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HP/Compaq :: Probook 6540b Card Reader

I've got an issue with the card reader on my hp.

It just won't hold the SD cards in place.

If i hold it with my finger it reads the card, but it won't fixate in there.

If i release the finger the card comes out. On my m1730 i put the card inside, it locks in, i press it, it goes out. So i assume it's a problem with the reader.

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Sony ::Windows Explorer Is Not Showing Card Reader And Sd Card Reader
I performed a windows 7 clean install on my vaio (VPCEB11FX).

After that i installed the drivers properly.In Device manager i am able to see the MMC card reader and SD reader with respective path letters.

But in when i open my computer only dvd drive showing there

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HP/Compaq :: 6540b Won't Turn On
I have a hp probook 6540b from work.

Yesterday when i went out of work, i closed the lid put it in my backpack and left it there until this morning.

Today when i tried to turn it on nothing seems to happen except the battery light that is blinking when i press the power button.

It blinks fast like 5-7 times changing color between blue and orange, and then just turns off.

I tried removing the battery and turning it on with just the AC adapter - same effect, same blinking.

I tried just with the battery - nothing at all (not even the blinking)

With the battery and the adapter together - blinking.

I have a feeling that yesterday it didn't go to sleep when i closed the lid and what happened is taht it was working closed inside my backpack until it either fried something from the heat, or the battery ended from the fans blowing full on.. But that's just a hunch..

meaning of the blinking battery light ?

Or maybe has a service manual that i can check ?

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HP/Compaq :: SD/MMC Card Reader Driver
I've an HP 6510B and I don't know which is the sd/mmc card reader driver to download.
Actually the card readibility is not available under my system. I' ve installed win xp professional.

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HP/Compaq :: DV7 And Windows 7 - Update (audio/video/touchpad/sd Card Reader)
I just finished installing Windows 7 on my new dv7-1285dx and while everything works just fine after a Windows update (audio/video/touchpad/sd card reader), when I run device manager there are three devices with no drivers and a small yellow exclamation mark on their icon. These three devices are all listed as "Base System Device" and when I tried searching for a driver update online it didn't find anything. I visited HP's drivers page for my model and I think I have everything listed there already working... It's just these three devices which I don't even know what they are.

In the original Vista install that came with the laptop there are no such errors in Device Manager. I already have my recovery discs if these might help in this situation.

Here my laptops full specs, you can find them here:
[url] (that's the exact one I bought)

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HP/Compaq :: Tx2000- After Restoration FromDiscs, Fingerprint And Memory Card Reader Not Detected
I have an HP Pavilion tx2000...

About a week ago I had to do a full restore from the restoration discs HP had sent me, something was causing Windows Explorer to be incredibly unstable and I couldnt even make a set of backup discs...

BUT thats not the problem, after the installation, I realized that my laptop no longer detects the built it fingerprint reader and memory card slots... I figured, ok maybe I just need to go back and manually install the drivers... So I did from the HP website and still nothing worked... So I contacted HP support and naturally they gave me the links to the exact same pages I got the drivers off of, then they had me update my BIOS... still nothing... then they had me reinstall my fingerprint reader software... Still nothing... So then they told me to just send it into them under warrenty to have it fixed, except I'm a full time student and I depend on my laptop.

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Dell :: M4400 Internal Card Reader Cannot Read Some SD Card
I have a brand new M4400, running W7pro x64. The M4400 came with an internal SD card reader. Now this card reader cannot read some standard SD cards (other work fine). Especially,

I have a Transcend SD 4GB 133x ( that is problematic.

When I put the card in the reader, W7 tells me to format the card. This I do not want to do, of course. If I open Disk Management, it takes ages to open, and eventually shows the card as "Unallocated".

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Acer :: Card Reader Cannot Read A 2GB H-Type XD Card
I bought a new 8935G and found that the card reader cannot read my 2GB H-Type xD card.
The camera I'm using it in does not show any problem.
I tried reinstalling reader driver.
I teste the reader with an old 16Mb xD card and this works.
When I put the 2GB card in, Windows Vista says it has to be formatted; at this point the card is already unreadable in the camera and must be formatted againg there.

