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HP/Compaq :: HP ENVY Touchpad, 2 Finger Scrolling

Is there some trick to this? like 1 in 8 times it actually scrolls, it's not even smoothl, it like jumps, not smoothly scrolls the page.

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Sony :: Synaptics V7.0 Touchpad Two Finger Scrolling? (Vaio SR)
I have a Vaio SR 190 and i'm trying to use the Google Code for two finger scrolling. I have a synaptics touchpad v7.0 with Driver 10.2.4

I have Chiralmotion and momentum enabled but the google code program keeps saying "Driver support for multiple fingers is already enabled but the driver still doesn't report multiple fingers

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HP/Compaq :: Two Finger Scrolling And Three Finger Gestures (Should Work On ALL HPs With Synaptics Touchpads)
Two finger scrolling now works on the synaptics touchpad of my dv7
I had previously attempted to use modded drivers and other apps (none of which worked), but surprisingly, synaptics seems to have enabled it all by themselves in the latest driver, which is part of scrybe.

More about scrybe: [url]


1. Download the ScrybeSetup.exe file from here (you can enter a junk email): [url]

2. Install the software (Make sure it installs both scrybe and the new driver)

2.1 Restart

3. Go to Control Panel>Mouse>Device Settings (Tab)>Highlight Synaptics Touchpad Vx.x> then click settings

4. Once you have the Touchpad settings windows open, you can change all kinds of settings:

Multifinger Gestures>Two Finger Scrolling (Click the gears next to the name)

Multifinger Gestures>Rotating (Click the gears next to the name)......

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Dell :: 2 Finger Scrolling, Alps Touchpad, Inspiron 1545
I recently bought an Inspiron 1545 and absolutely cannot stand not being able to 2-finger scroll. The "side pad" function works poorly at best, and is so undependable that I am resorted to using a mouse whenever possible.

How on earth can I get my Inspiron 1545 with an Alps touchpad to have 2 finger scrolling similar to Mac systems? Is it even possible?

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Dell :: 2 Finger Scrolling With E6400?
I have seen some drivers/hacks/etc for the Synaptics trackpads that allow two finger scrolling and some other multi-touch gestures. Does such a thing exist for the E6400? I'm running Windows 7x64.

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Dell :: Two-finger Trackpad Scrolling For M4400
Does anyone know of any option to enable two-finger trackpad scrolling on the M4400's Alps trackpad under Windows 7?

I've seen the "2 finger" software hack for Synaptic trackpads, but that doesn't apparently work on these Alps trackpads .....

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HP/Compaq :: Any Way To Activate Two Finger Right Click On The Envy Trackpad
Looks like the default drivers have 3 finger gestures but no two finger right click. What gives. Can I just download a different driver?

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t Touchpad Not Scrolling Down
Yesterday it prompted me to install a whole crap load of uploads onto my computer.

So after the Nvidia and two others (can't remember them) I was prompted up download a new driver that would solve the problem of the scroll randomly not working.

Well they solved the random part but now it's not scrolling at all.

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Sony :: Multi-finger Touchpad On Vaio

I knew nothing of it until I made my icons big by mistake, then I slid my fingers back together and they went back small and I was like .

Pretty cool feature! is this new to the Vaio Laptops?

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Dell :: How To Endable Scrolling On XPS 1330 Touchpad?
Anyone know how to enable scrolling on the XP3 1330 touchpad? I just got Vista reinstalled on mine and I cannot find where to enable this

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Dell :: Studio 1555 Touchpad Stops Gestures From Working Such As Scrolling
I have an a problem with the touchpad which basically stops gestures from working such as scrolling.

It only happens though when i view youtube videos in fullscreen or any flash video, the problems sorts it self out after a few minutes but it is very annoying.

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Apple :: Inertial Scrolling - Like Flick-scrolling On The IPhone
Now that the new MBPs have arrived, they come with a new feature called inertial scrolling (like flick-scrolling on the iPhone).

Is this feature specifically hardware dependent or could this feature be implemented into the OS via a application like Bettertouchtools?

Are there any apps out there right now that has this feature?

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HP/Compaq :: [HP 8440w]how Can I Use Finger Print Withoutapplication
I have installed validity sensor driver on my hp elitebook 8440w.

However i am wondering if I can use fingerprint device without installing HP application.

FYI, I could see the device in my device manager.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t Virtual Scrolling
has any1 noticed that virtual scrolling stops working after uve just watched a fullscreen flash video from sites like youtube?

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HP/Compaq :: Envy Beats Or Envy 15
beats edition as compared to the envy 15 version.

1. What reason is there for the 800 dollar difference in price other than the beats headphones?

2.Does the back of the case only have the beats logo on it or is there any type of laser etching like on the original envy.

