Dell :: Vista Slow With New M1330 Motherboard Replacement

Sep 24, 2008

So My M1330 was part of the defective batches of Nvidia Video card. A dell tech guy came and replace the motherboard and also a defective battery. I assume that the hard drive would work the same and I assumed I didn't need to format. My current hard drive was just taking forever to boot up, and was just so slow. I figure i needed to reformat.

I used a new 320GB hard drive i was planning to replace the current drive with. Now that its fully formatted. It's still unbelievable slow. I though the speed step might not be working current but i used wcpuid to test the current speed and it was at full speed. Though the system doesn't seem hot at all. I just cant figure out why its so slow. bios is currently at A12 which is the lastest

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Poor Performance After Motherboard Replacement

Sep 24, 2009

Well, my Nvidia 8400 died for second time and I called Dell to replace it. After asking for a sustainable solution and to ensure me that I won't have the same issue once more, they said that they will install me a new motherboard revision which reduces the possibilities of having my GPU dead.

Thus, they replaced the motherboard. I didn't format my system but kept my Windows Vista Ultimate x64 installation.

After using the system for a couple of hours I realized that the system was under-performing. Then I checked with CPU z utility and found out that the CPU clock was stuck @1,6GHz (although my power scheme was high performance). My processor is the T7500. The system was overheated and the clock speed was reduced (I guess). The thing was that I could almost do nothing, not even surf on the internet. This makes my laptop unable to deal with applications that need lots of CPU power.

Does anybody else face the same problem? Is there something I could do to return to the old situation? Should I contact Dell and complain? It is a huge problem cause half of my applications cannot be used any more!! After a few minutes of use the laptop stops performing normally!

Could it be that if I format my HD and make a fresh install the problem will be resolved? (I repeat that I didn't format my system after the MB replacement).

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Dell :: M1330 Replace The Motherboard With The Integrated X3100 Motherboard

Dec 14, 2009

One of my mates has a dead M1330. I told him about the "oven" trick but his wife might hurt the both of us. It is however possible to replace the motherboard with the integrated X3100 motherboard correct?

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Dell :: Motherboard Replacement, Anything New?

Feb 9, 2009

After some issues i had with my GPU, Dell agreed to replace both my Heatsink and Motherboard, and i wanted to ask those who have had replacements in the past; has anything changed since july 2008? (when i bought my m1530)

have they improved the heatsink, or even changed it? ( i got the aluminum one, crappy piece of engineering right there )
and im sure the GPU issues are still present, but do they run cooler now ?

im asking this because in July the "defective Nvidia GPUs" were still in the dark, and the news about them was a mere rumor...

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Dell :: 1640 Motherboard Replacement

Apr 22, 2010

I am getting my 1640's motherboard and lcd screen replaced tommorw (dell are taking laptop into the centre). I have the 512mb Ati card, I understand the new motherboard has a 1gb card.

What are the chances I will get the new motherboard and hence the new card? Or will they still have the old motherboard replacements?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1640 Motherboard Replacement!

Mar 10, 2010

After a completely useless representative walked me in circles, then called me back once we got disconnected and left a 3 second message full of background noise I decided to go ahead and try out another representative.

This one was more useful, I told him about how the computer was underclocking when I was playing games and was running hot in general, and he suggested that we replace the motherboard, heatsink, and fan assemblies.

I had read about a power adapter possible being the issue but that wasn't offered so hopefully this first major surgery allows me to play games again

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Acer :: 6920G Motherboard Replacement

May 26, 2010

My 6920G went down a few days ago, I sent it to local computer store to have it diagnosed. It turned out that they say it is a mobo issue and said that it would cost aroun 400 to get a new mobo + labour fee.

I don't have any warranty on theis laptop, and the 1 year warranty by the manufacturer has expired. I am just wondering if I can order the mobo fron Acer and maybe replace it on my own.... I don't know which would be better, to have the guys at the store do it for me or phone Acer....

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Dv9543cl Motherboard Replacement

Sep 9, 2009

to start off I updated my vid drivers to the most recent nvidia driver and it has been downhill from that point! When i boot up it shows bars on the screen and will not load windows so i shutdown and load using safe mode which starts right up but still has red artifacts on the screen, i then uninstall the nvidia driver and reboot windows now it loads up properly still has the red artifacts though. So now it is using a standard vga driver then i install a different nvidia driver and get the same problems

I fear i may need a new mboard, would i be able to fit a better mboard/gpu in this chassis if it turns out my gpu is dead? think this may fall under a recall or something?

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Dell :: M6400 ESATA Port Not Working On Replacement Motherboard

Nov 25, 2009

I used to use my eSATA port every day with a few different devices. I started to have an overheating problem, so Dell replaced the motherboard and graphics card yesterday.

Of course, that means I lost all my BIOS settings. I'm pretty sure I have them back to where they should be (RAID mode on the SATA controller, eSATA port enabled), yet the eSATA port doesn't see a damned thing connected to it.

Every other piece of hardware is exactly the same as it was before. Any ideas as to what I might be missing?