If I try to format on pc, the process stops at about 90% with an error.

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Acer :: Card Reader Cannot Read A 2GB H-Type XD Card
I bought a new 8935G and found that the card reader cannot read my 2GB H-Type xD card.
The camera I'm using it in does not show any problem.
I tried reinstalling reader driver.
I teste the reader with an old 16Mb xD card and this works.
When I put the 2GB card in, Windows Vista says it has to be formatted; at this point the card is already unreadable in the camera and must be formatted againg there.

If I try to format on pc, the process stops at about 90% with an error.

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HP/Compaq :: HP ProBook 4720s
Can't seem to find any users of the Probook 4720s yet, it got a nice review over at: HP ProBook 4720s Review - A Review of the HP ProBook 4720s - the viewing angles looks amazing from those pics, but I wonder if it's a trick?

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HP/Compaq :: Dm3t Vs Probook 4320s
I recently ordered a dm3t with pretty much all the upgrades during one of the sales.

Pretty much the same day I did that, the probook 4320s showed up on their website.

I'm trying to decide if I should return the dm3t and order one of the probooks. Right now the probook doesn't offer the discreet 512mb graphics card or 64 bit OS as choice but the customer support people say it will become available soon.

Basically I just dont know if it's worth the extra money for things like a better cpu, gpu, DVD, and fingerprint scanner.

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HP/Compaq :: HP ProBook Vs. Thinkpad W500
I intend to use it primarily for some fairly intensive gaming (Fallout 3, etc), media (music, movies), and general work stuff (web surfing, word processing, etc)

I have had an IBM for the last four years and it has served me quite well. My experience with IBM tech support was always good, and the one time I had to get it fixed it was returned promptly, no questions asked.

However there is an HP ProBook that looks quite appealing.
It costs $1865
It ships with Windows XP (important to me)
It has a 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor
It has a 512 MB ATI video card
3GB of DDR2 Ram
It has a 320 GB 5400rpm HD
It has a 17.3" widescreen 1600x900 display
And here's the kicker: a Blu-Ray drive

The Lenovo is a Thinkpad W500. It is generally quite similar in specs, and a bit cheaper, but it has a 15.4 inch screen (albiet a higher resolution one) and lacks the Blu-Ray drive..............

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HP/Compaq :: ProBook 4320s Reviews
impressions on the ProBook 4320s? I've scoured the web trying to find reviews on the laptop, but I've come up with no luck.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Probook 4415 Skeypad
I have recently purchased a HP Probook 4415 s. I have a problem with the key pad. The key strokes are misplaced , I mean when I press shift 2 - instead of typing @ , it types " . When I press shift 3 - instead of typing hash sign, it types . I am confused and discomforted by this, Please suggest corrective action to resolve this.

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HP/Compaq :: Soda Spill On Probook 5310m
so today i was driving and i braked abruptly and i had a can of sunkist in the rear seat. it flew to the back of my seat and exploded all over my Probook which was on the floor of the rear seat. i know that the laptop is spill resistant, but thats only on the keys! my laptop got soaked all around and in between the lid and the keys.

so i let it dry a couple hours [it was in hibernate] and now when i press the power button and it lights up for a couple seconds and goes off.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Elitebook 8440w Vs. Probook 4420s
Comparing the specs, it looks like the probook 4420s is great value compared to the elitebook 8440w. the latter costs 70% more !

If the build quality of the probook is anywhere close to the elitebook, I am puzzled as to why there isnt more attention on the probook.... Just Too NEW?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Probook 6440b Missing 1.2gb Memory
the excitement didnt last long when i found out that the available memory is 'merely' 2.6gb out of 3.86gb total physical memory.

i dont know where the 1.2gb is being used. im hoping the tech gurus here can enlighten me...

windows 7 home 64bit
ati mobility 4550 512mb
4gb ddr3 1333mhz
bios date 1/27/2010

more info from resource monitor:
hardware reserved: 139mb
in use: 1451mb ( why this big?..)
modified: 44mb
standby: 978mb
free: 1484mb

one more thing: i can not find memory remap in bios...