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Dell :: Finger Print Reader ..
Just got my Studio 15 today. So far so good. I thought Firefox was not compatible with the finger print reader, so far it's working for me with over 25 passwords already. My only concern so far is the keyboard flex!

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Apple :: 4 Finger Swipes On Macbooks
Once you get used to surfing the web and working on these Macbooks I find them pretty amazing. The 4 finger swipe where you can just switch between applications and screens is a really nice feature to have compared to having to move the mouse to the corners on Windows 7. For basic web surfing and switching between applications and browsers I find this feature really great to have

When someone walks in and you have something open you simply swipe 4 fingers up and your current application that is open just vanishes like magic 4 fingers back down and it comes back down again

How are you liking your 4 finger swipe feature on your Macbooks?

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Dell :: Fingerprint Reader Just Burnt My Finger
as the dramtic headline says i just went to log onto my e6500 and placed my finger on the FIPS fingerprint reader and it roasted me !

and it didnt even log me in either , but worst part is it made me recoil a little and the machine fell of my lap and the screen lid took a knock on the floor,
so i now have a cracked screen lid .....

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Dell :: M1330 Finger Print Reader
I recently have ordered an M1330 but I have been looking at some of the user pictures that do not have the finger print reader. Is this because it is not standard on the laptop and do you need to pay extra? (Im talking about the NZ/AUS version [url] theres no option to include or exclude it like the US site).

Also is it possible to upgrade from the LCD to LED in the future, if so how much?

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Sony :: Buggy Finger Print Scanner On The Z
Anyone ever notice that half the time the finger print scanner doesnt work and you have to reboot the system for it to work again?

I get this often when I switch modes from stamina to speed and put the computer to sleep. Waking back up finger print scanner doesn't work

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Scrolling
My friend has an XPS m1330 that cannot scroll in certain places. For example, on the program list in the Start Menu, it cannot scroll up or down. It shows the "scrolling" symbol next to the mouse cursor. This same problem occurs in certain games.

All drivers have been installed. Is this just a Synaptics issue?

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Sony :: Vaio Scrolling
I can't scroll down with my arrow keys on my laptop. Remember some button popped up last week or so and i absentmindedly clicked yes,

and have no idea what it said, so I think i may have inadvertently typed in some kind of anti scroll code or something like that

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Finger Print Reader
I have a brand new dell precision m6400. It didnt include the finger print reader and over at part i can get two different types of finger print readers.

Dell Precision M6400 Center Control Power Button Cover with FIPS Swipe Module

Dell Precision M6400 Center Control Power Button Cover with Biometric Fingerprint

Now what does FIPS Swipe Module mean?? What are the difference between them?

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Disable Finger Print Reader
Anyone know if there is a way to completly disable the finger print reader? I checked the bios but i could not find anything about the finger print reader.

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Acer :: TM 800Hardware- Extreme Scrolling
I am having a problem with my TravelMate 800.

The mouse and keyboard are involved. When attempting to type (in Word or in a web-browser), the cursor will immediately scroll downdown, and will only stop when pressing the "escape" key. When you start typing again, the problem re-occurs, making typing extremely frustrating. The "page down" key also doesn't work.

When restarting, a blank screen will appear with a blinking "-" cursor at the top of the screen, and the notebook will beep nonstop until you press a key. Windows will then slowly load. It is not a virus problem as I've checked using Norton Antivirus, and removed

I believe it's most probably a software problem, and have tried to repair my system, but the recovery CDs didn't work. I got fed up and tried to format the notebook.... at first, the system CD loaded, but wouldn't go anywhere and there was a "not ready reading from drive z: abort, retry or fail" option, and none of the options worked. After attempting to reboot the second time, it would come up to a point saying:

PS/2 device found
EGA/VGA connected
Mouse driver installed

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HP/Compaq :: HP Envy 15 Do It Will
I am considering on purchasing the Hp Envy 15, however I was wondering if these componants are upgradable.

Is the cpu upgradable to Arrandale when it comes out?

Is the gpu upgradable mxm type, so I can upgrade to ATI 5000 series?

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 17
Any news on the Envy 17?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Envy 15 1st Gen
I've got a great offer for buying a used 1st generation Envy 15, dirt cheap.

However, I was wondering if heat management and battery life has improved with driver- and BIOS updates over time.

In short, has any of the points of criticism that the Envy originally received been improved with driver and BIOS updates?

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 14 Or 15
I'm shopping for laptops right now and I'm pretty much stuck between these two. My main question for the 14 is will it be able to do full hd? I know 1920x1080 is a bit much to ask for on a 14.5" screen but I haven't been able to find a solid answer for this question. The 14 has more features and the internal cd drive is a plus, but not a dealbreaker for the 15 since the cd drive isn't used too much. Taking out price, which one would be a better buy?