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Dell Inspiron 1440 :: Changing Service Tag After Motherboard Replacement

Dec 1, 2012

I just replaced the motherboard in a Dell Inspiron 1440. The last step in the Dell Service Manual is to enter the correct Service Tag within BIOS. When I started it up and hit F2 and the section with the service tag could not be changed. Is there another way of changing the service tag to the correct one.

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Acer :: Aspire 9300 Motherboard Replacement

Oct 31, 2009

I have a 1 year and 10 month old Acer Aspire 9300 laptop and the motherboard recently bit the dust. My retailer in Gananoque Ontario could not find a replacement. I called Acer which took forever to get to someplace where I could leave a message. I received no reply. After you've called once it's impossible to call again. I guess their answering machine recognizes my phone number and then asks questions that makes it impossible to get through. I sent a detailed explanation of my problem by email 3 times asking a few simple questions, the most important being 1) where can I send the laptop to be repaired? 2) do you sell replacement motherboards and if so how can I buy one? Am I asking too much or getting too technical for them? I've been trying for several weeks now to contact Acer to no avail. What kind of an idiot company is this? A techie put me onto a company called Grand Tech in Richmond Hill Ontario that can replace the motherboard on an exchange basis but the replacement will likely be a repaired one.

Someone told me that the problem I have with the motherboard is common and it is because the solder used at least when mine was made was of poor quality. I hope that problem has been resolved. I'm afraid a repaired replacement my have the same problem. Some people just say to trash it and get a new on which I did. I bought a Dell Inspiron 17 which is supposed to arrive on Nov 11. I would however like to repair the Acer if it can be done cheaply and use it to replace my 8 year old PC in the rec room.

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HP/Compaq :: DV9000 Dv6000 Motherboard Replacement

Sep 10, 2009

My friend has a dv9000 laptop, and gpu on motherboard is dead, so he has to replace whole motherboard. I was looking through ebay and i found one silly thing, i can see that some motherboards are used for DV6000 series and also for dv9000. For instance 441534-001 motherboard can be replaced and used on bought laptops. So my question is are all motherboards replacable or just few of them as one mentioned above? We were thinking of buying one with intel cpu, cause now he has AMD.

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HP/Compaq :: Replacement Parts For The Dv5t Motherboard

Mar 3, 2009

Where can I purchase replacement parts for the dv5t motherboard without spending an arm or a leg. I spilled coffee on the and now it's pretty much toast. It won't even start up.

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Dell :: Changing The XPS M1330 Motherboard

Aug 16, 2009

I recently bought the XPS M1330 from a friend and wasn't familiar with the current issues caused by the nVidia GeForce 8400M GS. Lately, I've been looking for a solution to the problem...

I was reading about the Cooper Mod in another thread and it just seems like a temporary fix...

So, I was wondering has anyone tried manually installing the Intel version of the motherboard, since it seems to have no overheating problems. Has anyone tried a different motherboard to fix the overheating?

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Dell :: M1330 Motherboard Woes...

Jan 30, 2009

Has anybody on here with the Intel GMA X3100 had a failed motherboard on the M1330? I have searched the forums, and while the Nvidia equipped models seem to be prone to it, I've not had any luck finding info on failed Mobo's on laptops with intergrated graphics. Two months out of warranty too.

also, If i jam a big hard drive into the machine, how would that affect cooling/battery life? I'm sure is its a noob question but i've only ever stripped desktops.

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Fried Motherboard

Jul 22, 2009

It was probably the heat, but during some intensive video editing my M1330 shut off in an instant and would not turn on, battery nor a/c.

When I plugged the adapter into the laptop, the light on the adapter went off.

The tech came and replaced the MD (second time, first was Oct.2008).

The tech said if it happens again, I could request an additional/upgrade heat-sink/fan, not really sure.

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Dell :: ! XPS M1330 Extremely Slow On Startup

Mar 17, 2010

So lately (the last few days, just out of nowhere) I've been starting to have a problem with an XPS m1330. Every now and again the notebook starts Windows

A lot of the times it doesn't go past the welcome screen (after entering the user password etc.)

If it does get past the welcome screen it just is extremely slow for the first 5-7min then, it's normal again .....

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Dell :: M1330 Replacement Status

Feb 7, 2009

Had some build quality issues with my original M1330 that I finally decided to take care of last month (plastic is warped/not glued down in places).

Now when I log into the Dell Support page with said dispatch # all I see is as follows

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Mobo Replacement

Feb 5, 2009

My M1330 has developed the "ac adapter type unrecognised" problem which means a new mobo. But it may be. It's an early m1330 with the 633MHz FSB and 2.2GHz cpu.

Do you think Dell will be able to replace like with like? I'm rather hoping they'll give me a 2.4GHz with 800MHz FSB as replacement as that's the nearest CPU match without giving me something inferior.

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Dell :: M1330 : Mobo Replacement Checklist

Nov 14, 2008

seeing as I'm getting ready for my 1330's second Mobo replacement, I've made a list of what to check after a mobo replacement. The first part of the checklist is what you really should test while the RegGuy's still on location and the second & third parts are what you need to verify (in most part) that the replacement mobo is indeed ok.

