microphone, there is a loud hum and crackling noise in the recording. I can barely hear myself talk.

I recently discovered that if I turn my Screen off by pressing Fn+F6, the background noise immediately goes away. But this is impractical when using the Camera.

And please no, "built in mics are cheap buy a external one comments"

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HP/Compaq :: Microphone Jack Picking Up Radio Station
Conexant audio w/ HD smartaudio HD2 driver
Cleared all cache, history, temp files...
ran several anti-virus, spyware programs to make sure this isn't a virus

Ok, this is how I noticed the problem. I plugged in my iphone earbuds w/ mic into the microphone jack in the front and used windows sound recorder to record voice. It didn't pick up much of my voice but it picked up a radio station. If i unplugged the earbuds and hit record again, it only pick up static noise. Has any of you experience this problem? Pretty sure this isn't a virus...just something our laptop does.

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