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HP/Compaq :: Envy V2
I have a couple of questions about the Envy v2. I'm certain the answers are somewhere in the massive owner's thread but it's way too long to want to go through at this point.

My questions are:

1) Audio quality of external speakers. Is there enough bass in them? Do they sound "tin-y"?

2) Noise from the fan when the GPU is in high use. How loud is the fan? Has anyone put a decibel meter to it?

3) Temp of the GPU. My Studio 15 is hitting a high of 70c when running and was wondering how the newer ATI is.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Envy 15 G2
The first I heard about the Envy line was that it was a gorgeous laptop with a great display and above-average speakers. However, it was fundamentally flawed with a horrible trackpad and overheating issues(present in the 13, but further aggravated in the 15). After the spectacular fail of a release, I dropped the Envy out of consideration.

To the present, I've recently started looking at a huge array of laptops and have taken the Envy into consideration again. From what I've heard, the Envy 15 is in its second generation(I need a full-HD laptop and won't be considering the Envy 13). It now comes equipped with a i5 processor and the HD5830.............

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15 I7
I pulled the trigger and purchased an envy with these specs,

• Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
• Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-720QM Processor (1.6GHz, 6MB L2 Cache, 1333MHz FSB) w/Turbo Boost up to 2.8 GHz
• 4GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)
• 320GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
• 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon(TM) HD 5830 Graphics - For i7 Processors
• 15.6" diagonal Full High Definition LED HP Ultra Brightview Widescreen Display (1920x1080)
• Webcam Only
• Intel Wireless-N Card with Bluetooth
• HP Color Matching Keyboard
• 6 Cell Lithium Ion Polymer Battery

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HP/Compaq :: HP Envy 13
First shots here:

Tech specs known at the moment:
- Intel CPU
- Windows 7 OS
- Lithium Polymer battery with optional extended external battery
- Interfaces: HDMI, 2xUSB, hybrid jack audio

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Dell :: CPU Usage Jumping Soo High During Scrolling...
For some reason my CPU usage starts jumping up to around 80% whilst scrolling on wepages, pdfs, etc.

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Sony :: To Enable Variable Scrolling On Trackpad
Just got a Vaio Z, which I love in many ways -- except for the trackpad. My old Dell E1505 had a trackpad in which it would scroll more or less based on how quickly you moved your finger up/down the right side of it. So, you could use it to get to the top/bottom of very large documents in a single fast swipe.

Meanwhile, the Z's trackpad only seems to move a fixed number of lines with each swipe. This is a HUGE downgrade, as it takes forever to move through a large document.

Is there any way to get variable-line scrolling working on a Z trackpad?

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HP/Compaq :: I7 Quad In Envy 15
How does the 1/6 GHz processor stack up against the more traditional core duo? Is it roughly equal to a 2.53 GHz processor? I love windows 7 and might trade my Macbook Pro for one.

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15 2nd Gen Temperatures
I have been reading about the Envy 15 (as I'm getting closer to buying it). However, one thing that concerns me is regarding the temperatures.

So, how hot does it get?

Most likely, I'll be getting the dual SSD rig. For anyone who owns that, how hot does it get for you?

My setup is looking like the i7-820, 8GB RAM, 5830, dual-SSD. I have thought about going to the 16GB RAM option as well, though I doubt I need it.

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15 Temps
HP's envy 15 line with the ATI 5830 GPU (i7-720/820). I do have one big concern however, and that is heat. Could anyone post their max GPU / CPU / HD temps they usually get while running an intensive game / benchmark?

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15HDMI > VGA On My TV
I need to connect my HP Envy 15 to my TV`s VGA port, and I΄m looking for the best alternative. This is because I only get a stretched picture when I connect it to the DVI port through a HDMI > DVI-adapter.

HP has an official HDMI -> VGA adapter. What΄s people experience with that? Perfect? Problems? I see that Envy 15 is not listed as a supported model for it, but does that matter?

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HP/Compaq :: Can I Pre-Order The Envy 14 Yet
Can I Pre-Order the Envy 14 yet and if so, how do I do it? And if not, when can I?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Envy 15 Keyboard
Is there a way to lock the Fn function in for when I am playing a game and need to use the function keys. I keep kicking myself out of a game because on instinct I use the function keys still.

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HP/Compaq :: Are There Any Refreshes For The Envy 15
I came across an Envy, and it looked really light and cool.

The Envy 15 seems to have good specs, with the 5830 and i5's or i7's, 4 sodimms (right?) 1080p screen.

The Envy 14, however, seems to be a bit weak..