What the rep will check on your behalf is that the Notebook fires up and loads your OS. This of course implies that the power-on switch, monitor, hard drive, keyboard and trackpad are connected and that the main chips (cpu, graphics, chipset, audio, etc) are indeed functioning.

But that's about it so the rest is up to you ...

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Dell :: M1330 Pre-Emptive Mobo Replacement?

Mar 26, 2010

my m1330 is showing signs of gfx/mobo failure, but there is no real way to prove it to the techs.

Is there a way to call in and get my mobo replaced without forcing the failure? ...

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Replacement Hard Drive

Mar 13, 2009

I have an XPS M1330 with a faulty hard drive. The warranty has just expired (2 weeks ago) and Dell were not able to give me the part number to buy a replacement hard drive myself.

Do you know if these notebooks would accept any standard 2.5" SATA drive?

OR are the laptops BIOS protected or have some other Flag set on them so that the laptop would only recognise drives from certain manufacturers

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HP Pavilion G6-2148TX :: Laptop Will Only Power On With Power Cable Disconnected At Motherboard After Fan Replacement

Oct 21, 2014

After replacing the fan, I have a power up issue with the laptop. Basically, the laptop will only power on with the power cable disconnected at the motherboard. It was by mistake that after the fan was replaced and everything was put back together, that I noticed that the battery was not charging.
I then reopened the machine and reconnected the power cable to the motherboard and nothing - no power.
When plugging in the power source with the battery in place, the LED adjacent to the power socket lights up WHITE then stays ORANGE and will not power up. No other lights, no fan noise, nothing.
If I remove the battery, the LED adjacent to the power socket lights up WHITE and stays white however will not power up either. Same agin, no other LEDs, not fan noise, nothing.
I have now opened the machine back up and disconnected the power from the motherboard. Put it all back together and the laptop powers up as normal with the battery and it works fine. (Well until the battery runs out anyway).

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Acer :: Laptop Running Vista Slow

Jun 6, 2009

I've been trying to get Vista Ultimate to run on my laptop for a while now, and every time I install using a clean installation, it runs painfully slow. If i have more than one window open its not even worth using. So I always run back to XP and I'll be honest in saying that I'm quite bored with it.

how to make it run better with Aero?

My Laptop's Specs Are
Brand: Acer Extensa 4220
CPU: Intel Celeron CPU 560 - 2.13GHz
Graphics: Moblie Intel GMA X3100

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HP/Compaq :: Does Your Elitebook 8530w Boot Up Slow W/ Vista

Sep 28, 2009

my elitebook 8530w seems to boot up slow w/ 64 bit vista. i did a clean install and installed the drivers. Ex. it will say "please wait" for 20 seconds before going to the "welcome" screen. after "welcome" comes does boot to the desktop very fast and is ready to go though. what is causing vista to hang like this at the welcome screen?

My specs
8GB(4gb x 2) ddr2-667mhz memory
qx9300 quad core processor- this thing is a beast!
vista x64

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Dell :: Xps M1330 Vista Downgrade To Xp!

Mar 30, 2009

I followed the instruction on this site,

to downgrade to xp. Everything seems fine. I downloaded the drivers and everything. but the thing is that it's EXTREMELY!!!! s...l.....o.....w. it's even slower than those old computers I dont know what the problem is. Is it something I did in the BIOS?

I delete all the partitions except the C drive when it asked me, so Im not sure if that has anything to do with it.

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Dell :: M1330 Lost Vista DVD

Feb 10, 2009

I need to reinstall my OS (Vista Business) but I can't find the DVD that was included with my notebook.

My cd-key is not working or retail versions of Vista that's why I need the OEM disc.
Is there anyway I can order it again from dell?

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Dell :: Going From Vista 32bit To 64bit On My XPS M1330

Sep 27, 2008

I just upgraded the memory in my XPS M1330 to 4GB, so if I choose to I can now go from 32bit to 64bit Vista. It came with 32bit Vista Home Premium, but I have a 64 bit Vista Ultimate upgrade disc. Is it possible to upgrade from 32 bit Vista Home Premium to 64bit Vista Ultimate, or do I have to have a full 64 bit Vista Ultimate disc? And one last thing, is there really a big difference in performance going from 32bit to 64bit? I don't do anything very intensive with it, but if it makes everything seen snappier than.......

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Dell :: Will 'vanilla' Vista 64 / Win2k8 Server Run OK On XPS M1330

Oct 13, 2008

I'm considering this upgrade, but I only have vanilla install disks.

Are there issues running a non-Dell OS on an XPS M1330? I seem to recall reading something about this here, but cannot find the related thread(s).

I understand about having to find all the drivers (I have read much of the Vista 64 upgrade thread by Trebuin [thx, T - brilliant work!]), but don't want to go through the pain if a vanilla OS disk won't 'cut it'.

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Dell :: Slow Keyboard, Dell Inspiron 1545 With Vista

Jul 8, 2009

Dell Inspiron 1545 with Vista

Slow keyboard response, letters don't keep up with my typing.

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