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Sony :: SD Card Reader
I recently restored my vaio TX750P/B using the built-in vaio recovery. However, my SD card slot doesn't seem to work anymore. The memory stick slot does work, and it shows up on my computer, but nothing for the SD slot.

I've tried reinstalling the drivers to no avail...

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HP/Compaq :: HP ProBook 4710s Confusing Display Options
In the configuration options for the ProBook 4710s, they show 3 options:

1. 17.3-inch diagonal LED-backlit HD+6 (1600 x 900) without camera
2. 17.3-inch diagonal LED-backlit HD+6 (1600 x 900) with camera (must select NQ004AV)
3. 17.3-inch diagonal LED-backlit HD+6 (1600 x 900) BrightView with camera (must select NQ004AV)

I thought LED-backlit was good enough, but option #3 is LED-backlit BRIGHTVIEW... Is this a brighter, "better" screen than option #1 or #2? I'm afraid of ordering this and getting another lemon of a "Brightview" screen like my dv7t screen.

What's "HD+6" ... what does "plus six" do for me ?

I don't see an "NQ004AV" option on the order page, either...

HP is just terrible at explaining these things.

Regarding the keyboard ... it's hard to tell from the pictures at Engadget whether this new chiclet keyboard is backlit or not ... HP doesn't say it is backlit, would be awesome if it was.

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Dell :: M1710 Has A Card Reader
I recently saw that my M1710 has an card reader...

Can I use it for reading mijn debit/creadit cards for online banking,... or not?

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Dell :: 1420 Card Reader
I put in my SDHC card from my camera and it does not read or see the card.

I have Vista Premium 32bit.

Is there are weird firmware I have to get?

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Dell :: SD Card Reader E6400
I am just thinking is SD Controler in E6400 is SDHC capable?

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Acer :: 4720z Sd Card Reader
i have this laptop, great laptop, works great; however, the sd card reader has not worked in ages. I have tried upgrading to new drivers, reloading old drivers, etc etc....The driver company is ricoh.

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Dell :: M1330 And Media Card Reader W/ XP
I have an xps m1330, I have windows XP media center installed on it, the media card reader works fine for my 2gb sd card,

but when i stick in my 8gb sdhc pny i just bought from best buy, the laptop doesn't recognize it,

i've downloaded the latest ricoh driver from xps m1730 windows xp on dell's site but no success

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Dell :: XPS M1710 Smart Card Reader
Has anyone ever used the smart card reader in their XPS M1710.

It was in there when Dell sent the M1710 to replace my Gen2 but I cant seem to find any use for it..

Apparently you can use it instead of a password but the cards dont seem easily available..

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Sony :: Vaio TT SD Card Reader Speed
Does anyone know the speed of the SD card reader on Vaio TT? I am planning to run the Windows 7 from the HDD; and run Ubuntu from the flash card that I will be putting on that reader

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Acer :: Memory Stick Pro In Card Reader
Anyone use Sony's Memory Stick Pro in the card reader? Seems too small, I assume I need an adapter of some sort? Just hoping someone can confirm with a pic.

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Acer :: 5920 Card Reader Upgrade
if the card reader in an Aspire 5920 can be upgraded to read 4Gb SD Cards?

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Dell :: Disable Smart Card Reader E6500
is it possible to disable the smart card reader in the BIOS or some other way?

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Dell :: Flakey SD Card Reader In My Studio XPS 1645!
My SD card reader isn't working very well. When I push a card in and let it click into place, coming back out a little, my laptop doesn't recognize it.

I have to push and hold the card all the way down to the bottom of its travel for the computer to recognize it. This means I have to keep my hand on it to use it.

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Dell :: E6400 Driver For SD Card Reader (Windows XP)
I just do a fresh install windows XP. Everything has been installed properly (no exclamation mark) in device driver. However, 1 thing that hasn't worked is the SD card reader. I inserted SD Card and nothing shows up. I open My Computer, the only available is my hard disk (C and cd-rom (D.

I opened device manager: IDE/ATA/ATAPI controllers:

Ricoh SD/MMC host controller.