Is there a special feature in the Envy 14 that I better wait for? or, is the Envy 15 still a reasonable machine that I could aim for in my trade?

I can't really find the part that explains the refreshes of the Envy 15..

I really want to know if the Envy 14 is a different league than the Envy 15, or if they are in the similar league so that I should wait for the 14 model.

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HP/Compaq :: Overclock- For The Envy 15
I'm already playing with the clock speeds i didn't bother with a full reinstall. i got rid of all the bloatware, fixed the stupid fn key function keys thing, and it runs fine.
i didn't get the 10.3 preview driver due to a lot of instabilities i keep hearing about. gonna wait for it to come out. i'm still using the original driver version that came with the computer. i got amd gpu tools, and oced to 520/1050 just to start. so far my temps never went above 70C how do i keep this clock speed when i restart? also, i notice the default settings downclock the gpu when it's not doing anything intensive, and they go up to 500/800 when they need to. if i lock in my oc when i restart (if i can), will it still downclock when it doesn't need the speed?

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HP/Compaq :: New Envy 15 With I5 And HD5830
Check it out

The prices of the Envy Line have dropped and the Envy 15 now features i5-520M + ATI HD5830. If that implies switchable graphics than the battery life problems of the Envy are gone

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15 Gen 2 Keyboard
Certain keys on the keyboard don't work and if they do they will type a couple of random letters. Anyone else have this? It most likely isn't software as they dont work even before I get to windows(recovery command prompt).

Sometimes it will work after so many reboots and BIOS resets, but generally it happens at random times. I already spoke to tech support and am sending it in as the lady I talked to had no idea what the problem and insists it's windows. The onscreen keyboard works fine which is how i typed all of the "P"s and ".

Anything I can do to avoid sending it in, as I really like the laptop aside from the malfunctioning keyboard.

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HP/Compaq :: Possible To Obtain G2 Envy 15 In The UK
Im currently wading through the 500 page owners thread, but I thought I might be able to get an immediate response here.

Im looking for the i5 model of the Envy 15 with the 5830 video card - doesnt seem to be available here in the UK unless I use an importer on ebay, which I am not sure I want to go ahead and do (mainly warranty concerns).

If I cant Im goiing to go with a Sony Vaio F with the i5 Processsor, but my preference at the moment is for the HP if I can get it.

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15 Going Back
I so wanted to like it because it does everything I need in such a portable package but whoever created the trackpad design should be freaking shot.

I've tried all of the various settings and the latest drivers but all of them freak out pretty badly if you leave you motion finger on the trackpad at the same time as clicking. God forbid you actually want to click and drag something (in the normal "hold down the button and move the pointer" method, not any custom gestures).

The limited tilting on the screen was really annoying (use thee laptop a fair amount at home standing up) but it would have been workable if it weren't for the trackpad issues.

Guess I'll be looking at the elitebooks and precision workstations instead (giving up on the portability for a better screen and usability)

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HP/Compaq :: Are Backlit Key's Going To Be Available On The Envy 15
Planning on buying a 15 but want backlit keys. I think the 17 is going to have it but don't want a laptop that large, rather have the lighter 15". Is it planned for the future? I'm just gonna be pissed if I get it and a month later or whatever HP says the 15 will have backlit keys.

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15: I5-540 Vs I7-820QM
I know the general pros/cons of each. However, when we get to specifics, I'm a little foggy.

Here's what I seem to know about these chips:

i5-540: Runs cooler, dual-core, only allows two slots for RAM

i7-820: Hotter, quad core, allows for 16GB RAM

My situation is that, should I get an Envy, I'm getting the dual SSDs (I have one on my SXPS16 and could never go back to a regular HD). Based on the storage, will the i7-820QM run cooler? I'm wondering just how hot it SXPS 1640 was supposed to be ridiculously hot, but with the SSD, it's generally cool.

What could I expect with the i7/SSD setup?

I'm leaning towards the 820 anyway, because I'd just rather futureproof the system. I don't like that the i5 only allows for two slots of RAM. But one last question I have is...just how much of a difference does the i5 make on battery life over the i7? I usually stay plugged in, but do use my laptop in the car upon occasion.

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HP/Compaq :: Envy Or VAIO E
I'm looking at either the Envy 14 or the VAIO E 15.5" - but can't make my mind up as they are both roughly the same size and spec and should be similar in price ......

Envy 14 - Pro's
- Sexy Metal Casing
- Backlit Keyboard
- Better Webcam
- Bigger Battery

VAIO E - Pro's
- Bigger Screen
- Full HD Resolution
- Keyboard with Number Pad
- Blu Ray

Which one would be be better for gaming ?

Which would hold it's value best when I try to sell it in about 18 months ?

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