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Acer :: 5735-4774 Card Reader Won't Show Up
after installing winXP on this laptop I saw the card reader in my computer only once, and it disappeared. Tried different driver from the internet with no luck. It wont show up in my computer and is not working.

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Acer :: Memory Card Reader Doesn't Work
My memory card reader was fine, however after reinstalling Vista Ultimate it won't work.

It shows up as "Texas Instruments PCIxx21 Integrated FlashMedia Controller" in Device Manager. However I've tried multiple SD cards and it just won't recognize that anything has been inserted. The computer doesn't pause or show any indication that it's doing something when I insert a memory card.

I have a Ferrari 4006WLMi with Windows Vista Ultimate.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers several times already. I have also upgraded to the latest BIOS

I need to use a 4GB SDHC card as RAM via Readyboost...

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Apple :: Would This Card Reader Fit Indside The Macbook Air USB Port
Would this card reader fit indside the Macbook Air USB port:


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Dell :: SD Card Reader Dead On Win7 32bit / E6400
My SD card reader seems "dead" on my E6400 running Win7 32bit.

I've tried installing various Ricoh drivers, including the Ricoh R5C847 for Win vista/xp 32 bit. I can't find a driver for Win7 32 bit, at least not on the Dell driver-support pages .....

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Sony :: SZ Memory Card Reader VGP-MCA20 Can't Read My SD Cards
Whenever I insert an SD card or Sony Memory Stick in the memory card reader (VGP-MCA20) of my SZ, the computer doesn't recognize it. If I double click on the removable drive, it hangs the computer. I tried 16MB and 512MB SD Cards and 16MB Sony Memory Stick. All of them don't work. I tried them with my FW notebook and they work fine. So, it is not the media problem.

I tried to restore from Recovery DVD with Windows XP, install with Windows Vista and I still have the same problem.

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Dell :: Whats A O2micro 0z776 USB CCID Smart Card Reader
Cant seem to get XP device manager to recognise this item says driver cant load or not present, tried dell suppport but all there is for it is some kinda security driver that dosnt do anything AFAICS tried just about reinstalling every bit of S**t dell offered on the drivers support page in the vain attempt to find which if any driver it needed.

Now i wonder if my its broken but as i have no idea what it is AFAIK i have 1 card reader and thats already installed the billion options it has that i will never use though SD card readers useful sometimes :

( this copy of XP i installed started with 16 Processes compared to dells 60 or so )

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HP/Compaq :: How Do I Get The Fingerprint Reader To Work With XP 64
having trouble with the video as well . ATI control panel will not load , HP 8510-p.

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HP/Compaq :: Fingerprint Reader Software- HDX 16
I just did a clean install of vista on my new HDX 16 and although the driver for the fingerprint reader is installed, I still need the software for it. I've searched and searched, and the fine members of this board are my last resort.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5tDoes It Come With Media Reader By Default
Does the dv5t come with a media reader by default, or is that an add-on accessory?

On mine, on the left side, closest to the front of the computer, I see two slots (SD MS/PRO MMC XD is written above them) . One is covered by a piece of metal that looks like it may be able to be pulled out, but I haven't tried. The other is below that. It is just a hole that looks like a memory card can fit into, but I am not sure whether it is active or not.

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HP/Compaq :: DV5-1104TX Fingerprint Reader Not Working
i have HP Pavilion DV5-1104TX which i bought few weeks originally came with Windows Vista Home Premium(32 bit). But i then upgraded to Windows Vista Ultimate(32 bit). now my finger print reader is not working.

i downloaded all the drivers available for my laptop from HP including verisoft fingerprint driver.Then i installed digitalpersona software too.But it says cannot detect my fingerprint driver when i use digitalpersona logon manager.

when i go to device manager,still there are some unknown devices.I tried to update the drivers using vista driver finding service.

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HP/Compaq :: 8530w Fingerprint Reader Just Disappeared
Just the other day, I was using the fingerprint reader in my EliteBook, when it suddenly refused to log me into the pre-boot authentication; I had to use a password, instead. Now, it seems my fingerprint reader has (electrically) ceased to exist -- it doesn't appear in device manager under Windows or in lsusb under Linux, and the option to "Swipe Finger or Choose Token" at the preboot authentication screen. Does anyone know what would cause this? The first candidate I can think of is the motherboard.

In addition, my system has started behaving oddly when resuming from suspend -- most of the time, resuming from suspend results in the laptop hard-rebooting about 1/2 second later, and then loop back to the BIOS logo a couple of times before going on and booting.

My question: do I just have to send it in for repair, or is there something else I can do?

When I bought the laptop customized, HP did not offer the option for a webcam; ideally, I'd really like to just pay them the difference and have them add a webcam while they're taking the thing apart, anyway. Is there any way to get HP to do this? If anything, they could probably just swap the GPU with another laptop (a preconfigured one with same specs, but nvidia), so I'd have the same specs with ATI, and now a webcam.

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HP/Compaq :: Cant Figure Out How To Get My Fingerprint Reader To Work
just got my dv8t back from hp after the recent bios update bricked it. reinstalled windows 7. Im trying to get my fingerprint reader to work. I installed the validity driver and the digital persona software. During the Digital Persona software, it said it cant confirm my fingerprint reader.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv8t- Fingerprint Reader Refuses To Install
I got my dv8t about a week ago, and the fingerprint reader that was pre-installed kinda worked, though it would drop out from time to time. I tried downloading an updated driver, but it flat-out refused to install. I didn't think much of it, but when I tried to do Windows Anytime Upgrade, it destroyed everything on the hard drive, including access to the recovery partition. It's just gone.

Now, I've rebuilt the system from a Win7 OEM DVD, and everything works perfectly... except the fingerprint reader. The program that is causing the problem is Validity Sensors DDK. It gets to "Please wait while Windows configures Validity Sensors DDK."

After about 10 seconds of that, the box disappears. The hard drive stops, and there is no longer any trace of the setup program in the Task Manager. I have the latyest version of Digital Persona, and it says no fingerprint reader is installed. However, Validity Sensor shows up in the device manager (VFS301, and Validity Sensors DDK shows up in Add/Remove programs. I can uninstall it (really, i think it just removes it from the list) but the "repair" option does nothing. I have tried different versions of it that I've found in various places.


Of the above SP's, I have tried installing them in regular mode, Admin, Compatibility mode, XP mode, and Safe Mode. None of them will get any farther than I have described above. One time, and only one time, I got the following error message:..........

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HP/Compaq :: Why Do The Newnotebook Model Dont Have Fingerprint Reader Option
Its kind of like going back in technology. Once these fingerprint readers have become a standard on notebooks, why did hp take them off from all new series notebooks?

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HP/Compaq :: Dv2000-I Can't Change My Graphics Card- Is There A PCI Graphics Card
You can't Change your Graphics card, is there any graphics card that i can use through the PCI express slot, or the the expansion port? the laptop is hp pavillion dv2000 (exactly: dv2132ea) since i don't want to go through the hassle of changing my laptop. I just need a better vga card

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Dell :: SD Reader
why when i insert a new SD card that my Dell Inspiron 1501 freezes and i have to restart, the computer is actually my parents and i was cleaning up the computer for them. When i insert the card into the side of the computer it locks up and i reboot i can't find anything on the net.

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Dell :: Do You Use Your Fingerprint Reader
Does it still bog down the system and take forever to use?

If it worth installing, I need to install both Dell Security Manager and the driver?

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Dell :: Using Smartcard Reader
I've been trying to find some software to make use of the smartcard reader in my M4400.

I've searched a lot on Google but I can't find any applications, only drivers. Is there any software that would let me view the data from the chip on my debit cards, credit cards and other smartcards?

I don't want to do anything productive with it, but just to see what it's capable of and what data is stored on the cards.

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Dell :: Latitude ON Reader
In November, Dell will roll out the full Latitude ON system, which will be built into the Latitude notebooks and also offered as a low-cost mini-PCI upgrade to models issued with the reader.

What does a mini-PCI upgrade entail? Is that hardware or a downloadable software upgrade?

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